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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 14]


actually you can use V16’s when someone gives it to you, you just cant edit it. So I think unless they changed that You should be able to.


What criteria will vehicles be judged by?


As stated in the OP, the devs are judging on three criteria: design (what the car’s exterior looks like), performance (how fast it is and how well it handles), and relevance (whether or not it belongs in the game).

Edit: The vanilla Lambo body (which unlocks in 1995) may be used; the mod version (which unlocks in 1986) cannot.


@abg7 Is the vanilla Diablo body ok to be used? Or is that the same situation as the mod version?


Adonijin Kite 8000S


Iazanda Evolvia GT-8 '95

A mid-90s super-GT car designed by Lavelle Studios. Originally penned to be a replacement for the BMMA Flyingfish, a B-Segment RR Coupe, the final design was considered to be far too exotic and audacious for the premium manufacturer. Thus, the final blueprints were turned into a sports car concept. This car came with a stretched wheelbase, 5-speed manual, convertible top, and 4.5 Liter 382 HP V8 engine sitting atop the rear wheels.

Lavelle Studios - Avant Garde Designs

Same question here, I used the non-mod Diablo and my car would go under the regulations.


Thinking about joining in. I already have this, a mid-90s Turból Cutela, a 4 seat fastback coupe aimed at competing with the likes of the Toyota Supra or 911 Carrera. It will need to be modified for this competition, since it is currently AWD, and with 276 hp and 245 wide tires in it’s current guise, it’s going to be way off the pace of the mid-engined hypercars that will surely be entered.

I’m probably better off just making a hypercar from scratch. But it sure is pretty.



  • CMT Spa Competition
    The Competition model has its active suspension removed for a more pure driving expericence. Equipped with a 5.5 V12 with 367 horsepower.

  • Umakicho Banzai S
    A modest and perfeclty road-going sports car with a 515 horsepower 5.7 V10. From 92-95 you found a turbocharged V6, but now you find a freely breathing monster. Value for money and good drivability although the S comes with RWD instead of AWD and without adaptive dampers as entry-level model in the supercar world.

  • Wagner Ultron
    Take the beast engine from the Banzai and mount it in a space frame car with fiberglass panels. A pure driving machine not intended to go shopping with unlike its tame cousin. No compromise, full experience.


So is there any reason not to make something that’s just a ridiculous super car?


For lore reasons, mainly. In fact, there is nothing in the rules that explicitly requires you to actually make a supercar or hypercar. As long as it meets regulations, it will be accepted - the performance targets are mere recommendations rather than explicit requirements.

Also, a quick reminder: If you post an ad for your entry before the deadline, make sure that you do the same with its associated .car file.


While it doesn’t explicitly require a super/hypercar, that is what you’ll end up with when you have a 180 ET limit. I’ve got a full carbon fibre V8 turbo hypercar in the limit, so I can’t see why you’d choose to not go up to that in a competition.

Just saying you’re not going to get anything else in a competition.


Nothing wrong with that IMO. McLaren F1 was in NFS2 and it was the first ever fully carbon fibre equipped road legal hypercar


Yeah, but NFS2 wasn’t just a series of McLaren F1s duking it out against eachother. The lore is that this is filling out the roster, right? I would’ve thought that variance was key.


I would have no problem throwing in a heavy luxury chonker like a Mercedes CL 600. In this case I would replace the CMT Spa with the CMT Kyalami V12 with chrome and straight line performance. Coming with luxury interior and automatic and everything. The automatic could be replaced with a manual for rule compliance but I guess this step adds variety here.


The point I’m trying to make is, if you want to make a ridiculous hypercar, go for it. I know a few people who are making rather normal sport coupes and what not


Here’s the bit that gets me:

performance (how fast it is and how well it handles)

So style is subjective, relevence is subjective, performance is objective.

That’s what makes me say that making a hyper car is effectively a requirement. Within the limits, a hypercar gives the best performance all round, and since you can style any car category to look good or to meet the direction of the game, there’s no reason to deviate.


I’m going for a filling out the roster sort of deal. Mine is more on the level or RX-7 and other Jap sports cars of the time (roughly 300hp).

If we all made super and hyper cars for the game, then there wouldn’t be much variance. You need stuff for the earlier stages of the game.


Haapala GT2 1995 series

Bluring the line between Street and Track


Also managed to build a light sports car with a six-cylinder for the game as “early-stage-car” and I am currently overworking the Kyalami to fit the V12 and become something like this:

I mean, there is nothing more absurd than luxury cars in racing games (unless you are racing with a bus, a garbage truck or such things). But they do exist and it is definitely badass to win a race while your seats are heated and giving you a massage.