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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


MY2018 Bogliq Caravan Overlander

In 2010 Bogliq EU approached the Russian government with the aim of locally manufacturing Bogliq product in the Russian federation to side-step import tariffs and provide locally relevant product.

One of the first fruits of the Bogliq Russia venture is the Bogliq Caravan Overlander, introduced in 2015, and it enjoyed decent sales until the Kremlin suddenly imposed new emissions reduction targets. The result of these changes means that the Caravan needed to be re tuned to meet the targets.

Enter the MY18 Bogliq Caravan Overlander

The venerable inline six had a turbocharger installed to maximise efficiency and the fuel map for the MPFI system was re-written to ensure maximum efficiency without sacrificing driveability. The result was 139Kw and 31% efficiency which meant that Overlander ownership was cheaper than ever. The rugged 4x4 system was retained and the interior was set-up to carry a maximum of 8 people.

This model, under a deal struck with Putin, is available at production cost to fleet buyers, which results in a per-unit price of $14,800 so, should they find the Bogliq to their liking, fleet buyers won’t be hit hard in the hip pocket.

So don’t delay, check out the Bogliq Caravan Overlander today!!!

Buy better, buy Bogliq



When Petoskey first built the Stasera in 1985, they had no idea that they would have a winner that would continue in various forms to this very day.

Under the hood sits a direct injected 213 V6. A masterful amalgamation of performance and fuel efficiency. The engine is mated to a 5F3E transmission. The FWD layout provides excellent mobility in adverse weather conditions without the headache of maintaining a 4WD system. For additional control, the van comes standard with the Petoskey DRIVESAFE package. (ABS and Traction Control)

The Stasera offers ample room for eight passengers, plus an optional roof rack (pictured) allows for those who do not travel light.

These can be yours for $14,800 per unit.

Petoskey: Simple budget, exquisite taste.


Need to carry lots of people on a tight budget? Check out the Fleet Industries Ox, a big, unpretentious van built on a robust ladder frame and leaf-sprung solid rear axle. For just $15,100 apiece (not including markups) you’ll get 8 standard seats in three rows (although a five-seater configuration is also available), a basic stereo and enough safety to meet your needs. The Ox’s 4x4 drivetrain, which includes a manually locking diff and a set of all-terrain tires (with skid plates being optional), allows it to handle rough terrain with ease. And its 2.0-litre normally-aspirated inline-four, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox (an automatic gearbox is optional), eschews new-fangled direct injection and turbocharging in favor of a simpler port-injected setup, while still delivering sufficient levels of economy and torque for general fleet duties. Yet despite its size, short overhangs at either end make it more maneuverable in tight spaces than you might think.

Other Ox variants include the lengthened nine-seater Ox XL, intended for the minibus role; the Cargo Ox, for delivery work; and the Executive Ox, designed as an executive shuttle. All Oxen come with a five-year/100,000-mile warranty for mechanical components - a must when working in harsh conditions. So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and try the Ox; it will carry you and your friends anywhere and everywhere!


When in doubt, be able to carry yourself plus 8 other people wherever they want to go. With a simple 3 liter V6, the Dynamite HC-6 (High Capacity, 6 cylinder) can do just that. Durable, trusty, dependable, and reliable. And all for $15,700.


is the 80ET for engine a brick wall hard limit?
can we pass it a miniscule amount more? like. 80.04 ET because that’s where i’m at :smile:


LLA J85x4


In 1985, LLA created a van. Not any van. But The J85. Originally offered a few variants, the v (Van) x (Passenger), v4 (Van 4x4) and x4 (Passenger 4x4). It also had an aluminium inline 4 with 12 valves and a single overhead cam. Sold worldwide and made in the UK, the van still lives today. Unlike many auto manufacturers LLA has pride in the J85 and simply re-designed the front and rear to keep it going.

Current Model Specs
Power: 123 Hp
Torque: 130 FtIb’s
Max RPM: 6000
Fuel Efficiency: 17 MPG (US)
Power Distribution: 4x4
Emissions: 147

Current Model Bio
The J85x4 offers 9 seats for various usage of passenger or cargo, combined with 4x4 features the J85x4 can trek anywhere unharmed with outstanding reliability. Also with high environmental resistance the J85x4 will survive the harshest of winters.

Offered in a variety of colours the J85x4 can be customised to your needs and with an Audiotec® entertainment system the J85x4 will keep you amused for hours. A modular system also allows for camping stoves and beds to be easily installed to the rear of the vehicle.

For only $14,000 with 5 years warrenty the J85x4 will offer you a perfect companion that will last for years to come.


Putting Pleasure Back Into Driving


The 2018 Fahrzeug V2 Van

Offroad Edition

The 2018 Fahrzeug V2 Van Offroad Edition is a reliable, efficient ,and capable van for all your offroad needs. With 8 cloth seats, Touchscreen radio, and a extremely reliable 2.6L Inline 4 makes sure you can get to your destination with you and your van in one piece for years. An AHS and Aluminum body means your van can withstand the harsh weather of any climate for years. The Offroad Edition comes with a manual locking differential, offroad tires, and offroad tuned suspension to handle both snow and mud. For only $14,200, what more can you want for your fleet?


Here introducing the SCM Klin (not Blin blyat). Newest model of Socialist Car Manufacturing. It’s cast of very best thick stronk iron. Power is of second hand Japanese truck engine.

Okay. Now some of you may say hang the bloody on we’ve seen this before. And you’d be right, you’ve seen this before. Just 6 CSR ago. The truth is I don’t really have time to create a whole new car. So I created 3 new cars, one of which is simply a modern Buhanka which I think is not going to make Victor very happy, other 2 are just crap.

I then thought, well, I had this very reliable taxi I made a few CSR ago, why not reuse it?

The story goes that after Plainoi scrapped their TU program after failing to procure any customer wanting their van in 2001. The tooling of the van which was actually finished stood still for 10 years. Plainoi business was still quite good so they didn’t bother scrapping the tooling. But during the noughties they face stronger import competitions and shrinking sales. The result of which in 2011 they were very close to bankruptcy. They even had to resort to selling some of the excess land they own for their factory just to keep the doors open.

Luck would have it that SCM, the post-Soviet automotive manufacturer were designing a new utility model for their line up. They stumble upon the tooling for TU (not quite literally). And decided that instead of developing totally new car, they’d be able to reuse a lot of the Plainoi TU. It was blessing for Plainoi and enable them to remain in operation.

For SCM however, they found that it’s not quite what they’d need for their application. So they made a few changes. Not a few actually, apart from the use of Mitsushita petrol engine and body shell, everything else is entirely new from chassis to interior. It finally debut in 2013 to great critical and consumer fanfare.

It retails for $12,300.


the Minibus Evo 4x4 was originally the offspring of the Minibus people carrier line for the US market. this spec featues our 4WD drivetrain suited for offroad application, our full driver’s assistance package, and has enough power to carry 8 people (1.2 tons) and a trailor with a car. while market introduction may be a delayed a little in the US due to some certification issues, we are proud to announce that this vehicle will be availabe for our Russian friends shortly. in top of that, we are very pleased that the cars for the Russian market will be produced in our new plant near Moscow! unit production cost: 16.000 RUB!!!111111 oh, and we ran it across green hell because it did it in 9:35:92.


Those minivans and vans are fine vehicles, but…
Americar Freedom V8-25 (Russian spec)

You heard us right, this has a 10857 cc V8 engine. For a truck only costing $15900. It also has 6 seats, a transmission, and 4WD with a built-in manual locker. You also get plenty of interior and bed space. Some may laugh about how our engine only makes 350 hp from 10.8l, or that this barely scrapes past new emissions regulations, or that there’s hardly any creature comforts, but those are the same people who will break down on the side of the road while you drive past. It is available in both a 3-seat regular cab and a 6-seat crew cab, this one is a crew cab.
So for $15900, who can refuse?


you’re making run on RON80??? and still have space left too


I would have exceeded the emissions limit if I raised the compression much. I’m already at 15:1 air/fuel and 100 ignition timing.


oh right. because DISPLACEMENT IS KING…

at least i get something more than 25mpg


No replacement for displacement… says the guy who submitted a 3.5L V6.


Fleet Industries hasn’t received any orders for their previous products yet… will their luck change this time?


You are doing what you did back then again.

And your post contributes nothing and has no meaning


Present and future are SUV. For $15100 you get some capable quality 4x4.


Bitrun A6 Yucca

$15,500. Don’t question it.




JHW Springbok 270

Go Anywhere. $13,900