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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


So yeah, firing a ruleset this big from my hip within 24 hours was maybe not the best idea…

The shrouded pricing theme was my attempt on giving the thing a new twist, but what I realize when I look at the rules now is that I basically implemented the twist as the core mechanic and what should be the core mechanic as a mere modifier to what is essentially a blind guessing game (in hindsight, this seems like much less of a great idea than I initially thought…), so maybe the problem is not the concept itself, but rather the priorities.

Seeing as some of you apparently do want for things to be shaken up a bit, what would you guys say if I altered the rules in such a way that this will be first and foremost a beauty pageant, but retained a somewhat unpredictable pricing scheme, albeit with much less of an impact on the scoring, adding an element of uncertainty to just push you out of your comfort zone a little, with styling criteria being the dominant part of the scoring system?

I guess midday today will not be possible at this point - I’ll try to come up with a new ruleset quickly, but I will be careful not to rush it this time around.

As for a pricing spreadsheet, I can do that, it’s probably a way better idea than detailing the rules. I would keep the heritage value as a “mystery modifier” and adjust the weighting of the price in such a way that it will be very unlikely to throw anyone out of the competition on its own.

Would that be ok with you guys?


I agree fully with the rule change - the current rule set was most definitely a rushed job and deserves to be replaced.


gee… how did you know that??


Blehhh… turning it into a beauty pageant makes it a lot harder for people like myself who lack the artistic flair of some other people here. There are some who make truly beautiful cars here by compounding 16,000,000,000 fixtures. I’m lucky if mine looks a little better than a sprouted potato. Of course, I’ll still try.


I do intend to retain the two-trim thing, with the modified part being quite the opposite of a beauty pageant (make the car look as grotesque as you can), so, @VicVictory, do your worst, maybe you’ll end up just nailing it :wink:


Sorry for the double post, but the revamped rule set is now up.
Let me know if you have any objections/comments/suggestions.


Clarify to us again how the 6 and 8 point style scoring works? Is it purely subjective?


For joy through dependability of rigorous ironic power value.

New Mitsushita Kuraun.

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Yes, essentially purely subjective, though with appropriate biases in the respective categories (big/expensive = better for styling / old = better for historic / crazy = better for modified).

EDIT: Didn’t even think of that - since @conan advertised only the stock trim, I suggest everyone does likewise - so I’ll be able to reveal the full freak show come evaluation time.


Introducing the 1983 Letto Otto Sei, Powered by the LS16DE It’s a Sporty Car on a Budget, Sure to Cost alot in the Future even in Rough Shape due to being Featured in a Animation that gives it “Tofu” Tax:


1977 Suzume Kaminari GS

For sale:

'77 Kaminari GS. This is the first year of production for the Kaminari. It’s got the original paint, which is one of the rarer factory colors, Steel Moss. Also has the factory original IA6-A twin-sidedraft straight-6 engine, and a 5-speed manual.

A little surface rust in the usual places (rear arches, rocker panels). A few rips in the interior, and missing the passenger window crank. All chrome trim is present. A little pitting in a few pieces.

A lot of maintenance work done in he last 5,000 miles (I have receipts)
Brakes redone
New belts and hoses
New plugs and wires, points, and cap
Radiator flushed and thermostat replaced
New air filters
New muffler


Old enough for collector plates, and emissions exempt.
$2000 firm.


I have received the first couple of entries and have seen a fairly conservative rice job or two. I would encourage you to go PROPERLY nuts with the modding…


CSR requires users to submit sandbox cars, not Lite campaign cars… And yours falls into the latter category.

Edit: the offending trim has since been removed along with all screenshots of it.


…also, @undercoverhardwarema, you posted the riced trim in your ad - that’s a paddlin’


1988 Orion Panther 2000

For Sale:
The 1988 Orion Panther 2000 was the makings of a teenage wet dream. All the aesthetics of a sports car, at half the price, and half the horsepower; after all, we wouldn’t want them getting hurt. The 2000 trim was so named, because in 1988, 2000 still sounded futuristic, and also because of the 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4; producing 165 hp (123 kw). Originally starting at $9100 (0% markup), I bought this beauty (in the ever popular for the era, teal color) for $3500, when I was just 18, in 1995.

It’s not even like I knew what to do with it. I took out the back seat, and replaced it with a huge amp & speaker box, connected to an expensive aftermarket CD player; only to have someone break in and steal it 6 weeks later. True Story


So far, I’ve seen fewer entries in this round than ever before - fewer than CSR53, in fact, where there were 11 entries. This time, there are only three as of now - probably because there’s still something about the rule set that’s putting everyone else off, including myself…


Shhh, I might actually win then! :stuck_out_tongue:


For Sale: 1977 Sora GTR

Like new (except it’s over 40 years old and nothing works) :wink:
Call now!!! use code JDMGOD and get a 5% discount!


1976 Cavallera Falco (post-facelift).
Spotted here, at the Quail in August 2016.

These cars have become something of a collectors item after the rarity of these models jumped massively. Being the attainable Ferrari challenger it was, the car sold well but most examples did not live long due to race use, age or heavy modification, something not too uncommon in recent times. However it has attained collector status now, helped by it’s connection to the Cavallera Falco GTX that finished strong in the AGTC and to the fact that it was powered by the legendary Zavir S40 V6 engine.

Owing to their significance in street racing and modification culture despite being rare, the cars are sought after in Japan. The example being sold is already heavily modified (not the one shown above) but it will be a prime candidate for restoration and will likely be a profitable investment.


The NCC Lance

It’s got a 2L engine and is a bit shit…which is why it’s branded NCC!