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The Car Shopping Round 127 - A Lonely Nomad's ~~Life~~ Ride


congrats to xepy and the rest
honestly I was sitting this one out as I’m not good at designing, also with TGR running and hosting TMCC11
mazda seen my car I was making for ARXL and wanted to use it as a platform
I was like sure, but it’s not really cyberpunk material.
Interesting round to say the least, I’ll see what 128 has in store


I definitely think this is one of the “equalizer” rounds just because it demanded a whole new class of csr cars and standards, and promoted a high level of diversity. Also surprisingly quick progress.
Either way, loved this round, even if it happened during a particular busy week and with a subject I’m not the most fond of (and maybe I’m not that creative in the first place).
I spent 95% of my effort on the engineering


Ah, damn…
I already had a feeling that the van is gonna win.


I really enjoyed this round, was definitely something different. And also appropriately timed for Cyberpunk coming out, thank you for hosting!

As much as I want to host, my work schedule has been crazy the past weeks, not to mention I have a few livery commitments to finish before ARXL starts. So I’ll pass it on to Mikon.


That was a lot of fun. Congratulations for the winners!


That was indeed a lot of fun! Despite my car being binned, I loved the challenge of designing something else. Don’t know how I could be so dumb to completely miss the engine ET requirement though. :man_facepalming: But seeing the number of bins it looks like I wasn’t the only one to not read through the rules good enough.

Anyway, congrats to the winners! That van does look great.


Thanks everyone for the great inspiration. It’s nice to see an entire topic full of cars in a style I love. This is all that matters to me.


5th!! Best score so far! I wasn’t into futuristic styling but I quite enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone!

You said in the review of my behemoth that my safety was low…

If remember well I had 90+ points on safety. What kind of score was considered being normal?


And since the new CP2077 trailer stated that JS will be back with his 911, I might as well give my boy Akio a call, so he can bring his Zeto here. Good races ahead.


@S31 I said it was second to none, it’s the best safety by a fairly wide margin.

Since it’s been asked, here’s the spreadsheet I used for the test driven cars. The style score is specifically for the test driven cars relative to each other.


Time to host my first CSR.

Time to fire up Photoshop


Oh!! Sorry!! I totally misread!! My bad