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The Car Shopping Round 67 - Old and Wise [FINAL RESULTS]


If its perfect for doggo’s human then its perfect for doggo.


Kārearea Kererū Ruru


I haven’t actually done a competition before, so to make up for the woefully underbuilt car I figure the best move is to try way too hard on the ad.


One could say you are the underdog :upside_down_face:


east to drive”? So the car can only be drivable if you’re always turning right?

Holy crud, it’s a reverse NASCAR 4x4 wagon! (talk about things you never expected to say…) :laughing:
Good call on the air circulation system though. No doghouse can ever feel that fresh!


Haha, oh boy, I’ll adapt that when I can. Last night was my only totally free night before the deadline. It was almost 2am when I typed that. Thanks for pointing that out!


'86 MUD M40 Overlander

For just $6367 (including a 30% markup), you can have a 4x4 wagon that seats five (with a foldable second row), can go anywhere and carry 1.6 (metric) tons of cargo - more if you tow a trailer. Options include a roof rack, an upgraded stereo and alloy wheels. Other body styles include a ute and panel van. So if you want to go off the beaten track, why not get an M40 Overlander right now?


LLA K16C - Dependabile Yet Affordable

With a light yet efficient 1.6 4 cyclinder the K16C is plenty powerful enough for everyday driving, developing only 85Hp. However being driven through an all new Advanced Automatic the car feels safe and easy to drive meaning long drives are less fatiguing so you can adventure for longer.

Furthermore with the Comfort package you get more premium leather seats and 4 gears rather than the base 3.

However the K16c is not as urban focused as you may think, independent suspension allows for better travel on each individual wheel. Off-road the auto gearbox also makes traversing the terrain even easier as rather fucussing on the car, you can focus on the trail.

Buy now for only $4,456.25* with 5 Years warrenty.
-or for an extra $2000 get the Explorers pack containing a Caming stove, Built in chiller taking up a small amount of space in the cargo compartment, A tent, An assortment of pans and cutlery and A water distiller with a 2 Gallon storage bottle.

*$4,456.25 is the price of the car in 1986 after taking the in-game value for 2018 and entering it into https://www.retirementsimulation.com/calc/inflation/5100/1950


Alright, let’s see if I finally grasped the infamous concept of negative space and making a good car ad (this is only my second attempt, but my original one was painfully rubbish);

I have no idea if I got this 1986 price rate thing right, the original got a 30% markup and then was converted to Ye Ol’Brick Rate.
If anything went awry in that process, the original Automation price is $9925.

Also, much like Miros and the dog references he threw like hambones (darn it! :man_facepalming:), there is a running gag in this non-lore car of mine. Can you guess which gag it is?


but gravel isn’t in grocery getter. grocery getter doesn’t even have an “a” in it!


Army Wheel Drive? uwot


Well, CSM wouldn’t be much of a law-bending company if it didn’t mess up conventional English, now would it?

Joke aside, the catchphrase isn’t to be taken completely literally, of course. It’s more of a cheesy metaphor on the Nash’s go-everywhere abilities than anything else…

Proudly developed from the finest (and stiffest) American military vehicles! Semper Fi, Hooah, Sonic Boom and all that American military lingo…


Just to make sure you get to r2 you need to have a “Center High Mount Stop Lamp”, basically a brake light on top of the boot


Actually he doesn’t. At this time in US auto history, SUVs are considered light trucks, not passenger cars. But vans, wagons, etc. require them.


Only issue is most cars mounted them inside under the rear glass, I have managed to place mine a a suitable location, but some bodies are harder than others




Maxon Argus 4S

yeah kinda low effort ad, but I’m a little sick of digital art stuff at the moment

The Argus is made to tackle every driving situation from the daily commute, to highway cruising and trekking the wilderness. The 2.1L Inline-6 makes 103 hp and 117 ft-lb of torque. At 2,670 lbs, the Argus is deceptively light for its size and doesn’t need much power to get moving. The Argus is easy to drive anywhere thanks to its AWD system, variable hydraulic steering, and advanced automatic gearbox. No compromises were made in the interior and safety features. This Argus seats 5 with a fold-able back row and passenger seat. There is an extra storage compartment in the back for the basic roadside emergency kit that comes as a free option. The price for this Argus 4S is $6,235 ($10,878 at 0% in automation). Optional features include a cassette player, sunroof, extended bottom seat cushions (for pets and long legged people), premium seats, alloy rims, and ABS.

I’ve never made a serious wagon like this before. I have no idea if it’s good or awful, but we’ll see.


Local newspaper 20 March 1986:

Important public notice

PMI wishes to apologise for the printing error in its promotional cards for the new PMI Companion Wagon 1.7 distributed between 8 March 1986 and 19 March 1986. The reference on these cards to the words “East” to drive should refer to “Easy” to drive, in reference to our patented Easy-to-DriveTM automatic transmission system. PMI assures you our vehicles are capable to driving Westward as well.

A number of these cards were sent to highly appreciated PMI owners and potential clients that have subscribed either at their local PMI distributor or via the esteemed magazines Utility Cars and Machines Monthly or Mugs, Mutts, and Tents (your weekly brochure for all equipment for barbecues, pets and outdoors) to be kept informed about new PMI models.
All persons who have received such promotional card upon request by mail, have been sent a special PMI Companion Wagon 1.7 brochure.


Is this supposed to be a revival of the Nash Motors Company?