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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


99’ XV Turbo


The 1996 Centauri Mauaruder V6 CPV Pack aims to challenge Domestic American pony cars as well as sport imports, with 214hp coming from it’s 3 liter 24valve SOHC V6, 6 speed manual transmission,and a thoroughly engineered and sorted chassis and suspension this 2750 lb 2+2 is the best of both comfortable touring cars and high performance sports cars. With a full premium interior and a high fidelity 6 speaker cd player you might forget that with a 0-60mph under 6 seconds and a quarter mile time in the mid 14’s this sports car will easily out perform the v6 mustangs and camaros, as well as the non boosted versions of the 300zx, and supra. But it doesn’t stop there, show this car some curves and get ready to be blown away, it’s 50/50 weight distribution, 4 wheel independent suspension with multi link rear arms, a limited slip rear differential, and precisely designed airflow allows the Marauder to corner like nothing else in it’s class, holding well over 1.1 G on the skid pad at speeds as high as 120mph, almost as high as it’s 146mph top speed. And it can do all this while still returning an average of 25MPG US. with all that performance we haven’t skimped on safety with driver and passenger front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes, and traction control to help keep you safe and in control.
Price $15,000 @ 0% markup.


1999 JHW Alsace 1.6L

Volkswagen Who? $10,500


Previously seen on CSR47…Recycling FTW!!!

FOA Trident S, base level variant, $13,700 @ 0%

…it stops being “cheap” when you add the markup :rofl:…but it will always be cheerful! :sunglasses:


Welcome to CM! We have a certified used car just for you…

The 2000 CM Erie EL!

It is a budget four-seat shooting brakes that can be yours for $12,960, so be assured that it is well within your budget. As you probably already know, most CM vehicles are either 4x4 or AWD, with this one being AWD, so it will get you around in all weather conditions and even off paved roads, should the need arise. You will find that for such a cheap car there is a surprising amount of above-average parts, especially in the engine.

Opening the hood here, you can see a longitudinal I4. It’s a 2.0L 16 valve OHC engine with VVT that produces 117 hp and 171 Nm. With the 6-speed manual transmission, the Erie will go from 0 to 100 in 9.8 seconds and to a top speed of 204 km/h. We don’t recommend you try that last one on anything other than a race track. Oh, almost forgot, it also achieves 7.3L/100 km, so it won’t be too hard on your budget in the long run.

Let’s take a look inside before going for that test drive… As you can see, everything is pretty standard in here, safety features are of good quality, and you’ve got a stock CD player. The shooting brake style doesn’t give all that much cargo space in this configuration, but the 50/50 split rear seat folds down to double the cargo volume when needed.

Now, how about that test drive? We can talk sales after.


Hi guys

There’s been some unfortunate events at work, so i have to either extend the deadline a few days ( i should be free sunday) or have you wait for the reviews a little longer than usual.

I hope that’s ok :frowning:



Either one is fine by me. I can afford to wait longer than normal for the first batch of reviews.


1999 BM Sparrow S

Sport package featuring a rear mounted 3.0 I6 producing a healthy 183hp, 0-62 in under 6s with a top speed around the 148mph mark. Bit wallowy in the corners but she can still shift.



So, er, any progress on this round then?


Yep. True!



Who was hosting again? :joy:


gridghost is hosting the current round, having already won the previous one.






Well … @gridghost?


I hate to think of this, but are we gonna have to resort to a poll to decide the winner so we can move on to the next round?


Sorry. But yes I guess. This is already the next week


Yeah, sorry guys… between crunchtime @work and getting pnemonia and being hospitalised for a week a haven’t been able to get this done in time, and will not be able to do anything today either :persevere:


Pneumonia? ouch! Better rest up.

We’ll go to a poll. Could somebody be so good as to organise it so that all the entrants who have posted advertisements are listed? haha

@koolkei thanks I’ll set up the poll now.

Pick a winner!

  • TheElt- BM Sparrow S
  • thecarlover- CM Erie EL
  • TR8R- FOA Trident S
  • JohnWaldock- JHW Alsace 1.6L
  • nialloftara- Centauri Marauder V6 CPV
  • doncornaldie- XV Turbo
  • VicVictory- Ardent Smoke GT
  • Nomade0013- Gamma Nara STX
  • NormanVauxhall- Znopresk Zap 1.7 Super S
  • DoctorNarfy- Shromet Interval GTX
  • LinkLuke- LLA Bandit S Premium
  • vmo- Montes Urban MRP 2.0 Turbo
  • bastormonger- Walcroft&Riley Sabre SS
  • conan- BKOO Sentio HP-S
  • HighOctaneLove- Bogliq Coyote SR
  • LordLetto- Letto Compagno
  • abg7- SMG Taikan II +2

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