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The Car Shopping Round 104 - Time to take the Outback out back


I smell Hyundai Lancer Evo Sti!

Also @kobacrashi I save around 200$, which is nice, but I think I stay with this. Of course, this would give me quite some room for refinement, but it’s also cheaper and he can buy an aftermarket exhaust for the few bucks saved.


Does anybody have the correct excel table?


Lol pretty much, I made a near identical Lancer Evo X replica but on a sedan body (unlike this one) and I was too lazy to remake one


Just use the first row of the table provided here.
like this:


I made like 5 cars that is why I am asking. But thanks anyway.



Copy this formula here and paste it to the formula of all the niche factor columns, hope this helps

Edit: this doesn’t work either, I’m stupid


I tried already but it doesen`t let me do this. Anyway thanks for trying to help!


I figured out what is wrong with it, but I don’t know how to fix it .


Me too, and I tried but the formula is further borked than we thought


I spent time on this.


Ah crap! Sorry guys, my bad, i didn’t notice back when I was tweaking the excel. A quick way to fix this should be to use the continue function in Excel by dragging the plus.


@alex.kuc00 here’s your help buddy!


Used_Car_Calculation_CSR104.zip (9.8 KB)

This should be fixed one. Can anybody confirm?


When it comes to year, are we going off model year or trim year?


Trim year


Alright, then expect a '94 rally estate in it’s 6th year inbound.


This will be interesting


Here’s my pride and joy KGB Kuma RE (Rally Estate)

I’m really hesitant to sell as it’s given me many good years from new, but it’s time to give in to a boring SUV now the family’s growing.

Body’s in excellent condition thanks to its corrosion-treated frame, very little aesthetic damage.
Pulls hard with a nice torque-y 2.8L turbo inline-6 with 332nm of torque and 249hp not too high up.
5 speed automatic sport gearbox shifts nice and smoothly, not too much delay.
18 inch rally edition wheels and yellow calipers on big brakes, still in good nick.
modern safety systems in place as standard, part of the 2000 facelift.
Spacious cabin and 5 full seats, nothing to complain about.
big sunroof and aero package installed from the factory.

Looking at $5000 OVNO


I think we used the same model but different trim lol. We’re basically trading him Subarus for his Subaru


Well you shouldn’t really give up a subie.