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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 15]

mfw when I promised someone AGC will be out by this week, and then realizing that today is already Saturday


Jesus it has been two and a half weeks since the last update
Earlier this month we noticed that people are busy with their assignments and other major challenges
Now it’s end of October, although there are still other challenges, people are (hopefully) much less busy now
Just want to say that we are not dead yet, and AGC should be out Sunday EST

edit: nevermind…


AGC  15  -  A  LOST  ART

By @SpeedyBoi and @Tzuyu_main



2026 is a year that will be remembered in the history of gaming. Not only is the anticipated sequel of Automation Turismo 7 announced in that year, but it also marks the debut of the next-generation gaming platform: Cyno’s new ProStation 7.

Even with the new striking design and a 40% increase of performance compared to last-gen in some game benchmarks, the most anticipated new feature of this new console is the separately purchased PS-V accessory. PS-V is a simulation suit joint developed by Cyno and Octolens, which is a company that specializes in Virtual Reality products. This suit has been in development for five years, and on top of including a VR headset, the suit also has a mini-compressor that changes the temperature inside the suit according to the game, as well as motors that applies force feedback directly on your arms, so you can really feel it when you are, let’s say lifting a heavy object in the game.

Such a revolutionary device requires a revolutionary game to fully exploit its potential. Joint-developed with the ProStation team, Crankshaft games presents one of the flagship games for the PS7 platform: ATTAC 2079.

Game Plot (important!)

Decades into the future, the gradual decline and eventual collapse of numerous great powers results in a drawn-out period of economic instability, social unrest, and political insurrection. Entire geographical regions are destabilized, with millions impoverished or displaced from their home countries. With a worldwide shortage of conventional fossil fuels thrown into the mix, the global transportation union and governments around the world elected to ban all and any form of motorsport in the interest of preserving fossil fuels for military and transportation purposes.

Up until this point, a particular racing series known as “TIME ATTAC” (Terrain Inconsistent Multinational Endurance Alternative Time TriAl Championship) held by Harukyu-Seikatsu Corp. had proven to be extremely popular for its highly extreme nature and unique ruleset (or more accurately, the relative lack thereof). Power outputs would start to encroach those of top fuel dragsters’, and it wasn’t uncommon for average speeds throughout entire races to consistently stay above 200mph. Given the nature of TIME ATTAC, mortality rates for drivers and on-site spectators was much higher than normal. Given the amount of resources necessary to keep the series running and the increasing deadliness, this was among the first series to be banned as part of the worldwide abolition of motorsports. With that, TIME ATTAC all but vanished from the public eye.

But as the elite usually do, they find another way. And that’s exactly what they did; TIME ATTAC made a mass exodus and went underground, surprisingly managing to maintain a sizeable, dedicated fanbase. Of course, other racing series flourished underground after the ban, but TIME ATTAC remained the most popular series by far. However, governments of the world have recently started cracking down on these illegal racing activities without remorse. It’s not uncommon for certain drivers or other influential figures prominent in the underground scene to “disappear” without a trace, including high-profile business executives who were secretly associated with them.

TIME ATTAC has remained mostly safe in the age of crackdowns due to its numerous sponsors and closely-knit business connections, utilizing a worldwide network of safehouses, well-charted routes, and an intelligence committee to monitor police activity. Despite their efforts, however, some racers still manage to be incarcerated or “disappeared” every year, and to make matters worse, the United States has recently allowed the use of military force to curb their actions.

TIME ATTAC Regulations
  1. Altitude to ground throughout the entire race must be lower than 7m (for eliminating aircrafts and spacecrafts)

  2. The racecraft must be piloted

  3. Pilot must be inside vehicle

That's it. As a result, you can see all kinds of machines across the field, all trying to achieve the same goal of getting from point A to point B as fast as possible.

The game is currently in closed beta with quick races, and the upcoming story mode features the 2079 season of TIME ATTAC. The game will take place with the PoV of [main character], who is participating in the race. For the other participants in the race, their designs will be done by you, one of the closed beta testers, using the in-game vehicle designer.

The top 7 designs will be featured in the 2079 season of TIME ATTAC, and the rest will be selected for qualifying race competitors and quick race vehicles.


  • FOLLOW THE TIME ATTAC REGULATIONS! (posted further above)

  • Model/Trim year: 2020

  • Engine/variant year: 2020

  • Max Engine/Trim ET/PU: It’s the future
    Since the actual “engineering” of your craft is done by displaying it in the visual design, it has nothing to do with Automation stats. For example, if you car has a X24 nitromethane-diesel octo-turbocharged hybrid with rocket-assisted launch, you should list it in your “vehicle description”, details are explained below in the “Submission” section

  • If your design requires any car component to be hidden, add the tag to your “trim” slot depending on what you want to hide. You can have as many tags as you want, obviously:
    [C] - hide chassis
    [B] - hide body
    [H] - hide hood/bonnet
    [E] - hide engine
    [W] - hide wheels
    [S] - hide suspension

  • If your design requires multiple separate cars (for example, one for the body and one for the wheels in order to get a desired fitment OR a 6x6 :eyes:), PM these cars and clearly include with your submission which car is for what. Please make sure all cars follow the naming convention.

  • Low effort designs, shitposts, or a combination of the two will be binned

  • No V16 engines

Design Inspiration



:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

  • Exterior design

  • Coolness

  • Creativity and execution of design, and how your envisioned engineering is displayed in your Automation design

:star: :star: :star: :star:

  • Creative design choices that serves the simple goal of getting from point A to point B faster than your opponents

:star: :star:

  • Presentation of advertisement/poster

  • Racecraft/character lore


  • Engineering in Automation

Suggestions and Things to Consider

  • This will be one of the flagship games for the Prostation 7 platform with the PS-V, so it needs to demonstrate the capabilities of the simulation suit. How do you give the player an engaged and striking experience with your craft design?

  • The race will be across many different terrains, such as desert and muddy terrains. How would your craft take advantage of them?

  • Being a good few decades in the future, contestants can be found driving all sorts of vehicles, from the newest, state-of-the-art hovercraft to modified, heavily illegal cars with internal combustion engines. The whole point of TIME ATTAC is to race without any rules, so go absolutely crazy. Mid engine V10 open wheel 60s pickup truck? Rocket engine stuffed into a 2000s Korean subcompact? As long as it looks good and looks the part, it’s free game.


  • PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR .CAR FILE TO BOTH ME AND @SpeedyBoi (Sky-High, you don’t have to do this since I’ve already sent your file over to him, but everyone else please DM it to both me and @SpeedyBoi).

  • CAR MODEL: AGC15 - (FORUM username)

  • CAR TRIM: Make, model, trim of car

  • ENGINE FAMILY: AGC15 - (FORUM username)

  • ENGINE VARIANT: Engine name

  • A “vehicle description” is mandatory for this challenge. It would contain an explanation of the design and engineering choices, as well as how they are implemented in your automation design, if possible. For example, if your craft has the X24 thing above, you can write about how it is implemented, how your craft design shows it and how it helps with racing. The vehicle description must be posted under the AGC thread on discourse, (Or DM along with your .car file submission if you cannot make a discourse post for whatever reason). The quality of the posts themselves would not be judged (So you don’t need stuff like fancy photoshops). However, it plays a major role in expressing the creativity and thoughts behind your designs, so try to make them detailed and thoughtful.

  • If you want to write some lore for your craft and for your driver(s), please do so. Note that creating a fictional character is not mandatory.


Deadline is on 19 23 November at 11:59 PM PST!


This is our first time hosting a challenge, we're open to suggestions.


In light of this developer update video posted on 22 October (1:20 into the video), apparently the next update which has 3D fixture placement is dropping anywhere from 6-13 of November (I’ve seen 9 November said by Killrob himself in a Steam forum post as a possible release date). Since the very nature of the cars we’re asking you to build would probably be easier to build with 3D fixture placement, now comes the question of whether or not you guys want to wait.

  • WAIT UNTIL NEW UPDATE DROPS (and then the submission deadline would be around 10 days after)

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Looks like we'll be temporarily putting this challenge on hiatus. Submissions will open when the new update drops!


It’s official.

AGC15 submissions are now open!

Deadline is on 19 23 November at 23:59:59 PST.


B1 Alpha R1 X Class

Bit of a mad lad this one, made completely before the 3d fixture revamp.

so what i mean is it could be a little neater

With two main thrusters powering the craft and the front side thrusters for steering the R1 X Class is nimble and fast, outclassing its opponents with short burts of speed and agility.

Powered by a 2.0L I3 generator that starts the powerful reactor for the engines



i burned my ass trying to fix my CSS


In TIME ATTAC, terrain inconsistencies are everywhere, hell it's even made its way into the race's name! From large dunes to thick jungles, messy marshes and irradiated wastelands, TIME ATTAC proves itself as having one of, if not the toughest terrain of any underground race.

Round wheels would simply not "just work" for this, and so what do you do as an arakune, a species known for making one of the toughest materials known to mankind? You make an entire vehicle out of it based on one of the spiders' best known ability; All-terrain.

Powering this one-of-a-kind unit is a prehistoric beast of an engine, an old but powerful 10-litre Nitromethane V10. Quad supercharged and making over 40,000 horsepower split into all eight of it's arakune silk-reinforced titanium alloy legs. The engine is surprisingly fuel efficient thanks to highly advanced fuel delivery systems and near frictionless materials used in its construction.

As such, it is no wonder such a vehicle can reach unprecedented speeds of over 200 miles per hour, with a potential of nearly 300 when utilizing the rear mounted solid rocket motors that provide over 250kN of combined thrust at its peak.

You're likely wondering how such a large and powerful engine could keep itself fueled, that's all thanks to multiple integrated self-sealing pressurized carbon fibre fuel tanks that hold enough fuel to keep this vehicle running for up to 3000mi before needing a refuel.

As for weaponry, the car is fitted with four webslingers that can fire ultra-hardened arakune silk, provided by our spider driver, who we will get to in a second. These four webslingers cannot be aimed and are fixed in place, but the driver can manipulate how the silk can travel to its target.

Also fitted is an underbelly fully-automated Close-In-Weapons-System with twin miniguns that fire at any incoming projectiles or missiles.

You're wondering again, aren't you? The windows are blocked out, how would the driver see? The windows are covered in the same bulletproof silk-reinforced titanium alloy as the rest of the body, there's no way you'd be able to see outside, right?

Wrong, as fitted on the windscreens are small cameras encased in a highly advanced form of ALON, and so the driver gets a very clear view of the surroundings while remaining encased in highly protected materials. If you ask us, the interior is rather cozy even if your head would start to hurt trying to control this without any assists, as this interior was custom-made for the driver who utilizes all of their eight legs to multitask different things at once and keep the vehicle on the move and in combat.


Cecillias Rach’nea (Preferred name; Cecillia) is a female of the endangered Arakune species.

She was born during an era where Arakune hunting ran rampant, as the protection act was still years away from activation. She was rescued and eventually worked at a famed research facility that focused on the research and protection of her own species for the benefit of society.

During her stay there, she had been treated well, but for some unknown reason she had escaped the facility, and local police deaths nearby the facility had suddenly risen out of nowhere. Bodies of police officers wrapped in the extremely strong Arakune silk over 10x tougher than steel, with their life sapped out and bite marks visible on their foreheads.

Instantly, almost all of her kind and the research facility were placed under question, but thanks to connections within the facility, she managed to keep their mouths shut.

The rest of her story seems to be unknown, and she doesn’t want to talk about it either, all we know is she seems to enjoy the thrill of racing in her custom made machine evading police and trying to win the grand prize.

Personality-wise, she’s not exactly the kind of person one could call friendly at first, especially towards humans and likely due to trauma. But getting to know her more, you will soon find out she’s actually a kind and soft-hearted person, and will be there by your side when you need her to.
you’ll only ever actually get to interact with her if you buy the DLC, more below

The Arakune is a species of carnivorous, mono-gendered demi-human liminals that have a human torso but are attached at the hips to the body of a giant spider. They are physically strong and fast and have great reflexes.

Arakune are most noted for being able to create a silk 10 times stronger than steel, and is often more elastic than nylon. They’re capable of producing multiple variants of this silk, ranging from soft, to sticky, to extremely tough to suit whichever situation that requires it. This silk was first discovered around 1400 AD, and later rediscovered in 2023.

Arakune had existed for thousands of years now, and had evolved in almost the same way humans have. Yet, over 600 years ago they disappeared from the public eye. No one knows why, but it is assumed they did so because of how regular humans treated ones with simple differences, and them realizing they are demi-humans, have just straight-up decided to leave.

The species had split into multiple hundreds of tribes around the world, but still live in relatively modern conditions to regular humans, minus the technology and stuff. They’d live in almost absolute seclusion for the 6 centuries they’d been away, occasionally capturing a few lone sailors that’d sail too close to their islands every now and then to mate.

Disaster struck in 2021, when one of the larger Arakune tribes came into contact with a modern human military off the coast of Japan. The JSDF 1st Division was holding a training drill, and had assumed the large island was uninhabited. A training shell landed nearby the camp and unable to hold back their anger for their seclusion by humanity, they struck back at the approaching military, who weren’t armed with much and were almost entirely decimated in a bloody massacre by the Arakune.

It wouldn’t be until 2029 when an expedition would be held to the first known island, where peace talks were first made with the species. From 2035-2045, other tribes and demi-human species would start showing themselves to the world. The world was still divided with the introduction of these new “people”, protests for and against their rights brewed up around the world as the poachers with bigger pockets ran rampant for demi-human resources since they didn’t have any rights yet and weren’t classified as humans.

In 2069, after decades of poaching and abuse, demi-humans were finally being granted human rights by their respective governments. Many people were happy, but some still held a grudge in their heart for some unknown reason.
2077 would also mark the year where the “Culture Exchange Program” would begin, in an effort to bring humans and demi-humans closer to one another by having humans live with demi-humans and vice-versa.

From our resident man of culture.

Potential Paid DLC: "A Humble Slinger's Wish"

In this potential extra paid DLC, explore Cecillia's past and learn about what decisions of hers brought her to where she was right now. Form a bond with her and gain her trust as you help her to achieve her lifelong goal of eventually winning the TIME ATTAC, and explore multiple good and bad endings in this romantic action-packed side story!

From helping her to get as much power out of that Nitromethane V10, to even the most unusual of quests like that of knitting fancy gloves to assist in better vehicle control, there's plenty to explore in this DLC.

As a bonus, who knows? We might even get to a very special good ending where we would cross some boundaries most people wouldn't even bother to.
Would you want to?

might remove this part later honestly


Mrs. Lucy D. - 1980 VW Brasilia
Shoving my IRL car into an Automation competition 3: Third time is a charm!

This cobbled together, 901 years old, hovering junkyard special started life in 1980 as a 65hp slowpoke. Around the '00s, it was gifted by its driver’s father, and every time new tech showed up at his local junkyard, it was quickly implemented into the car. Now, more than 60 years before starting modifying it, the vehicle is an legend among illegal racers.

It’s wild agility and lightness, combined with unsuspecting looks, made it act like a shadow, showing up at the starting line, quickly vanishing, sometimes even believed to be left behind, then all of a sudden showing up near the finish line. It’s owners’ territory knowledge and repair skills are useful for finding new shortcuts (highlighted by the player suit’s visor) and temporary boosts to achieve maximum racing efficacy.

The car now is powered up by a small, super safe, phase VII nuclear generator, mounted behind the front bucket seats. There’s a minuscule 1000cc hydrogen powered twin turbo V8 engine as a backup generator right under the nuclear powerplant’s cooling fluid reservoir. This setup powers up the eight electromagnets under the wheel wells and rear end, and moves the air pump mounted under the reactor, creating a cushion of gravity nullifying, neutron charged air under the vehicle, making it levitate around one meter from the ground. For overcoming tougher terrain, it can lift an additional 2 meters, reducing it’s speed proportional to the lift, as the air cushion becomes thinner. In special occasions, the electromagnets can be used to propel an EMP at a 25m radius around the car, but this is an purchasable upgrade and will need time to charge. During this time the speed available will be reduced, but it can be very usefull to disable the electronic systems of nearby racers and police vehicles. The rear thrusters are thinner and longer, to increase the thrust speed and push the car to its top speed of 220mph. Its focus is super high agility, though, not speed. It can generate wake and will consume an increased amount of fuel when surpassing 200, due to the car’s subpar aerodynamics. Not that it matters if the nuclear reactors are still undamaged. Just don’t get shot.

The cabin was left pretty stock, besides the carbon-reinforced roll cage and racing seats, to keep the driver and a possible passenger locked in. There are four driving modes, programmed at the steering wheel buttons and controlled by the repurposed stock commands, for that long lost, vintage driving experience:

Sprint: sharper control and higher acceleration
Max Power Max Power: slower steer and higher speed
Overland: terrain sensitive crab steer and body height
Hypermiling: low consumption, slower steer and speed, for emergency or saving fuel

(Using this car also unlocks a selection of “classic” (mid '00s to mid '20s) songs, including famous hits by Ash Kentkorp, MIASES, Snail’s Tecno, Shoe Mop, Vice, FM-48, Nomad Palace, The Midday, SHIELDSHIP, Mystery Skeletons, Roger Davids, M.E.V.O, Kazinsky, and others)

Instead of having projectors inside the cabin, the HUD is displayed at the driver’s helmet visor, along with being a bulletproof kevlar clad piece, as the driver’s head is it’s only part not covered by the seats and side panels, also kevlar clad. The durability is average to low, as the driver is not as protected as in other vehicles, but it’s lightness and agility gives it a high active safety, as the player will be able to avoid most of the gunfire. And you have repair perks, remember? You didn’t used all of them yet, did you?

But if avoiding gunfire is impossible, the car is equipped with a front mounted, pop up up and down machine gun. Its position is fixed, but it uses a semi automatic aim system, coupled with the vehicle’s electronic stability system. Basically, it uses the car’s auto-leveling to aim at a 15º “cone”, not counting the manual aiming by using the crab steer capabilities. Shooting is not recommended at high speeds, though, as it can affect the stability, and that’s why the gun is mounted at the front. Let them think they’re winning!

The player’s repair perks are visually shown by the amount of scrap and parts stored in the top-mounted luggage rack. Just don’t get shot over there, as it can drain your perks. Be a smart player and use your agility and minigun!

Driver profile: Marcus "The List" Matos

(Yes I’m my own driver, fite me)

Still going strong as one of the top racers around at the age of 85, this junkyard master not only researched whatever showed up at the yards for making his car faster, but also to maintain, and even increase his reflections and skills through repurposed cybernetic implants. A master of terrain dogfight, having experienced more pain in his experiments than what can be caused by gunfire, will use advanced tactics and terrain reading to achieve victory. Not worrying about fame as much as getting the resources to keep his experiments evolving, driving with this lad will unlock junkyard special upgrades to all qualifying cars, as well as special rewards in his book of memories (Which is an actual paper agenda, a rare sight these days!). Buying the GOTY version of the game will warrant you a replica of the book, including tips, tricks, and cheat codes.

Come live this neo-vintage adventure on board of the most stylish race car around!



The Khora stands unique. Among the four wheels, this stands as one of the few upon two.

However, the Khora takes no use for Liquid Fuels. Instead, it mixes the power of electricity, with the remaining life of it’s… not so alive Pilot(s).

The output of power is unknown, but this small, light, and agile bike, can still match the speed of it’s larger rivals.

The Khora is not about taking a hit, or fighting back against it’s rivals, the Khora is all about avoiding hits, and coming back from the brink. It’s small, that’s the advantage of very little outward arms. What little armament it has comes in two forms, the Rider’s “Hand-Cannon” and the Energy Vampire Ability.

The Hand-Cannon is a Shotgun-like Pistol, effective against no armour and lighter armour, and useless by reinforced and military grade armours. However, this is where E.V. comes into play, Activate this ability to Radially drain a small fraction of the opponents health to regain your own, and overcharge the Engine(s) to boot.

The Rider

The Undying One

Image Source

The Undying One is a rather vile combination of machine, undead, and living beings, pulled together to be a front point for REAPER to take part within ATTAC without risking any of their own staff’s lives. They have free will, yet they are bound to REAPER and the Khora.

Neither the bike or rider can exist without the other.



TIME ATTAC is known for its harsh terrains, why not utilise the well proven, caterpillar tracks. The Type 20 with its reworked modernised suspension with new adaptive suspension compared to the original 2020 suspension. This allows the Type 20 to change the height of the vehicle with instantaneous ease along with its improved off-road capabilities. Plus the ability to drive without the tracks.

This along with 8th Generation up to date NVG and Thermal sights, it can travel no matter what the time nor the environment, whether it be the thick jungles or the darkness of night, the Type 20 can hunt down its opponents.

The Retro Type 20 retains its original diesel twin turbo 20L V12, the old engine of the past is revamped with stronger alloy composites and a complex forced induction rework, allowing it to push to over 4000hp and over 28000Nm of torque allowing this 35 ton IFV to push towards 200km/h, with the reworked suspension and tracks allowing the once impossible task to be a reality. Combined with hovercraft stabilizers

As expected of an relic from the past, it has modernised original retro TOW II twin ATGM launchers with its famous 40mm Autocannons reinforced with new alloys pushing its rate of fire well into the infamous rate of fire of relics such as the MG42.


ITAMI HIROYUKI, an jingoist in a sense, his patriotism for his country and the DAI-ICHI SHIDAN his hatred for demi-humans, an Amish kind.

Born in Osaka, his grandparents, former JMSDF, took part in the infamous landing off an island in the Pacific Ocean. Scars from the ‘first’ contact of the demi-humans, the Arakune, many died on the beach stained with the littered corpse of both JSDF and Arakune, his granddad with his scar on his face told his young impressionable son of the ‘true’ horrors of these demi-humans.

He joined the JSDF following his granddad’s tradition and found a group who had similar beliefs the Dai-ichi Shidan, a paramilitary group within the army, many members and factions across all of the JSDF were split. He is famous for his old tank driving skills as the group used older surplus modernised equipment all the way back in his granddad’s time.

He was mostly shunned by most regular Japanese of his age, many grew to love the demi-humans. However, some are repulsed or human purist, he didn’t care, he stuck by his philosophy that anyone trying to endanger humanity is the enemy of him.

The rest of his story seems to be blurry but he is someone who has an nature hatred towards from the 2021 incident off in pacific islands, he knew that these demi-humans are dangerous but that is all known of him...


The lore of the Dai-ichi Shidan, was a group of former JMSDF and JSDF members who have witnessed the carnage on that fateful day, including many other members who were sympathetic to their cause, they expanded their political influence and to this day holds a large faction of humanity 1st rhetoric and anti-demi humans. The group uses tradition vehicle they knew all too well that modern mechs are not the future, they are big and massive targets with weak spots that can easily disable the mech. This is further proven with the limited use of mechs throughout the JSDF armourey. Many of the JSDF opted for hover attackcrafts and improved hover helicopters.

The Incident of 2021, was a JMSDF naval invasion exercise in the Pacific Ocean. The planners deemed the island as uninhibited but this was far from the truth, the group landed right into the territories of the Arakune’s territory leading a bloody brief conflict leading to many JMSDF members to be KIA and some dragged away. Including Arakunes on the beach who were killed in the naval barrage and fire. This sparked a worldwide investigation leading to the findings of an ancient demi-human race leading the world and Japan into a turbulent times balancing if they are just ‘animals’ or just like us.






Hello, I want to participate to the race I have a car. Where Do I put my name?
Oh here?
Name : Cool Maxpower Super Hyper Mega Supercool
Gender : A+ F
Car name : Dark Speed Gigafast Turbine The Edge Rider

Yeah, that’s all good.

Everybody will like my car I’m sure.

me (don't copy my cool)

I’m Mega Supercool. I am cool. And I have shades, but I’m not blind.

I just crave attention and I like compliments and I like when people speak about me and I like to have fans (a bit but I am actually very humble).

I made a cool car for the race. It’s kinda fast also, I put all kinds of things that make a car go fast. So it’s fast I guess. But most importantly cool.

My actual name is Véronique don’t tell anyone.


Kazuki Kita B4 Nitrox Crawler

Why use a hovercraft, when four offroad wheels on a crazy jacked up hatchback that looks like an RC buggy will work just as well?

More Details

The creator of this wonderful machine never lost touch with the vehicles of old. They loved experimenting with crazy, wacky builds, turning the classic vehicles into something crazy and over the top. This vehicle is one such creation, taking a 2017 Kazuki Kita Sport, ripping out the chassis, engine and suspension so that it was nothing more than a bodywork shell, then transplanting in a buggy-style space-frame chassis and rollcage, along with upgraded suspension and a Nitrox Reactor where the rear seats would usually be. Parts of the front bumper were cut away to allow for full range of travel on the front suspension, while the whole boot lid and rear bumper were removed to make room for the new power unit and suspension.

Estimated Power: 2500hp
Gearbox: Single-speed direct drive
Drive type: RWD



The Variable Assault and Recon All-Terrain Armor Type-III Custom “Aquilo” is a heavily modified APC originally manufactured by Helios Heavy Industry during the resource wars of the 2060s. The VARATA series of APCs were notable for their small size relative to the other APCs, as well as their superior speed and agility on the field - courtesy of its lightweight but tough construction and powerful twin W16 engines, one for each side. As its name suggests, the VARATA series are made for operation in any terrain, with amphibious capability as well. In water, the main engines switches to power a water pump jet for propulsion.

The Aquilo has been heavily modified for speed, the biggest changes being the removal of its normal heavy kinetic cannons for weight reduction, as well as a quad-supercharger system for both engines. Power output exceeds 5,000 HP per engine, tuned for quick response and torque rather than outright power. Fuel system has only been boosted to sustain the higher power, but otherwise uses the stock VARATA high compression long range self-repairing fuel cells. The tracks have been upgraded with lightweight carbon-titanium construction, with high grip self repairing rubber padding. Along with an active aerodynamic system, the Aquilo can sustain speeds over 200MPH with ease, topping out just over 250MPH. Additionally, it can sustain a speed of up to 165 knots in calm waters.

As it is based upon fully operational APC, the durability of the Aquilo is extremely high, but of course lacks the airborne agility of many of its competitors. However, that’s not to say it is disadvantaged in comparison to them - as it may very well be the counter to them in fact. Its namesake - Aquilo, god of the north wind - stems from its unique air based weapon system.

The standard weaponry as stated before, has been removed. Replacement for them is two experimental non-lethal Typhoon variable air blast cannons. These cannons uses the near limitless supply of air as their ammunition, compressing and firing it out for various applications. From deflecting enemy projectiles, to heavily disrupting the movements of airborne and lightweight vehicles, to even using them as a self propulsion device for jumps across gaps or a short boost. It is an insanely versatile tool, and its limits are only bound by the driver’s creativity. The cannons are mounted on rotational telescopic mounts, allowing it to fire freely at nearly all angles. Standard VARATA radar and lidar detection units are still equipped on the Aquilo, allowing the drivers to respond to any incoming threats as it happens.


Piero De Felice

Piero is a former officer of the Carabinieri, now a wanted international criminal due to various crimes he has committed both before and during his time in TIME ATTAC. Piero himself is a pacifist, preferring to avoid conflict and talking his way out of trouble. He is highly protective of Rose, despite Rose not exactly needing any protection herself. Piero is the main driver of the Aquilo, with sharp intuition and a natural gift for going fast.


Rose is an android, of unknown origiin, with a fully sentient AI. She is likely the reason that Piero is wanted in the first place, but shares a similar wanted record as him due to their history together. Piero does most of the talking for two of them, but with his non violent approach to things, she does occasionally defend them when needed. Rose handles the weapons and navigation on the Aquilo, her android capabilities providing near instantaneous response to threats.

The two mainly race for the rewards that TIME ATTAC provides, as their skills make them a strong contender, while their notoriety and honor leaves them little other avenues to go down.

The Aquilo team will be a friendly rival in the story. With its relative lack of offensive capability along with its immense defensive capability, they will either be a rock you can depend on… or an immovable object you’ll have to move. Nonetheless, as a competitor they will always be one of the least aggressive against the player, taking mainly self defensive maneuvers while focusing on taking the lead of the race.

In game mechanics:
The level of aid Piero and Rose will provide to the player will be based upon how aggressive the player is towards them and other drivers. If the player manages to destroy them early in the game, it will vastly increase the difficulty of the game later on as the military will reverse engineered Rose’s AI for their use.


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NEW deadline is on 23 November at 23:59:59 PST.



RfX-01 "Schneit"

What the fuck is a FRAME?

Short answer: A mecha

Long answer: Developed in 2032 as a way to traverse difficult terrain the FRAME was originally a quadrupedal mech that was designed to help construction workers work in conditions that ordinary vehicles could not. The military application for such a vehicle was obvious and by 2035, the first Armoured Combat FRAME had been developed. By 2050, designs of FRAMEs varied wildly, with many quadrupedal and bipedal designs as well as FRAMEs with more than 6 legs, though they were rarely used to to the complexity of such a design.

RfX-01 Schneit


Manufactured by Nishima Heavy Industries in 2067, the RfX-01 “Schneit” is an Armoured Combat FRAME standing at 10 metres tall, a weapon designed to surpass all previous designs in mobility and versatility.

Revolutionary in its design, the Schneit uses a monocoque frame rather than the antiquated skeletal ladder frame of other FRAMEs. This significantly reduces the weight of the Schneit and increasing internal space, at the cost of durability. This allows the Schneit to be one of the first Armoured FRAMEs to be able to hover for a sustained period of time.

Much like all FRAMEs, the Schneit is battery powered. However, unlike other FRAMEs, the pilot sits in the “head” to allow more internal space for batteries and thruster fuel.

This specific Schneit has had its thrusters completely overhauled to output over double the thrust over the standard model, as well as all the limiters removed, allowing further control over the FRAME. Neodymium coating was also placed in all the joints to reduce friction and reduce reaction time.


The Schneit comes armed with a wide assortment of weapons such as:

M3/50 50mm Revolver Cannon w/ XM209 120mm Close Support Rocket/Grenade Launcher


Developed from the standard M3/75 75mm Smoothbore Revolver Cannon, the M3/50 is a shortened, “carbine” variant chambered for the smaller 50x540 mm shell as opposed to the 75x560 mm. The M3/50 could fire APDFS, HEATFS and SAPHEFS, though since the M3 revolver cannon was belt-fed, the APDFS was put in a separate belt from the HEATFS and SAPHEFS. The M3/50 would be fed by a 90 round belt.

The 120mm Close Support Rocket/Grenade Launcher attachment to the M3 Revolver Cannons. It would replace the heavier 120mm Close Support Howitzer due to its versatility and low weight. The XM209 could fire an assortment of grenades and rockets.

M5 (B) "Strait Edge" Combat Knife


The M5 “Strait Edge” was the first dedicated anti-FRAME weapon. Designed to slice straight through the weakly protected joints on FRAMEs, the Strait Edge uses a composite blade which is heated to temperatures above 1500°C allowing it to cleanly cut through most materials. Many variants of the M5 “Strait Edge” would be made, with the M5 (B) being the most popular due to its versatility, although the M5 (F-S) was found to be more effective against heavily armoured FRAMEs.

20mm CIWS

The 20mm CIWS is a rotary cannon fitted to the Schneit as a backup weapon. Two 20mm CIWS are mounted on the chest of the FRAME which allows the Schneit to shoot down missiles, light vehicles and even other lightly armoured FRAMEs.

Pilot Data: Hiiroh Ito


Born on April 2051, in UN occupied Okinawa, Hiiroh would move to the US with his father.
Much like his father, Hiiroh would join the US Military in 2069, before being transferred to the UN Forces during the Unification Wars in 2072. During these wars, Hiiroh would find himself in the middle of the fighting trusting in his FRAME to keep him alive.

On August 9th 2075, Hiiroh would [REDACTED] on [REDACTED]. The number of lives lost that day was countless. From this day on, Hiiroh would be on the run from the UN, but would be helped by the mysterious “Dr M”. To this day, Hiiroh is still on the run, however, with a custom RfX-01, he hopes to enter TIME ATTAC. For what reason…well there’s only one way to find out…

EDIT: Because I can, I'll explain the difference between a "ladder" style FRAME and a "monocoque".

In a “ladder frame”, there is an inner skeletal structure on which all the vital components are mounted. The armour is then placed on top of this skeletal structure. This means that armour is mostly replaceable and can be designed in such a way to shatter on impact to reduce the energy of the projectile that hits it. It also increases the durability of the design at the cost of a significant increase in weight as the “inner skeleton” is what keeps the FRAME from falling apart.

In a “monocoque” design, it is the armour that is carrying the weight of the FRAME. This increases the interal space allowing for more fuel and batteries as well as reducing the overall weight. This comes at the cost of a significant reduction in survivability as if the armour is damaged, the FRAME might not be able to move. Also, the armour is no longer replaceable and is harder to manufacture.


KOBRA 1100

Somewhere in the distant past a gun-metal grey AMG Hammer rolled of the production line, and while it tore up the autobahn for a brief period of time, it spent most of it’s life rotting away in a barn in somewhere in Germany. That was until Michelle Mauerbrecher, a Formula N engineer, found it and fixed it up. However, it was not left stock, actually it was far from that. Every part, panel and frame of the car were re-engineered into kevlar-infused titanium parts. The engine was entirely reworked into a lightweight Nitroglycerine powerhouse with ‘Dobbelt Kompressor Geräten’. The engine can savely run on a mix of 53% Nitroglycerine, 45% 100 Octane petrol and 2% pure alcohol which produces about 2600hp with DKGs at 7 bar, but this mixture can be changed on the fly through the center console or simply with the big red button to a 100% Nitroglycerine ‘mix’ that would allow the DKGs to go up to 15 bar which produces roughly 5700hp. Doing this allows the car to shift into a boost gear to allow greater speeds. This engine mode would however put sever stress on the engine, making it only suitable for short bursts. Top speeds on the first mode would reach about 760 km/h, the 100% mode would push that limit to beyond the sound-barrier. The car’s suspension is also fully adjustable, allowing you to raise it up/lower it down, and stiffen it up/loosen it up. This can be done manually via the center console or automatically through a bunch of AI + sensors. The interior is rather sparce with just the basics, a couple of tanks, and the center console. As mentioned before you can basically change every single aspect of the car through this device, but it can also display: sensordata, a mini map, you’re favourite albums or a combination of all of the above. While this car performs best on tarmac, it can also tackle the dirt with it’s active suspension. It has it’s limits however, if the terrain gets too extreme: for example you want to go rockcrawling, you might want to take off the body kit. The car has no weapons except it’s sheer speed and manoeuvrability.

The driver is Michelle Mauerbrecher a German woman that was born in 2035. She grew up around Hockemheim and thus her youth was filled with motorsport, ranging from karting to watching classic seasons of Formula 1. At the age of 18 she attended the Neo-Frankfurt’s ‘University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering’. After that she joined a team as part of the engine development crew in the newly formed Formula N(itro). After eventually being promoted to head-engineer, winning 2 constructors championships and the disbandement of Formula N in 2074 she choose to stay at lower class racing and spent some more time with her hobbies: which produced the mad machine that is the KOBRA 1100. She can be described as a calm and intellegent person, that sometimes loses her cool in the heat of the battle. She’s partaking in this high speed event to show her skills as engineer and driver, and to feel the glory of winning once again.

-Boost, up the Nitroglycerine mix to 100% which allows you to make a short high speed dash
-Ground-effect, lowers the car to the point where it’s nearly touching the ground, increasing the downforce drastically
-Raid-mode, raises the car up to the maximum height, this could allow you to take a shortcut if possible

More pictures

Quick note: running 100% petrol produces around 1800hp with DKGs at 3bar. This mode has a top speed of around 500 km/h

Edit: changed the numbers a bit to further reinforce the fact that this is basically a glass cannon


When money is not a problem

La Grande Nuit Noire

The La Grande Nuit Noire is the superlative in excess.
The 20L V32 engine generates over smooth 3000hp, gliding this 10m landyacht over every road.
Even in full autonom driving mode, so you can enjoy a nice 10.000$ champange.
Fly over every highway with over 400km/h in a drivers cabin which would rival 5 star hotels.


The driver is Sir Hendry Saxon van Kuppentrop und Tinnenberg VII. A superrich widow whos only job is sipping wine, hunting endangoured species and letting other people do the hard work.

His family owns multiple companies in the oil, fuel and energy sector, and when his farther passed away these were all handed down to him. But only drinking and sitting at his mineral oil pool get boring very quickly. But now Hendry actually wants to earn something in his life an join the TIME ATTAC tournament to earn glory.


Vol-Tech XX80

More Details

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The Pilot

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Skyfire Starship

Originally based from a 1951 Galvin Skyfire Holiday Coupe, the Starship is a car of its own. The car was originally equipped with a 6.5 liter OHV V8, and spent most of its life on the junkyard until around the mid 2070s, which it was restored and modified to its current looks.

Replacing its archaic steel ladder frame and steel panels with advanced carbon fiber which means the vehicle is lighter and more nimble, but thanks to a specialized construction (due to 2070s tech), the car is just as tough as you would expect from a vehicle.

The default mode for the vehicle, or known as “Road Mode”, is like your usual setup, except that the rear wheels were powered with a quad carbureted, twin supercharged, methanol-fed V12 that generated 1,110 horsepower, which is much, much more powerful than any road car even in 2079. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the vehicle has a ludicrous acceleration (say 2.2 seconds to 60 mph) and excellent handling means that the vehicle can handle corners much easier unlike the original.

But what if shit has gone very, very wrong? The vehicle switchs itself to “Float Mode” which helps the car to float out every competition. But the V12 isn’t running the vehicle, while taking its place is a set of jet engines and hover tech that can float up to 5 meters high, which means that the vehicle is truly “all-terrain” in its own right.

The vehicle is armed with a hidden M134 minigun, as well as several rockets that could destroy other racers with ease.

And here’s the driver. Her real name isn’t known, but “Amanda” is the one where everyone knew who she is. Nobody knew where she came from, and there’s no clear reason on why she’s on the series. She often wears her black jacket and jeans (at some points, she may wear a grey tank top instead of her usual jacket), but every time in the public her black helmet is always on. Nobody knew what her face looks like, but judging on her supermodel-like stature, one could easily judge under her helmet will be a beauty hidden inside.

Her driving style is one of the most dangerous in the industry, known for her ruthless tactics and instant brilliance in dire situations. So should you meet her in the race, good luck.


2030 Delphinida Orca "Atavis"

bear with me here I can’t style these posts

The Delphinida Orca stopped production in 2021 and has not resurfaced since, until now. Kotatsu, Delphinida’s parent company, plans to “resurrect” it next year, after almost completely forgotten (“Atavism,” recurrence of traits of an ancestor). Inserting a concept into video games has been a common practice, and they thought it would be a good promotion placement.


Story: Four, almost five generations of the Tamano family has passed since Kotatsu was founded in 1981 as a humble automobile brand. The corporation has its hands around power plants, factories, and medical centers in several prefectures now. The soon-to-be 6th generation of Kotatsu’s CEO, Keiji Tamano, however, noticed something: the entertainment business has seemed to become increasingly profiting, yet this fact has been unnoticed. So, he decided to fix this. After overhearing talk about the TIME ATTAC, he built his own chariot to get into the event, crawl to the top, and gain enough respect and trust to start planting Kotatsu’s influence.


Oh damnit, I forgot to idle the vehicle. Can you take the picture again? No? Aww, okay.

Keiji Tamano: Born in 2058, Keiji inherited his riches, passion for automobiles, and swift, cunning silver tongue from his late ancestors. Having trained himself in multiple sabotages and one-man heists to keep (soon to be) his company on top of the competition, he grew up as a respected and esteemed, yet feared half-billionaire, half-criminal. Don’t be fooled by his friendly look or sweet words; he participates to dominate.

“If I can’t go further without others, how have I been successful by kicking others down?”


April: An AI created by Kotatsu on all of their electronic products, modified by Keiji himself and planted in the Atavis. Somehow, she developed a sense of humor and emotions in the process. Despite being created to serve its users, Keiji never saw her that way; she might even be the first being he is genuinely nice to (aside of his parents, of course). Behind her liking and continuous teasing towards Keiji, April is concerned about his malicious nature.

“I calculated where you have acquired the musical pieces: the museum.”

Vehicle overview

Keiji's vehicle, Delphinida Orca “Atavis” is an all-electric, single-seated vehicle capable of complex maneuvers and high-speed travelling while keeping its efficiency and comfort. It’s the first vehicle by Delphinida with electromagnets, capable to lift it up to 6 meters above ground and travel in three modes: cruise (increase economy), hover, and sport (increase speed and agility), as well as a fourth “manual mode” allowing manual configurations of the thrusters. Its capabilities to hover above water and uneven terrains, however, would need power increase, often requiring manual control for timing.

In the game, it is reinforced with light armor plating and standard bulletproof glass, along with some rather unconventional “weapons” for lightness and due to time restraints.


Majestic, when not hiding itself.

All-electric: The Atavis is, unfortunately, very quiet, but it may be a huge advantage here. Just because it’s reinforced, doesn’t mean it’s indestructible; throw explosives at it and it’ll chip off. That is why stealth is a big part of this vehicle, and the silence helps doing just that. Four motors and four batteries power four electromagnets, one motor for each. A backup power reserve is placed in the middle that can briefly boost the electromagnets, improving speed or turning power (depends on the timing). It can also provide power to escape if the motors are disrupted (e.g. EMP hit, external damage).

What do you mean, of course they’re solar panels. Never seen one before?

To help maintain power availability, four compacted solar panels are placed around the cabin, charging the batteries in the day. Moreover, all the vents on the vehicle are fitted with wind turbines, two at most each. This helps sustaining power when moving, even when the sun is down. Though the limit of speed this vehicle has is currently unknown, 80 kph is the optimum speed for charging.

Some say I get people hooked easily. I’m making it official.

Harpoons: Electricity and heat insulating, these two little hooks are initially mounted to aid in climbing terrains and help in sharp cornering. That is, until Keiji figures out that he can rip other vehicles’ parts with it. The harpoons cannot rotate; the Atavis must line up with the target to aim.

Is it just the heat beam, or is that vehicle HOT?

Heat beam: The closest Keiji could get to laser cutters; he tried replicating lasers from Kotatsu’s repair drones, but was limited by time. It can be quite dangerous though, as it can fry things pretty quickly. Just keep a steady aim on a target part, and watch the magic happen. Keiji would likely aim at the tire, engine, or cabin. The duration may vary depending on the target’s materials, though. The heat beam cannot rotate, and is visible as a transparent red beam coming from the Atavis.

Keiji’s Delphinida Orca Atavis, in the middle of cloaking. To capture moments lasting for a split second, what a timing.

Cloaking: As stated before, stealth is a big part of this vehicle. With its silence, combined with proximity light refractions, enemies would be oblivious of its movements, unless they pay attention to their radars. This takes a lot of power, so he wouldn’t cloak for long. Moreover, the heat beam and harpoons wouldn’t be hidden if used, which might expose the Atavis' location to its target.

Ooh, keep this one. It gave me an idea.

Fins: Yes, even these are weapons. The fins and their joints are better reinforced than the rest of the Atavis. They help steer and slow down the vehicle. However, they can be locked in place for defense or offense. Its sharp edges can tear stones, walls, even light-to-medium enforced metal. Keiji would swoop in with cloaking on, scratch the target, and leave, maybe even go for more hits if the opportunity is present.

Only fitting for my dear April.

Interior: All interfaces are provided via touch-screen interactions. Keiji can manage the thrusters’ power, check the radar, fire the harpoons and heat beam, and keep track of power and vehicle damage, all while sitting back, watching the stock market, listening to a very random selection of music, and interacting with April as autopilot does its job. Or he can pull the handlebars and take manual control, that works too.

Just… don’t ask.

At night, Keiji would sometimes recline his seat to lay down and stargaze from the rear window, hugging his, uh, personal supply. This has no influence to combat or survival whatsoever.



Cut features: 1. Electromagnet shield. Reason cut: for in-game balance. 2. Electricity siphon: Cling onto a target with the fins and take electricity from them. Reason cut: crashing the game

Edit: More pictures I have just gotten around to take

An Atavis on idle, which you’d able to see… never.

Better stay alert.

Always wanted to do one of these.

zoomin’ but to the other direction


2069 Midlands Ceres Apex

A more conventional entry than most of the cars entered into this so far, the 2069 Midlands Ceres Apex was designed with a pure driving experience in mind. Being one of the few car manufacturers still willing to risk their reputation in these TIME ATTAC races, they’ve taken what used to be a relatively humble sedan and made it into a 6 wheeled beast. Boasting a version of Midlands’s 6.5L F1 V12 that has been converted to run on a cold fusion system, the Ceres has a total of 8008 hp and revs to just over 10k. This pushes the car to well above 400 mph, though the average cruising velocity is around 190. Its 6 wheel drive system lets it accelerate to 60 in about 1.6 seconds and that combined with the fans placed at strategic points throughout the car let this monster corner at roughly 2 Gs. Its hydropnumatic suspension takes a page out of citroen’s book by allowing it to raise and lower to deal with difficult terrain on the fly. It can also be used in a quick release sort of fashion to provide a jumping capability (think the jump jacks on the Mach 5).

The Ceres does not have any offensive capabilities, so the player will have to rely on pure driving skill to keep out of the competition’s firing range. It does have an ablative coating to deflect bullets and keep things mostly safe, as well as bullet proof tyres. The cold fusion system also means it lacks a distinct heat signature for missiles to lock on to. It does have one huge trick up its sleeve however, a package of highly volatile pellets, made from destabilized thorium, that the drivers have cooked up to supercharge things even more. Each one, when placed into the receptacle to the right of the gauge cluster, adds roughly 2000 more hp to the car for roughly 10 seconds. Only 5 of these can be used per race(or one per lap depending on race format), because more than that would put too much strain on the car and overload the coolant buffers. Other safety and recovery items included in the car are two spare tyres and and a spare nuclear tank, both of which are stored in the front trunk.

Here are the drivers of the Ceres Apex: Gwen and Storm Harkness

Two young 20 something ladies from northern Britain, they’re the ones piloting the Ceres. Both of them have quite a history within the racing world, competing not only in formula 1 a fair bit, but also in a historical preservation series where they came in 1st and 2nd driving matching CLK AMG le mans cars around Silverston. With that experience, they’re both very used to the sort of tactile, balls to the wall racing needed to control the Ceres Apex. Gwen (pink hair) is the spunky younger sister and is the primary driver, while Storm, the older, slightly more stoic one, is the player’s copilot who helps give directions and warnings out as they race. The more the player uses these two, the more Storm gets to know the player’s driving style and will point out short cuts along the track, while also providing some witty banter in some cases(Gwen will answer her most times without the player needing to do anything). She’s also the one directly in control of the external features such as the jump function, leaving the player to focus on driving. Each of the girls is equipped with a holographic visor, which acts as the player’s hud while in the game. Since this team is a duo, a second player can take over the place of Storm and act as player 1’s copilot and navigator. This disables the map on player 1’s hud (don’t worry, it can be re-enabled in settings), forcing the players to work together.

(Also yes they’re intended to be fairly fanservicey characters, jiggle physics and all)

More Pics and Interior details