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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


It got test drove and put a smile on his face so there’s better than expected!

Cheers for the round, was great to read the reviews, can’t wait to see what’s next


@KA24DE how’s the ruleset coming along? We have to try and keep things ticking along, so some word about where you’re at would be good.


Sorry for the delay.

CSR 52 - New Loaf Of Bread

It is a cold Russian winter in 2018, and our hero Viktor is looking to replace his aging fleet of UAZ-2206s. They hold a special place in his heart; having served him and his small taxi company admirably for the past 25 years through the harsh Russian mud, sleet, snow, and floods. Alas, age and exploitation has taken its toll on the venerable “loaf of bread” shaped vans, with which him and his drivers used to transport his customers on the outskirts of Russia.

As Viktor entered the UAZ dealership, his heart sank. He looked all over the showroom, but couldn’t find them. He yelled “where is my Buhanka?!”. A young man in a suit came up to him, and explained that they are no longer for sale; presumably because of the new emissions and safety regulations passed just 6 months ago. Poor Viktor’s eyes teared up with sorrow.

When he arrived home, he scoured the internet looking for some low-mileage specimens of his beloved Buhanka, but he could not find any. He was too late; his rivals must have snatched them all up. He looked for the next best thing; an AWD Gazelle, but he could not find any either; they must have also been discontinued because of the new regulations. So with a sigh and a heavy heart, he began to research what other options he has…


  • 2018 Trim Year. Body, Model, and Engine can be older.

  • Must use regular unleaded fuel.

  • Must use “standard” intake.

  • Must use Off-Road tires.

  • Must have a minimum of 6 seats, but more are preferable.

  • Max Emissions - 175 (completed vehicle tab, not engine tab)

  • Minimum Safety - 50

  • Maximum Trim Production Units - 100. Maximum Trim Engineering Time - 50

  • Maximum Engine Production Units - 60. Maximum Engine Engineering Time - 80.

  • Budget - $16,000 (0% Base)

  • No more than +3 quality on any single part/module of the vehicle and its engine.

  • No CaptainD00m or Barth mods allowed.

  • Advertisement required - must show vehicle, vehicle’s name, and price.

Deadline - September 28th, 8:00pm EST


Model - CSR52 - Your Name
Trim - Car name
Family - CSR52 - Your Name
Variant - Engine name


  • Viktor will not appreciate a simple plagiarization of the UAZ-452 series. It will never be the same to him, and will only remind him of his loss. This does not preclude the use of that van body though.

  • Reliability is very important. A failure in the middle of nowhere in sub-zero conditions can be fatal for the vehicle and its occupants.

This is my first time hosting a challenge, so please tell me if anything sounds unreasonable or particularly odd.


Ouarzazate to the rescue!


Must we still use the Kee engine version for this round?

Anyway, this seems like another job for Fleet Industries…

Edit: we’ll be sticking with Kee after all.


Ah, I forgot about that. Yes, I’d prefer everyone stick to the Kee engine for this one. The UE4 version… isn’t too healthy on my end.


Wouldnt 80 RON fuel make more sense for this challenge?


Could You possible look at the trim engineering time, as with newer body’s made in newer years with safer materials, you can’t really reach 45 easily and with older body’s you can’t reach the minimum safety.


175 emissions is pretty hard to meet even with DI and it is Russia so maybe 500 ish emissions would be better

Nvm, talking about it on the automation discord 175 is good


@linkluke I tested a few of the older bodies and they could surpass 50 safety using “standard” safety, but I’ll bump up trim engineering time to 50 to give people more freedom in design. Edited.

@Sillyducky I’d like to leave emissions at 175. Originally I had it lower during my testing, but wanted to allow for more varied engines, so I decided on 175. Emissions are the greatest challenge for automakers these days, and I wanted to reflect that in a 2018 challenge.


I’ve managed to get a 10.9l v8 under 175, so that’s something.


Are Negative Sliders allowed? Having a slight issue sticking to Budget & Trim PU & ET. with what I quickly came up with so far max seats is 9, with that it’s $1400 over budget, 7 over Trim PU & 6 over for ET, if I drop it to the minimum of 6 seats it’s only $400 over budget, about 5 over for PU & ET is slightly better but still about 6 over.
@Sillyducky with what I’ve quickly come up with sofar, I’m at 92.8 for Emissions with 9 seats, dropping it to the minimum of 6 seats brings it to 90.6


Nothing stopping you from using a negative slider if you wish… just be mindful of the penalties of that.

Emissions just have to pass spec at 175. You don’t get any bonuses for going under that. It’s purely gov. regulation to be sellable and nothing else.


10-4. also, how strict are you in regards to PU & ET, is going up to .4 over OK to round down to the limit?
also, is limited production parts, such as Fibre Glass OK?


I’d prefer to keep it to the numbers I posted… I already increased ET by 5.
You can try fiberglass. Bit of an odd choice that I haven’t originally considered… but I’ll have a look at it.


OK. done some tweaks but still need more, as is with 9 seats Trim ET is 50.1 (50.05 in detail stats, so need to lower that by .1/.05 to get it in the limit) & $100 over budget. at one point when looking for things I could change I considered fibre glass as in some ways it’s on par/better than corrosion resistant steel, but in other ways it’s worst, production units being one of them as I noticed after I posted the question about it, ET would stay the same but PU would be greatly over the limit (as it it would go from 97.3 (97.26) with CRS to 121.1 (121.07) with FG, FG would also increase price by $3000, likely due to the extra PU as Material cost is the same (Average) for CRS & FG)


Your suspension could possibly find you a bit of ET/PU. Just a thought.


already fleshed it out, currently running with Progressive Springs, Gas Mono-Tube Dampers & Offroad Sway Bars, that’s better than what I was originally going with (Active Comfort & Passive Sway Bars), havn’t done any Suspension Tuning yet, I Don’t think Tuning options affect ET/PU though?
To lower the ET by .1/.05 & save $100 I could either make it a 8 seater or possibly lower quality of something to -1 (Currently 0 for all trim parts)


I was referencing rear axle, technically, but I understand springs and dampers can add up. I don’t know if tuning does affect PU/ET or final costs, though. I know if you’re absolutely hurting for PU or ET, swapping independant rear suspension in favor of a solid axle can help free up some points for use elsewhere. Just keep in mind that those parts will affect other stats in the process.


Started with Solid Axle Coil, Currently using Solid Axle Leaf, Solid Rear is good for Offroad & Load Cap.