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The Car Shopping Round 131 - Wanderlust and Quarantine's Angst


2000 Hakaru Astura 1.8 S 16v

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1991 Einhoff 2700LX Estate

The 2700LX Estate, or internally known as the E102, was Einhoff’s new entry into the wagon field in late 1985, and was a strong seller until it received an updated front and rear fascia for 1990, which also added a brand new, 2.7L 24-valve inline-6, making 163hp. The 2700LX seen here also has the Sport Appearance package, which adds a light bodykit, and gloss black accents.

The 2700LX was known for being exceptionally reliable, with many examples exceeding 300,000km with the most basic of maintenance. Many are still seen on roads around the world today, and impeccable examples can reach astronomical prices in the right market.

The 2700LX also had a plush interior, with an inventive gauge cluster position, and futuristic (for the time, anyways) controls. This example has the Black and Moon Blue Dynatex interior.

The seller notes that this 2700LX has just recently received a new set of tires, and a full servicing. The seller has owned the car since January 1992, has complete service records, and the original window sticker. This model is also finished in Nara Grey, according to the seller’s records. The odometer reports 246,136km, and the seller is asking €1,370 (i think, forgot the actual amount) out the door.

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Full Specifications

Steel panels/corrosion resistant steel monocoque
Front longitudinal
Macpherson strut (F)/semi-trailing arm [R]

Powertrain Specifications:
2.7L/2701cc (82.9mm X 83.4mm) dual overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder, N/A, fuel-injected inline-6
Cast iron block and aluminum heads, cast and forged internals
163hp at 6,000 RPM
167 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 RPM
Maximum engine speed: 6,500 RPM
4-speed automatic
Rear-wheel drive with an open differential

Suspension Specifications:
Standard springs/twin-tube dampers/passive sway bars

Performance Specifications:
2,883lbs curb weight
0-60 in 8.3s, 118mph top speed (electronically limited)
P195/60R16-93T medium compound tires front and rear
2 piston 275mm front vented disc brakes and 275mm rear SLS drum brakes
Hydraulic power steering, TC/ABS, advanced 90s safety


Looking to sell my '95 Falcon wagon. It comes with the five speed manual and the 3.0L I5. Yes, the color and hood stripes are stock. Yes, I have a set of nice aftermarket wheels. Yes, the wheels shown are stock. No, you’re not getting the aftermarket wheels. The car is in good shape, just not a lot of options. Looking for $1400 negotiable.


2000 Recanna CR18 Basismodell 1.8

Hot garbage

exec pls don't be mad okay bye

1997 Kiran Jidosha

more corolla


It says that the maximum fuel is 91 AKI. Does this mean I should use Super fuel to avoid knocking, but only spec the engine to 91 instead of 93? Or should I just use the Premium 90 AKI fuel?


Premium octane fuel is required.


2000 Cailloux VX Safari 2.0

An affordable, comfy, fun to drive, practical-

Boring stuff asides, it has 2.0L inline 5, 103hp powering the front wheel with 4-speed automatic equipped. Starting from €1,536.


I claim copyright on the safari badge… :blush:

Kidding of course


My car runs on fumes, it hardly uses any fuel


While browsing the internet, Ron comes across this ad in Germany:

For sale, my 1984 Ryuji Chariot 4WD. 348271km, 94hp 1.8L, five speed. It was originally owned by my grandparents. They ran a vineyard down in Spain, but my grandmother had a fear of public transport, hence the high mileage (and sun-faded paint). It was given to me three years ago. The engine smokes a little upon startup. Is equipped with factory alloy wheels, sunroof, 8 track/AM/FM stereo cassette. The aerial was broken off some while back. The transfer case for the four wheel drive tends to be difficult to engage. It gets a fairly contestant 9.5L/100km. The fabric on the roof is starting to sag. It’s been a pretty good car for us. I’m asking $1193.98.


Use the Premium 90 AKI fuel. For some reason I thought the game listed Premium as 91 AKI. I’ve updated the post to fix this mistake, sorry about that!



Germany’s K-Car

While the Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant have only recently received long-overdue respect from the classic car community, the Kessel Neptune has always heralded a cult following in Germany as an every-man’s go-anywhere car. The “K” for Germany’s K-Car stands for Kessel.

The ad for this particular 1989 example notes that the car has just over three-hundred twenty thousand kilometers on the clock (nearly 200k miles), but comes with a complete service history, including new shocks and springs 2 years ago, and a new timing belt last year.

Parking lot dings and scuffs are to be expected, but the original Celery Green paint still presents well, due to the original owner keeping it garaged. The car is currently being sold by the original owner’s Grandson, who took possession of it after he passed.

The seller is asking $1151.22 for this Neptune Estate. We figure, if someone were to theoretically take this on an ASSBLASTER challenge, projected total costs for the car would top out at $1528.46.


(EDIT: Ad is now changed to say the used price of the car, not the total cost. My bad.)

More pics


Does that come from the total for service costs and fuel or does that come from the base stat?


Uuh thats supposed to be total cost my bad, i’m changing the ad.

EDIT: Changed the ad


This text exists to circumvent the “too similar warning”, because i accidentally posted this into another completely unrelated thread






Yes its called dvvsvgsdgsdgsdgsd