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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


Well is car is probably about 900kg so 137 will push it more than enough

Plus his entery is clearly a wild card Soviet car



Pls halp, I think I did something wrong

I made a muscle car that can turn

*Cue cheesy action commerical of car driving high speeds on midwest American Highways.

Born to Run. Born to Be Free.


Valois Débandade. Choose from engines up to 6.1L. Find a style for you.

msrp with optional 6.1L Valois Small Block V8: $14,000


Disclaimer - makes 364 Automation Horse Power.


that feeling when you pull away from your biggest rival and all that is left to him is to look after your rear end. that’s FCKCPS!

  • 7.8l V12 power revving up to 5500 rpm
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • premium leather interior and Entertainment package included
  • disc brakes front and rear
  • power steering
  • top speed > 150 mph
  • 0-62 < 6 seconds

production costs: 14.000 $

obviously, we also got an authentic theme song for our ad; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMX35w9MzQI


With just under 24 hours to go, I’ve received entries from:


17 entries so far.

I should also reminds entrants:

Ads are mandatory before the deadline.


3700 lbs of Muscle

Premium Interior Materials

4-speed Manual Gearbox

Trak-Force Limited Slip Rear Differential

Black Dot Ultra Wide Sport Tires

This is the Barracuda GT from American Eagle Automotive

The GT package comes standard with a High Performance 383ci Big Block V8, with an optional 444ci Six-Pak equipped version. You want the optional 444ci V8.

Barracuda GT equipped with the optional 444ci V8 only $1400 (@0%) at your nearest American Eagle Automotive Dealership

Get your Muscle Today from AEA!


So I made some modifications…

Drivability 6





Piccadauto Arnos

Affordable Fun!
This 2-door hatchback comes with 5 cloth seats (for you and the lads), 24 cubic feet of storage space, a multi speaker AM radio, and full independent suspension.

Super 8 Package

When American needs meet British engineering.
Piccadauto’s Super 8 Package comes with a 5L V8 Engine and 4-speed manual. It does 0-60 in 7.6 seconds, and a quarter mile in 15.4 seconds. It does all of this while still getting 28 MPG.

You can get all of this for just $9000!
British Efficiency. Piccadauto


What’s yer car doing at Arnos Grove tube station?



Car broke down and he had to get the train home! :laughing:


1968 JHW Lionheart 620 GT

American Muscle. British Heart. $12,900


Well you see, this is the key reason why people switch from Rover to Piccadauto.


Twist ending: “Drivability: 6.0”


That would be no less crazy - usually cars with such drivability are absolutely bonkers land rockets :wink:


The round finished already? Damn I’m slow. The long shifts don’t give me much time to finish my entries.


You’ve still got about 13 hours :wink:


1968 Bord Solaris GP

In celebration of our victory at the 1967 La Mons endurance race, Bord Motor Company presents the Bord Solaris ‘Grand Prix’. We’ve taken our venerable Solaris compact to the gym where it’s packed on some serious muscle, then we’ve suited it up in Bord racing livery. Breathtaking performance at an unbelievable price–available only for 1968!

(Production cost $9900.)