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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven





I guess you mean the former in a role-playing sense.


'92 SMG Taikan II +2

This is a perfectly stock, unmolested example of SMG’s second-generation sports coupe, finished in Twilight Violet Metallic and powered by a 3.0L turbo inline-6 developing 276 bhp, mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox and mechanical LSD. The 2+2 interior is in excellent condition and retains its OEM tape deck. And the price for this stunning '90s performance icon, which served as the basis for the all-conquering '95 A-Spec II? Just $15,000.


Introducing the 2000 Letto Compagno, 3L V6 that makes 162 HP Through a 5 speed Manual & Fuel economy of just 9.4L/100km (25 US MPG). MSRP of $15000, but if you hurry in, you can get $750 in Bonus Cash for Black Friday so this wonderful car will only cost you $14250. Available in Red (As Shown) or White.


MY2000 Bogliq Coyote SR

(I added 4years to the design date to simulate tooling and R&D time, lol)

Up for sale is my Turbo Coyote. I’ve just purchased a 2017 Coyote so I have to let the old girl go. I wanted to tune her up and go drifting but I don’t have the space or the time so I’d rather sell her to a good home rather than let her rot in my backyard!

All servicing is up to date and the car has been issued with a RWC so it’s ready to transfer in your name. The price I’m looking for is $14,600 and this price is firm as this is the best condition and value Turbocharged Bogliq Coyote you’ll find on CSR-bay!!!

If you’re interested, call me on 555-2591 or email me on c h o o c h o o 6 9 @ g m a i l . c o m


1997 BKOO Sentio HP-S

'97 HP-S Sentio, legend for sale.

This is the renown BKOO Sentio HP-S.

HP-S stands for High Performance Sedan. The BKOO-Kowai V6 powered sedan. One of the first sleeper car to have grace the highway created by installing sports car engine into a typical American sedan. The DOHC V6 has 30 valves and high revving capability, redlining at 7800rpm, it produced 250hp allowing this car to capable of 0-60mph in 6.2 seconds and the top speed is more than 160mph. The information of which you should already know.

This one is equipped with optional adaptive dampers and limited slip differential. It’s suspension is famous for being tuned by BKOO and Kowai sport division. Creating one of the greatest driving front wheel drive car ever made.

It’s subtle body kits hint at the muscle that hides under the hood. This particular example is also a rare 5-door hatchback bodystyle, black on black in great condition and has been maintained impeccably by Sentio HP-S enthusiast.

They’re certainly getting rare. Not that the normal Sentio is more common. It’s certainly a good investment for anyone who remembered the 80’s and the 90’s when these were all the rage. Price is $14,300. obo.


Yes (tho it could be made to argue that a car engineered in 1990 wouldn’t really hit production until 1995 :wink: )

Yes? I mean, i don’t want something crappylooking for my son…


1998 Walcroft&Riley Sabre 6S

Built from 1996 - 2004, the Sabre was W&R’s entry in the upmarket portion of the compact segment. A fairly small car sporting a clear front row first, second row second, boot space third design philosophy, the brand whipped up a first and foremost driver’s car that offered easily enough space to drop the kids at school, but not much more, as the Sabre, due to its market position, was most likely to be bought as a secondary car anyway.

Premium interior and technological bells and whistles like a 6-speed gearbox or adaptive dampers were things some of the competitors offered, too, but the Sabre was special in being the only FWD hatch that could be ordered with a V6 engine.

The Sabre was a pricey model for people who know what they want and can pay, but with 20 years having passed since its launch, decent, well looked after examples are now starting to become easily affordable.

This one comes in the midrange “S” trim with the 2.2L V6 in its tamest state of tune, offering a healthy 155hp to endow the car with brisk, but not intimidating performance (0-100: 7.6s; 210kph). The seats are fabric, not leather, but the well thought-out cockpit, climate control and premium stereo make the driver’s seat a very pleasant place to be, and the slick gearshift and connected yet docile handling make the Sabre a genuine joy to drive. Oh, and with 7.7L/100km it offers great fuel economy, too.

The odometer shows 131,000km, it comes with full service history and is in very good nick for its age, both mechanically and cosmetically. For $15,000 o.n.o. you get get yourself a covetable little car that just so happens to be a very reasonable buy.


I was replying to what LordLetto posted :smile:


1995 Montes Urban MRP 2.0 Turbo (Urban MK3)

That car was special for Montes MRP, because that is the street legal (detuned) version from the WRC model, that won 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995 WRC titles.

And about the safety of your son, do not worry: equip the latest in AWD, active and passive safety (structure with programmed deformation zones, non-deformable cabin, 4 airbags, ABS, TCS …). And a predictable but fun drive.

And, you might be asking, why a hatchback instead of a coupe.

Well, the answer is in the practicality: it has more space in the rear seats, as well as a more usable trunk. Besides being easier to park. So, you can park in more small spaces, and reduce the wrecks during parking.

And, about the engine, is the well-known 4-cylinder turbo G20TVi Montes MRP engine. Equipped with a twinscroll turbo, VVT, VVL and MPFI injection, combines low turbo lag, great fuel milleage (7.14L/100km), and excellent performance (170hp). And is a pretty reliable engine, and offer a reasonable yearly running costs for that kind of car. $1300.

And about the comfort and handling: sportive, but comfortable and predictable. It comes with 4-ventilated disk brakes, that brakes the car quickly in case you come across an unforeseen event, without fadding. And is a quiet car.
And, it comes very well equipped.

All that only for $14.300!!!

And, as special offer, Montes offers a wonderful, lightweight Enkei RPF1 rims as gift.


My entry for CSR57 was inspired by this:

I saw CSR57 as an opportunity to finally use the car (not the tuned trim, but the base model) I would have entered in the Great Automation Run instead of the Guardsman 3.0R, which meant that my backup plan of creating a new trim of my CSR39 entry specifically for the purpose of this round went out the window…


For Sale - '99 LLA Bandit S Premium - $14,900

I bought this car brand new in '99, it has done me well, but it is time for me to let it go. I have done well over 100K on the clock yet the engine is still ticking like brand new. The engine itself is rather perky with about 72 Hp. The 5 speed manual shifts rather smoothly but the clutch may need replacing (It still has the original installed). I did get the premium version when I bought it, this includes some chrome accents and an electric sunroof. The car itself is rather easy to drive and manages 8.4L/100Km in the city, but that is thanks to it’s 1.5 inline 4. The only thing I wish I had done is get the vision model with the larger engine and a turbo.

As I said though I am selling this car as I need to move on, mainly due to a larger family and the fact that my wife told me it was the miata or the LLA - you can see my choice.


Oh, thanks for let us know it. I was worried! :neutral_face:

(An original Shromet Interval advert from 1995)

Go on an Interval of your own.


Same Philosophy, Different Car.

Finding a smarter way, that’s Shromet. That’s what we’ve been doing for over 20 years, and the new Interval GTX represents the culmination of our engineering and research. With advanced Thermoset polymer construction to keep the Interval under 1200kg, and advanced Shromet Airflow Plus :tm: exhaust system for increased power and decreased fuel consumption. This is how we make a sports coupe. Smarter, faster, better.

Hold on tight.

With its advanced 250 horsepower, 5.4 Liter V8 Engine, the Shromet Interval GTX accelerates from 0-60 miles per hour in under 5 seconds, combined with a curb weight of under 1200KG, and the Shromet Interval will give you the confidence to tackle the leaders of the sports car world.

Uncompromising in all aspects.

Despite its sports car performance, the Shromet Interval GTX achieves an EPA estimated 27.4MPG combined. With 4 seats and optional anti-lock brakes, the Shromet Interval is just as practical as it is fast.

Shromet. Always Looking Forward.




The winner of CSR29 is back with a vengeance. I love it! So is it really unchanged from the version submitted in that round?



It is the MY1998 instead of 1996. The engine is a bit tweaked and it has a different safety package (US spec)


Gamma Nara STX (Sport Light eXperiment)


  • Build as a project for a light and cheap sports car, the Nara STX is powered by a happy-revving 1.6L I4 DOHC 16V with an aggressive VVL allowing it to rev up to 8300rpm making 160hp@7800rpm and 155Nm@6700rpm, yet it has a good torque curve even before the VVL enters (at 4500rpm), delivering 136Nm at only 2500rpm, which makes it a great daily car, with good low-end torque and without turbo-lag.


  • The Nara STX was project to be light and nimble, yet durable and comfortable, so the chassis is a monocoque and both chassis and body are made of corrosion rest. steel. The body is a 2-door coupe with 4 seats, weighting 1190kg. The front suspension is MacPherson while the rear is semi trailing arm, allowing better cornering numbers and better comfort.


  • It uses 205/40 sport tyres fitted with 16’’ alloy wheels for better grip and cornering.

It’s a great daily car and an even better weekend car!



1992 Ardent Smoke GT

(Excerpt from automotive magazine follows…)

Over the decades, nameplates come and go. Some are recognized universally, some pass into obscurity, while others end their storied careers with a tarnished reputation. This third category is particularly saddening all around. When representatives from Ardent showed up last month with another Smoke, we were worried.

Though last year’s debut of the third-generation Ardent Smoke was met with great apathy and even vitriol from enthusiasts, Ardent appears to be at least attempting to make amends this year with the new GT trim. Don’t get us wrong, this still isn’t the luxurious touring coupe that your parents owned in the 70’s. But it’s a definite nod towards its heritage, if not a big step in regaining the lost performance. We spent a week with this new tester, a Smooth Cherry Metallic Smoke GT.

The new Smoke GT boasts a bigger 2.2 liter engine, with twin cams and new variable valve technology. With 125 horsepower, it nearly doubles the flat-out anemic output of the 1.9 liter in the base and LS trims. 5-speed manual is standard, with an optional 3-speed auto available.

Just about every aspect of the GT is improved over the lower trim levels, as well. The interior includes charcoal cloth high-back buckets with red sport stitching. Both side and thigh bolsters on the front seats provide and added measure of comfort and sporty feel. Power windows, locks, and mirrors are standard on the GT, as is a 100 watt 4-speaker AM/FM cassette with equalizers.

Visually, the GT differs from its junior cousins by way of its “power bulge” hood, 15" alloy wheels, and front fender detailing.

Driving the Smoke GT is also much more fulfilling than the base model. The 2.2 liter revs willingly, and powers the coupe to 60 in under 11 seconds, while still averaging 29 MPG. 4-wheel antilock brakes, with bigger front rotors, also help assure quicker, straighter stops.

Of course, these improvements don’t come cheap. The Smoke GT’s list price of $10110 more than $2000 over that of a base Smoke. But as far as we’re concerned, that is money very well spent.