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The Call for a Reformed CSR


If I could nail this to the door of the CSR building wherever that is I would

One simple request:


that is all I and many others wish for


I support the request.


I object the request. IMO there’s still not enough variety in UE4 compared to Kee and that would limit possibilites for entrants.


Depends on what the challenge is. There’s less variety overall, yes, but many segments have a wide variety of bodies. It would just be to offer a challenge that fits within one of the filled demographics.


The thing that I would be more worried about is the fact that the car designer is currently being overhauled. It would make a lot more sense to switch to UE4 after all the new features are implemented and everything is balanced.


I am also in favor of waiting for UE4 to be fully finished before CSR starts using it.


Why not let it be the choice of the roundmaster to decide when we move onto UE4?


Ok, but…what if an ue4 update comes mid challenge and renders entries corrupted or changed by the update?


i too want UE4 to be in CSR. but the changes and updates are still too frequent. it’s frankly not ready for CSR. for normal challenge maybe


naaaaaaaaaaaaa mate


I’d say wait until UE4 gets rebalanced at least. So we can make better use of the new stats. Otherwise, better to just run the stable version.