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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 15]


Fasten your seat belt, because I’m on:

Da Wae



(You said you wanted a bit cartoonish cars so I made it cartoonish and hope that it will not be classed as a meme entry)


Here’s the secound picture of Da Wae


Game Time Started

You, sir, are not like the other gamers. You’re a go-getter, a guy of action, a spring-loaded beast ready to kick ass and chew cilantro. What you need is an escape from monotony, and it’s been stolen from the toppest of secret areas. That’s right, baby. Tall points, no quills, no pillows. Look at that, it’s just two handles and a fighter jet engine. Virtually nothing to stop you from getting bucked off and faceplanting.

Though the science team was kind enough to add headlights, taillights, VTOL nozzles, RCS-tipped winglets, and a gaggle of heat-seekers while they binge-watched ProjectMelody. Then again, they still are responsible for locking you down here as part of a study on how the human brain works as it frantically searches for an escape from a seemingly-infinite group of corridors, lightning bars, and nerds…

Break their halls like this hoverbike broke online multiplayer.

The Taskmaster.

wtf bro I didn't attack you


2 submissions

  • 5 Day extension of deadline
  • 3 Day extension of deadline
  • No extension of deadline

0 voters


Since the last submission was done almost a week ago, and there has been plenty of time this far, I wonder if an extended deadline would make a difference this round at all…


lol but 5 entries were posted, ask for those who forgot to send their entries and thats it


And so is the case…

I can’t be arsed to review all of these properly…

Your Winner is

@chiefzach2018 with the Taskmaster…


I’m glad enough this wasn’t an engineering-based one so I can just judge by looking at images, and Naming conventions I’d like to say were abided…

2nd place is @b4ttl3f0x

  • some considerable amount of visual points down to the nest place

3rd is @Knugcab
4th is @Kursk
5th is @Dr_Seltsam


Congratulations, a worthy winner indeed, it was outstanding.


I’d be more than happy to host! I’m currently working some stuff out and will get back to you folks soon with the next challenge.


How is it going?


Not to be rude but after almost two weeks I think that something should have happened if one is “happy to host” and “will get back soon”.

@chiefzach2018, I understand if life can come in the way sometimes, but do you have time and possibilities to host this or would it be better if someone else took over by now?


@That-S-cop and I present

AGC13 - Safety First

Welcome to the Show

The novel coronavirus outbreak froze the motorsport world’s rotation. For multiple months, tarmac and non-tarmac surfaces sat undisturbed, with nearby, self-isolating neighbors placated by such silence. In that time, alternatives were devised for open and closed-wheel racing, and it is now that we look to the past and wonder what the next step is. First came sim racing. Next came sim racing championships that threw winners into real race cars. Then came sim racing championships officially endorsed by a motorsport governing body. There was even supposed to be a program that let you attain a real-world driving license, but that did not get implemented.

It is crystal clear to this governing body that online racing would provide an ideal safety cushion against severe weather, global pandemics, and the like while simultaneously opening avenues for more types of e-racing events. Thus, its administration set to work, pulling talent from Thinking Space, Polymorphism Digital, Absolutely Mad Studios, Codemonkeys, and Kudos, to create its own officially-licensed simulator. With the finest of tuning systems, LIDAR-scanned tracks, and CAD-modeled entries, this game is intended to be as precise a real racing replication as current technology allows.

With many of the assets gathered, including initial vehicle and track offerings, it seems this game is all set in terms of gathering resources…

“Where’s the safety car?” inquired the first member - Jon - of a programming duo.

“The what?” responded Dave - the second member.

Jon: “The safety car model. I remember uploading it here just last night.”

Dave: “Oh, that boring thing. Yeah… I got rid of it.”

Jon: “You’re kidding. We were lent a car, and you just toss it in the bin?”

Dave: “It’s boring.”

Jon: “Boring? Did you even look at it?”

Dave: “They’ve been supplying plenty of pace cars for several years, so yes, seeing a Zacspeed with orange lights on a yellow flag is boring.”

Jon: “It was at least something we could send”

Dave: “Uh-uh. They want the best, we’ll give them the best, and we can afford to spend more time.”

Jon: “I think you’re overestimating how much time remains.”

Dave: “What do you mean?”

Jon: “They want the models in just a few weeks.”

Dave: “That’s plenty.”

Jon: “Plenty if you want to work 80 hours per week. I’m sure you loved getting called for ASCAR Heat 6 at 3:30 AM.”

Dave: “Considering the odd hours I sleep at, I sure did. Anyway, I know some guys. Perhaps they could pull some strings.”

Jon: “You make the calls, I’ll import it. Just remember if we ask for an extension, the boss will roast us on a spit.”

Dave: “Bet.”

It looks like our cynical veteran and impish newcomer need some assistance. Perhaps you have some of that in stock.


  • Trim Year must be 2020.
  • Engine must not utilize any race components.
  • Only two seats may be used for vehicles with one set of doors. If the vehicle in question has a second set of doors, it can use either four or five seats.
  • 95 RON fuel must be used.
  • Advanced 20s safety and premium HUD are required - these are to account for the safety measures (i.e. roll cage) and technologies (ex. telemetry, radio, etc.) added for safety car duty.
  • You will need a light bar on the roof of your vehicle - feel free to use this mod (second from the left). Real examples, including one for a convertible, are provided in the inspiration section.
  • Also required is labeling - “Safety Car” must be present in at least two areas: the front (hood or bumper) and the rear (bumper). Examples of this are also provided in the inspiration section.

  • 45 drivability minimum
  • 45 sportiness minimum
  • 15 comfort minimum
  • 45 prestige minimum
  • 45 safety minimum
  • 12 US MPG minimum
  • 60 trim reliability minimum
  • 55 loudness maximum
  • $150,000 maximum approximate cost


:star::star::star::star::star: - Of Paramount Concern

  • Base Design - The design for the car must make sense with the type of vehicle you choose, though it is recommended you aim for the sportier side of the spectrum. For the brief, calm moments your car’s out on the track, you’ll want it to steal the show!
  • Livery Design - Playing into the preceding point, your car must have a livery. Feel free to go as minimalist or ornate as you please - the goal is to catch their eye with something that flows well with the car!

:star::star::star::star::eight_pointed_black_star: - Of Significant Concern

  • Sportiness - Fast cars catch attention. A high-performance vehicle will fit the speed-oriented atmosphere of this game, and it will assist in expressing your brand’s performance-related offerings.
  • Drivability - Keep in mind all that speed won’t help when it can’t be controlled. It would leave a bad taste if the computer spins your car out on a livestream.
  • Prestige - Impressing people is the aim here! You want your car to be a symbol of success, a vehicle that people wish they could drive someday. It’ll help when the flashy race cars are snailing about.

:star::star::star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star: - Of Concern

  • Safety - A safety car is meant to be safe. When your car is off the track, it’ll be paraded about for its heroic work of leading traffic, but really, they’re just simping for speed.
  • Reliability - So long as you’re not coming back in for repairs as often as those partaking in tarmac warfare, you should be fine.
  • Comfort - It’s appreciated by the safety car driver, helps make their tough job just that extra notch easier, but it’s not like it’d be staying out that long.
  • Cost - if someone can outdo your entry while spending less money, it would be more reasonable to go with the cheaper unit.


These rules should allow for plenty of diversity in entries. Performance will be a common trend among these, but in case you need a spark to get cranking, I assembled this menagerie of motor cars prepped to pace. You’re more than welcome to use your own sources.

Creative Juice Flow-Inator

Porsche 911 Turbo (991.2) WEC Safety Car (Rear)


Your single submission must follow this naming format:

Model Name and Engine Family Name: AGC13 - <USERNAME>
Trim Name: make/model/trim of the car
Variant Name: model/variant of the engine

You can send me the .car file via forum PM or Discord DM. However, it would be easier to keep track of entries through forum PMs. No resends will be allowed unless I ask you for one.

Collaborating with someone would be all to your benefit! If you do this, please include both usernames in the Model Name and Engine Family Name boxes.

Lore is always welcome. Feel free to post it in this thread.


The rules, as they stand, are subject to change from initial posting to Wednesday, July 15, 2020, at 11:59:59 PM EDT. Once this rule-adjusting period expires, the submission window will begin. You are free to submit until Friday, July 24, 2020, at 11:59:59 PM EDT, at which point judging will start.

Best of luck to all of you, and remember to have fun!


Zephorus 2000 Tributo R SC

Well, I’m not sure if this is a safety car, or danger car. Eitherway you wont miss it.

Also it’s green and not shitty silver

nearly 800hp and nearly 220mph. Nearly a lot of things, but looking good?
It definitely does that.

More + car before stickers



Dave: “Maybe the sorts of cars we want to look at are a bit pedestrian, don’t you think?”

Jon: “Well, I chose cars in this price range because they seemed to be more affordable.”

Dave: “Yeah, but you know we’re not buying these for ourselves, right?”

Jon: “Not with how much we’re getting paid.”

Dave: “Here’s my proposal: we start asking manufacturers with more expensive stuff.”

Jon: “How expensive are we talking?”

Dave: “$150,000.”

Jon: “You think those folks would really be interested?”

Dave: “Of course. Who wouldn’t want to be in this game?”

Jon: “Someone whose car couldn’t be driven by the player.”

Dave: “Oh, hush. It’s not like we’re discounting any cars already under $75,000.”

Jon: “Fair enough. Hopefully your theory proves true.”

Dave: “Oh, by the way, this link isn’t working.”

Jon: “Shoot, let me fix it. Must’ve slipped my mind.”

Up from $75,000, the new maximum approximate cost is $150,000. The original post will be updated to reflect this. Also, submissions are now open until Friday, July 24, 2020, at 11:59:59 PM.

Go wild.


i made this before the announcement was made i give up

Quezon unveils the latest-generation Cordova as a Safety Car in an upcoming Racing Game. Or maybe they wont because it'll never get selected. Either way, have this big chonk succ boi. Featuring optional Four-wheel-steering (4WS).
2021 Quezon Cordova GT Safety Car Concept

sHaDowS oF oUr pAsT







4WS Demo


well i tried


xD I’ve lost already


Tristella Gryphus

(Safety Car)


Automobili Tristella

The British Mustang

It’s called the Brantan Caliber GTR

And no, liveries aren’t my strong point
and neither are headlights

And before anyone says “wHeRE iS dOOr hANdLe?” sod yourself It’s like the TVR where it’s on the mirror because quirky.