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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 14]


Oh boi, here we go. Me and @ST1Letho(Thanks to whom, our car got this far) would love to host the next AGC. We even have a theme ready, just need to finish the write ups and rulesets.

Edit: I’d like to thank @Xepy for hosting this amazing round, brought me back straight to the Hot Pursuit days. Thanks for the well written and passionate reviews and good job on that awesome game cover photo!


Great theme, great round!


AGC 8 || 0-02: Wraith

It's the year of 2016


Inside the main headquarters of Hellfire Game Studios, a whole group of lead game designers and coders, have united in a single room. A new part of their work-in-progress game, game name has seen some development of new animation sequences, which they’re eager to watch and discuss about. The lead 3D artist powers up the projector and connects it to his computer, to play the animation which had to be rendered for nearly a whole day.

We see a young, spiteful man with brown hair and chiseled jaw, inside a corridor. He is seen to be approaching an office room. In he enters and a woman in her 50s is seen sitting behind the giant screen embedded on the wall. She happens to be Agent 0-02’s boss

0-02: Boss, didn’t think you would summon me so early. I thought you laid me off…

Boss : Well, we have something right now, and we need you back in the field.

0-02: Of course you do. There’s always some crazy lunatic who, every now and then, wants to kill a lot of people and conquer the world, isn’t it? (read that in a very sarcastic tone)

Boss : Well, this time, they are neither crazy nor lunatics, these guys are truly professionals. We do not know their intentions yet, but so far they have been targeting our agents.

0-02: Targeting the agents, you say? By that do you mea,n killing them, or brainwashing them and turning against us?

Boss : You have been watching way too many movies recently, haven’t you, 0-02? Our agents are getting killed in the field, picked off one by one, and you’re here making kiddie jokes.

0-02: Well, if you hadn’t laid me off boss, who knows, maybe I could’ve prevented it. WE could’ve prevented it.

Boss : I wouldn’t have had to lay you off, if it wasn’t for how much you cost we had to bear because of your nonsense. Not talking about what happened back in Prague… you should be grateful that everyone thought you were dead.

0-02: Yes, I strategically faked my death and destroyed all the equipments so the rogue agency couldn’t trace back to our roots. What’s wrong with that? It’s not like this happens every time!
some silence
Wait, no, this actually happened in the assignment before this, and the one before… oh…

Boss : Exactly, 0-02. Should I remind you of how many of our cars you destroyed?

0-02: I was hoping you wouldn’t know the exact number…

Boss : Twenty-six dispatches, and thirty cars… I, for sake of my sanity, had to resist looking at what happened to the last four.

gives him a stern look

Boss : However, i have great news for you. I have not given up on you yet. You will get another car, follow me 0-02.0-02: That’s… rather kind of you, boss. Thank you for trusting me and issuing me a new car!

0-02 follows his boss to the main garage, eagerly waiting to see his new car

Boss : Here it is, your new ride. The latest 2015 Kurokama SC-CH. We have to be environment-friendly, after all those explosions you’ve caused in the last two years, right 0-02?

0-02: looks of shock, despair and confusion dominate his face What… the fuck… is that…? A HYBRID?
Boss :Yes, a hybrid. 1.6L atmospheric engine mated with an electric motor, gives you healthy 160 horsepower.

0-02: YOU’RE ISSUING ME A HYBRID? looks at his boss in awe Me, agent 0-02, the agency’s most promising and youngest spy. You’re issuing me a hybrid that has less horsepower than my 3 decades old SAAB?

Boss : You might be our most promising, but you are not our youngest anymore… things changed when you were off. The old lady softly chuckled And yes, i am issuing you a hybrid, 0-02, is there a problem with that?

0-02: Oh you can’t be serious, I can’t be driving this thing to missions. What happens if there’s a chase, or I need to escape a scene quickly? This thing will get me killed. And I don’t even wanna consider the amount of laughter that will be coming from goons when they see me in… this…

Boss : I am serious, it is a decent car from a good brand. I see no point in why would they laugh… plus there is plenty of those in the streets, at least you will blend in. Not to mention that this car did cost us only around $30,000 which is like… one fifth, maybe less, of the price of the cars you regularly wrecked… I mean, drove.

0-02: Boss, look, this isn’t gonna work. I won’t be able to reach any destinations with this thing. I won’t be even able to drive it, it’s giving me a weird vibe that makes me want to kick it. I hate hybrids and slow cars, you know that. I can’t drive this boss, I’m sorry…

after some silence

0-02: Look, if you just gave me one last chance, I can prove you wrong. Issue me one last good car, a proper GT car that isn’t excessively fast, but nice in almost all segments. And give me something I can fall in love with, so I don’t end up wrecking it. If you can manage to do that, I promise the previous occurrences won’t happen again.

Boss : You whine like a dog kicked in the nuts, 0-02. But fine, one last chance. We have something in the back, you might like it. But if you wreck that, you will be driving this eco-friendly compact for the rest of your career in this agency!

0-02: I can work with that boss, and thank you… I won’t let you down. Just please let it be a nice car

After a good 30 seconds of clapping and rejoice in the room, it was clear that everyone liked the animation and where the story was going so far. However, a lot is yet to cover and the initial beta testing is yet to be begun. In fact, one of the prime elements of the game, Agent 0-02’s car hasn’t been selected yet. And the studio’s designers are already working overtime to start designing an eye catching car with proper real world stats from scratch.

Hence why, Hellfire Studios have come to you. They want to feature a car from YOUR company in their game. The plan is to receive appropriately built cars from renowned brands, which can be featured as 0-02’s primary car in the game. As for the stats, they’ll be directly converting the car’s real world stats to the game’s engine, so no worries there. Car’s will be judged on design choices, hardware choices, a few essential stats, performance figures and charts and most importantly, styling! Remember, you’re designing a car for one of the top agents in a secret agency, it has to look quite the part. And the styling judgement will be personally taken care of by @ST1Letho , so don’t skimp on it.

Requirements and Restrictions

Trim and Variant has to be 2016.

The car has to be a 2dr or 4dr GT aka Gran Turismo or Grand Tourer. We don’t want any crazy, eye catching supercar.

Has to have 4 full seats. Having 5 seats won’t really give you extra scores, if not reduce it. But 2 seats is :wastebasket:

Your budget limit is $200,000. However, it’s a flexible limit. So if you’re off by just barely a few thousands, I won’t bin you.

No ET/PU limit. How you’ll use your ET/PU is up to you, but this also means we’ll be extra picky with the hardware choices.

0-60 has to be at least 4 seconds or below.

Advanced safety is required.

95 RON Fuel

Semi-slicks and Chunky Offroad tyres are banned

Aside the standard requirements, you’ll have to make sure that the car passes a certain few missions in-game. How this works is, your car’s mechanical choices and stats will determine how good it’ll perform during these missions. The more effortlessly it can finish a mission, the more points it gets. Note that, it’ll still have to be able to finish those missions. If it simply fails to do one of those, in you go in to the :wastebasket:

The Missions are:

#1/ The Chase: The agency has found out that there’s a sleeper agent who has been responsible for the last couple of major incidents related to the main headquarters. Now they’ve figured out who it is and they’ve pinpointed his location. The player will be deployed to reach the destination, kill/capture him and return safely without alerting anyone. But after reaching the destination, the sleeper agent is seen to be fleeing, indicating that he realized everything. The player will then go on to chase the the rogue agent, which will lead to driving up a windy road. Not only the car has to be powerful enough to climb an uphill road, but it has to have good handling to fight the curves and twists of the road to catch up with the rogue agent’s car. Failure to have decent handling will result in poor scores. And too much snap under/oversteer means you’ve probably killed the main character. In that case, BIN.

#2/ Mudbath: The player character wakes up near a barn after getting hit in the head by an unknown person. Before he can move, a few guys in all black clothing come out of the barn and encircle him. By defying some laws of physics, and a little bit of luck, the player character is now free from the goons and he rushes towards his car. As he enters his car, he realizes that the roads from both sides have been blocked. Bullets are being fired at him and the goons are getting closer. Without thinking further, he puts the pedal to the metal and starts going through the muddy, offroad tracks as the crow flies. Now, we’re not looking for a GT car that can effortlessly offroad at glorious speeds, we just need something that can outrun the goons in their rather un-offroadable cars at a steady pace, while also not shattering itself into pieces. So don’t think about sending in a low-slung car which can’t even go offroad, but also don’t send something with a manual locking diff or offroad skidtray. That’s straight BIN. (For reference, offroadability of about 7-12 would be OK. Not great, but ok.)

#3/ Guardian Angel: The player character’s partner is critically injured in the field. He has to be taken to a safe spot immediately. A mobile base from the agency has been deployed a few kilometers away. This is where many things come in to play. Speed, engine smoothness, roll angle, ride quality and most importantly… comfort and drivability. Great comfort would help with the injured partner who’s minutes away from bleeding to death. Great drivability will let the player have an easier time driving the car safely while not sacrificing speed. The bumpier the ride, or undrivable the car is, the worse the partner’s condition becomes. If the car is overly bumpy, uncomfortable and undrivable, the partner loses too much blood and passes away. Note: This does not mean you should slack off with cornering speed and lateral g’s because that’d cause you to get bad scores in the first mission.

#4/ Hellfire: The player character is deployed in a middle eastern country to follow one of the antagonists. After entering a bazaar-like area, he soon figures out that he has fallen into a trap and proceeds to leave the hostile area. He will then be chased by goons in big black Audi/BMW SUVs (of course) and be constantly under fire. This is where your safety comes into play. The safer and reliable your car is, the more ‘bulletproof’ we’ll consider it. If it has CF panels, it will be granted as bulletproof anyway, as thick CF panels are as bulletproof as Kevlar. Failure to have decent amount of safety and too low reliability would cause the player to get shot or injured, thus failing the mission (aka BIN).

If your car manages to finish all these missions without failing, it will pass and will be further judged by how well they’d be able to finish the missions, and scored accordingly.

Real life inspirations


If there’s any other question, or anything I might’ve missed, feel free to let me or @ST1Letho know in the replies or PM (Whether Forum or Discord, we go by the same name). Wishing you all good luck, have fun!

Entries open at: 28th Dec, 2019. 11:59 at GMT+6

Deadline: 11th January, 2020. 11:59PM at GMT+6

Submission format: AGC8 - Your Forum Username (model & engine name).

No resubmissions.

Any mods but the meme ones are allowed.

Please add at least one photo and the name of your car after submission

Added tyre restriction

Added submission guidelines

Added a guideline to add photos

Deadline extension to 11th of Jan

PS: There will be a specially crafted game cover with the winning car at the end of this round


@GetWrekt01 Just out of curiosity for my build…would you count the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta as a GT car or a flashy supercar in terms of looks? Don’t wanna spend hours on a design just to have it fail me out of the challenge.


In terms of looks, cars like the FF or F12 definitely look like modern day GT cars to me (or even shooting brakes, if the rear is designed that way). All you have to make sure is it to have enough space and 4 seats, that’s about it if you want to go for an F12 style build


Get a Senner for your Sinner: BKOO Senner Radwood Concept

Zephorus FGT

A V12 TT GT car with a focus on speed and style.

Only $88,000 and you get 650hp and 200mph+
What more could you want?


2016 Lynx Vitesse Vive Le France edition

a shot to show the vents under the tail lights


Welcome to “Fletchyboy100 Can’t design modern cars! Again!” Featuring the Brantan Agrro.
Looking awful as ever Fletch, well done!


@GetWrekt01 any limits on quality sliders or just fit within the budget?


Get around 200k is the only limit here. Go wild!


AHB Demonio 5560


is there any top speed requirement?


No top speed requirements whatsoever, no. You can use electronic limiter as well


Vixen Viento - The ultimate in luxury

Featuring a 3.6L Twin Turbo Boxer 6 producing 665 bhp and 451 lb-ft of torque, a top speed of 207 mph, a complex AWD system, and enough luxury to satisy even the best of secret agents, all from the wonderful country of Japan.

2016 Yuro Classique Ultra-GT

"This is a Yuro, Gin. You don't run over dead bodies in a Yuro."


owo whats this


The 2016 Greenome Aurora CC.

Some More lol


Right-o, after recieving quite a few requests for extension, I’m extending the deadline to 11th January, 2020. 11:59PM at GMT+6

Come on people we already received some great entries so far, give us more :eyes:


And mine doesn’t make that list of great entries :joy:


I wasn’t the one to send in a car for a secret agent that looks like it found Paris Hilton’s inappropriate pictures