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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


I was unhappy with my old advert - So I deleted it and made this one

Outstanding Performance
Stunning Looks
Breath Taking Handling
Extreme Comfort

All To Be Found In The New LLA Witney X 3500WR


LinkLuke Auto’s

– Putting Pleasure Back In Driving


1945 ACA Corona “Custom”

This custom model of ACA Corona is loosely based off a certain other modification of the Corona.

However unlike that car, this new custom model has been redesigned to order. Featuring a new 500CI engine lifted from the ACA RoadCruiser.

The body panels have also been replaced by military grade steel/ceramic composite armour plating designed to stop small arms fire and provide some protection from larger calibre fire arms. The windows have also been replaced with two inches of glass clad polycarbonate windows designed to stop at least 5 rounds of 7.62 mm. The interior panels of the car have also been lined with a thin layer of Kevlar to reduce the risk of spalling. The undertray has also been specifically shaped to mitigate the damage from mines and IEDs

Inside, the Corona Custom is fitted with plush luxury interior with many places to store wine and cigars. In the rear, the car has space for several Tommy guns and also has a gun rack under the seats for pistols and smaller SMGs. There is even space for an M72 LAW which can be launched from the sunroof.


2010 Fleet Industries Terraptor PPK

Built for VIPs seeking that vital extra bit of protection when going off-road, the Terraptor PPK (Presidential Protection Kit) is a fully armored version of our premium crossover SUV, designed to withstand sustained fire from even the most powerful small arms and explosive weapons imaginable. If you ever need to fight back, there’s space in the trunk for a weapons compartment capable of housing anything from handguns to rocket launchers - and their ammo to boot. Our patented XT-Drive 4x4 system ensures that the Terraptor can handle rough terrain with ease, while air suspension ensures that all 7 occupants enjoy a comfortable ride and surprisingly deft handling on any surface. And with a 400-plus-bhp V8 under the hood, this thing can outrun virtually any attacker with minimal effort. All this peace of mind can be yours for $34,900 excluding markups.


Mosley L31P3 6.5

We at Mosley Protection Systems are proud to unveil our latest proposition in Executive protection. Walcroft&Riley struck an exclusive partnership deal with us, enabling us to develop a comprehensive protection package for the Scala, their latest luxury sedan already during development. The package will accordingly be available right from day one when Scala sales commence on March 1st 2010.

The Scala is the ultimate executive office on wheels; The 3.1m wheelbase allows for a cavernous working environment, two individual seats fitted with the latest in wellness technology are rounded off with a selection of leather and wood trims to create a comfortably insulated private space in which the busiest of CEOs can effectively focus on whatever work may be at hand or just relax and indulge in the luxuries of their private oasis as the chauffeur almost unnoticeably causes them to arrive at their next destination in style, assisted by the silky purr of the V12 powerplant.

As - quite regrettably - the importance of a person can often be measured by the number and power of his enemies, a CEO’s means of transport need not only to be insulated from the noise and chatter of the outside world, but sometimes also from brute physical force. And that’s where Mosley comes in.

Being able to look W&R over the shoulder during development, we were able to tailor a protective package to the car benefiting from more intimate knowledge of its architecture than any competitor may claim to have, creating the Mosley L31P3. The exact composition and design of the armoured cell protecting the passengers is classified to prevent potential assailants from adapting, but it is virtually immune to handgun calibre rounds and will protect against multiple .30 rifle hits.

The drivetrain and suspension has been modofied. While being fine in terms of reliability, the Scala’s active suspension was replaced with a rugged conventional design suited for the punishment during an escape scenario. The same goes for the 7-speed automatic, which was swapped for a heavy-duty 5-speed one.

The tyres are not run-flat, but rather a Kevlar-reinforced self-sealing design hooked up to an air pump driven by the main engine in an emergency. The tyres will deflect or absorb a 9x19 Parabellum round fired from 15m at a 60° angle, and even if punctured, will remain inflated to enable a swift and safe traversal to the next safehouse after the escape from the immediate danger zone.

The multipurpose thread and rubber composition along with the AWD system and the protective undertray allow for quick dirt road traversal. Thanks to its 392hp V12, the Mosley L31P3 is faster than anything than can pose a threat to it, barring gunship helicopters and fighter jets.

Mosley L31P3 prices start from 35 000$.


Restored and Modified 1968 Washington Motorworks Stallion For Sale

Hi, my company restores and modifies classics for all different proposes. This one is a 1968 WM Stallion that was special ordered by a client but he never came to pick it up. He asked for it to be bulletproofed so we did it without question. It has a perfectly restored and rustproofed thick steel chassis and body. The original engine was removed for a custom 724CI V12 making 830hp! Connected to a modern 6 speed automatic and AWD system it now gets a decent or its size 12.5mpg and does 0-60 in 4 seconds. We have remade look alike leather seats with modern comforts and adjust-ability to replace all 6 original seats and had a modern infotainment system fitted in by a local stereo shop. It is high quality and works well. The car has also been fitted with new, more powerful brakes and modern assists like ABS, traction control, and ESC. For only $35000 this car can by yours!


MY2010 Bogliq Convoy Deluxe

Bogliq Automotive Engineering is proud to present their competitor in the hotly contested mining site transportation sector, the 2010 Bogliq Convoy!!!

(2010 Bogliq Convoy Deluxe shown)

Featuring a range of trim levels and two configurations (a five seat dual cab utility and a seven seat 5 door SUV), the Convoy has a model suitable for any budget.

Bogliq supplies the Convoy in one engine and transmission package to simplify your supply chain and the powerful V8 with six-speed automatic transmission will ensure no-one will have any trouble driving the Convoy wherever you need it to go!

(RRP of the Deluxe shown is $31,400)

Best of all the Convoy starts at under $30,000 so you can squeeze a little bit more out of your vehicle appropriation budget or keep the boss happy with a luxury variant!

So what are you waiting for? Visit your friendly Bogliq dealer today!!!

Buy better, buy Bogliq

Auto China 2018 (Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2018)

Lol - just noticed that I named the base car for my L31 “Serenity”. Had a feeling that the name has been used somewhere on this forum…

Anyway, fixed it.


The Mk 4 Erin Berlose. Everything you would expect from a British executive saloon.

Of course though, this one is a little more … protected.

A full conversion by Armomax armored car specialists now ensures this top-of-range Vox 3.0l trim is fully bullet proof, with reinforced body panels, electric shock door handles, ballistic nylon armor on bottom of the vehicle for explosives protection and military-grade air filtration in case of gas attack. A wealth of on-board technology also allows surveillance, tracking and full 360 degrees viewing via both standard and infrared night vision cameras.

A perfect combination of style, sophistication and security.

Price: $29000 (0% markup)


you sure 'bout that :wink:


@JohnWaldock Oh yes. Very confid…wait…


JHW Atlantic “620X” By A.V.L.

Armored Vehicle Laboratories have taken a relatively standard JHW Atlantic 280X, Upgraded the body and chassis with full armor plating, and replaced the standard 2.8L V6 with a 6.2L V8, and you then have the ultimate VIP machine!

$31100 OTR


Ah crap, I hope it’s not too late:
Introducing the 2010 Letto Impresa CRM, It’ll get you where you need to go Quickly & Safely for just $31900:


Megacorp AV1-W

Cost: $34,600

Engine: 7.2L DOHC V8, 416 hp, 486 lb-ft

Drivetrain: 7 speed automatic, 4x4 with manual locker

Performance: 0-100 in 7.7s, top speed of 243 km/h

Interior: 7 leather seats, luxury infotainment system, twin rear sunroof

Armouring: per customer request

Additional equipment: bullbar, front and rear winch, bulletproof tires, roof mounted lights

Specs: 2612 kg, 3.31 m wheelbase, 5.46 m length, 30 cm ride height, 16.5 mpg


It does have 4 seats. Performance? Quick enough. Power? 440 hp. Armor? Yes. It’s not exactly the most cushy car in the world, the interior is that of a standard subcompact, with a cheap infotainment. But, do you really need power and heated and memory seats to get away from an enemy? No, no you don’t. For only $24900.


BM Execulux

Designed to haul foreign dignitaries around in comfort and safety, the BM Execulux provides a versatile platform designed to protect from gunfire, IED’s and any other manner of attack.

An all-new 3.0L i6 engine was designed for reliability and power, whilst still providing reasonable fuel economy and not compromising on comfort. Producing over 300hp and delivering 20MPG. This, coupled with the weight-optimised construction, means the Execulux can sprint to 62mph in under 8 seconds, and carry on to 164mph!

Only $34,700


DMV Impact Guardian

The DMV Impact is our premier full-size SUV, with applications ranging from offroad to track. This particular one is equipped with our special Guardian package. Which means it has a specially shaped underbody to deflect Mines and IEDs, body panels capable of stopping bullets in their tracks, and a hermetically sealed interior in case of chemical or nuclear attack. Its 7 seat interior is enough for you and a team of bodyguards ride in comfort, with hidden mounting points for guns to allow for returning fire.

Standard equipment includes emergency communications equipment, an onboard water reserve with a special filtration system, an additional reserve for 2 pints of blood for each of the passengers in the event of an injury, and a smokescreen.

And we’re happy to report that our anemities haven’t compromised performance. The Guardian receives a standard 8.2 liter V8 and 6 speed automatic that when mated to the AWD system, allow the Impact to reach 60 in just 4.4 seconds onto a top speed of 170 MPH. And being a 4,900 pound SUV, it has the bulk to withstand impact from pursuing vehicles, and return the favor if need be.

The specially tuned suspension allows the Impact to hold over .9 Gs of lateral cornering force while maintaining a high standard of comfort, and has been specially constructed to be able to withstand repeated use off the pavement.

As equipped the Impact Guardian retails for $33,300


Ok. 16 cars to go through. Expect results by tomorrow night.

Edit: got 10 of the 16 done. Rest of them tomorrow.


Results are in!

Okay Carlos, let’s see that folder of my notes on these cars. This all we tested? Let me see. I’ll give them all a score between zero and a hundred. In case of a tie, I’ll go with my gut feeling. Sound good? Let’s start.

2010 Storm Serenity APC

It has an intimidating engine noise. It sounds big. I think I like that! It’s just that, it might attract unwanted attention. And the styling’s funky, not really sure how I feel about it. Looks like it’s very easy to access the back seat. Front passengers get a sunroof. Why not back? And what’s with these spy gadgets? I don’t think they’re necessary. But the car performs adequately. Not bad, but I have a feeling we’ll find better ones.


2010 BKOO Alameda Limited

A very comfortable car with fancy entertainment options. Seems to be quite sturdily built. This beefy inline 6 engine moves it just about quickly enough, but is at the low end of what I expect from this kind of car. At least it doesn’t consume ridiculous amounts of fuel. Tyres and wheels are maybe a bit too sport-oriented, I fear they might not be durable enough in heavy use. The price of the car leaves us a thousand bucks in the budget though, so maybe we could exchange those to something more suitable.


LLA Witney X 3500WR

This one looks nice, and the interior is very luxurious, but there are much cheaper options that perform well enough. The tyres are way too thin and on alloy wheels. You hit a pothole with those and you got a cracked or bent wheel. It’s fast, and one of those very prestigious cars that humans always covet. That means car thieves might get interested in it. It’s also at the lower end of the cars tested when it comes to reliability.


Fleet Industries Terraptor PPK

Another thin tyred and alloy wheeled car. But it has exactly the kind of looks I’m after. Performs and handles well enough, and the interior is well thought out. Feels mostly a quite sensible choise, It’s just a bit on the expensive side for the kind of performance and features it offers.


BM Execulux

Finally a car with tough steel wheels and enough rubber on them! Another inline 6 with just enough oomph to move it at an adequate pace, but it’s somewhat economical. Loud though. Scary roll angle of over 6 degrees in high speed turns, but it’s quite comfortable to sit in.


Erin Berlose

It’s one of the smallest cars we looked at. First and foremost it’s obviously way more economical compared to the bigger cars. I can fit in it comfortably with 2 body guards and a driver, so it’s not TOO small. It has the kind of looks I’m after and at 29000 bucks it’s very affordable but it’s just lacking in durability and safety. It has some neat security gadgets but they don’t help in a high speed crash. If I would only need it for city driving, it would be a serious contender.


armored kei vehicle

No. I would have to be loaded in the trunk to be able to fit. Undignified. I’d also expect a car that looked like that to be much better off road.


Megacorp AV1-W

A proper offroader, this one is gigantic. Fitting my box in won’t be a problem, that’s for sure. But do I really need something quite like this? No. It’s at the other extreme end of the scale from some of those cars reviewed that would only be good in a city. This one would only be good outside of cities. And I’m not sure if I want to travel in something that looks like a military vehicle. Sure it’s gonna be the toughest THING out there but too much is too much.


Mosley L31P3 6.5

This is another very prestigious car that might attract thieves or other unwanted attention. It’s very spacious with only 4 seats in such a large car, so each seat gets a lot of room. Good for converting the back for my box, but unnecessary. Their advertising boasts with their V12 engine but in the end, it’s still not close to being the fastest one of the cars tested. It is plenty fast enough, though. Feels very solidly built. Sturdy high quality wheels. Ok economy. Mark this one as a maybe, even though it’s unnecessarily garish.


ACA Corona Custom

Now this is a gangster car if I’ve ever seen any! It’s basically a hot rod with armor. Too bad my men use Jatimatic and MAC-10 instead of Tommy guns. They’d look out of place in it. I love it, it speaks to my nature, but it’s not what I actually need right now. I’ll take a note of it, maybe I’ll save up some extra and buy one later just for fun. Maybe export it out of this planet if I can ever contact my people out there again…


DMV Impact Guardian

There are a couple other similar cars but this seems like the best overall example of this style of car; functional but classy. At least on the outside. Nice sunroof extending to the back, but otherwise the comforts are a bit lacking. Again with the fancy gadgets like smokescreen and stuff I’m not sure I really need, but you never know. I hear these things are very reliable and well built, but I think it would be better with a slightly smaller but turbocharged engine. Actually I would love it as a diesel, but for some reason the humans of this world have not invented diesel yet.


Bogliq Convoy Deluxe

Another big thing. A slow big thing. I like the looks of it, but it just doesn’t perform well enough, especially considering how much gas it uses. And of course it has the same issue than with that other gigantic beast we saw earlier. A cool and scary thing to see coming, but I don’t really need something quite like it.


JHW Atlantic “620X” By A.V.L.

A people carrier is actually a quite good basis to go on. I can have the middle row to myself and be surrounded by body guards on both the front and back. That sliding door helps with loading my box in. It’s not nearly the fastest one out there and the handling is just mediocre, but what it does it manages with decent fuel economy and reliability. This has so much potential that I’ll mark this one as a maybe, mostly because it’s a couple thousand bucks under budget so we might beef it up a bit. It basically just needs to be a bit faster.


Impresa CRM

It would be slightly difficult to fit my box in. Is this a rally car? It looks like you’d expect it to be at least somewhat quicker. Interestingly it’s the only car with a 5 speed manual gearbox that we’ve tried out. Most of the other ones are 6 speed automatics. Soft hydropneumatic suspension with a long travel and high ride height. Rolls like a 2CV. One of the more economical choises, but it’s again something that might attract thieves and is not quite what I have in mind.


Washington Stallion

This car gives me similar feelings than that mobster rod we saw earlier. Mark it as “buy one later”, but for this purpose… wait, hmm. Damn, it will attract too much attention! It’s so loud, too! This one would be great for drag racing. I’ll have to try to put aside wants and focus on the needs.


NCC Warlord

The loudest car tested. The two baffled mufflers won’t silence it much on a 5.75 inch tailpipe coming from a screaming inline 6. Otherwise a nice people carrier setup again, comfortable and roomy enough while having the good performance and durability I need. It even has proper tough wheels unlike most of these. Maybe we could even detune it a bit to make it quieter. The styling is quite weird, though. Not in a way that would instantly turn me off but it’s certainly different. I’ve seen enough, put that on top of the maybe-pile.


The choise
JHW Atlantic “620X” By A.V.L. It just seems like the most well thought out overall package. Not too expensive to buy or use, and it’s got so much room. Go get one in black, Carlos.

Scores in order:

JohnWaldock, 91
Conan, 90
TR8R, 89
SkylineFTW97, 88
TheElt, 87
thecarlover, 86
abg7, 85
HighOctaneLove, 84
Dorifto_Dorito, 82
Madrias, 81
DeusExMackia, 78
bastormonger, 77
LinkLuke, 75
SillyDucky, 70
LordLetto, 65
nerd, 60


So close. I did build a smaller turbocharged one. Guess I should’ve used that. Oh well.


JohnWaldock has won… So congratulations to him! It’s his first CSR round win, and he deserved it. I am now curious as to what the next round will be about. And I can hold my head up high: my car received a favorable review, although I should have cut costs in a few places if I wanted a podium finish, at least.