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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 13]


Obviously I can draw some conclusions about the suitability of the brakes for full competition so if you undercook the brakes and they overheat or threaten to in testing in Beam then it will be very problematic! Do use some common sense.


Yep, I’ve done my own testing and they’re fine in BeamNG. It helps that there’s plenty of long stretches on Italy to help cool them down.


2001 BT Motors BTR #26 Furo WRC & Furo RX


2001 Alfora Tupi #52
a disclaimer here: it should be named tupã, but i only thought of it after doing all the things :frowning:
Our ancestors made this for us
a wild beast
will you master it?

dirty pics

I put some “bugged” ones here too, since i was trying to screenshot at canyon and the light there is bugged


Turból Pluma WRC01

Additonal Images

L to R: WRC gravel spec, 2.0 RS Sedan, and WRC tarmac spec w light pods

L to R: WRC tarmac spec w light pods, 2.0 RS Sedan road model, and WRC gravel spec

Technical details

The Pluma WRC01 meets the 4000mm minimum length, 1770mm maximum width, and 1550mm maximum track width regulations. Most rally cars of the time used McPherson struts front and rear, but the Pluma, like the concurrent Ford Focus WRC, uses McPherson struts with a multilink rear. Since the base Pluma is RWD, a longitudinal engine layout is used with an I4, like the Ford Escort WRC. As was typical, the AWD uses a 50/50 split.

More about the Pluma

The Pluma is a sporty luxury compact. It was marketed as the j4 in some markets. Turból did not sell this generation of Pluma/j4 in the United States; it was designed exclusively for global markets where premium compacts are more accepted. Despite it’s short length, the Pluma’s wide stance left little room within the WRC’s width regulations, so the WRC car’s fender flares are relatively muted.

P.S. This challenge struck a cord with me. 2001 just so happens to have been the first year I started watching the WRC, and not long after that I was deep into CMR2 and V-Rally 3. Rewatching rallies from that era online the past couple nights really awakened some nostalgia.


(Mostly) @MGR_99 presents:

The Ceion Xcell 2001 WRC


More pictures:



okay so…

Number of entries received: 14
Number of entries tested and reviewed: 10

… I haven’t looked at the last 4 yet, because it’s bedtime lol.

I’m gonna be honest with you guys. There’s a good mix of strengths and weaknesses such that the competition is gonna be pretty close here. But I’m having issues conceptualising the proposed rally pack. Surely we’d want the cars to be really good all around and then they have their own characteristics for a good balance of power right?

This makes it hard to choose cars for said pack especially if they have some really big foibles. Foibles big enough that I might want to change them if you know what I mean.

Anyway that’s just a thought for now. Trying to guesstimate on an export is always difficult so I’m prepared to make a rally pack a bigger project for down the track so it can be high quality all around. Thoughts?


You can use the expression “the car will be in the game with some changes” like aruna has said in the last AGC, and put it in the pack

An add: If this comes to be a future beamng/automation challenge, like someone buy a car and make it trough the season like the other competition running at this time, wouls be nice to people create their own livery for the cars they choose and some no-big modifications to it


Erm, your gif’s link seems to be expired


@strop by the way, do you mean what gas type we need to use with the 95 RON limitation or is that a limitation in the engine’s octane value?


CMT C20 Motegi - already known from the JDM challenge. Its rallye variant is ready to go, I hope I can send the cars tomorrow.


For practical purposes this is really one and the same thing.

But technically the fuel available is 95RON. I’ll be setting it to 95 so make sure it doesn’t knock! (You don’t get any bonuses for an engine that requires less.)


My 2nd submisson for AGC! Wish you all of you guys luck! :slight_smile: (I have a small Easter Egg on my car, well not really XD)

The Taikai is a JDM like Sedan with an I4 Turbo making close to 350<HP with the turbo coming in at roughly 3800RPM revving to 8000RPM. The Taikai is equal distribution 50/50 AWD system with electric LSD with TC and ABS.

However, the production car only produced 200hp~ with an tone down engine for fuel economy, though it retains the AWD, TC and ABS with the production car weighing roughly 200kg more. Mostly due to entertainment systems and seating.

A lot more pictures xd


Video if u went through all those pictures xd, im very sorry for the picture spam! And sorry for the bad quality xd.



The result of a collaboration between the two marques in order to enter a more competitive vehicle either would have been unable to enter on their own in the 2001 WRC, the Conte-Cavallera Estrato is far from the humble hatchback everyone knows and love. All wheel drive, a quite beefed up engine and light weight construction make the WRC Estrato a serious contender at the trails and rallycross tracks.


aaaaaa it’s piling in now. And I have a bit of something to tell you all.

So my roster may have been a bit messed up and it turns out I’m working this weekend (I had arranged to work next weekend not this one but welp).

This is going to put severe strain on my schedule because on top of my usual clinical duties I also had a presentation to prepare and a project report…

This means I’m going to end up a few days later than I was projecting. Originally I was going to get up to date today and release everything on Monday. At this rate it’s going to more likely be Wedsnesday or Thursday.

Is that ok?

p.s. so far I have entries from:

@Private_Miros & @MGR_99
@Ramthecowy & @Radster

I’ve scrutinised all the entries up to Miros & MGR so far. At this stage we have a 0% :wastebasket: rate due to rules infractions (though some of you got a bit confused by the naming system, I don’t blame you). Well done.

There are 26.5 hours remaining. If you’ve sent me a PM and you haven’t been tagged in this post let me know!

EDIT 2: oops, found a rule breaker! Somebody been insta-:wastebasket: and it could be anyone on the above list. Guess you’ll find out when I release results.


That is perfectly fine! Dont stress yourself over a challenge. Take your time if u need :slight_smile:


No rush! I’m 100% sure I was one of the ones who messed up the naming system :grimacing:


In 2001, Kimura entered the all-new Auriga into the WRC season - an odd departure from the previous Auburn models that historically were out on the dirt. This new rally car had a regulation-compliant 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4, a 6-speed sequential, and AWD. It included the iconic blue and white “Kimura Racing-Rally” livery that was sure to prove the work the car would go through in its stages.

Although the road-going counterpart to the Auriga WRC was naturally aspirated, FWD, and packed an extra pair of doors, the 190 horsepower 6-speed manual Auriga KR-R was a sophisticated alternative to the boy-racer tuners of the time. The KR-R trim was released the year after the world debut of “Auriga 2K”, designed to be the Auriga that pushed Kimura into a new century.


2001 Vixen Vulpine DXR

In 2001, Vixen came out with yet another really fast but cheap to buy and maintain sedan, and tried their hand in the rally scene once again to reach the top. With a transverse-mounted i4 SOHC Turbocharged engine straight from the engineers at VRT (Vixen Racing Team) pumping out 340 bhp to all four wheels and all round 2-piston vented brakes, they felt confident in their entry.

With their newest entry into the rally world came a chance for you to prove just how well they did in your own living room. Can you take the Vulpine to the top?

Design and engine by myself, suspension and brakes done by @Inn0centJok3r


Žnoprešk Zap ZRP & WRC