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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 6]


Talking about being a dick.


I wish I was that good at liveries lol


I mean, we don’t see your entry you know. @Xepy really does a good job on designs and the creativity and patience for liveries.
If you have a said 10/10 Design then why not show it to the rest of us and not downplay others.
I know I’m never going to win any beauty pageants or points on style :stuck_out_tongue:
If this were indeed a beauty pageant, we all just lost now didn’t we.


Very true, everyone’s entitled to an opinion but it doesn’t mean they should share it without a solid base for feedback upon. That’s why I don’t criticise that much because most of the time I think my cars are just gonna get it back :joy: also wd on FWD class. My random added time killed my position in ATAC


I’ll take constructive criticism so I can build even better cars and nicer designs. I did get a lot better on my cars when it came to building. Yet my styling needs more work, but with practice and time and patience, I can create something good. But as you seen in my FWD class for ATAC, I can do a frick tune to Yeet.


I know testing takes a while, but do you have an idea of when results come out?


Hi there

Sorry for it taking so long but i was slapped with working overtime due to foreclosure of the store i’m working at as well as moving in with my girlfriend (the moving was planned, the overtime not so much)

But here goes:

(this will be short and not so sweet)


Milae Vertex Touring Car (Pantera BLU #7), 100pts
The Maler 42F-TC, 50pts
Shunga Kaisei, 90pts
FWM Junko TCC Spec, 70pts
Brantan Pegassi RS300, 90pts
Marquez AOSol GTQuatro RacersClub, 90pts
Beifang Yalu 1.5 Cup Car, 80pts

Engineering (and here comes the fun part):

A little introduction… Most of the cars are using Direct Injection and Single point injection, which makes for a severly choked injector, and that means in racing condition, it will probably give in pretty fast as it is being pushed over its limit constantly. This is not good engineering, it’s lazy building.

Only one (Maler 42F-TC, almost 200kg below lowest weight) didn’t really read the brief, so is disqualified.

Milae Vertex Touring Car (Pantera BLU #7):
Frontwheeldrive and 321 hp from a turbocharged 1.5l I4, Good choices all around, tho the quality of the tires is a little over the top. A bit stiff in the suspension department.

Shunga Kaisei:
Frontwheel drive and 403 hp from a turbocharged I4 makes it the most powerful car of the pack.
With a good engine, built from shitty parts, this is the most powerful, tho it will most likely fall apart during a race due to high strain (-5 quality on a lot of parts). And with a weird aero setup and almost stiff rear suspension, it’s going to oversteer.

FWM Junko TCC Spec:
FWD and 261 hp from a turbocharged 1.5 liter I3 is in the lower department of power. With small front brakes with lots of pistons and racepads all around, it’s highly overbraked, the ABS will have to work overtime in this car. It had to much downforce to start with, so it will get some deduction for that too. And the rear suspension is pretty stiff in this car too.

Brantan Pegassi RS300:
RWD and 312 hp from a NA 3.0 liter I6. The first rearwheeldrive car, and a nice one to boot. Staggered tires (210s front and 225s rear) gives it a slightly higher servicecost. Carbon ceramic brakes a slightly over the top and makes the car overbraked. This and the fact that the car has 5 standard seats and an entertainmentsystem, goes to show that it’s not really made for racing, but rather a really sporty familywagon. Active springs and dampers consolidates this.

There are some cars left and i will make some beautyshots as well when i return with the final verdict tomorrow night.

Until then


Is everything ok, @gridghost?


It indeed has been nearly 2 weeks now. We would appreciate some sort of status update at least.


Almost 3 weeks now…should we state some sort of time rule for next round if there is one?


Yeah fr now, if there isn’t an update from gridghost I think we should let someone else host through a poll or something


I’d just let it slip away peacefully in the night, most of the rounds have been the same anyway


Agreed, it all seems to be touring cars or rally cars. No real variety.


Well, it is “games”
Want to give an example where you play as a typical Karen dropping off the kids? yeah. Goodluck. The point of the challenge was to have interesting game designs, something along the lines of reality, but also with enough taste to seem unique to that game.

As stated by the first post:

(I’ll explain the third point a little clearer)
The car needs to be relevant to that challenge scenario, if its inspired by NFS U2 then some sporty hatch with neon underglow would be good. If it’s Colin Mcrae rally then a rally car. It has to look the part.

The end bit is just a cool photoshop rendition of the winning car, and there can be multiple catagories and honestly this is the best part. I love being able to choose what catagory to go for, maybe you cant design high power cars for shit, but a small beater is perfect.

There is no reason for the challenge to die, it’s pretty unique and it’s not the same as CSR, it’s not the same as CSC. It is more specific than CSC because you’re not designing a beleiveable car, it’s for a game. It can be as outlandish as you see fit. So, somebody. Please. Host the next round, lets get this sorted.


My car is technically in the lead of the results released so far and I do have an idea that hasn’t been done yet (very mid 2000s NFS style) . Do note I’m not particularly good at driving in Beam so I won’t continue that if I do host.

I will need some time to get things ready and I will be busy in the early next week so if anyone else has ideas we can put it to a vote or something. Otherwise if people are okay with it I can get something going by next week.


Does the simspons hit & run count as a typical Karen (Marge) dropping off the kids?


Could have an Automation challenge about a fantasy Automation game in which you make a brown ecobox. but at that point it probably would be way too meta-commentative.


Jalopy or MSC style would be nice


LeMons-based restrictive budget mixed-condition racing game.

OR a Destruction Derby game, where cars have to be light, fast, and safe as can be.