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The version I have from you does it in the game in 2:21.47. In the race the fastest flying lap was 2:11.43, so what’s the problem?


Holy frick, I crashed not just into one car, but two in less than 10 laps :laughing: Bayer, could you check if that’s what made me lose to Strop? Or how much slower did the car become?


Your car was ~10% slower than normally in the end. But I already changed the damage progression. Small damages have a smaller effect now and the progression is quadratic.

Crashing means small contacts, too. The numbers in the race log show how intense the crash was. Everything below 1 is a minor contact, above 2 a decent crash. Values can go up to ~ 5, everything else is totally rare (normally distributed random numbers, standard deviation 1).


My suspicion was that without the crashes I would have come third or fourth. If I had started further up the grid, however, it may be different again, but ulukay and martin both had possibly faster cars.


I will implement training and qualifying sessions soon, there you will be able to see the somewhat true speed.


Now that I’ve finally worked out and fixed what was wrong with all my previous cars my test car should be with you Der bayer.


The idea of a training session is very interesting. How will it affect the qualifying and the race results?


The training will only to be there to get an estimate of the performance and to calculate how much fuel the car needs for qualifying and race (-> more weight for less economical cars).


Preview of the new single lap qualifying mode. With driver errors (currently not yet influenced by car tameness/sportiness) and deactivated AI (no holding up):

YouTube Video


Considering how severe that error was, I’m quite happy with that time


I want to play too. I wanna watch my number 60 come in dead last and survive at least one severe wreck. Hey, if you’re gonna be a disgraceful entry, be a good at it!


You’re not a fan of Grand Prix Manager 2 by any chance are you?


I’m not very good using paint. However, look at how awesome my car is!

(Let me enjoy it in the moments before it gets thrashed by strop)



Here is the test race using the qualifying results from the previous video:

YouTube Video


After a great start my driver made a streak of errors costing him positions… 5th. Not bad at the end.


Very cool race. I was shocked by my driver error in the last lap. :slight_smile:


So a quickie. Is there a race or something, and if yes, where should i send my lua ??


The challenge is currently in development and I use cars built by the community for testing. You can find the regulations for the cars somewhere in this thread. Send the lua file in a PM to me if you want to participate. :slight_smile:


I am vexed. For some reason the car simply doesn’t have race pace this time, aside from the two rather large errors (though in the big picture they didn’t contribute much), and that shunt I gave leo (Sorry! :blush: ) But as to how I have suboptimally built my car, I am scratching my head.

Well, I think it is better to stick to this model until everything is implemented to give an idea of the varying performances so that’s how it may stay!


I’m very glad for going with AWD because my car rocketed off the line. Granted it was out of position due to a giant error in qualifying but 14th to 7th in the first few corners with a final position of 4th was a lot better than expected. Judging by the lap times I might have managed third with a decent qualifying session too.

Der Bayer, is it possible for next time to have the race run until all cars have crossed the line next time? This one ended as soon as the leader finished, which probably denied a few people a last lap battle

I’ve just noticed that rileybanks seems to be listed in the wrong position judging by the marker’s position on the map and the distance behind figure at the end of the race. Not sure what would cause that though