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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 14]


For the roadgoing model i present the Lynx GT450

Right then here is the police version too


Bucuresti Judecător and Avanta Rapid

I’d say that Cops are Pigs, but that’d be offensive to pigs.


Could we go like Most Wanted 2012 cover cops with black paint and just lights and possibly police text?


I’m probably guessing that you could do that. I was tempted to do something like that myself tbh.


Yup, as long as it can be in some way identified as a police car I would allow it.

Of course I probably would favour full liveries on the police side but how you want to style it is up to you.


2006 Denver Crossroad S

straya m8


2008 Turból Centurion Gladiator 40th Anniversary Edition

The modern car photo’d alongside the original 1968 Gladiator.

The Centurion is also available as a Police Pursuit Specialty Vehicle.


Renwoo GP No Merci Police car

No Merci to crime.


1990 Rogana MR-90 Highway Patrol

More pics


24(ish) hours remain!

I have received entries from:

I see pictures but not received an entry from:

I am willing to extend the deadline if anyone needs more time as I’ll likely have it judged in one go during the week.


2012 Prahova Nedeia

An independent automotive effort by a small Romanian company for a powerful “electric” sports coupe, designed to be a master of the highways! Upon release, the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs expressed their interest for a patrol vehicle destined for a brand new task force, the Bușteni High-Speed Department, who would soon patrol Romania’s busiest and fastest stretch of road yet.

High-Res Imgur Album

More photos


Cops and Racers, Both Beware

Presenting: 2012 Hermes 9K SL GT Series Concept

2.7L Raging Flatplane V8, 350+ HP and sub 1,000 Kilograms

More Pics

You’ll be PIT-ed and spinned off the road with agility you’ve never seen before, and don’t even think of outrunning.

This car was made as a collab between @GetWrekt01 and @ST1Letho. Thank you Letho for the huge amounts of effort you’ve put into the styling of this car, something which I would never be able to do.


Camblin Peerless II

The early 2000s brought to life a monster, from small-volume manufacturer Camblin located in Peterhead, Scotland. They took a sourced V10 engine and drew everything they could from it. Yet the immensely heavy body- spared from a shred of carbon fibre due to the manufacturer’s more traditional methods- was heavy, and cumbersome. Accelerating and handling are average at best, but top speed is its ace in the hole. Given a long enough road, nobody gets away.

With a total of 14 sold, it can hardly be called a successful production car (though having all facilities in place for continued production), but that only adds to its rarity and appeal from a spectator’s point of view. This, and its top speed, make it perfect for the role of a highway patrol vehicle. Given its most powerful theoretical specifications, it still isn’t the best handling, or best performing on a quarter-mile stretch. But beware, it is coming straight for you.

(There are some issues with the body which make it both impossibly heavy, and equally-impossibly low drag. I have submitted it but I’ll of course accept a win, a bin, or anything in between. Also, Beam.NG screenshots because I can’t select my car in photo mode, meaning I can’t reposition or rotate it for composition shots)


2008 BT Motors Acinonyx RXR Police Interceptor

Ah yes, these pictures are made out of picture


Judging Part 1 (of 1)

Bucuresti Judecator and Avanta Rapid - @Rise_Comics

Okay, I’ll just say this probably would be a good base cop car to start off with. It looks unassuming, but has alright enough performance figures to keep up with entry level sports cars. BUT. Yes, there’s a big all caps BUT here. First of all this is AGC7 and not 6 and there was a year requirement on the cop car. So this does get DQ’d for rules.

Also its not eye catching enough for the title car anyways.

Brantan Dominator V8 Shooting Brake - @Fletchyboy100

[Base car aesthetics]

Its a bold choice going for the shooting brake body style, but as it stands the car does look a bit too plain jane even as a shooting brake. Simply enough, it doesn’t excite, and feels very rental car… with rather outdated taillamps.


Performance is fair, its hefty weight would definitely be great to use for the police model while keeping with the higher end sports cars of this era. A quarter mile time in the mid 12s and a 300kph top speed all in the while having 2000kgs to lug around makes for a nice bruiser.

[Cop car aesthetics]

Undercover aesthetics do help the Dominator look more aggressive, but let’s be honest its dark grey paint with police graphics thrown on.


If entered into the game, it will be a police version redone with a full livery, lightbars and a big bullbar. As it stands it is simply not aesthetically interesting enough, though its performance and heft does make it a good idea for inclusion, but unfortunately its rather plain styling will keep it from being a star car.

Hermes 9k SL-GT - @GetWrekt01

[Base car aesthetics]

A small lightweight concept sportscar that looks simple at first glance. A bit outdated, even. But that really is part of its charm, its clean, with very nice retro inspired touches that makes you think of a late 80s, early 90s supercar while being fresh and new. Its clean, but detailed, and honestly, just a very cool design overall.


You might not expect it, but this thing is quick. Very quick in fact. With a 0-60 of 2.9 seconds and ¼ mile just under 11, this would be very much an agility pick. It is of course, due to its light weight, so its balanced out by the fact it would get absolutely bullied and that it tops out at 170mph.

[Cop car aesthetics]

Another undercover cop car, but the details on this one - along with the base design, really makes it work. Logically speaking, if you were to use a supercar for a cop car (yes, that doesn’t make sense logically but bare with me), you would put it undercover. And the way the lights are hidden on this is very well done. It just all works.


Now for the title, if this was an undercover oriented game it would work very well. Its high end in performance, with distinct and well done styling. Only thing is though, I would like a more full liveried cop car in the title. Consider it a strong contender for the racer side however.

Nedeia Turbo and Interceptor - @Crimsonify

[Base car aesthetics]

First glance, its eye catching. It looks modern and sleek, especially with that light blue paint. However, its a bit opposite of the Hermes in that the details are just a bit… lacking. I get what you’re going for - a clean, concept sports car look. But there’s just so much dead space that I start focusing on the black bits that end up being a bit of a void.


Though its layout is of a sports car, its handling characteristics and performance is more of a softer GT. Top speed is great, but takes a long while to get there and while its not hefty, its also not the most agile. I would have expected more from 580 horses.

[Cop car aesthetics]

My complaint about dead space on the car… well, its definitely not for the Interceptor. The livery fills out what was lacking on the base car nicely, with the black bits working well with the white and additional black from the livery. Very cohesive and fits the curves of the car very well.


While the base car doesn’t particularly wow me, the cop version definitely does a very nice job. Performance however does leave much to be desired, so if does get into the game the Interceptor would be aiming more at the mid end sports cars. Its livery gets it an early contention spot for the police side, but the base car won’t be considered.

Turbol Centurion Gladiator 40th Anniversary Edition and Pursuit - @donutsnail

[Base car aesthetics]

Modern muscle to a tee, the Centurion Gladiator definitely has the retro style modern muscle car aesthetic down. It looks mean, it looks tough, and though there’s a lot of chrome, its not overly garnished. Its definitely in your face styling, but that is what a muscle car should be.


Its heavy and not particularly quick, even with its 475HP V10. But you know that it’ll make for a nice second or third car to jump into in the game, one with too much power for its own good and can take some hits. Suits it quite well honestly.

[Cop car aesthetics]

Its a good look - what do you expect its a muscle car turned police car. It works. But there’s a part of me that kind of expects… more. Like that this was too expected of the car that it just looks too normal that it feels like the base car was more aggressive because it wasn’t dialed up even more. Don’t get me wrong, its all done right and well. Just not enough.


A definite inclusion into the game, with both versions being very worthy inclusions in all aspects. The Gladiator stands a better chance at a shot on the title, while the pursuit would have been more likely if it was a less player police focused game.

Denver Crossroad S - @Hybridtronny

[Base car aesthetics]

A well executed performance Ute, the Denver Crossroad… well, it looks like a mid 2000s Ute. The Aussies will go nuts over its inclusion, most of everyone else will scratch their head, then…


Be surprised that its actually decently quick. Okay, in the grand scheme of the game it will be among the first cars to be unlocked but it will be competing with sports cars and the sort. A worthy sleeper pick. Plus, makes for a fun early game police cruiser.

[Cop car aesthetics]

The Denver’s Aussie police livery is very well done,detailed and authentic. But that is also its problem, its too niche. It’ll be nice to include in the game because of that, and will be well loved, but that simply isn’t title material.


A quirky entry that makes sense to include in the game, but with its sleeper and authentic looks, the Denver Crossroad would fit more on a title of a game placed in an Australian locale than this game.

Camblin Peerless II Penultimate V10 - @Niveon

[Base car aesthetics]

A rather… sad looking supercar. It looks very dated, or rather, very cheap kit car styled. It just simply has lights that look like they came off a different car and slapped onto this one. Some of the details, such as the vents and the lips and diffuser look like a good start but the lights really let the car down.


(Yeah this body broken lmao)

[Cop car aesthetics]

That blower is too much, sorry.


Not counting the utterly broken performance of the body, the styling just doesn’t do it for me on either versions of the car. So this is a no from me unfortunately.

Renwoo GP Viva La France and No Merci - @Mikonp7

[Base car aesthetics]

A French sports car with a nice muscular look yet a rather classy demeanor at the same time. It has an unique, distinct look to it and even though I won’t say its the prettiest thing I’ve seen, the Renwoo just looks right from every angle. Just a very cohesive and nice design all around.


Performance is competitive with high end sports cars of this era, though the RR layout will definitely catch some people off guard. Its quick enough and has plenty of character to go along with it.

[Cop car aesthetics]

Upgraded from the standard GP, the No Merci has added aero that increases its aggressiveness plenty while not ruining its base looks. Its livery however is the standout part, keeping the French stripe while having a black and white tone scheme that just goes around the curves so very nicely. It will make for a great interceptor for sure.


The Renwoo GP definitely hits all the marks here and will be in contention for both the police and racer spot on the title.

Rogana MR-90 - @Centurion_23

[Base car aesthetics]

Well isn’t this a bit of a blast from the past. The Rogana MR-90 is a 90s supercar through and through. And a damn good looking one at that. Its clean but very well detailed, it looks like it’s fast but restrained at the same time. And the paint is just something you won’t see on a supercar of a different era.


Of course as expected, the Rogana will be a bit dated at this point, being 20 years old. But its not slow by any means, definitely taking it up to where the entry level supercars of today will be.

[Cop car aesthetics]

Simple but effective. Its all in the details once again really suits the MR-90 very well. You know a police version of the Rogana is already crazy so it doesn’t need to play it up. The black and white is applied well and all the lights are added to not compromise the sleek cleanness it has going in the base car. Plus the fact it has modern police lights on the older body gives it the feeling that “the police took this and is now using it for themselves”.


Another very good all round contender for both spots. It will be playing more to the nostalgia factor rather than being new and shiny however.

Lynx GT450 - @Mart1n2005

[Base car aesthetics]

Another small, lightweight sportscar. The styling is clean, but best way to say it is that while its a nice design, it lacks a certain “wow” factor. Its all done well, however is missing an edge in aggression or quirky distinctiveness.


With nearly 450hp and 1000kg, this thing is seriously quick, on the same pace as the Hermes. The two are literally direct competitors in performance. That is to say, they’re both seriously fast cars. And both are somewhat lacking in top speed.

[Cop car aesthetics]

Though a simple, classic livery, the police version is very well done. Extra lights are well placed and the bullbar really adds to the look even though the car is really light.


Though the base car doesn’t excite me enough past its performance credentials, it will be a very worthy inclusion into the game. Though only the police version will have a shot at making it as the title car.

BTR Acinonyx RXR - @EddyBT

[Base car aesthetics]

Sharp, edgy and bright orange, the Acinonyx nails the 2000s supercar boxes. There is a lot to take in and it definitely a strong aggressive vibe all through the design. I do personally feel there are parts that could have been done cleaner, but as an overall design it is very well done.


To be expected, as a modern supercar it is the fastest of the bunch. Sure the two superlights beat it off the line but as an allrounder the Acinonyx is the fastest of the bunch.

[Cop car aesthetics]

Another classic livery, well fitted onto the sharp lines of the car. I do particularly like the sharper police LEDs implemented into the bumper, as they do fit the design of the car very well.


Being a high end modern supercar and well executed design overall, both iterations will be put forth in contention for the title car.


After some back and forth between the marketing and design teams, as well as some long hours, the final coverart for the latest NRL has arrived:

Congratulations @Mikonp7 on winning AGC round 7!

2nd @Centurion_23
3rd @EddyBT
4th @mart1n2005
5th @GetWrekt01

Merry Christmas!
(also if my writing started getting concise at the end sorry lol)


I expected as much, but thought this challenge was interesting, had only 2 days to get a car out, and after the first day found out the body was bugged, so most of that second day wasn’t spent improving the styling more.

At that point turning in my homework half-finished was all I could do. But thanks for including it. It also didn’t help that I have importer problems, exporter problems, and can no longer select cars in photo mode so henceforth all my entry pictures will have to come from Beam.NG. This update’s a bit of a bust.


I Love that Cover.

Good Thing i have an Idea for the next round!
Buuuuuut i am Sitting at an Airport rn. Sooooo @Centurion_23


Welp, i’m not down to host either, so down the chain it goes.

@EddyBT Your turn


Even winter break is busy, sigh.

The hot potato gets passed on to @mart1n2005\


Im going to have to join in the passing fun as I’m already going to do csc, @GetWrekt01 here is your chance to host