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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 14]


Aw, unfortunate my car couldn’t be loaded into photomode for you.

I do have an idea of hosting but I got a lot going on IRL so I will have to pass hosting to @z2bbgr


I’m gladly taking the host of AGC5
The main theme as discussed in discord is “Rainforest Challenge”.
no Rainfurrest meme here
I’ll post the main update and general guidelines by tonight (GMT +7)


Don’t tempt me


Do it


AGC5 is dropped. sorry"

Due to diffuculties, I’ll have to drop and passed AGC5 to someone else.


This brings to mind MotorStorm, a series of off-road arcade racers from the now-defunct Evolution Studios. The category of “car” (or, in the case of this round, truck) is most similar to MotorStorm’s Racing Truck category, which consists mainly of well-balanced vehicles that can cope with all-kinds of terrain equally well in-game.





Aw, smol engines only? Feelsbadman

Edit: It would be really nice if you unrestricted the bodies since rally raid vans and cars do exist IRL. They have inherent disadvantages so it’s not like people are only going to use them. Would allow for more fun variety!


ahem sorry, I meant interesting challenge…not very great at building off-roaders but I have a friend who’s turned a cj5 into a truck irl and does a lot of offroading…maybe I can get some tips from him.


Remind me again why the maximum tire sizes for there “racing vehicles” are smaller than that of a generic family SUV?


That for avoidance of “minmaxing” as I’ve tested it.
Bigger profile has huge advantage on rough terrain driving which can negate bad suspension, also it is not realistic when you’ve compared to all reference pics that I’ve posted on OP.

However, I’ve increased the tyre width to 205 as max (mostly used on the market).


I don’t know if you are still open to suggestions but I’m having real trouble with the trim ET and PU and also if I use a ladder frame the safety is hard to reach, monocoque seems mechanically unrealistic though


Seconding this. I initially went with a ladder type chassis but couldn’t reach the safety minimum, not even with advanced safety. Granted it’s a 2009, so that rules out advanced 2010s. I had to change it to light truck monocoque because it’s the next best thing.


So I’ve had a look over these rules and boy, are there some issues here:

  • First, the age range is enormous - 15 years of tech in this era means that anyone entering with something at the early range is going to lose almost guaranteed, or will have to struggle mightily to make it competitive. Honestly, a five-year range would make a lot more sense here.

  • Allowing entrants to use the 2/3* seats - the small + seats, by my interpretation - is pointless.

  • The engine capacity rule is perhaps a bit problematic; sure it might be realistic but on the other hand you’re going to restrict people who might have lore cars that are otherwise permissible; a better solution would be to say "entrants must have a power-weight ratio of X horsepower per ton or less.

  • The ET and PU requirements are incredibly restrictive, and the “exceed either one of these values and you’ll be penalised” is problematic - if you’re going down this road you need to tell people what the penalty is going to be.

  • The tire size restriction is not going to help with minmaxing, trust me. Overall service cost is a much more prudent means of restricting tire sizes and types, along with other things.

  • Using market scores in any evaluation is a bad idea; they are broken in a lot of ways and can be gamed both positively and negatively.

  • “Maximum price will be finalised as a guideline” So…what is the maximum price then? Don’t just say something like that. Give us a number to aim for.

  • “Engine loudness must not exceed 30” - that’s pretty hard to do even at the best of times, never mind in a race car of any type. Not without spending precious PU and ET on exhaust parts, or alternatively choking down the exhaust dramatically.

  • “Competition Vehicle must have only 2 seats with Standard Interior and Basic CD” - that just ate up a ton of the ET and PU requirements, to the point that it will become very difficult to meet the 50 safety requirement, much less anything else. Plus, it clashes with what you’ve said in your first …

At the expense of making a pretty pointed remark, it feels like these rules were not very thoroughly tested, since there are all kinds of glaring inconsistencies, overly specific things mixed with wildly vague restrictions and penalties and the like. I don’t think a tweak of the rules is necessary, so much as a complete redesign.


Due to difficulties, I’m afriad have to pass AGC5 to someone else.


calm down dude, you’re like those characters in the cartoons that like to chime in on everything the main characters argue about but add precisely nothing new or useful to the thread :joy:


Mate did you really have to say this, like seriously now have some respect that he actually revised the rules. How about you create the fucking ruleset


if its definitely passed i might be able to come up with an idea, it wouldn’t involve any beam though as i’m no good at driving in that. i will have a think of something if thats alright


after discussions ill pass this on as @racer126 seems to have some ideas


i’ll accept!

now i gotta wait to get to my computer to figure out the rule set


Late Night Group 5 Tread Killers Edition

i got to my computer! enjoy this crappy redition of midnight club 3 cover box
So your baby´s boy, huh. The one he says he is in to cars, cool. So whatcho into holmes? I only got the best cars. Something fast from the import tuner scene, truck, or maybe something classic, or if you got the feria ese something luxury, ´cause here at 619s we got it all, all in the market stuff, body work and under the hood. Make it fast and make it beutiful.

The year is 2019, your goal is to make soup a car like in the early 2000s, with 20-inch rims and all.

yeeeeees something like these

Regulations and rules

You will be submitting TWO cars, one stock and another ¨tuned up¨ both follow the same limits
  • No restrictions for Model years.

  • No restrictions for choice of car body apart from this following rule

  • STOCK CARS must have seating for at least 4, +2 and +3 count!

  • All TUNED CARS must have rim diameter over 20 inches, 1 bonus point for each inch over 20

  • All TUNED CARS must set trim year to 2019

  • All TUNED CARS engine variants must also be set in 2019

  • Quality points max 5/-5 for both cars and engines and every slider

  • Race Parts and Tires not allowed

  • No restriction on cats and noise

  • Lips and Wings allowed

  • Engine Swaps allowed

  • Engine PU limit: 85 for both engines

  • Engine ET limit: 195 for both engines

  • Trim PU limit: 155 for both cars

  • Trim ET limit: 160 for both cars

  • Tires should not be blown due to being overloaded


Soo this is how it will go, Keep in mind the Tuned car will be the one that is most looked at and driven

  • Styling and Appeal: 40%
    how attractive and loaded I find the cars
  • Engineering realism: 10%
    how believable engineered is the stock car
  • Peformance upgrades: 20%
    how tuned up it is compared to the stock car
  • How the tuned car drives in Beam with a gamepad: 10%
    how I feel the car
  • How fast does it go around the city tracks in the tuned car with a gamepad: 20%
    how fast I can chuck the car around


to visit the Treadkillers Tuning House page :wink:


  • Cars with bigger rims, like donks, SUVs and trucks will earn more bonus points, however they may suffer perfomance wise for having huge shoes, leading to a sorta risk and reward sorta thing.
  • Optimally you´ll wanna aim for high horsepower ranges, this will raise the appeal of the car, while not sacrificing controllability, which will lower the driving in Beam score.
  • In most cases simpler older cars will have more room within the trim limits to gain appeal in the design aspect, while modern cars well tend to drive better, while in theory having less room in the trim limits to not be as wild.
  • Keep in mind while yes we are dealing with land barges capable of being fitted with 24 inch rims and be basically a monster truck, the normal production cars should still be as believable as possible for its respected decade.
  • Older vehicles gain a “Classic ride” multiplier, on their design score, by each decade older than 2019 the higher the multiplier
  • The Automation stats like prestige, reliability, sportyness, and such will be ignored
  • Also keep in mind I will be driving these cars with a Xbox Controller in Beam
    they’ll be driven around a couple of laps in West Coast’s City Tracks 1 and 2. and Italy’s Highway for a bit of a bonus around Liberty City, to see how they go over curbs.


As previously stated you will send me 2 cars
  • the production ¨stock¨ car
  • the tuned up souped up sitting in 20 inch chrome rims car

Named as the such

  • Stock car:
    Model: AGC5 - [username] ; Trim: Car’s name
    Family: AGC 5 - [username] ; Variant: Engine’s name
  • Tuned car
    Model: AGC5 - [username] ; Trim: must have DUB Edition or something to distinguish it
    Family: AGC 5 - [username] ; Variant: Engine’s name

Submissions will OPEN on Monday 7th 08:00 AM, CDT (GMT-5) unless something is unclear
Submissions will CLOSE on Tuesday 15th 8:00 AM CDT (GMT-5) unless something happens.

Soo let me know what you think, anything unclear or flawed please let me know. also visit the TreadKillers Tuning House page