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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 15]


Hey! I can’t help the derpy game mechanic!


The 2016 Avia Gyra GT-5


2016 Tristella Vulturis GT

Tristella = Nice Ass

Automobili Tristella

2016 Marksman-Garrison Broadsword

Technically the Marksman-Garrison Broadsword Marksman Federal Option Special (M-FOS) Excalibur
Yeah… this boat is back again…


Yeah, the Handles are fine… it’s just loaded like that in the Photoscene.
I know my chances are horrific anyways… However… perhaps being able to blend into normal traffic slightly could be a minor Asset…
I also seem to have gone the MIB route.


Just over 30 hours left until submissions close!


KGB Bernina bringing a tour de force of aggression to the Premium Luxury segment.

Twin turbo 6.5L V12 rated at 793hp and 699 lbft at an ultra-clean 20.6mpg
8 speed modern automatic transmission delivering 0-62 in 3.2 seconds and 214mph
Rear-biased AWD system stablised by electronic differential control
Interior trimmed with meticulously quality assured, hand-stitched leathers and state-of-the-art infotainment.

Available starting from $203,000.


About 7 hours left before submissions close people!


The “sane, safe, comfortable and family friendly” Caraxes, still capable of 360 km/h.
Adjustable ride height air suspension, Flat 6 party in the back.


Right submissions closed a few mins ago. I’ve received all the entries, prelim results should be out within a day or two.

Best of luck to y’all!


AGC 8: Wraith, The Prelims

Before we go any further, I'd like to point out that this first prelim is here for the purpose of binning cars that didn't make it to the finals for various reasons. If your car isn't here, congratulations, you've already made it to the finals. As for those who are here, We've tried to point out certain issues that we found with your entries. If you have any further questions about your entries, feel free to comment below or shoot me or @ST1Letho a message

Yuro Classique 6.5 Ultra-GT by @variationofvariables


Main Binning Reason: Design, unfortunately. Just design alone.

* The front fascia seems okay at first, from a distance. Then you come closer and you see the second set of headlights underneath the skinny LED ones. Just… why? The upper LEDs looked just fine, alone.
* The fascia itself is covered pretty well with well-proportioned vents and grille combo. However, they don’t seem to fill the sides and end up making the overall fascia looking empty or unfinished.
* The spider-web grille style might look good on other cars but not this one, trust me.
* To your credit, you added a panoramic roof to the car. Many entries avoided this for whatever reason.
* The rear, in general, looks okay. But the exhaust tips really don’t go well with the shape of the car itself and the rear lights are too big. Seriously, why are they so big?

To add insult to the injury, this car would’ve been a proper finalist! A competitive one. I’ll go ahead and tell you that this car had figures that were on par with what are now, the podium finishers.The design was simply too big of a let down.

But what’s done is done. Don’t get bummed over losing this one, opportunities will arise.

BKOO Senner Radwood by @Conan


Main Binning Reasons: The car is just a thumbs down for us, completely misses the point in what the car was supposed to be, both design-wise and performance-wise. Handing over for testing (just to have fun), but it is not getting into the finals.

Design :
* Completely misses the subtle-and-elegant point. It looks like a racecar, and an outdated one.
* There is huge amount of conflict of round and sharp lines, the car does not look nearly as good as it could, thanks to that.

Car :
* The transmission goes too far into overdrive, and is the easy-way-out, aka slam in a DCT with as many gears as possible.
* As of high speed steering, it starts steering pretty badly 130 Km/h onwards. Not a good sign.
* Loosely tuned Active Sports suspensions just reek of minmax.
* WTAF is going on with the extremely stiff roll angle? Again, LUXURY GT!

Engine :
* The engine power curve is a nope
* Why, of all things, restrict the intercooler?
* It is loud, not the best quality for a luxurious GT car.

Viento SLV by @player965347


Main Binning Reasons: Failure to follow the proper naming convention, or at least that would’ve been it. Considering that this could’ve been a rookie mistake, I personally took a look at it. The design is half-assedly executed, rather wonky engine setup, sub-par stats and failure to carry the prime stats that would’ve been important.

* I can see what you tried to do with the design, and with enough experience, it could be turned into an awesome supercar. But it just doesn’t cut it now.

* What is this car trying to be? A supercar? or a GT car? It performs like a supercar but it has the amenities of a GT car.
* The type of torque-kick this car has from the TT B6 engine is what you see mostly on GT4 cars. Not touring cars
* Active Comfort suspensions, but tightly tuned.
* 3 seconds 0-60, a full CF build, very well tuned steering graph that has never heard of the slightest of understeering. Sounds like… a supercar.
* Nitpick, but did you apply primer and then forgot to paint if afterwards?

* Now I’m not entirely sure which luxury GT car would have a twin turbo 6 cyl boxer with a massive spool lag and torque-kick
* Single intake port for the Direct Injection system… in a 200k GT car… is this engine taken from some other car then has been spiced the shit out of?

Aurora CC by @flammeneis


Main Binning Reasons: This car should be binned for the engine alone, with THE most massive turbo lag I’ve ever seen on a V8 engine. The design doesn’t really make sense for the segment of cars we want as well.

* The design is rather fine, but it looks less ‘luxury-GT’ and more of a ‘mid-range GT’. That’s not what we’re after.

* Right, I’m not entirely sure about the mono-tube suspensions for this application, first of all.
* Sports seats… ehhh… To your credit you got the comfort down, almost.
* MacPherson Strut bars… Again, was this originally a mid-range GT car that was turned into luxury GT without changing the base design too much?

* High power output, would’ve been fine if it weren’t for the massive turbo spool lag.
* A mixture of 15 for fuel doesn’t seem realistic at all for any car that isn’t a shitbox
* The throttle response is basically potato for a V8

Caraxes Ballista 5517LT by @Ludvig


SOME of the Binning Reasons:
* Did you read the brief?
* 0-60 of 2.4s, is this a Hypercar? 5.5L Boxer 6 making 1000hp. Why? Just why?
* What happens when you don’t put a proper Downforce undertray to a hypercar and also put all wing angles to 100? A lot of oof!
* Air suspensions. Right. This is one of the worst cases of minmax I’ve ever seen. Why? Air suspensions would make sense for a luxury GT car right? Yes. Exactly. Yours isn’t one. It’s a hypercar.
* Congratulations on making a car that looks great stats-wise but would be probably one big nightmare in the real world.

KGB Bernina by @Kyuu77


Main Binning Reasons: Wonky design, not the best bang for the buck, high power output that makes no sense with the rest of the car.

* Why does it look like a glorified premium sedan from the font? The rear seems rather fine, but the front… just why?
* Use of some fixtures all around the car but the side seems like it was barely touched.

* Again, one of those entries that managed to get deceivingly good stats everywhere, but are straight up minmax when compared to real life choices
* Staggered tyre setup but also tight af suspension tuning (also active comfort springs). You got 68 comfort, doesn’t mean everything you did here was right.

* 6.5L V12 alone was fine, why Turbocharge it? What’s with turbocharging already large engines? This engine without forced induction alone would’ve made enough power without that horrendous spool lag.
* I’m not sure about the 793hp power output mate. If you were going for something like a Brabus or an Alpina, rest assured that your car doesn’t drive, look and most importantly feel like any of these.

This concludes the prelims of AGC8. Detailed reviews and insights of the cars that have passed on to the finals, will be up soon. Please be patient as we’re trying our best to push out the reviews while attending other challenges and also maintaining our lives :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah well, not as bad as I thought it would be. I did actually design this car from scratch, including the engine, but whatever. Was fun none the less! :slight_smile:


You actually did pretty well aside from what we pointed out. Remember, just because your car can run lean doesn’t mean you’re supposed to make the AFR that low. Many shitboxes run richer than that. As for the design, all I can say is, it’s not segment-correct. But it’s a good design nonetheless :smiley:
Best of luck and cheers!


Thanks, good luck to all the remaining contestants!


aw damn, that’s kinda sad
i probably should’ve done a better job at making the bottom lights look seamless, or just collaborated with someone else to design the car lol
congratulations to everyone who didn’t get binned! and good luck!


Wait… the engineering was good enough on the Paris Hilton smiley woohoo car to get it through…?


You need to ask yourself whether you sent me the car file first :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmmmmmmmm… tbf I can’t remember lol, either way, the back looked half decent and the front was the Paris Hilton woohoo…


Before we go any further, I’d like to state a few things. I was supposed to post the finals by today and I would’ve, but then life happened and a family member passed away. I’m now having to deal with funeral stuff and what not and no I’m not retracting from my judging duties or anything, I’m just here to explain that why I’m taking so long and I’d like to apologize for the delay.

I’ll be only posting half of the finals today and the other half should be done within 24 hours, give or take a few. I thank you all for your patience and cooperation.

One last thing, we tried to be as honest as possible with all the reviews. There’s no favoritism or bias involved here and we haven’t tried to downplay or insult anyone.

AGC8: Wraith, The Finals pt1

Lynx Vitesse VLF by @mart1n2005


First Thoughts and Styling:

Took quick first glance at the whole car. Pretty neat and clean styling, didn’t go overboard but also not lax. Creative use of some of the fixtures. While the headlights look great and well detailed, I feel like the shape of it doesn’t entirely flow with the car. But then again, some attempts were made to make it flow, which DOES work and looks good from certain angles. Great job with the lower fascia, the combination of vents and lips used to crafting it is very creative. The big main grille goes well with the design and the whole Fast GT car vibe. I do like the molding that has gone into styling the hood. The combination of scoops does not look messy at all and contribute in making the front end look very well crafted. I however, do not know, what the fuck is up with the huge front wipers (resize and place your wipers properly bois). Another small nitpick would be, while the logo itself looks pretty neat, it doesn’t really look well placed or sized. A better logo placement could do. I appreciate the small details that has been put into the car by using various vent fixtures, and especially the door handle. Looks neat overall and the vents aren’t wonky looking. (Small nitpick again: The vent on the C pillar would look a lot better if it were painted with glass material).

Can I just get this out of the way? I am in love with the rear. It’s beautiful. I’m straight in love with it. Everything works, every angle, every shape, every fixture flows perfectly well. The headlights are brilliant and well detailed, the vent that drops from the taillights looks great. I really have nothing to say negatively about this whole rear end, very well placed diffuser/exhaust combo and the large badging suits the car.

One final nitpick from my end: A GT car costing 100k with such luxurious interiors, should have some sort of sunroof, if not panoramic. Although it can be interpreted as some sort of safety measure, but I don’t think NOT having a piece of glass on the roof would make it any more unsafe in general, as a car.

The Engine:

Okay, there’s not one, but quite a few elephants in the room. Let me list them one by one:

  • You’ve gone for a 90 degree bank V8, which is nice. You’ve chosen every single part that would make sense for a car of this segment, except the crank itself.Why would you take a 90 degree bank V8, and then use a bog-standard cast iron crank? Why cast iron and more importantly why not flatplane? It’s lighter, handles more power and costs less!If lightweight was your priority for the engine, why not use that instead?
  • While the VVL has clearly squeezed a lot of performance out of the engine, are you sure the VVL/Turbo combo was entirely necessary? Even if you wanted to use VVL, there are ways to make the transition from one cam to other cam profile rather smooth. But what I see is A sudden hillclimb after 3k revs, abrupt stop at 3.6k, and then starting to climb again from 4.5k. That is seriously not advisable for a GT car. It’s going to be a wonky ride experience and eat up your comfort.
  • While fuel isn’t of any consideration, I see that you’ve some spare Octane left. Nothing much, but wasted potential is wasted potential. (about 5 hp, some ignition timing and better soundproofing)
  • Choking the exhaust a bit too much I’d say, with the sub 90mm exhaust pipe and dual reverse flow mufflers. However it is what it is, a stealthy fast GT car.

What I like about the engine:

  • An overbore, 90 degree bank V8. Nothing to not appreciate about it. Sounds tremendously nice. I’m sure agent 0-02 would appreciate it
  • Very reliable engine for a high performance GT car. Even with high tech parts like DI/PC and performance intakes and Twin Turbo, 72 reliability is very impressive. Not to mention the rather high 8600 rev limit.
  • Aside the small but steep bump in the power graph around 3-4k revs, it’s rather smooth everywhere else so good job on that.

About the internals:

Taken the safe approach of AWD, DCT 7 speed and Electric LSD. There’s barely any wheelspin for a TT V8 engine and the 0-60 time is rather fast at 3.5 seconds. Good job there. However, your power curve messed up your overall gearing. Went for staggered tyre setup with large diameter. The car does get understeery after reaching 125 km/h but, you know what, considering this thing weighs 1.9 tons, that’s very neat overall. Went for the less piston bigger brakes setup and giving this chonker a rather healthy 33m 100-0 braking distance with, admittedly, a considerable but still okay-ish sportiness fade. Would be excellent for missions that require sudden braking. Didn’t go for a downforce undertray, thankfully. Fully clad and active aero is a very decent setup. However no cooling flaps and no extra cooling than required for a car of this caliber is… a bit weird. (Check BMW 8 series, for example). 4 full seats with top of the line luxury/luxury setup and a healthy +5 tech, nothing wrong there. Probably the reason why this car has such high comfort even after having a rather wonky power graph. Safety techs are pretty much as expected from a GT. The use of Active Sport suspension is a bit questionable to me. It’s kinda like the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT, it has loosened sport suspensions. So it’d be comfortable overall but you’ll still feel most of the bumps, that would’ve been otherwise soaked in by Active Comfort suspensions without sacrificing too much sportiness and weight. The suspensions and dampers are tuned quite tightly and though this will give it better score on some missions, but don’t know how it will fare for the injured partner. Again, I’m sure this was meant as one of those luxury GT cars that feature some sporty features to keep the driver at the edge instead of giving him a marshmallowy ride, so it’s fine overall. The 100k price tag on this car, while very reasonable, leaves me with the question: Why though? You had a 200k head room.

But credit where it’s due, this is a lot of car for just 100k. Well done.

How It’d Fare on the Missions:

  1. I think it’s safe to say that the Lynx would do rather well in this mission. It’s fast, has good amount of torque, handles nice and tight and definitely isn’t oversteery or too understeery around 100km/h. For the absolute boat it is, passes the first mission rather easily with style and successfully helps 0-02 to apprehend the rogue agent.
  2. While the car does have Active sport suspensions tuned rather tightly, the DW/Multilink setup along with a healthy ride height of 262mm lets the car easily pass Mudbath as well. The Electric LSD also helped in this case. Safe to say that it’ll pass through the muddy fields without breaking apart.
  3. There might be a comfort rating of 50, but there’s absolutely no going around the fact that the car has sport suspensions with a wonky mid range power curve. While this definitely won’t kill 0-02’s partner, god no, it might make it a bit hard for him to hold it together. Especially the tight 2.5 degree roll angle may get in the way of trying to think of other things while bleeding to death. But of course it’s still fast enough and comfortable enough to save him and get good scores.
  4. The car is entirely built of Aluminum, has a reliability of 55 and safety rating of 66.5, which safely gives it a nice score for Hellfire. Aluminum isn’t bulletproof, and we can’t ensure that there won’t be a few holes on the chassis after a bulletstorm, but it will surely survive and keep 0-02 safe and sound.

Final Verdict:

While this is a nice car and a well built one and also it takes care of the missions rather well, it is certainly a bit wonky in terms of some engineering choices and could do with a better utilization of the price headroom.

Zephorus FGT by @Sky-High


First Thoughts and Styling:

Oh a car by Zephorus, it must look astonishingly well… Oh… That was rather disappointing. Yes, we expected from Zephorus a bit more than this but eh whatever we got will have to do. If this car was brought to us a year or two ago I’d be impressed. But among the other brands we’ve received cars from, this is looking rather plain. The sides were barely touched. The front lower fascia and the hood design is rather nice and creative but I’m not sure what to say about the headlights themselves. The car has carbon fiber painted parts in many trim pieces but it weighs higher than some luxury GT cars we’ve seen, 2.1 tons. If that doesn’t scream fake I don’t know what does. The rear design itself is nice but then again it just feels outdated for some reason. Aside from the rear side vents which fit in very nicely, the entire design seems… chaotic. And again the same problem as with the Lynx, no sunroof or panoramic roof. Come on guys it’s a GT car!

Let’s have a look under the hood:

  • So it’s a 6L V12 with the head being made of… Magnesium? I won’t say anything to this but a Magnesium block engine for a road car makes the most sense when reducing vibrations and saving weight is the main concern. V12 engines are already smooth and Mag blocks, instead of AlSi, save you… what like 6 kilos? Doesn’t seem worth the hassle honestly. Like I know this is for a game and all but come on.
  • The power curve is nice and smooth, no complaints there. The torque is a bit kicky but that won’t be felt since the engine is rather smooth.
  • A 2016 luxury/sport GT car… with a twin intake multi port injection system… Okay, odd choices but it is what it is. But a throttle for each cylinder would’ve fared much better for this engine, and much more realistic too.
  • Reverse Flow and Straight Through mufflers, an attempt was made to make the huge V12 sound quiet. If they put some extra effort in making the exhaust system, that might’ve helped. (exhaust quality does wonders)

The internals:

  • AWD, DCT 7 Speed and Electric LSD combo again, nothing wrong there. Gives the car a healthy 3.2 seconds 0-60mph time.
  • Can I just say how perfect the steering graphs are? Like it’s right there where I want them to be. Both fast and slow steering grip are amazingly balanced. Not entirely sure about the Magnesium wheels though. Again, what’s with all this making the car light with weight saving parts when it already weighs over 2 tons? You barely saved 17 kilos here and no that didn’t do much.
  • Well tuned brakes, seriously. Not many times I’ve seen the less pots bigger pads approach but it works well every time. No brake fades for this heavy boi.
  • I get that it’s supposed to be a sub 100k sports-GT car but you’d think that a secret agent would appreciate a bit more than premium interiors, no?
  • The fact that this car has Active Comfort springs but has like 41 comfort gives me a strong minmax alert. I mean it’s easy to see that this was built as a sporty premium car initially but for the GT variant, Active Comfort springs were thrown in to basically compensate for the rather jittery ride. Not to mention the hardcore spring stiffness setup and 2 degrees of roll angle. This is gonna be bumpy as hell. If this had a much looser suspension setup and better comfort values, I wouldn’t have called this out.

How it’d fare during the missions:

  1. It’s a well behaved, well responsive car, so it’s safe to assume that the FGT would do exceptionally well. Tight bends and long windy roads are a piece of cake for this bad boy.
  2. DW/Multilink and Active Comfort springs are what saved this car from shredding apart during the offroading sequence in Mudbath. Seriously, those Magnesium wheels were a really odd choice and they weren’t a good choice at all for this mission in particular. The wheels would be damaged but the FGT successfully completes this mission.
  3. Let’s just say that… quite a lot of blood was spilled due to the rather abrupt ride quality. This car’s traction control can’t seem to decide how to behave due to some of the weird engineering decisions taken. 0-02’s partner survived but he was very close to losing his consciousness which could’ve increased his chance of fatality
  4. Alu chassis/panel combo, but enforced. With a ridiculous safety rating of 72 and okay-ish reliability numbers, this car plows through the gunshots in Hellfire. 0-02 is safe and the car is barely scratched.

Final Verdict:

Some questionable choices, not the most cohesive design, but excels in some segments. It’s not the best and fares about as good as the Lynx, if not a bit worse.

AHB Demonio 5560 by @chichicoofisial


First Thoughts and Styling:

We have absolutely nothing to say about this car… well, except for the fact that it’s absolutely outright brilliant! Dear lord, does this car excel in almost every single way possible. I couldn’t even recognize which body this car was based on because of the extensive body shaping it has gone through. Its ridiculous and it looks gorgeous. The grille is custom designed with small bumper bars. The headlights look as realistic as they can look in Automation. No fixture here, looks generic, because of how this car combines multiple types of fixture. And there’s also the fact that every fixture or sculpting kit used here flows so well with the entire shape of the body and enhances how the car looks. There’s even real round exhausts inside the fake exhausts, don’t see many of those around. I could literally write a book about how well made this car is and how extensively it uses fixtures to make it stand out from the entire rest of the pack. The only nitpick I can find out of everything is… again… no Sunroof or Panoramic roof. But that’s merely a nitpick and one fixture away from having a sunroof.

Wonder what’s powering this bad boy:

  • 5.5L TT V10 producing 561hp but a boat load of 850nm torque. The power curve is much smoother than almost every car we’ve reviewed so far. There’s still a considerable torque kick but because there’s barely any lag and the climb is rather gradual, It’s also rather bulletproof for what it is. It’s smooth, reliable and the throttle response is pretty sharp for a TT engine.
  • I can’t seem to nitpick my way out of finding a flaw out of this engine. Lightweight parts were used and it shows because it’s rather light for what it looks, and the car is just barely front heavy.
  • Okay I give up there’s really nothing we can complain about this engine

The internals:

  • A whole hour of looking at what options this car went for, and honestly speaking we couldn’t really find any major flaws. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this car. The CF panels might be a bit stretching it but then again those do exist so why not.
  • You know this review is going to be one of the smallest reviews this round mainly because there’s nothing to tear apart from this car. It’s just flowing so well.
  • Be aware of the fact that this car’s got proper downforce, and I mean that this car actually utilizes its downforce tray instead of just having one to reduce lift or something.
  • This car has Active Sport springs, a rear multilink setup to go with it and properly tuned springs to go with it. This is one of the only cars to have a properly balanced suspension setup that goes with the other components.
  • While the car already looks like a bombshell, the prestige it has managed to milk out is simply through the roof. What a great addition this would be to the game as it will bring tons of reception.
  • Did I mention this car doesn’t understeer even at almost 180km/h?
  • Did I also mention that this is one of the most comfortable cars of the bunch while having a 0-60 of 3.2 seconds? I think the makers of this car LEGIT summoned a demon while building this.
  • DCT 6 speed, this has, by the way. I mean in automation it’s very easy to slap on a 7 speed DCT and get on with it but these guys here went fuck the overdrive gear and went 6 speed DCT and tuned it properly. The result is a clean and smooth gear ratio.

The missions:

  1. As I said before this car has absolutely bang-on handling. Whether slow sharp turns or fast corners, this car can take all of them. It doesn’t go around corners it munches them, leaving the foes in the dust. Major success.
  2. Not the best performing car for offroad in paper due to the tight springs, but Multilink suspensions are prime for dealing with offroad with smoothness. Considering the near 62 reliability, I think it’s safe to say that nothing of this car would break during Mudbath.
  3. Even if we leave out the rather high comfort stats (almost 58), the suspension and steering graph and the roll angle of this car altogether tell us that it’s going to be quite comfortable. The ride height is just perfect and everything considered, 0-02’s partner barely had any major discomfort during his trip to the hospital. This is one of two entries that used sport suspensions and still milked enough comfort out of it without minmaxing. The Demonio passes this mission with a great success.
  4. CF panels and a safety of 67.2 units. I think I’ve said enough here. There’s absolutely no chance that anything will ever penetrate through the Demonio and injure 0-02 in any way. And it has more than enough juice to get him out of the scene as quick as possible while not crashing into something. Beep-boop, another major success.

Final Verdict:
We couldn’t stop talking about the Demonio enough. It truly is one of the best cars we’ve reviewed so far for this game and we believe, that with its subtle yet aggressive looks, gorgeous body shape and balanced engineering, this car might be what we’re looking for.

Marksman-Garrison Broadsword M-FOS Excalibur by @That-S-cop


First Thoughts and Styling:

Another extremely well designed car which was extensively modified through the use of shaping kits and nega/dog tape. I can see a lot of time and effort was put into it. Two small nitpicks, to get over with, would be that the shaping around the door area and the rear window look really really janky (which isn’t really your fault, it’s just how Unreal handles UV and shit) and the other being, erm… You got what essentially looks like trucc rear view mirrors. But these are merely nitpicks which don;t factor in with the final judging that much. What caught both of our eyes though, was the fact that this car is detailed everywhere adequately except for the lower rear part. It’s almost like the makers rushed here or just… gave up? Still, even with the rather simple lower-rear, it looks good and the upper rear is really really well made and sculpted custom to work with this body. There’s also a design consistency with both the front and rear so that’s nice. The front grille really gives off a very strong classic vibe, which is enhanced by the fitting vents which were also all custom by the way. The headlights look really nice and portray a very aggressive look. AND FINALLY A CAR WITH A PANO ROOF, and a well made one as well. The car seems to have rear suicide doors, which is unique and nice. There’s a stupid number of fixtures used for the badging and also what seems like some sort of passcode input device? If so, brilliant job, we dig it.

The powerhouse:

  • Here’s an oddball of an engine, compared to the other ones. It’s a 90 degree bank V8 which is completely squared and exclusively uses forged parts. Also it’s twin turbo-ed so it’s basically pushing the square engine setup to some stress, but then again this won’t fair much in a game really. And realistically speaking slight amount of bottom end stress is fine. But unfortunately this engine is going beyond slight. If this were something like CSR, you likely would’ve gotten a bin but I’ll let you slip with a slap on the wrist.
  • High cam profile, big turbos and 14psi of glorious boost, sounds like we’re up for some serious torque-kick. And it does kick quite fast once it gets going but credit where it’s due it’s a nicely balanced build. And besides Advanced AT means there’s a torque converter taking care of the torque anyway.
  • Weirdly enough this car has a limited exhaust, high tech points in the whole farting system (read exhaust), it’s turbo-ed and yet it’s somehow pretty loud for what it is. Like for a car that looks and feels like this, you’d expect that it’d be as quite as a Rolls or Bentley. What does this mean in game though? Nothing really, just pointing it out for the sake of the review. Not scoring for this.
  • The throttle response is… quite shite tbh. Although you could make an argument that it has been strategically retarded due to it being a luxo car, but it doesn’t have to be this much retarded.
  • It’s actually quite reliable regardless of the stress so good job with that.

The internals:

  • A bit different approach with the Adv. AT 7 speed here but it works pretty nicely with this car, especially considering the kicky torque.
  • Unfortunately there’s some considerable amount of brake fade which might dictate some heated braking action during the first and third mission.
  • You gotta be fucking kidding with me with this aero:

  • The reliability is quite sub par really. Like I know modern luxobarges can be a bit wonky with a few parts but… it feels a bit too much. Still, not enough low to break itself apart during stress.
  • Here’s a contradictory thing going on with this car: It definitely is a high spec luxurious sedan, but it’s quite noisy for what it is with the straight-reverse flow combo. There is a heap of downforce going on but absolutely no cladding undertray is used. This is not only contradictory but also quite weird. Why not use a completely cladded undertray since that massively helps with a bunch of stats? Not to mention it reduces cabin noise. It has Luxury satnav but why not just have infotainment? You had more than enough budget to do so. The suspensions are well balanced and they’re fitted with Active… Sport. Why not use Comfort since it’s clearly a luxury focused car? Or is it some sort of sportier trim of the real car? In which case let me tell you, if your car weighs almost 2.3 tons, you might as well go all out with the luxury and comfort because right now you’re at a point where the weight reduction or cost cutting doesn’t help you and nor does the 4.5 degree roll angle. It’s just stupidly contradictory.
  • Tanky weight aside, it’s pretty fast and well behaved. There’s some understeer at lower speeds but easily mitigated due to the use of advanced features.
  • Overall, a few things aside, it’s a decent car and with a few in game tweaks, this could be a strong contender.

The Missions:

Aight, don’t kill me Shuriken, but I won’t write the Excalibur’s mission reviews in particular because it’s technically like the Lynx VLF above. Its stats and engineering choices give it almost identical scores as the Lynx in the first 3 missions. So… uh, sorry for not writing I’ve already written a lot.

What I will tell you though that this chonky mf will not only survive the 4th mission but it will probably deflect bullets and kill the goons with its nearly 82 safety rating. Jesus lord. Max points in this round for you.

And that concludes the reviews for part 1 of the finals. Part 2 should be up within 24 hours.


First of all, I’m sorry about that familiar loss, guess that’s something we cannot decide about.

Second of all, those reviews are incredibily written! I was already amazed at how the first ones were, but these are just incredible! The only nitpick would be that the text is very together itself, making it a bit hard to read, but nothing that zoom 110% cannot fix.

Said this, I can just conclude with good luck to the opponents!


Appreciate the feedback and condolences, Chico. Thanks.

As for the text yeah the problem was I copied it straight outta evernote and fixed only a few format issues and posted it. If I had more time, I would’ve taken care of it. But yeah the 110% zoom indeed works like charm :stuck_out_tongue: