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The Car Shopping Round 130 - Retail Therapy


I knew that one would win, seriously badass machine. Congrats to everyone, and congrats to Mr. Snail for hosting an awesome round!! Another 3rd in my book :stuck_out_tongue:


Had my bets on the Seikatsu too!

Right when I threw the solid axles on the front and the leafs in the rear I knew I was doomed for. Glorious Nippon Steel prevails and it deserves it. Congratulations to the winners, thank you for the great round, the good laughs and uhh… Innis?


This is very well written, and always happy to see delta clinch another major win, and ryan too.


I know that you and I both know that he’s already seen it, but just because it might look bad to newer members in the future…

remember that thing where we don’t tag the winner? :slight_smile:


Congrats winner, definitely deserved it. It was a fun round, especially with all the attack ads thrown around. Thanks for hosting Donut!



Jokes aside, congratulations to Delta! I didn’t expect my truck to make it this far too, although I knew that my fuel economy and power figures would be the death of me but THERE’S STILL NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT HURR DURR DURR.

This round was great fun, especially with the attack ads. Thank you to Donutsnail for hosting this round!


I like a challenge that spices things up once in a while, and this round of CSR did exactly that. Thank you Donutsnail for creating a very interesting round that forced some people, including me, out of their comfort zones. That being said, the competition was very strong in this one, and I think some newer CSR entrants got into their first finals this round (or really close)!

Ryan93 and I should be able to host the next round of CSR. Hopefully we’ll have something within four or so days.


Good job everyone :slight_smile: it was fun, thanks for the well written CSR. Glad my engineering was a success :slight_smile:


The hydropneumatic suspension was not intentional :sweat_smile:
I clicked it to try something out, game crashed on me, I came back the next day and forgot about it. Only noticed when I was writing up my company thread post for it, so yeah, would not have had such good comfort and offroad without it (but also lower costs and better reliability and fuel economy).

Anyways, congrats to the winners!


Cracking the top 10 ain’t too shabby for a standard work/towing truck. Although I got the 10th spot because of the Peidmont going LT mono and stuff. I’m surprised to reach the 10th spot out of more creative entries