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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 14]


Damn this is actually pretty dang inventive. My only concerns relate to the year and the scoring system. This is clearly a mid 2000s themed round, yet the year goes all the way to 2019. That’s not necessarily problematic, but the large emphasis on how the car drives in Beam does raise a few eyebrows. If it were me, I’d limit the new cars to, say, 2006 or so, as well as make it so that somehow older cars are more competitively viable as well, if that is what you’re going for. I’ll be making something either way!


i was kinda hoping in the case with newer cars you’ll end up using less quality points because of higher engineering times compared to simpler older cars which can benefit from quality points and have much more room for quality

will look into it



how about this

the trim variant of every tuned car must be set to 2019

or for each decade older than 2019 you gain bonus points


That’s fair if that’s what you want but you could also slide the balance a little more in the style favor, so if somebody manages to make an old car look cool it would receive a higher priority instead of just being higher placement by default?


changes to the description soo far

  • Tuned Cars Trim and Variants must be set to the year 2019

  • Clarified to what the limits applied to

  • Engines swaps are allowed

  • No race parts or tires

  • No regs on cats and noise

  • You are allowed wings and lips.

  • Tires should not be blown due to overload

  • In an effort to make older cars viable, Design gains more priority in judging

  • Recommendations also clarified a bit

  • Also stated which tracks I would be joy riding on

Any futher concerns I would be glad to sort out.


Is this an overall limit (i.e. for the entire variant/trim) or does this apply to each individual slider?


for every slider in existence for both cars and engines.


Are these tuned for pure racing? If so, are we allowed slicks, and aero part in excess or is it just sportstires and one wing?

And do we have any regulations on cats and loudness?


Ah, i totally forgot about that
Yes, no race parts and tires, but you are allowed a wing and lips

There is no regulation on cats and noise


Submissions are now oopen!

*final last minute rule change, older cars gain a multiplier on their design score, the older the car the higher the multiplier!
it ranges by decade instead of individual year so a car set in the early 60s will earn the same mulitplier as a late 60s car

Good Luck and have fun most importantly

Follow the Leader

Also visit the TreadKillers Tuning House page down here




My entry is the 1984 Courageux Courchevel GTX

  • The stock 3.5l inline 6 and 4 speed automatic gearbox is swapped out for a F116c engine from a Ferrari 456M with the Ferrari 4 speed automatic used too.
  • The front brakes have been replaced with 350mm vented disc ap racing 4 piston units, the rears with 250mm solid disc 2 piston ap racing brakes.

  • The standard cars comfort biased suspension has been replaced with fully adjustable coilovers.

  • The 16" alloy wheels have been replaced with 22" chrome wheels with 235 section sports tyres

some arty shots now




Do we get bonus points for using the glowstick fixtures as neon? XD
Very inventive competition though.


i’ll make sure to appraise neons during judging :wink:


I mean, it was a joke, but hey. xD


Do you use realistic transmission or arcade transmission in beam?

This will affect how i tune my car.


realistic @findRED19


The Shromet Levine.


  • 340 Horsepower V8 OHV V8
  • 19" Alloy Wheels
  • Air suspension
  • Premium Interior


  • (Click for Video!)
  • Callaway Twin turbo Upgrade to produce 670 horsepower.
  • 30" DUBS
  • Air suspension with low rider mode
  • Complete custom interior with Pioneer audio system upgrade, with DVD player, PS4 compatibility.
    I am sorry for what I have made.


2008 Turból Miami Droptop DUB Edition

The Turból Miami was introduced in 2008 as premium GT car to compete with BMW’s 6 series and Jaguar’s XK. A 5.8 liter, 400 hp V10 was the most powerful engine available on release.

But this DUB Edition shows what the model is capable of with mostly bolt-ons. Aesthetically, it is lowered on 23" rims, and given a modest body kit including a re-styled front bumper and lip, side skirts, and a rear wing.
Mechanically, the only upgrades are stiff, low coilovers, 6-piston big brake kit, stiffer swaybars, and, most importantly, a TTR turbo kit. A big turbo kit. Along with the included turbo-back exhaust upgrade and a ECU re-tune, power is increased to 1,007 horsepower.

Can you handle it?


Presenting the 1971 Marksman ETB (Executive Trim Badge).
and a Burnout Donk Showcar ETB.

Fitted with a 5.8 Litre Cast iron V8, a Vinyl Roof and some snazzy hideaway headlights, be slightly more distinguished from the rest. with just enough power to question if you need more or not.
Totally not a Ford LTD Rip off

Same 5.8, Vinyl roof and Headlights, However modified with a few off the shelf parts for optimal Tyre destruction The Australian way such as a Carbon Bug catcher, a Supercharger (In reality Turboed), mechanical injection conversion, some nice Cannons round back, a 4 speed sequential Gear box (No 2 speed powerglide), and some Speedmaster parts to monitor the Racket under the cut hood.
Some aesthetic changes include a Purple Flake Paint job, 28 inch Rims, and some cut fenders to accommodate, and some minor sponsors.

These gentlemen have gladly allowed us to take pictures of their cars for Comparison, and some nice shots in general at this carpark.

Enjoy 2 plys on the ground and 1 on the tyre


1984 Bucuresti BBA-7 Pescarus and BBA-7 Pescarus Custom

       Stock engine swapped for a 504 hp V8
       Bumpers and sideskirts were switched
       Mufflers and Catalytic Converters switched
       Old Luxury Interior swapped for a sport interior

       Intercooler with puller fan
       Magnetic Dampeners off of a Belladonna
       New Headlights and taillights
       Exhausts moved to the sides to make room for the diffuser
       Stock armored rims replaced with BBS Rims