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The Car Shopping Round 65 - On the Case in Diesel City


Just to be clear, we are not looking at desirability? I typically design my cars for maximum driveability, and minimal alarms, but after the official design challenge, I feel a little gunshy about submitting a car that isn’t 100 desirable. That means making some non-sensical sacrifices; for instance, the vehicle I’m working on is most desirable with a 5 speed double clutch. Knowing that 5 speed double clutch likely wouldn’t fly, I would like to know if having a reputable drive train is more important than a desirable one.


Markets are generally ignored.

Usually not needed for a competition like this.



Bolllocks…just seen a spelling mistake! :angry:


Still a WIP, if i have time after work i’ll finish it


Bramble Belladonna



It’s a bit smaller than I would have liked

Allow me to overcompensate


Rallying Born and Bred: The 2020 Tishillyman Avici Tigris.

Speed, sports, style and space.

Only $45,000.


BM Bull

A bullet train, for the road

2350kg, 8.1L, 62mph in 4s



some stats:
Power. 346 hp at 8200 rpm
Torque: 376 Nm @ 4900 rpm with 90% of it avaialble since 1000 ish rpm

0-100 Km/h: 5.00 sec
top speed 260 Km/h



Maybe aimed a little too high, but whatever, this was pretty fun.

I didn’t fit much in the ad because of file space and what not, but here’s some specs:

Engine - 4.3L V12
477 hp
375 lb-ft
9000 rpm redline
29.4 mpg

AWD layout with a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox
177 mph
0-62 mph in 3.6s

Some actual pics:


Albatross Motors presents the Albatross 460, a full-size luxury sedan which does not break the bank. The 4.6 liter Twin-Turbo V8 under the hood smoothly takes you to your destination, while still achieving an EPA-rated fuel economy of 30.3 Miles per Gallon. The best part: you can drive home in yours for only $48,600.


Time to rise above all in the all new Propeller Turbine! 200hp out a Turbo charged V8 ! Premium Seating for 5 !
Sunroof ! Active Suspension !

Time to upgrade to Business Class for only 37350$!



Seems there are a few issues with the upcoming beta update, so I will not be waiting for it. The deadline is as listed in the OP and I will accept submissions now.

For those who have submitted early and were told to wait for the update and resubmit, I will use the currently submitted car unless you resubmit before the deadline.

Due to the short notice of this opening of submissions, if for whatever reason you can’t get to your PC in the next 22 and some hours to send me the car, just shoot me a PM and I’ll try my best to come to a reasonable arrangement.

I should also say that I will be postponing the update of my game to write the reviews, so the stats should not change relative to what you send in.


Maybe more like atompunk but I thought it looked too neat to not try and send. (and about the name: yes yes I play Elite)


ACE 53

By Rapido Motors

Your personal luxury sedan

Suspension - Soft, but stable
Trunk Space - Quite capable
Acceleration - Above the standard
Brakes - Can stop a freight train
Engine - More than you need

MSRP: $49,200 (at 50%)

Rapido Motors

Getting you from point A to point B in a rapid fashion


2020 LAP Retron

Combining pace, panache and practicality in a sleek, timeless package, the Retron gloriously recaptures the spirit of classic grand tourers without the histrionics so commonly encountered (and tolerated) in the past. Yours for $41,250.


My2020 Bogliq Maverick Deluxe

Totally refreshed for the 2020 marketing year, the new Bogliq Maverick represents a solid, reliable choice in the field of large, RWD family saloons.

Smooth small block V8 power is connected to the latest in self shifting technology to provide satisfying straight line urge with the efficiency of Bogliq’s own VarioLift camshaft phasing system to ensure you don’t suffer the consequences of applying that urge too often.

Seating for five adults is provided, fully trimmed in leather with leather clad steering wheel and shift selector to match. The digital display and the HUD can be synched to any devices you may own (or have installed) so you never have to look away from the road or accidently miss an important phone call.

The Maverick is ready whenever you are so come on down to your friendly local Bogliq dealership and for $46,050 you too can have a Maverick parked in your driveway…

Buy better, buy Bogliq