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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 15]


I initially thought I’d have a fuck ton of time for this but apparently not. Here I am crunching juuuust before submissions close. Fuck me pls.

Hermes 'Abyss Shriek'

The speed of a hypercar, the terror of a Stuka. We present you, the Abyss Shriek!

The Driver

Name: Anastasia (Only alias available)
Age: 21
Class: Archer

More photos of Ana

If you’re into butts, I guess you’re gonna have to wait.


Two seconds. Two seconds changed Anastasia’s entire life. She was a child of 7 when her mother died of cancer. She grew up with her father. He was everything Anastasia cared about, and same for her father Hank. Every day the father and daughter’s bond grew stronger, they were inseparable. Or at least they thought so.

Every month, Anastasia and Hank would go on a trip in Hank’s '97 F150 to escape the rather monotonous life. Just like every other day, they were crusing along the highway. Both were chatting about everyday life stuff, how they miss Ana’s mom and what not. Just when Hank was about to bug Ana about her new crush, they heard loud airhorns behind them. As they turned around, they were welcomed by the horrifying sight of a Mack, inches away from them. Hank didn’t hesitate to take his head out of the window and scream at the driver.

“You don’t own the fucking road motherfucker!”

He cried as they saw the truck slowly decelerating.

“Dad, did he get scared or something?”

“I don’t know. Stay vigilante and be ready to dial 911 at any time”

Just a few minutes later, around an emptier section of the highway, The truck was to be seen again. Only this time, it was coming towards them from a different lane. Hank had a silly feeling in his head, a thought, which he decided to ignore and plow through all that.

The last thing Ana remembers of this incident is the huge Mack slowly inching towards them and PIT them within seconds. 2 seconds, to be precise. Had she let Hank know just 2 seconds ago that the truck is trying to spin them out, they’d both be alive today, instead of just one…

The F150 did more than just spinning out. It flew towards the road divider, and went through it. Ana was barely untouched because the divider wen through the other side of the car, the side where Hank was sitting…

7 days later after Ana’s initial recovery, she was discharged from the hospital, and she went on her own way. No relatives, no friends. Just her. She tracked down her father’s murderer a day later. 3 days later, the trucker was found with a clean slit throat and eyes gauged out. The Mack was stolen by her.

She now drives a more modern and better truck, but she kept the the original Mack as a trophy. To this day, she believes that the only way she can avenge her father’s untimely death is by killing every single street regulation offender. The more of them she kills, the less of losing families for others.

The Truck

Absolute wack-job of a setup, built by Anastasia herself. She took the body of an existing truck and made the entire chassis/panel combo setup out of nothing but Carbon Fiber. An absolute unit of 12.5L NA V12 Engine powers it with over 1600hp horsepower. The body is specially designed with all kinds of gizmos and structural parts around it for maximum rigidity. How else is Ana going to murder the street regulation offenders if her own truck isn’t powerful and strong enough?

Despite being a truck, this baby can go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, and the highest recorded top speed of it was dead on 400 km/h. It only weighs 3.3 tons, although the cornering isn’t as tight as conventional vehicles, it’s more than decent to chase around people and give em the good ol’ crush.

More Photos


Flame Buster, Special Ability

The two vent-ish looking things on the hood of the left side (left from driver’s angle) of the truck are actually very clever gizmos. They have a recharge time of 10-30 seconds (depending on how much damage you inflicted on the enemies last time). The way it works is, the first vent shoots out a flammable gas towards the front of the vehicle, covering a good amount of width. The second vent, which is placed angularly to the first one spits out a small ball of fire, out of the truck’s own range and onto any opponnent that’s ahead. The more damage is inflicted upon them, the more bonus the player gets and the faster the reload speed for flame buster. Be careful when turning with this on though, as turning too tight could result in turning the flame towards yourself.

Scissorhands, Special Ability

The two pairs of sharp, bumper-ish things are actually automated metal claws. Depending on how well the player is chaining their combo, the more this ability will be available to the player. So players who are consistent with their attacking and offense skills are going to absolutely love this. The way this works is, when activated, the claws are unhinged from their sheath and unfolded once they’re completely out. When unfolded, the claws gain as much as twice of their folded length. In fact, they almost look like Mantis claws when unfolded.

These claws strike enemies from both sides upto 220 degrees (or more if the player is a seasoned one). Any car that tries to go around the Abyss Shriek when this ability is active, it’s pretty much equal to losing half the roof. This ability doesn’t have any repercussions on the truck itself. But being able to utilize this ability while stacking all sorts of combos is pretty challenging.

Dive Mincer, Passive Ability

When Ana was fitting two giant cooling fans to the front of the truck to keep the behemoth 12.5L engine nice and cool, she didn’t expect it to sound similar to the Stuka Dive Bombers when dive bombing. Every time she accelerated past 70 at full throttle, those giant fans would cause massive shrieking and whining noise, hence the naming of this truck. She later replaced to the fan housings and blades to complete carbon setup. This made the blades further efficient and light, hence better cooling but also more noise. The noise alone can cause significant disturbance and fear among the other players. While in PvE mode this can be simulated via some sort of modifier, in PvP mode, the noise alone is enough to keep others at bay when they hear the Abyss Shriek’s thunderous sound.

The Dive Mincer also has a second set of offense. When a car is directly in front of the Abyss Shriek and lined up with the fans, its arse is pretty much getting destroyed by those giant fans, as they have sensors equipped to them to instruct them to open the grilles or close them. Prolonged exposure to the ass-eating of the Dive Mincer fans might result in severe ass-death of the opponent.

The Abyss Shriek, Ultimate Ability

Well you see, when Ana replaced the fan blades and stuff, she didn’t account for how much efficient she was making them. When the fans started collecting and blowing in too much air to the engine, the truck eventually became slower and was more prone to high drag coefficiency. Instead of looking for a happy medium, she decided to transfer excess air to a storage unit.

This air is trapped inside that unit and the more and the faster the truck is driven, the quicker it gets full. Once the charge is filled completely, Ana can divert that massive blow of air directly at the front through the various vents facing the front of the truck. This results in a massive burst of uninterrupted air to be blown at the front. Any unlucky fellow who might be in front of the truck at this moment, will be hit by that blow of air and also the sound of the turbines turning rapidly at the opposite direction. This ability takes a good while to charge because filling up an air storage unit is not an easy, quick task. So the reward for being able to charge it up is handsome as well.

it’s fucking 5am cba to write strategy guide

We're looking forward to the launch of 6000 Rounds Per Minute and we hope that we'll be in this absolutely brilliant game


Ily bro but bruh :joy:


Zach Speed: Zacspeed Fant0m

Name: Zachariah Speed
Pseudonym: Zach Speed
Age/Sex/Species: 97, Male, Human-turned-Cyborg
Country: United States

Zachariah Speed founded Zacspeed in 1952 with the aim to compete in that year’s Corso di Fruinia. These ambitions, however, were crushed when the car and team failed to arrive on time due to a delayed flight. People who saw the entry Zachariah prepared - the 233 Corso - reckoned it could have staged an upset for first place. As Zacspeed grew from this initial position, spanning out into production cars, tuning, and sponsorship, this sole incident haunted the founder. He vowed to never allow this to happen again.

In 2016, while his son, Zachary Speed, worked on the A1GP project, Zachariah’s health began failing, and on the verge of death, he made the decision to enter cryogenic sleep. Nine years later, by way of a team of engineers and doctors, he was awakened. However, upon awakening, he was not concerned with the fact that he was clad in life-sustaining robotic armor. He was concerned about his project.

On the 60th anniversary of the 1952 Corso di Fruinia, Zachariah was tired of his sins crawling on his back. He started dabbling in research on time travel, and after a week, he scheduled a meeting with the brightest minds at Zacspeed to build a time machine. It needed to be capable of traveling backward to 1952, in which Zachariah, in disguise, would enter the 233 Corso he prepared in that time, race, and return to the current time. So long as he could at least place, guilt would unshackle him. Given that 13 years passed, with multiple staff members leaving and arriving as needed, he was pleased to find the time machine operating in semi-functional capability, but plenty more work was needed to go back 73 years. In addition, funding for the program was running dry.

That was when Zachariah found out about the “Drivers Legends Royal.” In this competition, he found the prime opportunity to replenish funds with the prize money Schmierig CO. put behind it. In order to win their favor, and perhaps the competition, Zachariah needed to demonstrate the capabilities of this time machine. Thus, he, and he alone, set out to work on a vehicle in total secrecy.

Car Class: Spear
Engine: 4.5L V12 TT (derivative of 2003 A1GP engine proposal)
Power: 2500 HP
Redline: 17000 RPM
Weight: 1111 kg
Drivetrain: AWD
Top Speed: 259 MPH

After hours was when the founder prowled the Zacspeed factory searching for parts he could pick. A spare X99 chassis, all-wheel drive system, and suspension were swiped. Two clones of Zacspeed’s proposed 2003 A1GP racing engine were formed, with the second engine cut in half and combined with the first. Two turbochargers were picked from the 2018 A1GP engine; these were routed right above the engine to make sure the engine could fit alongside the time machine. Merging both the prominent 12-cylinders and turbocharged engines of 1970s and 1980s Formula 1 units respectively, he set the rev limit to the sky and boosted the engine to kingdom come.

Keeping things compact, the interior and heads-up display from a spare A1GP EVO were also shoehorned. Also appealing to Zachariah was the great big fan on the back of the X99; he took two to run them off the engine’s crankshaft. An extra set of wheels from an upcoming Zacspeed concept car were borrowed permanently.

With much of the engineering complete, it was time to focus on the body. Zachariah’s mood wall consisted of the infamous Brabham BT46B, fighter jets, and the McLaren MP4/4. The goal was to modernize these cars into something unnaturally futuristic, and to synchronize the look with his armor, he stuck red eyes on the car. Mimicking those cars’ long noses required a large front wing, at which point the design for it turned into a ramp. A canopy roof was implemented, with its glass extending to the sides, and a rear wing was stretched outside the car’s silhouette. To form the side and roof intakes, a sweeping line was taken, to which both sides’ lines met at a single sharp point.

At the rear, a rake inspired the diffuser, prominently displaying the two fans as rear lights ran over the top of the rear, then down it. Four vents were scoped out on the X99 and utilized; they are the ones above the wheels. To top it all off, white stripes were painted on the cobalt carbon body, running elegantly from the front to the rear. Jagged white lines on the sides enhanced its aggressive profile. Finally, white centers to the carbon wheels gave the impression there were two robotic eyes on each the left and the right sides of the car.

Passive Ability: Up and Over
The front wing’s design does allow for gobs of downforce to be gained at the front, but it also is angled so sharply that it can double as a ramp. Any cars the Fant0m comes into head-on contact with will go flying over the car’s canopy. Making contact with the roof intake spike will deal vast amounts of damage at the cost of this car having weaker-than-average defense. Further, if the victim lands upside-down, it will be debilitated for a few seconds before reverting upright.

Active Ability 1: Skip
The time machine, in its current state of development, is capable of skipping the user ahead by two seconds, immediately placing the car where it will be in two seconds while preserving current momentum. Any damage this car may take in those two seconds will be nullified. This will recharge every thirty seconds.

Active Ability 2: Rewind
Alongside moving forward through time, the time machine is capable of shifting the user backward in time, moving the player back from their current location by five seconds while preserving current momentum. This will revert the car to its condition from five seconds ago, which may undo damage. This will recharge every sixty-five seconds.

Ultimate: Stop
Zacspeed is a company focused on being fast, but there are times in which we must freeze to declare that the opponent’s free trial to life has ended. Time reaches a standstill for ten seconds. Only the user who triggered the time stop can move in stopped time. Any damage the player deals will register after the time-stop concludes. No active abilities can be used in stopped time. This will recharge every five minutes.

Strategy Guide:
This car may not be the fastest outright, but it is among the best when it comes to cornering. Due to the combination of low weight, aerodynamics, and mechanical grip, this car will stop and turn on a dime - this is vital when escaping from opponents or bamboozling opponents.

Given the wailing wall of noise the engine produces, it may be difficult to attack opponents head-on, to which it is suggested to make use of the first ability. This is a risky proposition in that the user needs to predict how far the car will skip ahead and what the opponent will do, but the reward of a perfectly-executed ambush will be great.

Since this car has low armor and health, it is highly recommended to make use of the time reverse feature if a fatal blow is about to be dealt, but it can also be used to exit any undesirable situations. While this also reverts damage, it needs to be damage that was dealt within five seconds, otherwise the car will not have damage restored. The same evasive maneuver can be done with time skipping, but to less of a degree and in the opposite direction.

Time stopping is the perfect opportunity to obliterate one player or, if there are multiple together, obliterate the lot of them. These ten seconds must be taken as precious time since they do not last long, so ram as many cars as often as possible. This is where the car’s superior turning can shine as it could be the difference between a kill and a failure. Since this is the most taxing ability on the car, it must be used sparingly, but it can also serve as a means by which one could escape. This is less recommended, however, as time reversal and time skipping have the same sort of effect with less of a cost. Despite this, it is still an option as it allows one to control their escape route.

The Future is Now, Old Man


It’s okay I get that you’re now married and all, but okay :sob:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand thats a wrap.
Thanks for everybody pouring their best into this.
Expect results soon™


AGC 10 Results Part 1

((11:30am. SpeedCo. Meeting Room))

Once again more or less awake project manager, lead designer and CEO are walking into the already lit meeting room. Just like last time they did this the only awake person is Sarah from the Social Media deparment.
“Good morning everybody!” she says in a happy mood, only to get met by various “Meh” tones. “I see the spirits are high again. How about we start then”

With a click on the remote, the lamps dimm and the projector kicks into life.

“Didn’t you use that cover already?”, one of the designers interjects, only to get shushed by the others.

“Let us begin then”

“First entry comes in by @Xepy . Amaterasu Regula 3.4GTR and ‘Blood Moon’.”

“I see we are starting strong this time, i like it” the CEO starts.
“Oh yeah. The car and the character are also pretty well integrated into each other.”
“The suggested gameplay is also a really good idea. I can’t wait to see this thing wrecking multiple people with a perfect drift.”
“We can also take her backstory how it is. It fits the theme and has a clear motivation.”

Car, Driver and Abilites all fit perfectly together. The detailing on the car and the extensiv livery also show
a lot of care in detailing. Even though the character is more on the edgy side, she still fits the theme.
Her abilties are unique, fun and fit the givin character perfectly
The entry will be placed ingame and might even get a place on the cover

“Next we have ‘The big MEN’ and the ‘BRAP’ by @Dorifto_Dorito .”

“Thats a hugh fucker isnt it? I like it”
“While the concept is well executed, we have to remove the front wedge and weapon on top. Also we might have to come up with a better backstory.”
“We also have to rewrite some of the abilties. “Reactive Armor” and “Built like a tank” need some balancing. But we can totally give this thing its wedge back for its ultimate and have that weapon as a pickup.”

A very good executed military theme. But it does require some extra work on the non-car side.
The car is flawless while the driver isnt.
The charater will still be featured ingame, but wont be considered for the cover

"Now we have the REAPER Tributary from @Vri404 "

“Mhhh. Thats not really throwing me off my chair. Especially considering the other two vehicles”
“The theme of a race driver AI is certainly a good idea, but the execution is just not there. The car itself looks more like a tuned Pickup than an NASCAR. It also doesnt show any hints of the computer programm inside.”
“The abilities are also not really good. a simple ‘This vehicle gains 50% more speed while drafting’ would be better than the proposed weird battlemodes”

Verdict: Good idea, not good execution. With more time and detail spend on the idea this could have been a good character. But with how it stands it wont be on the cover or ingame.

"Next in line is the MSRBE 777 by @Falling_Comet "

“I take it back, THIS is hugh”
“The idea of a Biohazard Truck is great, and i love the duo which is driving it.”
“Me might have to rethink the backstroy a bit though. The Neo-DDR part might need a change, but thats just a little spec of the otherwise great lore.”
“The only thing which really needs a change are the attacks. There are way to many and some are way to powerful. We can def keep ‘Auto Defended’, ‘Smoke’ and ‘Bio-Angriff’ the rest are rather overpowerd or are a given, but again. Nothing we cant change in Beta”

Verdict: Unique in any way.
A really detailed entry with a lot of great ideas, with the lore to back it up.
Entry will be ingame and might be getting the cover

“To the next slide. Here we have Oliver J. Braid by @BannedByAndroid

“Ha. An Elon Musk Parody? Not the worst idea.”
“The car looks nice, but it isnt really 2025 looking. I would have thoughed of something more extrem, exspecially when you consider the driver.”
“Speaking of the driver, while i do like the idea of the CEO of a company promoting their car, the attacks of ‘Be a meymey’ and ‘Be quick’ are a bit lackluster. Maybe some attacks with eletricity would be fitting.”

Verdict: A nice concept with some problems.
While the idea was good the car and the abilites need heavy rework.
The character will be seen ingame but not considered for the cover

“And now we have DJ Nekonyaa from @yangx2

“Now thats a Funkbox. It does light up the mood”
“Yeah and after we decripted the descritption we also liked the concept of the japanese DJ pushing and silencing enemies with her soundsystem.”
“DJ Nekonyaan is really unique character, and probally great for marketing. Imagine her with her own songs”

Verdict: A diffrent style of chracter to the other in the list, but thats doesnt stop the concept of fitting in.
Good design all around. Not only is this coming into the game, it is also a candiate for the cover.


“Now we have the Big Iron from @variationofvariables

“Oh i like that. Even though the character might be a bit… much in places”
“The car is amazing and fits to the Ex-cop desert theme. I can already see this black beast going around”
"Her abilities might need a tweak though. Some are just “Big boost” and thats it. But the Revolver idea is great.

Verdict: A nice combo of 70’s Yeethaw and a detailed entry.
The entry will be ingame and might be on the cover

“So after an Ex-Cop we also have another Ex-Cop by @That-S-cop

“Oh hey that reminds me of that on movie ummm Crazy Cletus? Stupid Steve?”
“Mad Max?”
“Nah cant be that. Whatever, the car”
“Yes a Jet powered Interceptor. This entry is fairly close to the Big Iron one before.
Only question here would be, if we want this, the other entry or even combine the characters.”

Verdict: A well made car being let down by being a refrence.
Car wont be featured ingame, but will be integrated into Big Irons lore

Part 2 tomorrow


I’ll gladly take that…

Mind you, what wrong with being a reference?

also… Possible McCree and Ashe moment…


It depends since there are a lot of references, but if you reference a popular current franchise with too much fidelity it may cause problems ranging from licensing issues to skewing public perception. Some games are deliberately lo-rent and go for the cheap knock-offs but they aren’t usually big releases or made for serious brand recognition.


Totally understandable.

I raise my mind to the Apocalypse Imperator in GTA-V though…


In Mik’s mind there is probably a difference between making a throwback pop culture reference in a game in which that reference would play a very small role, hence there is “space” for such references, versus making said reference in a game where it would play a very large role, therefore it transcends “cool little gimmick” to become a weightier issue.

Had the theme of the game been about Pop culture references then it would be a different story (and I would have also made a very different submission). But I do agree that such a distinction is quite subtle and in reality you were probably more the victim of submitting something with a very large overlap with another entry in which your content was deliberately more derivative.


Oh heck I’m even gonna get a verbal scolding?
sorry for the shitpost
shit’s tight so far


AGC 10 - Part 2

(2:20pm. Same Meeting room)
After a too long midday pause the crew found themself back in the small room.

“I see you all made it back alive here. Well done! So lets get through the rest shall we?. Next we have Groundhog by @EnCR

“Another rusty muscle car eh? Let me guess. Ex-Cop?”
“Ah well that changes a lot”
“So yeah the car. It not really the most flashiest here but it somehow got a nice ‘lovable shitbox’ vibe”
“The character is also more the redneck kinda deal, but again, somehow works out”
“What doesnt work out are the giving attacks, rather ununique random buffs and stuff we already have ingame. Even the ultimate could probally just be a passiv or so”

Verdict: Okay packet, but could need some sparkels on top
With a bit more OMPF this would be a real contender, but with that he will not make it on the cover. There will be a space waiting for him ingame though

“Next slide. Woooosh. P H A N T A Z M by @Ne0

“Dont do that again”
“OoooOOOOooohhh Spooky. A certainly diffrent idea. The lights on it are also a great touch”
“The ‘character’ is also quite unique. Its almost like that Reaper thing, but more worked out”
“The attacks are also pretty fitting, but they could need a retune.”
“But we cant really use this as a face for our game if it, like, doesnt have one?”

Verdict: A great thinking-outside-the-box entry. Wouldnt it be for marketing this would score higher.
Vehicle will be ingame but not on the cover

"Coming up next: Zephorus Last Rayzort by @Sky-High "

“Oh look a real cop car!”
“Oh for fuck sake, can’t we just…”
“TOOO be fair. This an Police Android going rogue, so its a diffrent concept at least.”
“So whats the deal?”
“Evil Ex-High Pursuit drone going rogue. The car is nice and fitting, the character is more on the transformer site tho”
“Eh just throw some riot gear on”
“The entry also really doesnt come with any attacks besides ‘be yeet’ and ‘Put a weapon on it’.”

Verdict: The car is the strong point here, but searching for good combo this falls short.
The car will be ingame after heavy redesigning, but wont be considered for the cover

“Now we got Apex Predator from @strop

“Hey that remindes me of the sharks we got from Ikea!”
“Sorry i will shut it”
“Back to the car”
“The literally went feral. A clear depiction of the driver with its sharp theeth and edges”
“The character is also the perfect furry bait. That will increase our exposure by miles. But even without those factors the ‘Mako’ is the perfect amout of weird,exotic and just weird”
“Her gameplay is also perfectly aligned to her sharkness featuring high risk, high reward attacks. Not a starter character, but i can already see the compilations on YouTube”

Verdict: It would be a crime to not include this well crafted entry. A serious contender for the cover

“Up next: MAW by @Slyo_vom_Pluto

“Isnt that the guy from YouTube? That Douch DeMarco guy”
“Doug DeMero”
“Na can’t be it, i think he name was…”
“Can we go on?”
“Ah right um. The car certainly has a visable idea, but what the front has in detail, lacks on the back. The thing the players will see most of…”
“The lore of the chracter is also a bit… all over the place. Drugs, derby and then the DLR. I guess you could make a connection but it would need rework”
“The abilites fit the car, but they could need a tone-down funny enough”

Verdict: A good idea, which could need some more time developing.
But standing how it is it wont be featured ingame

“And with that it goes to @Fabelhaftigkeit and Jetlag”

“Uhhh a Hovercar neato”
“The car captures the Atompunk spirit perfectly, and the driver also fits perfectly. The rear might be a bit heavy on the lights, but thats nothing you can’t fix”
" While the lore is a bit confusing the universe travling housewife is an interresting idea worth taking over."
“This is sadly again a vehicle which uses heavy use of boost as attacks, but we might be able to freshen it up with a ‘overheating’ feature. Instead of a one time use, the boost can overheat.”

Verdict: Good concept with great design. It will be featured ingame but the is not quite fit for the cover

“Second to last: The Abyss Shriek from… someone”

“Another hugh thin… ‘someone’”
“Yeah no name on the entry.”
“Well then. Cheaper for us. Back to topic”
“Right the vehicle. It looks quite futuristic. Almost too Cyperpunky”
“The character is fine, even though the lore is a bit… weird? Using the truck of her dads murder to kill others?”
“The only real ability i see here is that she is loud… that sounded weird. The theme of ‘Be loud’ fits way better on DJ Nekonyaa than here, so we might need to think about a new moveset”

Verdict: Just good enough to make it ingame, but wont be on the cover

“Annnd lastly we got the Zachspeed Fantom from @chiefzach2018

“Is that a Rampcar?”
“Yes. But also we got a time travler driving this thing.”
“Yeah the car was apperently build from multiple cars thorugh the era which is interresting.”
“While the lore sounds more like fan pandering to a brand the abilities are okay. We would need to scratch the Stop attack, because that would not be fun for everybody, or at least contain it in a certain area”

Verdict: Flawwed but over all a strong entry. Not a condender for the cover but will be ingame

And with that we have
batteling it for the cover

Please allow me to take some days to prepare the final


Most excellent. I will also take some days to clean up my sketch :wink:


Argggh this is her own handbuilt truck, the Mack that killed her dad is now out of service aaaaaa :thangery: I kinda deserved it



DJ Nyekonyaa wuvs you guys wowwdwide UwU UwU ^w^ >w< ^w^ ^w^ ;;w;; UwU UwU >w< Thank you fow aww youw suppowt awwowing us to make it nyeaw the top UwU owo ;;w;; UwU >w< >w< owo ;;w;; owo >w< UwU owo owo UwU owo UwU As a gift, hewe is a sampwe of my nyew song cawwed “why god why did i make this instead of doing my homewowk”



ngl this shit kinda slaps lmao :ok_hand:
full version when


You mean, “Wwy gawd wwy dwid I mwake thwis instweawd owf dwoing mwy homewowk”

Aaaaand I have committed cell death


So I took a quick tally of the entries this round to see what the spread and cluster of ideas was like. You can see some fairly clear delineation which entries ended up unique and which ones ended up sharing a lot in common.

Entries: 16

Weeb themed: 2
Military themed: 3
Cop characters: 3
Revenge themed: 2
Human characters: 11
“Driverless” cars: 2
Modified/non-human characters: 3

So as you can see actually aside from the cluster of cop/military that covered about 6 entries the rest of the ideas were pretty unique and several stand out in their own right, especially when the execution of character and theme was well-integrated, I mean, consider: drift weeb, biohazard truck, weeb boombox uwu, ghost car, atompunk hovercar, and shark furry. And then with that lineup you definitely have room for one cop/ex-cop, one mercenary/soldier, one meme/edgelord, and a revenge story in reference to that particular auto-revenge horror flick genre.

Anyway that’s my take no attempt to sway judging or anything here. Just noticing that some people had some pretty creative ideas and tied them together well.


AGC Part 3

Because i will be gone for ~3 days and need more time photoshopping

(SpeedCo Graphic’s Department)

The CEO storms into the office throwing a USB stick on the nearest desk.
“Okay everybody. I have 5 models here. I need 5 mockups ASAP so we can decide whomst to throw on the boxart.”
One of the scared artists speaks up: “I guess we could. We would probally need some time… Like one or two da…”
“HOURS? Great stuff. You all can work real fast.I like that. I will be back in 90min then.”
As soon as the door shuts, the group of talents let their chai coffee be and start hammering their keyboards.

2 Hours later

The CEO walks into the offive with the visably exhausted team.
“So you got it?”
“Yes…There are some pictures on this flash dr…”
Without missing a beat, the drive gets grapped.
“Ah yes. Thank you very much. I will discuss these with the others. Now back to whatever you were doing”

“Okay guys. I got the mockups for the cover. START THE BEAMER”

“So here we got @Falling_Comet.”
“It is really big isn’t it?”
“Probally too big…”
“While the neon colors and lights still pop, i dont know if we want people who gas people on the cover”
“At that point we might even have to think about if we even want two ‘commis’ on the cover”
“Maybe not…”

“Next we have the mockup from @Xepy 's model”
“The sword will look great on the cover.”
“Yeah and we still have room for the character in there. You know get them together. Its not just about the car”
“Maybe we can even think about putting a skyline in for an alt version. Or even better, the pre-order”
“I like were this is going”

“Next slide i wanna go home. Now we got @yangx2

“Ha. That might be going to be a cute cover with DJ Nekonyaa in there”
“Oh yeah. But… Is that fitting what we have ingame here?”
“I see what you mean. We have Ex-Cops, Killer Androids, Biotech people. Maybe putting the most cutesy character on there is not a good idea”
“Even then she is the most vibrant here, with her colorful and playful behavour”
“Colorful? I see a lot of blue”
“This will be hard”

“Next is the shark from @strop
“Why are we putting her here in the desert?”
“I dunno. Do i look like i have an arts degree?”
“Besides that that might be a great look. Car in the front, badass character behind it, and the sun in the background”
“But do we really wanna pander that much to the furries?”
“Hey i heard a lot of them are doctors and stuff. And imagine the loot box money we could generate with additonal skins and such”
“Since when did this all become about money?”
“You do know that we are a company right?”

“Okay last one for today. This is from @variationofvariables

“I could see that work”
“Oh yeah. Everything we want. Badass car, Badass scene, Badass Character”
“But this chracter has tit…”
“Well he kinda has a point. She is very… erotic?. To say it nicely”
“Yeah cant sell copies when you have to hide them from 12 year olds. That mommies credit card is pure gold”

“Okay everybody”, the CEO says as the fan of the projector stops and the lights turn back on.
“Do we have a winner?”
“Well we agree who isnt coming to next stage.”
“Okay then. Go on.”
“First @Falling_Comet. While it certainly show dominace, it has too much of it to cramp onto one cover”
“Next to go is @variationofvariables. While again a good idea, the cover would probally make the game look more like a anime version of Mad Max”
“And last to get the boot is @yangx2. Not because we said ‘no’ but rather because we are unsure. We werent about the other two, so we will sadly not use her”

“Okay. What about the last two”
“We dont know… We need you to break the tie”
“Well then”
With that the CEO rises of his chait and takes it flash drive again.
“I guess i will see you all in a few days with some prints”

Results Sa/Su i swear i am sorry dont hit me, i am waiting on an 'asset'

Did you know? The largest car files are 235kb from Xepy, 240 from strop and 167kb from Dorifto. The smallest was Fabelhaftigkeit with 33kb


Why did you pick the worst possible lighting for my car :joy:

Aside from that this is proceeding about how I thought… Not because the other entries were poor but because of the way they approached the themes.

Which also means that yes, the concerns about putting a furry on the cover is also quite legit, usually you would only do that if it was either entirely or predominantly furry bait… so did I also go too fringe as opposed to Xepy’s tongue-in-cheek cringe.

Fringe or cringe, that is the question…