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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


MY57 Bogliq Ambassador

Regretful sale but I can’t afford to love her anymore…

Up for sale is my lovely Bogliq Ambassador, “Madine”. Madine has been my lady for the last 25 years and she is still going strong. Daily driven and serviced regularly, Madine has travelled the length and breadth of this country and has never let me down. Everything still works as the factory intended, the gearbox shifts smooth and the exhausts are loud enough to wake the dead!

Don’t buy into that silly superstition that Bogliqs bought in any other colour than blue, yellow or white are bad luck. I can conclusively state that I’ve never been harmed in any of the accidents I’ve had the misfortune to experience in Madine; the pedestrians may beg to differ but what would they know, right! :wink:

Madine also never had her jewellry removed either. In late '57 Bogliq recalled all their cars and deleted the chrome trim. Why? Some garbage about the miners awakening a slumbering evil who wanted it’s “stardust” back. Sounds like a bunch of hooey to me… Anyways, if you’re interested in my classic Bogliq luxo-barge, have $7,700 and aren’t afraid of a few tall tales then give me a call!

tl;dr: $7,700 and car may or may not be haunted!

PS - @Madrias I didn’t notice your taillight configuration until after I submitted, :crazy_face:


I saw this really nice classic car yesterday. I believe it’s a '59 BKOO. Ya know those that looks like it’s going to hunt you down because you hadn’t paid your due or something. It was very nice. Parked on the street in front of a big house yet not a speck of dust on it. I was really spooked when it drove off but it was really dark so I did not see that the driver was in it. The sound it makes really was something else… I’ve still got goosebumps till now.

But it did make me look up classified for one. It’s a great car.


Ah, they’re different enough. Mine are oval and stick out, yours are round and flush with the bodywork. Hardly anything to worry about.


Sorry, editing the OP is hard on phone. When I get back to my PC I’ll fix the details.


For clarification purposes…

I stated that the car is a 50s landyacht. This is allowed to encroach into the early 60s.

This is for both engine and trim timeframes.


time to ghoul it up and go bananas. IT’S SPOOPY MONTH, Y’ALL!!!


LLA Infiltrator - For Sale - $5605.62

Running Costs

Average mpg(UK): 9.5


Engine Power: 316Hp
Engine Size: 8000cc
Brochure Engine Size: 8.0L
Acceleration (0-60mph): 8.2 Secconds
Top Speed: 127mph


No. Doors: 2
No. Seats: 4


This is my grandfathers old '63 LLA Infiltrator. He passed it on to me before he passed away a few days ago. I simply do not have the time to restore the car so I thought the best thing to do, as inconsiderate as it sounds, was to sell it. He told be the last time he drove it was on Halloween, and that he had hit a deer whilst driving though the forest (Although he did seem suspicious about it…), this explains the blood marks and the oil leak. He also explained to be that the trunk was forced closed and it can’t be opened without being cut open. The interior is still impeccable as the car rarely was driven and was locked in a garage, this also means there is little rust. The car is also still equipped with the original AM radio and beige vinyl seats. The chrome is also still in great condition, but from the impact with the deer, the front is a little dinged up. I hope that if you buy this car that you will get as much enjoyment as my grandfather once did which is a good reason for me letting this car go.

Not Part Of The Ad!

I spent about 2 hours meticulously designing the exterior of this car, so I thought i’d post a few pics of it for you all to see.


Image Gallery


After this round, I think I may just shy away from chrome, and in sight of chrome, play dead like a possum…


Its green…this is no Bogliq. All Bogliqs should come in blue.


Maybe it’s an aftermarket paint job? Like painting a DeLorean.


For Sale: 1957 Fleet Industries Landship

Recently restored example, all components in good working order. 6.5L V8 runs smoothly with no known mechanical issues whatsoever. 2-speed auto tranny has been fully rebuilt using OEM parts. Interior was refurbished right down to the floorpan with new upholstery and gauges. All chrome trim on the exterior was replaced last month by an approved body repair specialist. Asking $8940 or best offer.


8ish hours remaining.

7 entries and 6 adverts received.


For Sale, 1965 Letto Serpente, 369 CI DOHC Crossplane V8 that makes a whopping Me262 ft-lb of Torque at 3900RPM & 253 HP at Redline of 5200RPM, Being Sold As-Is as it needs a New Exhaust, Currently Loud due to popped welds on the Twin Baffled Mufflers that make it sound like the car is dragging mechanical hounds of hell. Your can have this Italian-American Classic for just $9998.91


1958 General Atomics Enfer 444

Price: $9,873

Year: 1958

Make: General Atomics

Model: Enfer

Trim: 444

Mileage: 66,666 miles

Body Type: Sedan

Transmission: 2-Speed Automatic

Colour: Green

Drivetrain: RWD

No. of Seats: 6

Engine Type: 444ci V8

Location: Hell, Michigan


I’ve got a 1958 General Atomics Enfer 444 in pristine condition for sale! Been in the family since bought new by my grandpa. He named her Christina and it’s stuck since. She can be a bit temperamental at times but has an aura you can’t ignore. She’s been in a couple of minor collisions before, but only the bumper was damaged (and has been replaced) and she was repainted about 15 years ago.
This is the classic American luxury sedan formula, with leather bench seats and the famous 444ci V8. Engine and brakes recently tuned up and it’s got a new battery and tires. If you want to own a solid piece of American automotive history with a whole lot of life left in her, give me a call at (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Asking 9873 firm. No tire kickers or lowballers.


It’s from 1960, and she’s a good one too. Green, just as you like. It’s a Rado L2-1900, with a 1.9l Inline-4 driving the front wheels. It’s got some miles on it and it’s got 92 hp, and will go just over 100 MPH. And it’s comfy with soft suspension and premium seats. So how much does it cost? You’re thinking probably $2000 and up, but this fine example is available for just $287.89! That’s right, just $287.89!


Penrose Customs Imperator

What we have here is a 1964 Imperator by Penrose Customs. Like all Penrose Customs cars, this is a rare and unique model, but this one is even more special since it was one of the first times that famed automotive engineer Martin Penrose experimented with front-wheel drive. Powered by a 5.6L V8 producing 214hp, this lightweight luxobarge runs to 60 in about 9 seconds and can handle like cars half its size. You can own this piece of history for just $5640!


goddammit, missed the deadline :frowning:

i didn’t realize it was so early


waitwaitwaitwaitwait. i’ll do the ads for mine tonight.


right. sorry for the double post. but this one is for my ad

1956 Makrolet Chapel

1956 Makrolet Chapel for sale
this car was my grandfather’s car back when he was still young, then it was passed down to my father, who tuned and do things to it back when i was still a baby. all i know today is. it’s not an original spec car anymore, it’s fast and it’s LOUD. the interior is still almost completely original.

reason for selling : could not afford to feed the fuel thirst and maintenance cost to keep the car running on the road properly much more. so it has been mostly sitting collecting dust, with only occasional drive like once a month or for special occasion only

Price : $6900 (open for haggling)

sorry for the late ad. and the real price on the spread sheet is $6652.82 if i did it right.