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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven



Scarab Solar S gets you where you want to go, cheap.


EcaMobile BraunBaer Offshore

Its big, tough and climbs like russian bear!

The BraunBaer is the Van for every family, and the Offshore Version can even reach the most distance family members !
This vehicle comes with :
-7 Seats
-4x4 with Manual Locker
-6 Speed manual
-"AllGelände"™ Offroad Tyres
-Power Steering
-Electric Sliding Passengers Doors

All this for 15600€


H.A. 755 4x4

Greetings comrade! It is your comrade from Archana!
At H.A. we understand the demands of a cold and harsh winter. The 755 is our rugged and comfortable 7-seat MPV, with a strong I6 and solid anti-rust steel construction. The 755 also has a manual locker, engine block heater, a stereo, front airbags, and all the fancy driving aids. The 4x4 version adds four wheel drive, rugged offroad tires, fog lamps, increased ride height, and a skid tray. It can very much bring everyone anywhere and for a very long time.

And it only costs $14,300.


With just under 24 hours left, I have accepted 17 18 entries so far.

The following people have posted an ad, but have not sent me their vehicle yet.


Galt Communizuv

Need a 8 seater that can run on goat piss? Galt can provide. the New Communizuv SUV fully complies with updated russian emissions and safety standards. To help fulfill the gap left behind from the discontinuation of the UAZ vans, we have allowed it to run on octanes as low as 76, to permit fueling at the same service stations in remote siberia, and even with this, it still achieves 20 MPG and comes with an entertainment system, and it can be had for only $14,900! there’s no real wrong here at all! make the smart choice, Buy a Galt today

and you literally posted that 24 hour notice as I was typing :confused:


i’ll get you mine ASAP


BM CPB-910

(AKA silly decisions time)

Designed for the Russian market, reliable and so easy to maintain we’re sure a monkey could do the job, thanks to an all alloy pushrod inline 4 being fed by a quad barrel carb. Surprisingly capable offroad, space for nine, and only $11500!


SALES INFO: remote door un-/locking

USP: the remote door un-/locking feature does not only un-/lock the vehicle, in the Minibus it also opens the sliding passenger doors via voice command. sales agents should inform the customer that the door handles are located further back than ususal in order to promote the product!


The 2018 Letto Transito, 8 Passengers with 10.69L/100KM (22 USMPG) Economy for only $15400:


2018 Boyd Carrier

Easy to fix, good in snow and off-road, stronk. Best taxi for CIS market comes from merry old England.

($14800 production cost)


What’s Stronk??



The MVP-Edition has pre-slav’d side indicators and comes with a dash cam included and hooked up to infotainment system. This not only contributes film footage for Initial Д, but will also lower insurance costs.

With an off-road rating of 69, it is truly in love with terrain.
Our 3.1L heavy duty low octane engine will give you 250 and more Nm from 1600 to 3600 RPM. Who said a 4-banger won’t get you anywhere? Comrade, as bonus, if you put in even worse fuel, engine can run in diesel cycle thanks to direct injection! Not that you must try, but engine is sturdy, we even shielded electronics to survive EMP from nuke!


CSR 52 Submissions Are Now Closed

In addition to the 18 submissions listed previously, entries from
@titleguy1 / @Leonardo9613
have been approved, bringing the total up to 23 24.

The submission from @JohnWaldock is pending because of a car body issue that cropped up (loads a purple, fixture-less body. If someone knows how to repair that Vivaro body, please tell me), and the joint-effort submission from @titleguy1 and @Leonardo9613 requires an ad, as well as from @koolkei

I would like to thank everyone for their work, and I am in way over my head will try to get the reviews posted up as soon as I can. I’ll probably post them up in a batch of two or three posts to keep it managable.


All the off-road, utility, and practicality you’ll ever need.


Putting quotation marks around the ECS_BODY, etc. in the Lua files should do the trick…

Edit: Lua editing to fix the bug mentioned by KA24DE is not against the rules, but doing so to alter a car’s attributes (increasing cargo and/or passenger space, improving aero efficiency, enlarging the engine bay, etc) most definitely is.


But wouldn’t it be Lua editing then AKA Against the Rules?


I wouldn’t consider it editing, just fixing. You aren’t changing anything about the body and what limitations it has, only making it so it’s properly given materials so it can be seen in game.


Mitaishi SRV-X

The all-new Mitaishi SRV-X defies convention as a complete fusion of sharp crossover coupe looks and dynamic SUV mobility. Yet packed with the utilitarian luxury of an MPV. Infused with our signature Mitaishi styling, performance and strong ethically focused environmental goals. That are perfectly aligned to the needs of urban-dwelling creative energetic people. Who pursue challenging, action-filled lifestyles in trendy neighbourhoods.

So stand out from the crowd with our bold and vibrant outside of the box thinking of the all-new SRV-X! Our global and inclusive ethically sourced team of environmentally conscious designers. Flew from around the world to come together on this all-new design. The SRV-X which stands for ‘Sports Re-imagine Vehicle eXperinment.’ Is as the name suggests a complete rethink of the whole philosophy of automotive design.

The team expounded on a single theme of “Fusion”. Which evokes universal notions of power, interconnection and deliciousness? At least when applied to foods and it reflects our modern cosmopolitan globalised world. So they translated these traits into a physical form that’s collectively powerful, edgy and enticing.

From the get-go, they strived to sculpt an urban-dwelling crossover was cannot be defined. As it’s sleek coupe profile belays its cavernous MPV-like interior. Yet it’s eco-friendly performance is more like a compact. But it’s outdoorsy all-wheel-drive system infuses the sculpted body with an image of a powerful athlete. That still somehow managed to seamlessly navigates tight city streets of the urban jungle. Standing out, with an agile, dynamic expressiveness you’ll only find from Mitaishi.

$15,300 (+ 0%)

your adventure awaits!