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The Car Shopping Round 104 - Time to take the Outback out back


Not at all, look at the tooltips to see what’s going on. For example in the 90s, standard safety means driver’s airbag only, advanced safety means driver and passenger airbag. I have not seen less than two airbags on the vast majority of 90s cars, especially in the latter half of the decade.

So yes, it is realistic based on the game mechanics.

Unrelated, but I’ve edited the brief to state that the 20% commission fee is automatically added by the spreadsheet. Seems that wasn’t clear.


Bruh. Why did I even bother to bring my costs down xD wtf


No, it’s not. Economy is distance/ volume used, consumption is volume used/distance, and 3/4 of the world use it.


Aight, let's see here

Hidden Problems

Somewhat, the trim reliability became a liability. In the end, it was really difficult but jey, 2000s right?
It’s seldom, meaning the first time, that I’m the first to submit an ad. Feeling kinky now!


Actually, when you think about it, I often wonder why we don’t use that in the U.S. It was particularly relevant back when gas was $4+ per gallon (and every mfr was making a hybrid version of their car).

Say my daily commute is 100 miles: I’m determining whether I should buy a SUV that gets 15 mpg, or a minivan (at the time) that gets 20 mpg; now also consider that there’s a hybrid version of that same SUV that gets 18 mpg. On the surface, it doesn’t really look like that big a difference between the three. The SUV will consume 6 2/3 gallons, at $4, each and every day; the hybrid version costs $15K more, but uses 1 gallon less per 100 miles every day; and the minivan has a higher annual service cost, but only uses 5 gallons every day. Commuting 210 days a year, you end up spending a lot on gas; but using mpg, there’s extra steps in determining just how much.


Thought I’d have a crack at this one seeing as the scenario is pretty interesting… But god damn the trim PU!


Also, in the excel doc - the “niche factor” formula is different in the first row causing comparison issues. Is the first row correct (-7)?

=IF((D7/2+ (E7-7) )/1202^(C7/70)>0.1,(D7/2+ (E7-7) )/1202^(C7/70),0.15)
=IF((D8/2+ (E8-5) )/1202^(C8/70)>0.1,(D8/2+ (E8-5) )/1202^(C8/70),0.15)


I’m guessing only the first row is tuned for the calculations of this challenge? Otherwise why would there be only row with a slightly different formula?


I sure as hell hope not! I have 12 cars in that spreadsheet and decide for on in line 8.


Even if it is just for that one row, duplicating the file and pasting the stats of the car from line 8 to line 1 of the new file shouldn’t be that much of a hassle.


True, but I already submitted


I’ll have to, with utter regret, scrap this car because I can’t just bring the cost below 12k without sacrificing important figures. Cookies for whoever guesses which car I loosely tried to replicate.


Since it’s not a problem on your end but a because of how the spreadsheet is made, I think carlover would accept a resubmission


2001 AYO NR3

Cheap: Yes
Schport: Yes
Boost: Yes
Tofu Delivery: In 25 minutes or your money back

The back


But why would he need to resubmit (only if his price is more than 11k) only the ad price is worong. Or am I missing something?


I’m not saying he needs to. I’m saying that if there’s a reason for him to wanting to resubmit, he probably has an option to do so


I didn’t touch that part, so that’s definitely a mistake needing to be addressed. I’ll edit the spreadsheet when I get home.

The formula on the first row of the spreadsheet is the correct one to use.

If you used any other row and submitted your car already, let me know and if the difference causes your car to change price brackets I will allow a resubmission.


Okay, so first thing after turning the key when I get home, is checking my pricing.
If you don’t hear from me again, I’m dead because the stats don’t work.

Also, I wanted to be in the 5000$ league for a private owner car.


Dude I think you’d rather want to add stuff to your car. The first row has the most reduced pricing of all. Relax man


my car is approx 400 dollars difference… and considering i had to make loads of sacrifices to get it under 5k, would this also warrant a resubmission?


Anybody up for a half-assed 2003 Subie? Has premium interiors and can plough through snow. Also is faster than OPs Legacy.
Also, @thecarlover Corrosion Res. Steel is not bare steel as you mentioned right? RIGHT?
EDIT: I’ll PM the car to you after you confirm this

We’d like to point out that Hitomoji Motors is a Japanese subsidiary of Vector Motors, thank you