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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 6]


1995 Narya Kartsune RS Coupe.


Ewww… shit.
@abg7 your opinion on replicas? Especially on mine - goes through or not?

In case the car is not accepted, my luxury-boat is already ready. I went for a lore-appropriate styling for the 1995 Kyalami Clubsport with RWD, manual and non-gadget suspension.
Still almost two tons of rust-resistant steel. I already tested it in Beam and its very slow for a V12 but this tells me I have built it realistic.


Replicas of real-life cars, as I have just seen, will not be accepted. Thankfully I see you have something else ready, and that particular car is most definitely not a replica.

Edit: I will treat convertibles as coupes, but police cars will not be in the game.


@abg7 Do we need a police car in the game?


@abg7 Are convertibles allowed, or only what the game classifies as coupes?


LMC Nessus

This iconic supercar of the 90’s has been on posters in many bedrooms since its concept’s appearance on Blurred Vision. While the Nessus is nearing the end of its production run, its timeless styling and impressive performance will keep the Nessus in the spotlight for years to come. The 1995 Type S model is equipped with a 419 hp 3.8L V8 Twinturbo. This MR coupe is a pure supercar with a 5-speed manual transmission.


The game update deleted all wipers. I have over 250 cars in the game… AAARRRRGGHHHH!!!

So, here are all my cars for this challenge. Just need renaming.

Level 1: CMT Mugello, inline six, “only” around 190 horsepower. Light and small, so a good beginner.
Level 2: CMT Kyalami V12, approx. 370 hp. Somehow a meme car as its a luxury boat.
Level 3: Umakicho Banzai, approx. 510 hp, Wagner Ultron, approx. 510 hp, CMT Spa, around 370hp. Three supercars with different character.


Reminder: only one car per user, so if you have multiple options for an entry, just send in one of them.

Also, as of now I have received 6 entries.


Shit! It was the B-spec challenge where multiple cars were allowed. Aaargh.
Now this is a hard decision. The Ultron is the fastest, the Banzai the best allrounder, the Spa the closest to what you were looking for and the Kyalami is just so good as meme car for all these Eldorado, CL and other luxury coupés. This makes me headache now.


1995 Greil Dainsleif


MC12 vibes. Great car btw


i said you could submit multiple cars


As I stated in the OP, only one entry per user.

Anyway, there are less than 48 hours before the deadline, so if you have something ready, don’t forget to submit it - and make sure to post an ad for it as well.


I might really go for the meme car just because of NFS HP2 and Midtown Madness Hommage.


I’m going to submit a terribly ugly knockoff viper


I just realized it’s no AWD :thinking:
Hello wheelspin


KGB Yamata No Orochi alongside its GT1 race spec.

Stock car is powered by a 3.5L turbocharged I-6 delivering 579hp and weighs in at 1246kg with a full carbon fibre body.

GT1 spec doubles up with a 7.0L turbocharged V12 pushing out 1437hp and weighs a mere 1318kg.


I did it and just submitted my luxury coupé with manual transmission.


Would you be penalizing us for using quality sliders to get better stats or just better performance in general?
Let’s say quality slider isn’t more than +5


You can use quality sliders, but only in moderation. Otherwise, you run the risk of exceeding the ET limits.