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Yeah, I haven’t been able to work on it for a few weeks now. I cannot promise when the next competition will happen. But it is very likely that it won’t be before next update (which does not mean that it will be then).


take your time. dont do what EA does.

delayed game is a better game than an unfinished game :slight_smile:


Another BROBOT feature question:
[ul]]Can the race organizer configure the rate of tyre wear?/:m]
]Can the race organizer accelerate the rate of fuel consumption?/:m][/ul]
I’m imagining races run with 2x or 3x tyre wear and fuel consumption, to simulate an endurance race in a shorter timespan.


[size=150]Little Dev Update[/size]

Take a look at the upcoming features of the BRC here:
[ul]]Blue flags/:m]
]Yellow flags/:m]
]Driver pressure & tiredness/:m]
]Safety Car/:m]
]Endurance strategy mode/:m]
]Extended logging/:m][/ul]


Very cool. :slight_smile:

Looking at the safety car feature … do you think there will be flying starts for the BRC 1976?


ooh. reliability of the engine and the car is now calculated separately?
aw yyiiiisss time to pull off my reliable build skillz

also, is there a maximum time for the SC to be on the track?
because it being too long on the track is gonna eat up our fuel for nothing and screw some of our strategies.

1 last thing, is it possible to make a irregular stop on ‘safety car lap’?
since most of the car is held back behind the SC anyway, it seems to be a good time to pit.


@koolkei: I think Der Bayer said in the video that you could configure your strategy to include irregular pit stops during safety car laps. It wasn’t in the template he showed, but presumably it’ll be added.


oh. i think i missed that. derp.

well, i wasn’t using my headphones when i played that video :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my, this is getting advanced. I like it.


[quote=“Der Bayer”][ul]
]Endurance strategy mode/:m][/ul][/quote]

Doe…does that mean…le…Le Mans? With BRC? :open_mouth:


More that it’s possible until we see the rules.


so im wondering if there will be “blocking” feature on future update? for now i feel faster car can easiliy breeze passing slower car without any fight from slower car to defend his position especially on during spot


There already is such a feature (since the beginning of BRC). If you watch closely you can see that there are smaller groups of cars behind smaller cars. If you just overtake on a straight the slower cars cannot do anything against it of course.


Just to speak from my own thoroughly-biased subjective experience: BRC 1955 and Sell On Monday Win On Sunday were both exercises in “I can lap faster than you but I can’t overtake you” for Packbat Auto Works. I can remember a lot of times when a group of cars has been stuck behind a slightly slower car and held up.


Any feature to save any car submitted by me from a terrible end? :stuck_out_tongue:

Joke aside, good work!


[quote=“NormanVauxhall”]Any feature to save any car submitted by me from a terrible end? :stuck_out_tongue:

Joke aside, good work![/quote]

Enter them under a pseudonym.


[color=#ffdf00]BRCTool Update[/color]

New BRC Tool with live scrutineering.

Always test the whole car in the end to get proper values!
Please note that the tool won’t check against illegal modded bodies, too. This will be done manually. So if the tool says okay, the car still can be disqualified.

Questions, thoughts?

The challenge will be started SOON… whatever that means… :no_mouth:


thats quite useful update though my screen isnt big enough for using it like in video.

btw any chance to use any non air ventilation/aero related mod thar exist in steam? i know vents and grilles or even lips and wings cause some competiveness issue like body shell but there no should be no problem just for using a light fixture that not listed on HQE mod pack


If I don’t have the fixture it is a problem. And I won’t clutter my game with low quality stuff. You have plenty of possibilities with the HQE stuff. If I don’t do it this way I have to exclude every single mod which is not allowed, such as the stupid Barth bodies and so on.


Man this is just getting better and better :smiley: really not helping the fact that we are hungry for new BRC

How is the total cost calculated in brctool?