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The Automation Photo Editing Competition [Round 5]


My entry.

The people are the casts from “The Making of the Mob: New York”.
Scenery in blood is the New York city skyline.


Hope nobody forgot; deadline is this upcoming Monday!


Definitely didn’t just make this after I saw your post…


Which James Bond movie is that car from?


Voting will end tomorrow at 00:00 GMT.

Please vote for only one entry.

Any comments and feedback for the artists would be appreciated.


Voting has officially ended!

Of our 14 votes for this round, the first round winner goes to…


There will be a new brief tomorrow at 00:00 GMT chosen by @goblin95.

Final voting breakdown:
7 votes - @goblin95
5 votes - @Chickenbiscuit
2 votes - @Vri404


Woo-hoo! Thank you so much to everyone for your support, and in extension to @MONARCH for the base car (I believe I haven’t been crediting you enough for it lately, sorry!). It was really fun playing around with masking tools in this round, and it was not very difficult to execute either. I’ll think of a theme that doesn’t need advanced shopping skills but still open for creative interpretation.


Round 3 - Crossing Eras

@goblin95’s winning entry from last week.

Welcome to the third round of the APEC. Our theme this week is presented by last week’s winner @goblin95; the theme he provided was “Same Place, Different Time.” Here’s what he has to say…

“I’ve always been fascinated by these kinds of pictures, where you align an old-timey photo to the same location but shot in present time, giving a contrasting effect. It’s interesting to see how much things have changed between those two pictures.”


Original ruleset

A special tip from @goblin95

“If you don’t mind me dropping external links, Overlay21 has tremendously helped me in aligning cars in photo mode to real-life scenes (though the free version is very much a nagware making it a little annoying to use).”

Deadline: 12th of April, 2018, 00:00 GMT
19th of April, 2018, 00:00 GMT

Challenge has been overridden due to a lack of entries.


6 day warning for the deadline!


Seems a little quiet here, huh?

Due to a lack of entries, I’ll extend the deadline a week until April 19th, 2018.



This is awkward.

  • Extend the deadline another week
  • Hold the competition until people find time to make something
  • Ask the previous winner to think of another theme

0 voters


I would make something for this, but with doing digital art stuff for school, I never feel like it when I get home. It is a good challenge though. I surprised more people haven’t jumped in on it the past few rounds.


…soooo? :zipper_mouth_face:


Round 3 (Dedux) - Automation for Playstation

A short demo from @Chickenbiscuit

Welcome to the third round of the APEC. Our theme this week was originally presented by last week’s winner @goblin95; however, due to a lack of entries we have decided to move on to a new host. @Chickenbiscuit takes his place. Here’s his statement.

“My love of cars came at an early age from games like Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, and Test Drive 5. I was especially drawn to the games that let you customize your car. Now with Automation, the sky is the limit. This round might bring out some unusual uses of Photoshop and I’m curious what games you guys bring into the mix.”


Original ruleset

Deadline: 19th of May, 2018, 00:00 GMT


Question. Does it have to be Playstation games or can it be games from a similar late 90s platform (e.g. Windows 98 games, Gamecube, etc)?


It can be any game from any time period IIRC. I just chose games that a lot of us have grown up playing.


Oh yeah, I didn’t read the rules thoroughly lol. I’ll come up with something.


Final Entry - MrComputah

This is the 1987 Caliban Type SC as it appeared in the original Forza Horizon.


Final entry

One of the few european car company featured into the first Poliphony Digital game.


Final Entry

Not the best, I know, but making GIFs like this are a total PITA


Final Entry

Time to bring back an classic old gif from a classic old game.