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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 15]


The Madson Brooklands Torpedo-AGV MOD

With recent restrictions on anti-gravity research brought upon by global automotive safety lobbyists, Arnage Research Industries brainstormed ideas to circumvent these regulations and progress the technology they have developed. A deep-cover project was conceived by ARI. Under the guise of an underground project by some part-time mechanical engineers in their spare time, Team AG.Engineering hacked up an ancient 1920’s Madson Brooklands Torpedo body, once designed for grand prix racing in its time with traces of its lineage leading to the ARI of today, combines a heavily modified 41 tonne FR-41H Mass Gravity Damper prototype as the crafts lift system with an experimental graviton siphon pump as the main thrust of this bullet. The project deep down is an experiment, a look into the possibilities of siphoning from the energy field created from the Mass Gravity Damper and creating an applicable thrust module and in the end will further the field of anti-gravity research. ARI saw the opportunity to show off their tech when the murmurs of an unrestricted, underground racing league, TIME ATTAC, started to roll around. ARI saw this as an opportunity to see their technology let loose.

Systems overview


Max Thrust: 56,000 pounds
Maximum Velocity: Mach 1.4, limited to Mach 0.5
Mass: 6,400 KG
Acceleration Capacity:
0-100km\h: 2 seconds
0-200km\h: 3 seconds
0-400km\h: 6 seconds
0-Limited V-Max: 10 seconds

The main systems that allow this craft to be a possibility in the first place are the combination of the ARI FR-41H Mass Gravity Damper and ARI Prototype Graviton Siphon Pump. Early on gravity dampers have been used to carry small shipments around town under autonomous methods but the mass they could carry was hindered by the increased power draw. By 2056, Arnage Research Industries in combination with Fujisaki Quantum Research developed a more powerful, portable Mass Gravity Damper. ARI’s solution was the development of a wave amplification module that could work with a 1 tonne Gravity Damper to counter 45 tonnes of mass and then for portability, an FQR developed portable fusion driver was used to power the entire system. In the end the FR-41H Mass Gravity Damper was the project’s end product and it could counter 41 tonnes of mass due to the added wight of the portable fusion driver. Another piece of tech is just as important, the ARI Graviton Siphon Pump system prototype. This system siphons Graviton particles from the intense high energy gravitational waves emitted from the MGD module and uses these to compress particles from the air sucked into the GSP’s atom chamber via a ram air system and form a surprising amount of thrust from the resulting energy release due to the splitting of atoms from the continual and immense crushing force applied from the now graviton filled atom chamber. With these systems, this current package allows the craft to travel at 500 km\h for 6 hours before the portable fusion driver requires a cooldown stop involving liquid nitrogen to be pumped through the systems.

The Pilot

The Team AG.Engineering main pilot is ambiguous. Mystique always lingers around the pilot from what they did for a living, their upbringing, their aspirations and goals, to whether they are human or not. However, they still maintain a decent level of respect in the paddock as anyone who can drive that missile even off the trailer is a hero. But unbeknownst to the other teams, the pilot of this beast is nothing more than a stand in. The systems perform a lot of the functions with the flight management systems especially computing the correct altitude due to the restrictions in place and heavily assisting the pilot in controlling the unwieldy craft. The pilot after all these assists just drives it like a normal everyday hovercraft, but with the power from the siphon pump the craft deep down behaves more like a rocket on cold ice. The pilot, emotionless and cold, uses the missile they have to cut through the field with no remorse, often to the chagrin of the other teams that have dealt with this team in the past.

Additional Images


AGC15 Submissions are now closed as of 21 minutes ago.

I have 18 entries from the people below:

Thank you to everyone who participated! If I’ve missed your entry and you submitted in time, kindly or rudely shoot me a PM. When will entries be out? Well, @SpeedyBoi will be busy this week, and I will be busy as well but not for long. Hopefully we can get round one of reviews out in 10-15 days.


I want to thank everyone that entered for the boost in creativity brung to our community. I loved to see such amazing builds reunited in one place!


laziness school really do be like that

On a more positive note, we’ll be hopefully less busy next week or so
The first round will be relatively quick, and there would be (hopefully) some spicy gameplay in the final round
In the mean time, stay tuned

Jeez you guys are making this hard for us, we’re trying to get some bins out, but most of them are so awesome I feel bad for binning them


Akatronix All-Terrain Leisure Transport

(awfully sorry for the delayed write up for this challenge)

The Akatronix All-Terrain Leisure Transport (or ATLT for sure) is one of Akatronix’s new lineup of consumer vehicular transport around these parts of the cyberworld.

Combining Akatronix’s knowledge of high-tech cyber military knowledge and RetroniX’s performance heritage, It is no wonder that this spacecraft will be one of top dogs in TIME ATTAC 2079

  • Powered by Akatronix’s in-house power generator, aptly named HyperVortex Particulate Generator, giving a maximum overdrive power output of about 489,971 lbf of thrust, bringing an estimated airspeed of about mach 2 - 2.5 depending on configuration.

  • If you tick one particular box in the options list, the Akatronix is equipped with Counter-Electronic-Attack-Mechanical-Override (CEAOM), it is an automatic override to mechanical controls if ever any known cyberattacks interferes with the vehicle (EMP, cyberattack, etc.).

Driver Still WIP, give me a moment


Altitude to ground throughout the entire race must be lower than 7m (for eliminating aircrafts and spacecrafts)


Check out Thunder Force IV, it's got good music.

“We took the term “Space Race” too seriously.”

The sky is the limit, they say, but what sits beyond that? Yet another frontier for humans to conquer. Beyond 2020, Zacspeed began branched out beyond wheeled endeavors with an aerospace arm. The company refined their technology through fighter jets and the like, catching the United States government’s eye. The funding they subsequently received let them pursue space works in 2040, starting with the laser-based ballistic missile defense system known as Aegis. Capable of shooting down ballistic missiles from opposing nations, Aegis represented a new dawn to defense.

It did not stop there. With space opening up a world of possibilities, other nations dumped their wealth into space defense programs. Space Force was not a meme anymore; it was a necessity. Others developed weapons systems to circumvent or disable Aegis; in response, Aegis received constant service and upgrades, including one gun-type failsafe that launched rocks fast enough to penetrate nosecones.

As countries expanded their offensive capabilities, both the government and Zacspeed realized more offensive equipment was needed. If they were to build something as large as Aegis, however, it would be an inefficient use of time, money, and troops. Thus, the idea was to build smaller spacecraft drawing from fighter jet experience.

Throughout the 2060s, several different starfighters were tested and produced - some with jet-derived ballistics, some with fission reactors, even one with splitting wings. The Phoenix, however, did not feature any of these, instead offering stun and damage laser turrets, one main thruster, and two auxiliary thrusters. Unlike its predecessors, it found itself at the center of an arms race spurred by these advances in technology.

Production began in 2078 on the outskirts of America’s newest state, Olympus. To ensure rivals and threats would have difficulty finding these operations, its facilities were built underneath the ground, which was formed from previous eruptions by Olympus Mons, the volcano on which this state’s boundaries were set. While a site of pride for Americans, those who governed the Republic of Phobos looked on it with disdain. A nation based on the moon of the same name, it formed over time after the United States exiled scores of criminals to this moon during the early 2050s, with multiple extremists taking office during the mid 2070s.

With Olympus Mons being rich in resources like natural gas (methane) and geothermal energy, Phobos accused the United States of attempting to dominate the energy sector, going further by claiming this would form a path to utilizing every other volcano in the Tharsis Montes region. Ironically, this is the exact reason why Phobos wished to take control of this area, along with capturing such a massive area serving as a show of force. The United States proceeded with energy operations and policies, leading to the Phoban government purchasing alternative starfighters for their military efforts.

On 13 January 2079, Phobos launched an attack on Franklin D. Roosevelt International Spaceport, a day that would go down in infamy for many. Phoenix pilots were called to action against the Phoban threat. Soon after would begin the Battle of Phobos, a five-week conflict pitting the new craft against multiple others. This ended on 17 February 2079 with the Phoenixes triumphing over the opposition. Following this, those who orchestrated and participated in the attack and battle were captured; they are currently awaiting trial.

The ship present in this running of TIME ATTAC was piloted by ace pilot George Petty. He found great success in this ship, destroying eight starfighters over the conflict’s course, but several rear panels were blown off the craft just before the last week. As mechanics replaced those panels, they realized the area blown apart could provide space for an expansion to the Phoenix’s arsenal. During that last week, the mechanics installed an experimental laser cannon in this opened area, with its sheer size contributing to its name: the Big Fucking Laser.

The weapon, first tested on the second-to-last day of the battle, stoked conversations between scientists about whether this was a worthwhile upgrade. Though once the war ended, the conversation that swirled about it disappeared. Without a need for this extreme weaponry, testing the systems fell onto the backburner, leaving it sitting for several days at a time. At Petty’s request, the rear panels were never restored.


OPTEK DS3 Laser Cannons (4)

OPTEK’s DS3s are known for their strong damage output, rapid fire, and robust design, making them a clear choice for this application. Here, they are configured with an alternating fire order and a convergence point (where the laser beams intersect) of 540m forward of the craft.

The DS3 cannons come in two variants: stun and damage. The top two cannons are of the former type, and they slow down their target when they hit while doing no damage. The bottom two are the latter variety, and they deal damage to their target.


The Big Fucking Laser, commonly abbreviated to BFL, is an in-house experimental superweapon. Barely tested by technicians, it was cobbled together by powering 16 OPTEK HL9 lasers, installing a vast mirror housing to focus these beams into one, and running these through a Galilean beam expander.

While some power density is lost when the laser is routed through the expander, the result is still powerful enough to rip through armor and large enough to tear a hole one can see through. Those technicians who witnessed its power could only describe the impact as a “doughnut.” This does, however, put serious strain on the Phoenix’s systems, requiring a long while to build up enough energy for firing.


Hastily adapted for TIME ATTAC, this ship makes use of a pyrotechnic flare system. It consists of 18 Rigel M-211 MTV (magnesium/teflon/viton) flares released by the pilot in salvos of three per side. Replenishable between races, this flare system gives players three opportunities to evade homing attacks. This works together with EMP reinforcement to make damaging the armor or electronics more difficult.


Zacspeed HO-79 "Thunderforce"

The Phoenix features the new HO-79 powertrain system, also known as the “Thunderforce.” It consists of three thrusters - one primary unit and two auxiliary units. They are powered by a Cryodyne 04-M LNG cryogenic power generator with cryogenic capacitors storing additional power within the wings and cannon “hands.” Various power couplings share this energy between different systems on the ship.

The primary thrust unit is a RoKIT 424P fusial thrust engine, and the auxiliary thrust units are modified RoKIT 222S fusial thrust engines. The latter was built specifically for each engine to wrap around the back of each cannon hand, which could modify trajectory by outputting different amounts of thrust through these faces. This works in tandem with electromagnetic gyroscopes in all three engines to ensure the craft can make tight turns.

For TIME ATTAC, the craft’s onboard computers monitor various altimeters and sensors to determine height. The system is programmed to override the pilot if the ship attempts to breach the 7m restriction. This is done by expelling thrust out of both top faces and opening the cannon hands’ top flaps.

The flaps above and beneath each auxiliary engine can open and close to bend the air to its will when in the atmosphere. This can also be done to prevent the thrusters from melting the flaps. If needed, thrust can be vented through its sidepods to provide a reversing mechanism.


Zachary Speed

After Zachariah managed to fuse with machinery, he taught others how to do this, including one of the most recent CEOs of the company. By the time 2079 arrived, uploading one’s conscience to a robot was a usual insurance policy, but as a further measure, Zachary uploaded his conscience to a server he calls Cortex. As he went about his day in a robot body, he could save his conscience to this server, and if he were to die, he could just load his conscience into another robot body in a similar manner to respawning.

This lines up perfectly with his predilection toward “spirited driving.”

2079 Zacspeed Phoenix
Maximum Altitude 7m (from bottom-most point, computer-restricted)
Powertrain System Zacspeed HO-79 "Thunderforce"
Engine Units RoKIT 424P fusial thrust engine (primary),
RoKIT 222S fusial thrust engines (modified, auxiliary)
Power Generator Cryodyne 04-M LNG cryogenic power generator
Maximum Acceleration 4,000 G
Maximum Atmospheric Speed 1,135 km/h (restricted)
Armament OPTEK DS3 Laser Cannons (2 stun)
OPTEK DS3 Laser Cannons (2 damage)
Zacspeed BFL
Countermeasures Rigel M-211 MTV flares (18)
EMP reinforcement

Resting - arms outstretched horizontally, hands open (like a T-pose)
Thrust - arms shifted forward
Brake/Reverse - arms shifted backwards
Up - lift both arms
Down - lower both arms
Left - rotate arms left (left arm down, right arm up)
Right - rotate arms right (left arm up, right arm down)
Barrell Roll - rotate arms left or right with toes up
Laser cannons - close hands beyond resting
Stun guns - open hands beyond resting
BFL - press thumbs on index fingers (like pressing buttons)

  • Some claim the BFL, in structure, function, and paint, is reminiscent of an ancient meme. We at Zacspeed have no comment.

  • The general design for this ship is intended to mimic previous F1 cars.

Something to Think About

If you throw trash on US highways…

…Somebody up there’s gon’ be watching.


Round 1, Part 1

surprise, we are not actually dead!

November 15th, 2026, New York City

It’s a windy and gloomy day in NYC. After the rush hours, the city has returned to its quiet and calm state. In Liberty State park, a group of geese gathered on a lawn next to the river. A dozen of them took off, and flew towards the New Central Island. The New Central Island is an artificial island built and commissioned in 2023, located south of Manhattan and Governor’s Island. The state of the art skyscrapers on the island contrasts greatly from the old-fashioned buildings around them.

On the 87th floor of the newly built Enterprise Tower, a guy wearing a grey hoodie is playing Auto Turismo 6 on his PC, his controller clicking loudly. “Uhhh, why did I spend 1 million credits on this Prasu, it’s so freaking useless”, he says to himself.

“Is he here yet?” says a 20 odd year old girl as she walks into the room.
“Knock first, please.” The guy puts down his controller. “And I don’t think so.”

The guy wearing the hoodie is the lead developer of the highly anticipated video game, ATTAC 2079. His name is Boris, but he is better known as “Borliik” online, and no one knows why he chooses such a lame name. As for the other person, she is Christina Weissman, one of the 3D artists responsible for the next-gen graphics of the game. The place in which they are currently slacking off, located on the 87th floor of Enterprise Tower, is the office of Crankshaft Software. They have scheduled a meeting this evening, regarding the campaign craft competition for the closed beta testers. To show off the game a bit and get some feedback from people outside the beta testers, the devs also invited a special guest.

“Oh well, we might as well start the Judging now.”
The two stepped into the conference room. Inside the room, the other people are already sitting around the long table waiting. In the center of the table, there is a hologram projector.
“He here?”
“Nah, but we starting now anyways.”
“Right. Lets load our first car file…”

The Visual Criterion Compasses

“Oh by the way, since our entries are quite diverse in terms of visual styles, we designed a rating system to categorize them.”

How it works

There are two radar charts

The Aesthetics Compass

And the Yamamoto-Raleigh Index of Automotive Unconventionality

The first chart in a way, indicates the construction of the vehicle. There are crafts that uses the latest cutting edge technology, and some others are homebrew monster machines. This chart showcase that attribute between designs

The second chat determines how “unconventional” the vehicle is. We received designs from a souped-up regular car, all the way to some…well you’ll see later. This chart takes care of that part.

Note that if your craft is considered “normal” or “garage hackhob” doesn’t always means that it’s bad. The game needs that kind of stuff as well

Christina furiously types something on her laptop, and the hologram starts projecting an image of a very sleek and angular hovercraft. Hushed murmurs and some nods of approval slowly spread through the room.

Sky-High - B1 Alpha Pro R1 X Class


Christina: “Our first entry is the B1 Alpha R1 X-Class by @Riley.”

Borliik: “‘.car’ file’s a bit generous, huh?”

“Please, sir…”

“Right. Well, I’m liking this already; it’s a very sharp look that kinda reminds me of those 80s supercars designed using only rulers and cocaine… I think it’ll fit right at home in TIME ATTAC. Remember that one game? What was it called… Digifunk 2707? This thing looks like it easily could’ve been pulled right out of its assets bin. They didn’t provide a character but I can picture him already, how about this; a retired F1 driver looking to relive his glory days! Or, or, his spoiled son who wants to follow in daddy’s footsteps? How about that? Wait… where are the guns? Or the guided missiles?”

“Looks like there isn’t any offensive armament at all.”

“Oooh, but with its thrust vectoring engines it’s sure to be one of the fastest vehicles on the grid. God, I can already tell this thing is gonna be a pain in the ass to kill or catch up to.”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

We quite like this thing. Sharp angles, an extravagant metallic orange and blue color scheme, and a visual flow of bodywork that travels upwards from the front to rear should clearly serve as a warning that if you try to race this, you’ll lose. The A pillar that wraps around the roof is a very nice look, and with all the angled control surfaces, lighting elements, and wedge-like proportions, this thing’s more or less a street-legal fighter jet.

The B1 Alpha R1 X-Class will be included in the game. Despite the many goodies it has, unfortunately it simply doesn’t quite have that uniqueness or outlandishness to be included as a main competitor.

Christina: “Alright, what’s next?”

Amore GT-8


She pulls up the next .car file and the hologram displays a bright yellow muscle car with a bigass wing and an even bigger supercharger, but its most prominent feature is its arachnid-like silhouette; the sight of eight massive mechanized legs is enough to frighten some of the attendees. However, it’s also enough to cause some to blush as Christina simultaneously displays its driver. “What kinda weirdo likes spider girls?”

Borliik: “…”

“…I figured.”

“It’s in.”

The weirdo


Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

It’d be a divine transgression to not have Cecillia and her GT-8 as a main competitor in TIME ATTAC. It is also being strongly considered for the game cover.

A yellow hatchback replaces the yellow 8-legged supercar, and everyone calms down.

Mrs. Lucy D.



Borliik: “Hey, I remember seeing these things from my vacation in South America! Here’s my question, though… why modify a beater?” He looks around the projection of the little hovering box, constantly zooming in from different angles and carefully analyzing the model. “Let’s see here, mad scientist/engineer/fabricator turns his rusted-out hatchback into an even madder abomination of technology haphazardly thrown together. It’s a tried and true concept that was executed wonderfully. This is exactly what we’re looking for in TIME ATTAC.

In addition, I don’t think we will have to modify the proposed abilities that much; considering its highly vulnerable and explosive powerplant, it’ll need those fancy selectable driving modes and EMP system to prevent turning half of the course into an irradiated wasteland. It’s not an explicitly offensive vehicle but I think this will be very fun to bully larger racecraft with.”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

With such a meticulously designed, badass-looking racecraft, and an interesting character, ‘Mrs. Lucy D.’ will be added to TIME ATTAC as a main competitor. It is also being considered for the cover.




“Our first two-wheeled entry,” Christina announced. The projected rendering displayed a dark superbike with a sleek, fighter jet-like profile. “The Khora EV8k by REAPER.”

“You know what, having an edgier character to spice up the roster is definitely needed,” remarked Borliik. “Can’t have just unusually buxom anthropomorphic monster girls, can we? I digress; I hated that flying missile motorcycle thing in Motor Vehicle Theft Online 5. I feel like we’d be seeing this thing a lot if we implemented it, we should at least try to make it somewhat hard to master so that we don’t see entire starting grids filled with these.

Its abilities do grant it a fighting chance against not just lighter racecraft but also against well-armored ones, though I myself wouldn’t feel that safe being close to a… let’s say, tank or something when draining their health. Especially with an exposed driver. Speaking of which, Jesus this is probably one of our edgiest entries yet. I reckon if we included something like a first person mode for his- its- handcannon abilitiy, we could even draw in some of that diehard FPS demographic.”

So is that a yes?” Christina inquired.

“Unfortunately, the current state of the vehicle just doesn’t feel as fleshed-out as its mechanics, to be completely honest. There isn’t much going on, and I get that it’s supposed to be a futuristic take on a superbike or something along those lines, but between minimalist and underdesigned, I’m leaning more towards the latter.

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

Having a motorcycle in TIME ATTAC would be a very helpful and useful addition as yet another small, hard-to-hit, annoying vehicle to harass larger, tankier racecraft. The concept is ultimately good but is somewhat let down by the result, which is good but not stellar. The Khora EV8k will be included in TIME ATTAC as a quick-race vehicle.

Christina leaned back into her chair, audibly rolled her eyes, and sighed as the next .car file was slowly rendered

Suisei Type 20 IFV-1


The meeting attendees, consisting mostly of different technical and directors in each developmental wing of Crankshaft Software, were either bantering, playing some gacha game on their phones, or both. “God, why’s this taking so long to load?” She complained. When it finally came into view, a tracked armored fighting vehicle of biblical dimensions exploded out of the holographic projector. Attendees were taken aback, accompanying the impressive display with a fanfare of oohs and aahs.

“Holy shit!” Borliik chuckled as the olive gray gargantuan wedge slowly rotated and hovered above the table. He turned to Christina and scoffed. “I thought we were making a racing game. Nevertheless, this needs to be ingame. It’s on the older side of designs, yes, but there’s just something special about a 50 year-old, 50-ton mass of composite fiberglass and steel armor that a brand-new hovercraft doesn’t have.

I think we might need to nerf this thing a bit… since, you know, a tank going over 120 miles per hour while shooting a lead hailstorm of 40-mil at 1500rpm would be too much even for TIME ATTAC. And the ATGMs… I get that we don’t have virtually any restrictions in terms of weaponry, but we don’t need to be turning this into an outright battlefield.

The character’s background, let’s see… childhood trauma inflicted by a different race- or species of humanoids, which leads to fear of said species that builds up over time in hate, driving him to form a demi-human death squad with other human purists? Feels awfully similar… this basically sounds like a massive allusion to extremely nationalist social darwinism. It’s almost too intense for the premise of this game, but considering we do have demi-human contestants in the roster, it’ll add an element of tension that’ll be perfect.
It’s a tank, what else needs to be said?”

Additional comments from the judges

Speedyboi: “Tonk”
Deltaruins: “Tonk”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

For the unspeakable amount of effort poured into the design, and for the character’s background and how it influences his motives, Itami Hiroyuki and his Suisei Type 20 will be included in TIME ATTAC as a main competitor. For the game cover, however, it is definitely an absurd entry, but including it on the cover might stray from the game’s original purpose.

To be Continued...


You know what, give me a moment, I’ll make the actual music playlist I’ve added to my entry and link it here, for mood setting.

Ok, here it is. It’s in the order of the list I’ve posted. Congrats to everyone that guessed all the artists right. I tried to include the music clip versions of the songs, so you guys have a good time. I’ll add it to my submission too. Don’t let the cover of the first few songs fool you into thinking this is a weaboo only playlist (only a little)


Darn. Only familiar with “Snail’s Tecno” and “Shoe Mop”, and “Roger Davids” was right under my nose…


So I hope the playlist brung you some new ones!

See I already told y'all in post #844

AGC 15 Judging is delayed until uhh...

The most recent patch (LC V4.1.5) appears to have a few issues. The details are unknown for now, but from what is observed so far, it might mess up the car savefiles. As a result, the next part of round 1 will be delayed for approximately the period the fix will come out. Actually, the delay might be even longer because both me and Delta are hit with the next wave of IRL stuff.

Not that we have a promised deadline in the first place, just keep in mind that this already very long round would be dragged for even longer.

Sorry for the inconveniences


Round 1, Part 2


November 15th, 2026, New York City

Christina, Borliik, and the rest of the design committee had just returned from a lunch break, ready to review the next batch of submissions.

Borliik: “So far we’ve got some tracked vehicles, a motorcycle, some hovercraft, even one with legs. To be frank with you, at this point I’m not even sure if a regular four-wheeled car will satisfy me anymore.”

Christina: “Prepare to be disappointed, then.”

A new batch of .car files is readied, and the first one queued up is enough to instantly make Borliik regret his words.

The Edge Rider




“Oh, right. But I take it back. This right here, this is right up my alley. You can have all your fancy anti-graviton field generators, your thorium reactor cells, your monster women; at the end of the day, nothing beats a good old American muscle car with a gigantic blower just sticking out of the hood. And those exhausts! The chop top! The humongous rocket thruster thingies in the back! This is a boomer’s wet dream, and it just might be mine too. You know what I think? I think that if you told a neural network to make the most stupidly American car ever and only fed it images of boomer hot rod abominations, top fuel dragsters, and Max Max cars, you’d get exactly this. I am in love with this car. Do we have any word on features?”

“Let’s see… fast… cool… very fast… it’s just fast? And no word on gameplay…”

“I don’t care. I love it. We need to have this in the game. By the way, Christina, you ever hear of a movie called Revlimiter?”

“No? Sounds too cheesy for my liking.”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

The Edge Rider is easily one of the most visually stunning, outlandish, and outright angriest designs received so far. It’s an American wet dream brought into the future with great execution and fits perfectly in the spirit of TIME ATTAC. For that, it has secured itself a spot in TIME ATTAC as a main competitor, and potentially some real estate on the game cover as well.

Kazuki Kita B4 Nitrox Crawler


Borliik: “Kazuki Kita, huh… I remember when I had one back in my college days. Such a fun little car, and it looked exactly like this! Minus the rally lights, the push bar, the wing, the space frame and rollcage, the long-travel rally suspension, the wheels… the Nitrox Reactor… I would’ve liked this version instead. This thing looks awesome with its oversized wheels and the exposed reactor in the rear, though it’s also very vulnerable. I’d like to see this thing just absolutely tear through sand dunes… 2500hp to the rear wheels does sound a little concerning for such a small hatch.”

Christina: “With how the wheels are sized, this really reminds me of those off road RC cars. It almost looks like a toy?”

“I’m a fan, but unfortunately the design just doesn’t strike as much emotion to me as other designs. Even this feels too tame compared to our other entries like the spider muscle car and god knows what else we’ll see.”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

For those who lust after the golden era of rally in the late 20th and early 21st century, the Kazuki Kita B4 Nitrox Crawler is a love letter and a tribute to them. It’s a very fun build but ultimately isn’t quite extreme enough to be truly distinguishable or be as competitive amongst other entries. As a quirky retro throwback, it ill be included in the game as a quick-race vehicle.

The design committee seemed to really like tanks. The next one was pulled up on the display and was immediately accompanied with hushed oohs and aahs, but upon further inspection, it was clear that this wasn’t just a tank. Being a visual mishmash of various automotive and even aeronautical designs haphazardly blended together, this design seemed to contort the recognizable into something entirely alien.

VARATA Type-IIIC "Aquilo"


Borliik: “I’d like to sample whatever the designer was on when they made this.”

Christina: “Where are people even getting these ideas?”

“The power of perseverance and psychedelics, I assume. You know, this reminds me of those cursed Frankenstein aircraft fuselages tacked on to truck frame abominations, except this is like a fighter jet and a tank went full on Discovery Channel and birthed this wicked creation. What even is this supposed to be? APC my ass, what kind of APC has a twin W16 with quad superchargers and a giant ricer wing that would make a C5 Globemaster writhe in envy? What kind of APC can go over 200mph? Forget that, this is a full-on hypertank.”

“This model is very well detailed. There’s suspension control arms and linkage for the wheels and the tracks are amazing.”

“Not gonna lie, though, this sounds very overpowered. Even more so than the Suisei Type 20. Top speed of 250mph, and it’s amphibious. Not only can this thing haul ass, it’s also nigh indestructible since it’s an armored vehicle at heart. For weaponry, it looks like we have air blast cannons… would those be sonic weaponry then? Regardless, it’s a unique weapon type that looks like it can also be used as a mobility boost in a pinch. Yeah, we’re definitely gonna have to nerf this.”

“I’m liking the character design, it seems like your type of thing too. What do you think?”

“Wait. There’s two of them.”

“We don’t have any rules against that… I think.”

“Fair enough. I think this is easily one of our most absurd designs ever. Whoever made this is equally insane. We need this in TIME ATTAC, hands down.”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

An amphibious hypertank is bound to create infuriating challenges for other contestants, which means that the VARATA Type-IIIC Aquilo is perfect for TIME ATTAC. It will be featured with its drivers as a main contestant and may even earn itself a spot on the game cover.

Borliik: “These entries are only getting more and more competitive. I’m getting spoiled, to tell you the truth. It’s going to take something absolutely bonkers to blow me off my seat now.”

Christina loads the next .car file and audibly groans. “Ugh, can we skip this one please? I don’t want you to go on another one of your tangents…”

“About what?”

RfX01 'Schneit'


Unlike the other entries before it, as soon as the model finished loading, its gargantuan height exceeded the bounds of the meeting room, and it towered above its occupants as its statuesque figure slowly rotated and flickered. No doubt everyone in the room was shocked and awed in one way or another; at this point, the previous entries had sparked a linear - if not exponential - increase in absurdity and lasciviousness, but this one easily takes the cake.

“Reject car. Return to monke,” was all one of the lead artists could say.

Borliik clapped and squealed as if he had suddenly reversely aged a decade a two. “Christina! This is what I was telling you about, do you know how damn long I’ve been trying to get my hands on a mint, unopened SSU+ grade founders’ edition model kit for the RfX-01?? I’ve looked everywhere, Scamazon, Aliababwa, the local Facecrook marketplace listings, hell, even the dark web. Not a single damn one for sale for the last two years! And those elitist bastards have the audacity to keep shoving these down my throat on my Reddit feeds! My childhood is built off this very model. And the pilot… imagine not having an Austrian-Taiwanese FRAME pilot girlfr-”

Despite having most of the room cheer him on in agreement, all it takes Borliik is one stink eye from Christina to shut up his spiel about his favorite franchise. He quickly gets back on topic.

“No doubt Nishima puts out some of the best looking FRAMEs in the segment, compared to those Soviet clunkers designed only with set squares and rulers or those hideously bulbous American ones that pump out more hydrocarbons than a fleet of cargo ships on full throttle…. No, what NHI has done is different. They’ve created art! You see, what we have here is an extremely clever fusion of function and form; those shoulder pauldrons either contain fuel for the auxiliary thrusters or house hard-kill countermeasures against guided weaponry - it could be either one since they’ve moved to a brand-new architecture - but its shape is obviously reminiscent of those classical mecha anime, when they started to introduce sharper, more angular designs as an evolution of the weird scuffed round ones. Hell, why stop there; this thing is angles from head to toe, all it takes even the untrained, uncultured eye is one second to appreciate this design.”

“Its looks certainly match its offensive capabilities,” Christina commented. “Those M3/50s have proven to be extremely effective against heavily armored targets, even more so than the 75mil it replaces. Then again, it’s only 50mm, so I imagine that even with different types of ammunition like the shaped charges it won’t cause much AoE damage. Being a smaller round, it probably can’t have as much explosive payload, so it seems very focused on armor penetration. The grenade/rocket launcher thing should help with that a lot, however.”

“Wait, Christina, how’d you know that?”

“With how much you’ve been simping over this series, I couldn’t help but take a look at it myself.”

“I see you’re becoming a woman of culture yourself. The one thing I am concerned about is how well it can take punishment, though. As badass as these designs are, I can’t help but notice that the torso is only suspended by four of those actuators, so that’s a pretty big weak spot. One more thing, since this brand new series has a monocoque-style construction pattern, it’s nowhere near as tough as its predecessors.”

“So your final verdict?”

“What do you think?”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

You can’t just picture this thing flying through the air (while still being within 7m of the ground), slicing another car in two, and say “yeah, it’s alright.” The RfX-01 is one of the most impressive creations in Automation I’ve ever seen. It’s guaranteed a spot in TIME ATTAC as a main competitor. But as was brought up before, seeing this thing on the game cover may make some people expect something entirely different.

Note: @TheAlmightyTwingo 's entry was supposed to go here, but we forgot to make your visual criteron compasses. We’re deeply sorry about this and will update this post ASAP when we get them done.

La Grande Nuit Noire


“I’d like to know your opinions on this one,” Christina said. “We’ve seen a particularly tall entry a few minutes ago. But how about l e n g t h?” With that, the next .car file projected spanned the entire length of the meeting room’s table. Most of the meeting’s attendees were impressed, to say the least. More so intrigued at the pure size of the thing and its somewhat familiar… shape.

Boris guffawed and leaned back in this chair. “This thing is so damn stupid, I love it! It’s like your typical ride from Revlimiter but with a little dash of grey poupon on the side, you know?"

“This thing has more overhang than a Boeing 747. I measured it myself; about forty percent of this car is hanging over the rear axle. I wonder how we would get this to fit in the car selection screen… that is, if it makes it in,” Christina pointed out.

“Ten meters in length, twenty liter 32-cylinder engine… hot damn, these guys took ‘landyacht’ a little too literally! The styling itself is beautiful and lets the body lines do the work of making this a truly intimidating ride. Ultimately the designer has reached a very good balance of prestige, regality, and ruthlessness for this absolute unit of a ride. Just look at that damn length! Something of this stature carries implications of tremendous wealth and status, and commands admiration from filthy peasants down below. This reminds me of those big American coupes back from when everyone and their grandma smoked a pack a day and crime thrillers were in style… extreme overhangs and more area on the hood than the allotted land in the Missouri Compromise. Everything that made those pompous, over-the-top gas guzzlers great can be found in this car, multiplied by a factor of ten.”

“So what’s your final verdict?”

“It pains me to say this. We need to face the facts, as much as I am in love with this ultra-deluxe coupe; despite its brilliant straight-line speed considering how big it is, it just looks extremely cumbersome at this point, and it would suffer greatly in tighter courses. In addition, the design doesn’t make any serious effort to adapt to the very diverse weather and land conditions that TIME ATTAC is renown for. It’s a very purpose-built design, and for that, it falls short of other entries.”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

A design that harkens back to the disgustingly large landyachts of 1970s America, when there was absolutely no compromise against luxury. The La Grande Nuit Nore is a larger-than-life emphasis of those personal luxury coupes, one that is as garish and stylish as it is totally impractical. It was a really tough choice to make, but despite the Nuit Nore’s absolutely imposing dimensions and its brutal visual delivery, it’s ill-equipped for the various types of terrain that will be encountered in TIME ATTAC. Sir Hendry Saxon van Kuppentrop und Tinnenberg VII and his ride of magnificent proportions is sure to be added in the game as a playable antagonist with well-stuffed wallets, but won’t make it into the pool of main contestants.

To be Continued... Again...

I apologize for the delay.



Round 1, Part 3


November 15th, 2026, New York City

“How long are we going to drag this meeting out?” groaned Borliik, leaning back into his chair. “Can we just call it a day?”

“We’re so close to the end. Just eight more entries.”

“Fine. Let’s get this over with.”

Midlands Ceres Apex


Borliik: “This thing has presence. That long hood like those classic GT cars, its obscenely 70s profile and proportions with that sheer length, and that muscle car look makes this thing just plain awesome. It’s such a timeless look, but with some futuristic touches here and there like the LED lights in the front and back. It’s almost like a rival to the Edge Rider, since both very clearly pay homage to the golden days. It’s also very clearly aimed towards the car nerd demographic. An F1 V12 engine and it’s also a fan car? These guys clearly have a hard on for classic motorsports. And it’s a good thing, because so do I.”

Christina: “Cold fusion engine, huh? Wasn’t your PhD thesis on that?”

“As a matter of fact, it was… compact, transportable fusion reactor design, to be precise. I wonder if I could sue these guys for theft of intellectual property. Hah, just kidding! But it looks like they’ve recreated a very realistic-looking rendition inside the cabin. I love how those tanks feed into the intakes of the V12, that’s a magnificent detail.”

“For this vehicle, the set of abilities looks highly dependent on the player’s own skill. It’d be very interesting to have that, which might be frustrating for newer players but will be highly rewarding for players more experienced with racing games. The other mechanics such as the thorium pellets are very similar to older games, which reminds me of nitrous in a way?”

“Listen, I think we can agree the car is badass and all… but the characters. One, I don’t want to change this game’s rating again, and two, I’d much rather our flagship game meant to show off a flagship console’s capabilities not to have that kind of fanart clogging social media. You hear me?”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

A 6x6 muscle car is a 100% badass build, one that anyone will be sure to appreciate whether they are a car fan or not. This design isn’t lacking in any department, and neither are the characters in a very specific one. It looks like there will be yet another duo amongst the main competitors, and if Borliik is willing to risk tainting his company’s reputation, the Ceres Apex and its drivers Gwen and Storm have a chance at making it to the main cover.

Madson Brooklands Torpedo-AGV MOD


“Looks like this one will take some time to load, lemme check if our guest is here yet.”
While Boris is checking his DMs on Fixcord, a rather unusual looking silhouette starts appearing on the display.

“Aight I think he’ll be here in - WHAT IN THE FU-”

He looks around, and every other person in the room has roughly the same facial expressions as him.

“So lemme get this straight,” He finally sits down and sips his coffee “At this point, we have seen a huge spider car, a Hyper-tank and even a huge humanoid robot armed with an assault rifle the size of a car. But this, this is some next-level shi-”

Christina angrily stares at Boris.

“Ahem, right, let’s take a look at the creator’s comment on this thing.”

“Apparently, it’s based off a prewar racer. And then the entire front section is replaced with…that thing. Not too sure how that thing works, but my god it looks rad as fu- heck.” An artist in the meeting exclaims.

“I have something to add too.” One of the gameplay designers raises his hand. “The craft clearly is a monster in terms of outright speed, but the TIME ATTAC rule of altitude limit and it’s rather heavy weight and clumsy handling would balance it out perfectly. It’s perfect for one of those challenging crafts to master, and the game definitely needs one of those.

Borllik nods with approval. “So, it’s almost perfect for what we want.”


“Like, this thing is basically the crotch rocket of the future. The person that rides this thing, is probably a psychopath and a half. I think the creator can elaborate on that a bit more…that’s all I can pick on this thing anyways. By the way, y’all saw the movie Revlimiter?”


“Anyways, it’s in, and the bar has definitely been risen again.”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

We'll even go so far as to call this art. Things like this you absolutely don't see every day. The execution, the idea, it's all perfect. It's undoubtedly making it into the finals.

2030 Delphinida Orca Atavis



“Oh. Wow.”

After being deeply impressed yet again, Boris takes a deep breath and collapses into his office chair.
“Not gonna lie, I’m a bit jealous of this Keiji guy.”


“Like, imagine not being able to show up your friends’ party blasting Life Grabs in this thing, and everytime you get into the craft you get chat with this AI instead of having to deal with my dumb friends who has less IQ and probably less EQ than this AI. If I’m in this thing, I don’t have to care about nobody, but you better give me your attention 100% of the time.”

“Hmm, now that I think of it.” Christina smirks, “This craft would suit so perfectly to you, because the dear Boris I know from high school just happens to someone that has no friends and wants attention all the time, no?”

The entire meeting room laughs.

“Owwwwwww, that freaking hurts, didn’t I pay you enough for this month? Anyways, y’know, I was bit worried about the role of, y’know, one of those rich family entries being missing after we binned the uhh, the La Grande Nuit Noir. As you can see now, we have the perfect candidate for that role. By the way, y’all seen the movie Revlim-”

“Actually, jokes aside, I think Boris has a point.” The story designer who has been slacking off the entire time suddenly speaks.

“About how everyone should watch Revlimiter?”

“Uh, no, about how effective the craft is at portraying the role of an entrant like Keiji. I think the advanced AI with that face is an extremely nice touch in my opinion, just imagine the potential storyline and conversations you can design around this AI. The rest of the craft captures his personality very well, and it has a theme, which helps set it apart from other hovercraft-type builds."

“Exactly! See what I mean? Quirky, cool, expensive car… hover-thing for a quirky, cool, expensive guy.”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

The Delphinida Orca Atavis is unique in the way that it acts as an extension of this character's personality. A clear amount of effort put into the design of both is highly impressive and only makes this more fitting as a potential finalist.

Skyfire Starship


“Well, some classic American muscle, who doesn’t love that?”

“Lets see, swoopy lead sled bodywork? Check. Enough chrome to cause 3rd degree burn to your retinas under sunlight? Check. Big fat blower sticking out blocking more than 70% of front vision? Check. Mhm. All it needs now is a pair of fuzzy dice hanging off the mirrors.

“So we’ve established that it’s pretty darn American. How’s the rest of the design?

“Well, it apparently offers a road mode and a levitating mode in order to clear rough terrains. Which is a bit of a shame, because with the rough terrain of the race, that V12 engine would be a dead weight doing nothing for the majority of the race."

“So what’s the verdict?”

“I think this has a place in the game, but it’s just not as impressive as it could be.”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

It’s not at all a bad design. The concept is good and so is the execution, but it’s just not quite good enough to make it into the finalists as a potential main rival. It will, of course, still find its way into the game as a quick race vehicle.

Zacspeed Phoneix


Judging from the reactions around the meeting room, it was obvious that this next racecraft was instantly a favorite amongst science fiction nuts. One of them being Borliik himself. However, despite the overwhelming amount of approval from the rest of the developer team, it was still up to the man himself to call the shots.

“Right. So at first glance, this reminds me of that certain craft from Solar Battles, y’all know which one I’m talking about, right?”

“The T-wing? And I’m pretty sure it was Intergalactic Conflict, not Space Battles. How do you mix those two up?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, you’re right. But when you look into this bastard a bit more, it makes the Intergalactic Conflict craft look like some kind of kid’s play. Let’s start with the looks. I don’t care if this is clever product placement by Zacspeed attempting to rope zoomers into its aging customer base. Why? Because it works. They’ve always made stunning race cars throughout their history, and this thing right here proves that they know what the hell they’re doing with basically any kind of transportation they lay their hands on. The exposed mechanical stuff on the wings make this design even more extreme than it already is. I mean, it’s a literal freaking space fighter! Does that need any further explanation?”

“Spiritually, this reminds me of repurposed WW2 fighter planes that were turned into race planes. That this used to actually be a military aircraft according to its lore, but unlike other race planes, this one still has its armament. Which brings me to my next point: this is so extreme to the point that I feel like it doesn’t belong in the game, at all.”

“Well… when the premise of this challenge is that anything is fair game, this is to be expected. Because of that, I mean at this point it’s more like 60% racing 40% combat. All thanks to stuff like this, the VARATA, and the RfX01. Hmm… like old fighter craft with guns, the lasers on this are calibrated to converge trajectories at a few hundred meters out. They’ll be more effective at that range, but in street or jungle courses with very limited visibility and lots of blind turns and jumps, they might ont be as useful there. This is pretty clearly on the more offensive side with its… BFL. Hey, it uses a Galilean beam expander? I studied that in university! It’s super interesting how it works. You know the concept of tessellation?”

“…you already lost me there.”

“It’s simple, really. The beam expander is composed of exotic matter, which itself is composed of nearly infinitely-repeating units of crystalline manifolds. We can extrapolate the concept of tessellation from simple shapes and apply it to complex n-dimensional non-euclidean manifolds, similar to the ones that make up the beam expander in the BFL. With this construction, you’re able to alter the phase of the lasers on the fly and this is invaluable for high-energy applications.”

“I… totally understood all of that. So I’ll take that as a ‘yes’?”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

Common sense: exist
Zacspeed Phoenix:

Vol-Tech XX80


An orange vehicle appears in the holographic display. Despite its cute and harmless looks, it possesses one of the most powerful stats on the grid.

“Picture this: this thing is moving out of a garage, and you first see its adorable and almost production car-like front and the next moment whaddaya know, a huge ass nuclear thrust nozzle appears in front of your eyes.”
“You know what scares me about this thing?” Boris says after a long pause, “Even though it is pretty crazy on it’s own, and every single brain cell of mine suggests that I should feel excited about this thing. But somehow…I…just don’t.”

“Why? What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing really…it’s just that I am an absolutely spoiled man after seeing some of the other crafts. Like, I feel sorry for the creator of this craft, but if I haven’t seen what this thing is up against, I’d include it, no questions asked. But then again, I’m spoiled."

Everyone nods in agreement.

“That aside, I do quite like the simplistic approach of it, but I can’t help but to question perhaps if it’s a bit too simplistic. You know, our players would think that a Mach 1.5 capable nuclear reactor powered missile would look a bit more insane than this.”

“Yeah, I can’t say much more about this thing. It’s good, but a touch too tame to our rather spoiled tastes.”

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

The Vol-Tech XX80 is perfect for a cyberpunk setting and perfect for TIME ATTAC. Seeing all of these various takes on the hovercraft concept is very interesting, and this one does a very good job at looking distinctive and convincing enough. It doesn’t quite have what it takes to be in the finalists, however.

Akatronix All-Terrain Leisure Transport


“Hah! This looks exactly like something you’d see if you asked someone from the 70s or 80s to make a hovercraft. This was back in the golden day of CAD! You know those crazy Italian concept cars back in the days? All hard angles. Not a single curved surface to be seen. Straight lines and simple shapes. I could see this being right at home in Solar Battles. By the way, they really botched the new trilogy, didn’t they? I mean, whose bright frickin’ idea was it to kill off-”

“You know, it’s really hard for me to tell if you hate something or like something. You just go on and on about it but it’s so hard for me to pick up on it.”

“Oh no, I definitely like this. I mean, compared to the other hovercraft we’ve had before, this is definitely set apart from the others aesthetically. I don’t know if the correct term is cassette futurism… or hell, what this specific style is even called anyways, if there exists a word for it. But it has such a cool retro-futuristic vibe to it that it’s gotta be in this game, no doubt about that! After all, RetroniX has made some extremely funky-looking cars throughout their history. This thing is no different.”

“This has just under 500 000 pounds of thrust… that really doesn’t sound usable at all.”

“So like the Brooklands Torpedo-AGV thing… this will also be another straight-line speed beast. I mean that basically outpaces the hell out of all the ground vehicles we have so far, it’s totally unfair. I think we’ll have to make a separate hovercraft class just because of this thing! Can you imagine being in that Kita buggy against this thing? But at those speeds, just how maneuverable will it be? I’m telling you, if you try doing any turns at Mach 2 you’ll be out cold faster than Christina on $5 wine.”

“W- what?”

“The CEAOM should give it a fair bit of protection against crowd control attacks, especially EMP-type ones, considering the pilot will still be able to regain control of the vehicle. But manual controls on an aircraft… at this speed… you better be damn jacked, you know what I mean?”

“I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’m just not feeling it for this, you know? It’s missing something. Personality. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly a nice design, and a very unique one for that matter… but it doesn’t quite inspire me in the right way."

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

The Akatronix has incredibly sharp (literally) styling; it’s visually aggressive like the B1 Alpha Pro R1 X but with a funky twist that makes it feel somewhat retro despite very clearly being a futuristic, highly-advanced hovercraft. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t have the right touch to make it into finals, but it’s absolutely going into the base game.

KOBRA 1100


“I think our resident old Merc simper will like this one.” Christina says as a boxy silhouette appears on the projector.

“Oh man, you’re definitely right on this one” Boris leans back into his chair “How many times did I tell y’all that I want a 300CEL?”

“Lost count of it.”

“Exactly. And look what we have here. As the creator suggests, it is based off the famous AMG Hammer coupe, but I can definitely see other influences here, the body kit reminds me of the 190E Evo 2. Heck, I can even see some Group 5 Silhouette cars in it. "

“Old car appreciation aside, it also has some cool details, like the massive blue tank in the middle of the car, it even has a pressure gauge on it.”

“You know that anime? Where the guy reaches his hands to the sides and opens a valve, those gauges goes crazy and the car just goes out of control ballistic. Imagine that in the game."

“It’s cool and all, but how would this thing be implemented gameplay wise? The intent seems to be a speedy but fragile vehicle, like the B1 Alpha. But…I don’t think it’s reflected enough in the design. It apparently has 5700hp, but to be honest, I don’t really see it. Certainly not with these wheels, which looks straight from the time this car originally came from. "

“That, and even though I love the idea of a super-modified icon, but really, it just looks like a generic road car out of the asset bin of Digifunk 2707. Uhh, a part of me really wants to make this a major vehicle, but I can’t really convince myself that it deserves it. It’s just, not quite there really.

Visual Criterion Compasses

Eligibility for Featuring

A classic that is revived with a large dose of technological insanity. Like the Kita, this is a love letter to the racers of the past. Its designs combines the visual features of iconic cars with a healthy amount of futurism. Unfortunately, when lined up against other competitions in this very harsh challenge, the execution of the KOBRA is not quite there. The idea of a ludicrously quick but fragile car is good, but the design doesn’t really bring out and support it’s rocket ship outright speed. It’d probably pass as a stylish daily driver, but not so much for this challenge. It will be featured in the game as a quick race vehicle.

Now all that’s left is the finals round. When is that coming? Good question.