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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 15]


Okay, since i have had enough.
From now on, anything performance related does not matter in the challenge.
I also removed the restricitons.

Since it is now a design only challenge, feel free to send…whatever you feel like sending.


I thought I was only coming back to the forums for one purpose. Now I have discovered in fact, I have two. The second one is this:



this will be very fun, and very challenge in design


This would be a fantastic challenge, but 3D fixtures aren’t quite here, and neither are the correct bodies. Oh well, I gave it a shot anyway. AD soon.



Letho has decided to quit hosting this challenge, I will now be hosting solo.

Here’s a screenshot from my discord server for proof.


Giving it a shot as well, already posted some sneak peaks in the Discord server for those who caught it. Hopefully can finish before the deadline.



Based upon the new Revello Pescara, what we at Revello are proposing, is something unique. We take an existing product, and we push the car to an extreme only doable in a digital world. With our 110 years of auto racing experience, and 80 years of road car experience, two of our departments came together, and produced the single most intense machine ever to grace Revello, and we know it will never be real. Scuderia Revello Giallo, our GT and Endurance Team, partnered up with Squadra Nero, our special works division. What came out is the single most powerful and scary Revello ever.

Two Turbos, All Wheel Drive, and the Same core V12 as the road going Pescara, this VAT model, designated the Digital Extreme-Grand Touring, or DX-GT, makes over 1450 horsepower, and weight less than 1430 kilograms, meaning a power to weight ratio in excess of 1hp per kg. Outside of the body shape, very little was carried over from the road model to the DX-GT. The front nose extention was kept, along with the same vague shape on the front grille. The Iconic side vent was kept, however the shrouding was given a bright yellow lick of paint. The Rear takes the largest change, finding the entire rear left open to the elements, for the best airflow through the chassis.


The 2020 VernonSport Vision

Zephorus Rostarra Vision

A car which is sure to test the drivers skills


Actual Photos


Quezon SR Vision Auto Turismo

half assed edit ayy lmao

information or sumn idk


Spander SuperSP Hybrid Vision Turismo

4WD powered by 400 hp Hybrid engine
More pictures



Vision Automation Turismo Edition

(This image looked better in my head)

Detail stats:

Engine: VVCX V12-48V92-1506.6
  • 9256 cc V12-48V Twin Turbo Hybrid Engine with MGU-H & MGU-K
  • Redline: 8000 RPM
  • 1506.6hp @7000 RPM
  • 1896.2Nm @4400 RPM
    Car details: VENOM VELOCITA COMPETIZIONE Vision Automation Turismo Edition
  • 0-100km/h: 2.2s
  • 80-120km/h: 1.0s
  • 100-0km/h Braking distance: 30.7m
  • 1/4 mile: 8.94s
  • Weight: 1944.0kg
  • Top speed: 437km/h

    BEWARE: All statistics are pulled from the Automation Turismo™ game, the car is yet to be built in real life.

    Images showcase:

  • #817
    Mizuiro KOURYUU Vision Automation Turismo



    Car Description

    Ever since its inception as the Rinkai Motor Company over four decades ago, Mizuiro has always been about the thrill of the drive, and this philosophy has persisted through its motorsports activities and handling-focussed lineup. Celebrating 20 years of Mizuiro, the KOURYUU Vision Automation Turismo is an evolution of the company's passion for performance that's meant to be enjoyed.

    Contained within a form that effortlessly slices through the air, a mid-mounted high-revving 3.7L V10 engine sends 419 kW (563 hp) to all four wheels through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, while double-wishbone pushrod suspension helps the wheels stay connected to the road. At higher speeds, an aerodynamic underbody provides downforce and allows the car to stay planted at speeds of over 300 kph (186 mph). The majority of the KOURYUU VAT’s chassis, body, and interior are made of advanced carbon fibre, while the engine block and heads are respectively cast from magnesium and aluminium alloys. As such, the car only weighs 926 kg (2041 lb) and has a power-to-weight ratio of 0.405 kW/kg (0.246 hp/lb). Weight reduction has been made easier with the omission of forced induction and systems like active suspension and aerodynamics, resulting in a wide power band, increased longevity, and a back-to-basics approach towards handling.

    Accessed via butterfly doors, the three-seat interior with its central driver seating position is evocative of a car poised to deliver the ultimate driving experience. The conventional instrument cluster has been replaced with a wide, thin OLED screen that displays data, such as a centrally positioned linear tachometer that doubles as a shift indicator. Padded bucket seats provide each occupant with optimal support without sacrificing comfort.

    With its understated yet dynamic styling that incorporates both curves and angles, the Mizuiro KOURYUU Vision Automation Turismo serves as both an homage to the legacy of Rinkai and as a vision for the future of Mizuiro.

    Category Gr. X
    Displacement 3,700 cc
    Max. Power 419 kW (563 hp) @ 9,500 rpm
    Max. Torque 483 Nm (356 ft-lb) @ 7,600 rpm
    Drivetrain 4WD
    Length 3,900 mm
    Width 1,990 mm
    Height --- mm
    Weight 926 kg (2,041 lb)

    Gameplay Specifications
    Purchase Price Cr. 1,000,000
    Power Tuning Range (Stock) 80% - 100%
    336 kW (450 hp) - 419 kW (563 hp)
    Power Tuning Range (Stage 1/3) 70% - 105%
    294 kW (394 hp) - 440 kW (591 hp)
    Power Tuning Range (Stage 2/3) 60% - 110%
    252 kW (338 hp) - 461 kW (619 hp)
    Power Tuning Range (Stage 3/3) 50% - 110%
    210 kW (281 hp) - 461 kW (619 hp)
    Weight Tuning Range (Stage 1/1) 100% - 120%
    926 kg (2,041 lb) - 1,111 kg (2,449 lb)
    Additional Variants Gr. 3
    Customizable Wheels Yes
    Customizable Light Covers Gr. 3 only

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    Jan 20, 2020
    Mizuiro Motor Company

    Interior shots rendered using Blender. "Schadowplatz" HDRI map by Greg Zaal. Licensed under CC0 1.0.


    Voltari Emora VAT

    Detailed Stats

    • 4.8L twin-turbocharged flat-6 producing 851hp and 617lb-ft of torque
    • 7-speed DCT and all-wheel drive
    • 0-60 in 2.4s, top speed of 215mph
    • Carbon fiber monocoque and carbon fiber panels, pushrod front and rear suspension
    • 2,962lbs

    Additional Images


    Paying homage to the sport prototypes of 50 years ago, the Fenice, as the namesake implies, is a 70s endurance racer reborn into the modern age with all of Tristella’s current technologies as a single seat track car.


    Tristella Fenice Vision Automation Turismo

    Layout Mid-Rear Wheel Drive
    Chassis Carbon Fiber Monocoque with Carbon Fiber Panels
    Suspension Front and Rear Pushrod
    Brakes Front and Rear Carbon Ceramic Disc
    Transmission 7-Speed Dual Clutch
    Weight 2211 lbs (1003 kg)
    Engine 4453cc DOHC 5v V10 Twin Turbo
    Power 870 hp @ 8700 rpm, 612 lb-ft @ 7000 rpm
    0-62 mph 2.60 s
    1/4 mile time 9.06 s
    1 km time 15.78 s
    Top Speed 252 mph (405kph)
    Fuel Consumption 35.7 mpg (UK) (9.5L/100km)



    After some consideration, I have decided to extend the deadline.

    New deadline: September 18th!

    Reasoning behind the deadline extension: I am not available Monday due to school and I do know from my DIscord server that some people have not finished their entries as it is a pretty complicated design challenge.


    Kyung-Yeong Sirius

    Presenting the 2020 Kyung-Yeong Sirius. An experimental concept for Vision Automation Turismo.

    Utilising Kyung-Yeong’s industrial knowledge with minimalist design makes for a 7 Litre V16 providing 1567hp to the rear wheels and revving to 11,000rpm paired on a lightweight partial carbon-fibre and steel frame with painted carbon-fibre body panels as well as wheels.

    Overall weight is 1333kg making for a 0.825 Power to Weight ratio. The Sirius proves it’s self with 0-62 in 1.7s and a maximum speed of 307mph. With minimalist design, comes highly advanced underbody and active aero panels to provide downforce when needed whilst maintaining beauty without compromise.


    Paying homage to the legacy of the companies long history of dedication to making dedicated sports cars and normal car nimble and sporty. The Legacy R is the embodiement of the whole Suisei company and its sub-company Ryuko AC from 60s F1 to modern day Super GT. The Legacy R is Suisei's envision of the future, a single seat track devil packed with latest technology, it displays what Suisei is, looking into the future.


    Suisei Legacy R

    Layout Mid-Rear All-Wheel Drive
    Chassis Carbon Fiber Monocoque with Carbon Fiber Panels
    Suspension Front and Rear Pushrod
    Brakes Front and Rear Carbon Ceramic Disc
    Transmission 7-Speed Dual Clutch
    Weight 1305 kg (2877 lbs)
    Engine 4997cc DOHC 4v V8 Twin Turbo
    Power 906.4 kW (1215.5 HP) @ 10000 rpm, 1060.5 Nm (782.18 lb-ft) @ 5500 rpm
    0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) 2.00 s
    1/4 mile time 8.59 s
    1 km time 15.19 s
    Top Speed 433 km/h (269mph)
    Fuel Consumption 26.3 mpg (US) (8.94L/100km)



    Davalos Icarus Vision Automation (Gran) Turismo

    The Davalos Icarus Vision Automation Turismo is heavily inspired by Davalos’ success in the IMSA GTO class of the mid 1970s into the 1980s using the Pyrausta GTO - here, the Icarus utilizes a bespoke twin-turbocharged DOHC V10 and RWD for a pure driving experience.

    Horsepower Torque Transmission Engine Type Acceleration 0-60 Weight
    892 hp 630 lb-ft MR 7-Speed 6.0L V10 Twin-Turbo 2.5 s 2920 lbs