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The Car Shopping Round 104 - Time to take the Outback out back


All it teaches me is that the brief is almost entirely irrelevant and you should probably ignore stats in favour of how your equipment choices look to an IRL buyer.


@thecarlover I wanted to do 4 seats and a turbo, but I didn’t realized the 20% dealer fee was built in to the spreadsheet so I thought I was way down on money… god I need to read more closely :sweat_smile:


Yeah that too actually lol


Yep, that’s why I got through this round with a Lambo Gallardo replica. Great point that :slight_smile:


“I want something that stands out”

chooses tarmac grey wagon

Let’s also note that the invisible wagon with 225hp and rwd for off-road driving is apparently significant, but 249hp and AWD isn’t worth noting.

You do good styling so it gets through comfortably as usual, the brief is pretty reliably a minimum standard, then the rest falls down to personal taste.


Well first of all: mine’s acshually blue :triumph:


I’d look for a tastefully modified car, so don’t use Need for Speed Underground 2 as inspiration.

Not sure you got the memo there.

Finally, premium interior and basic cassette is just minmaxing - something that was advised against in the brief.

Additionally, hosting a CSR is hard and time consuming. Hosts are really only going to let the good cars get through, so just learn from your mistakes in every round and keep improving - don’t get salty.


Not to pat myself in the back, but I make really pretty cars too. That doesn’t mean they do well, at all.

Quit being butthurt, your car wasn’t what he wanted. Move along.


Well, if it is supposed to be sporty, then it shouldn’t have an automatic transmission.
It’s like saying I want to do sports, but only play chess.

At least it’s good looking and exactly what I wished for in the earlier days. Premium all around with 8,3s? from 0-100 and ESC as well as many other gimmicks.

Fair evaluation nontheless, these are your rules at the end of the day.

Good luck to the rest of you guys!


Calm down there, buddy.

You mean the factory wing for rally editon car? Or the stock two-tone bumper that host decided was modified anyway? I don’t know what you think an NFS inspired car looks like, but I always think big fenders, slammed body, the full rice.

Not remotely considering how they’re one off eachother, but checking my car, it actually usues a standard interior and basic cassette which are on the same line. Kind of supports the whole “hosts do what they do, not what they say.”

That’s what I was doing, until you decided to shitpost. Sure it’s hard and host has every right to choose what they want.

See above, I don’t care what place I get, just noting the obvious disparity.


There is no disparity. The only disparity here is your salt which is rotting this round. Please quit, and wait patiently for the next round :))


If you wanted anybody to be quiet, you woudn’t start flaming?


Not a surprise at all. There’s a saying in aviation that “if it looks right, it is right.” More often than not, it’s true, especially in post-UE4 CSR. I’ll take this as a sign that I need to significantly improve my car exterior design skills - although the engineering part isn’t too bad as far as this entry is concerned. It used up quite a lot of the allocated PU/ET budget, though - but not enough to disqualify it immediately.


Preliminaries – Part 2

@MasterDoggo – Koërt 250S

Ooo, a nice Saab… I mean Koërt, and the price was dropped down to $8200. This one’s different enough to stand out without being too wild, it’s a look I like. Can’t go wrong with the practicality of a wagon either. Huh, another I5, and making a respectable 196 hp for 2.6L. Let’s see inside… nice leather seats, alright stereo, but a manual transmission and only the one airbag. Do I want to make some sacrifices from a daily without getting a proper sports car? Hmm… no. If I’m going to make these sacrifices, I want something that makes it worth it; this is more a direct replacement to the Outback with some sacrifices rather than something offering a more complete sport experience.

@cake_ape – 2008 Mons Cursor LT

Ah, another car sitting at the top of my budget. Let’s see what this one offers… Well, the colour won’t exactly stand out but that is a nice metallic effect in it. Don’t see too many blacks like that. The design is interesting and quite unique in its own way. It may grow on me. Oh wow, interior pics show some nice leather seats, a high end stereo with a GPS, and there’s plenty of airbags as well. It’s no wagon but that liftback design is very useful and pretty unique for a sedan here. Turbocharged 1.8L I4 making 235 hp, not bad at all to give it some oomph, but I’d expect faster acceleration from it. Still faster than my Outback, so I might as well shoot them a message.

@Dragawn @EddyBT – 2001 BT Motors Panthera SST

Just about 5 grand could also get me this very nicely styled wagon. Other than being a wagon, I don’t really see anything special about the design, but it’s pleasing enough. So the engine is… damn. 282 hp from a 2.3L I4 with a turbo, and this is also AWD. Apparently hits 100 km/h in 7 seconds and still gets 33 MPG. Unless the interior is trash this could be good… Interior’s alright. No fancy stereo, but it has all the safety features I’d expect and looks as practical as my Outback. Yup, gonna message the owner for this one.

@On3CherryShake – Kazume Axent 3.5 SLX

Now this is interesting, a sleek premium looking sedan in a nice shade of red. It’s a little on the pink side but it’s not bad; at least it’s not 50 shades of grey like most premium cars tend to be. Just the shape of the car is unique as it is. Inside looks nice, I’m liking all that comfortable looking leather. Ooo, I spot a boxer 6 under the hood, fitting for the sleek design. For a little under $5000, this car offers a lot that some more expensive cars don’t. Definitely contacting the seller.

@goblin95 – 2004 Kasai Arial CS

This is interesting, first coupe I come across that isn’t be a sports car, or even trying to be a sportscar. It’s a pleasing design but I could very easily lose this one in a parking lot. Interior is pretty standard for 2004, maybe less airbags that expected but it’s not bad. Powered by a 2.0L I4, just over 200 hp, alright economy at 26 MPG. Not great, not terrible. Really not much else I guess, it’s pretty much standard. These are apparently quite reliable cars, so I guess I have nothing to lose from messaging the owner.

With the scratches and damaged headlight this should definitely not be a $5000 car, but I’ll ignore those here. I wouldn’t in reality.

@Centurion_23 – 2001 Straker Overlander

Now this, I like this. Yellow paint with plastic cladding just does it for me for some reason. This looks like a straight up slightly newer replacement for the Outback and it looks great, though what’s with the random Cascade badge on the back? Okay, what the hell is this interior. Seats are nice leather but that’s one of the shittiest stereos systems I’ve seen so far, it belongs in a shitbox. I also see a crack in the dashboard and plenty of cracks in the leather as well. Sure it’s only $3800 but then I’ll need to spend several hundred replacing the entire audio system. This one looked so good, but I just can’t do that interior.

@CC9020 – Zenith Ace Scrambler V8

Might as well take a look at a muscle car for a little variety. This is a pretty generic muscle car design, looks nice but doesn’t stand out. Shame it isn’t painted in one of the bright colours I’m sure was available. 5.0L V8, typical muscle car engine, and 373 hp that I don’t think my insurance company will like very much, but the AWD is quite unusual. Interior… oh great, another with a ripped out back seat. What the hell. And why does a 2004 car only have a single airbag like it’s from 1994? The only thing going for this is power and acceleration, but that’s not worth it for spending over 10 grand.

@MGR_99 – Tokushu MS430

What’s next… a beige sedan. The styling is pretty nice if not rather common, but it’s fucking beige. This was definitely a grandpa’s car. Ugh, I see some rust, that’s not what I want in a $5000 car. Inside is mostly nice but I see grandpa optioned out the base model stereo and safety in his high spec model. How does a 2002 car still only have a single airbag? And this is another one that would need money just to get decent audio. Nah.

Same issue as the scratched car, I wouldn’t want rust on a car at that price in reality but that was not actually a factor for binning it.

@Mad_Cat – 2005 Wagner Minister TS-A31

Alright, another black car coming up. It’s a pretty nice design but it’s overly normal. I’d easily lose this in a parking lot. I’m sure I’ve seen these around before but just never paid them any attention. Turbo 3.1L I6 making only 190 hp, my insurance premium won’t like that and I won’t even get some power out of it. It averages 25 MPG, so it’s not even trying to be an eco car. I can even see some bubbling paint around the panel gaps in the pics. This isn’t worth spending 6 grand on.

@Q90X – 2005 Raiden Alacrity Sport

Last car I’m going to look at… Ah, I can certainly spot an eco car when I see one, but this is a good looking one. That electric blue is a very nice colour and fits the crisp modern styling. It’s bound to stand out a bit and that’s what I want. Pretty much standard grade interior I expected, and surprisingly only two airbags; the only real advantage over the Outback’s interior is that it’s newer. Turbocharged 2.2L I4 under the hood and it makes a respectable 210 hp. Goddamn that 42 MPG figure is great if it’s true in regular driving, that’ll save me a lot of money. So $6740 would mean financing but… This dealer looks like a complete scam. I’m reporting this one.

I only reviewed the car you chose to submit under your own name. All the ones from your alt accounts went straight to the bin.

That’s all for the preliminaries. Congrats to @CorsicaUnknown , @accent , @Xepy , @cake_ape , @Dragawn & @EddyBT , @On3CherryShake , and @goblin95 for making it to the test drives. I’ll try and not take too long for the final reviews, but as it is the Canada Day long weekend I won’t be at home all that much so I’m aiming to have them finished on Tuesday at the latest.


Lightly used car here, it’s either a giveaway or it’s going to the junkyard.
Be kind to it, or dont.
CSR104 - MGR’99 - Tokushu - MS430.car (113.8 KB)


So in conclusion he is not really open, but discovered that he is up for a sports car after all.


What body did you use for this?


The SAAB 95 body mod by Aruna


Ahhhhhh goddamnit. Forgot to actually PM the car file.

and that, kids, is why you don’t wait until the last minute to finalise your entry :frowning:


Neat, your car’s going to get so much abuse.


sad I wasn’t able to participate in this