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The Automation Photo Editing Competition [Round 3 Redux]


Nowhere near as good as anyone else’s above, but hey, effort is effort.

Final Entry

The 1996 Zenshi GT Z Spec U as seen in Driving Emotion Type-S.


At least I tried…
Final Entry

2003 TSR Taikan NR5 N1 in the decal editor of Gran Turismo Sport


5 more days until voting!


Voting will end tomorrow at 00:00 GMT.

Please vote for only one entry.

Any comments and feedback for the artists would be appreciated.


Voting has officially ended!

Of our 22 votes for this round, the first-place round winner goes to…


There will be a new brief tomorrow at 00:00 GMT chosen by @Rk38.

Final voting breakdown:
10 votes - @Rk38
6 votes - @Dorifto_Dorito
6 votes - @Mr.Computah
0 votes - @Aaron.W, @Grandea, @NormanVauxhall