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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


Ahh… Here is a pristine 2020 LLA Fossular. I think I may have a picture from the original brochure, just hold on a sec…

There we go. Anyway, about the car, I remember my father having one as a child (He was an LLA Sales Exec so he got the top of the line model), it had the last of LLA’s v12’s with a top speed of about 208 - though i’m not sure as it’s been 52 years. But anyway, designed as LLA’s sendoff to the era of high performance fossil fuel powered cars the Fossular was treated like a baby by most who owned one. The one here today is in Electric Blue - one of LLA’s more premium colours. Finally with 4 seats this thing has room for you too invite those standing and watching inside to be astonished by this things sheer performance. Just be aware that the HUD will feel like a childs toy as the technology is 50 years old - the processor on the computer is massive at a whopping 4 square centimetres. Of course Brand new they costed around $60K and now they have finally regained value. Also with cameras instead of wing mirrors the Fossular achieves a sleeker and cleaner design.


Did someone say… Ardent?

Probably not, but here’s one anyway!

It’s a 2019 Ardent Olympic with the Touring package. I believe this one is Sunset Mist Pearl. 4.3 liter Taurus-series V8 engine with just under 300 horses, auto, heated everything, ventilated seats, 9 speaker premium audio with satnav, full phone integration, yadda yadda. Basically everything except a kitchen sink and a cappuccino maker. Though I suppose you could rig one up to the power outlets.

Ardent wasn’t apparently a fan of 20 inch rims. Something about wanting their owners to actually be able to afford new tires without taking out a HELOC. Though they did still make 'em kinda blingy.

Someone was definitely chasing daylight with those last couple photos. But I don’t know, just kind of looks ready to prowl, doesn’t it?


Among the many cars auctioned off was a 2018 LAP (Linden Automotive Products) LE52 in Claret Metallic, powered by a 5.2L naturally aspirated V8 driving the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. With nearly 500 horsepower on tap it was a serious rival to other makers’ contemporary sports cars, and in an age of downsized turbocharged engines hooked up to paddle-shift trannies, it easily stood out for its old-school analog approach to building a driver’s car.


As Michael browsed through the selection of cars being auctioned, he stumbled upon a green-silver convertible. The tag that hung from the mirror reads: “2020 Kasai Noble GT”.

Official description taken from Kasai’s website:

The Kasai Noble GT was built with one specific objective in mind: to comfortably take you on long trips without worrying about much else. It is like your loyal servant that caters to your every needs and wishes, and had never once questioned nor complained. It is like your first puppy that happily waggled its tail every time it meets you, and always cheered you up whenever you feel down under. It is like that nice leather sofa you impulsively bought during a sale, and your loving spouse just sighed it off and let it slip because it’s just how you are. It is a joy to experience, a memory to treasure.

It’s a tame beast to handle, having a smooth dual-clutch transmission that puts you, the driver, in full control, while the reliable VS12 engine keeps it going, and going, and going… Until you eventually notice that a thousand miles had already gone. Or you just ran out of fuel. It’s surely not going to win races, but it will still win your heart.



The HPD GT-10 was a strange GT car. Coming as the Final “hurrah” out of Hallwark, the “Firehawk” trim level was a HPD special. it was mostly a visual trim package, except for the slight tune to the GT’s V10. It pushed it from 500hp to nearly 550hp. Most people who bought the Firehawk didn’t actually know what they were getting, and they weren’t stupidly expensive, either. The Firehawk was priced only $1,500 more than the Executive trim of the GT-10

Drivetrain is an AWD system hooked to a 7-speed Sequential Gearbox, allowing the Firehawk to a top speed of over 300km/h. It is also painted in the rather wonderful “New Paint Blue,” a rare option on the Firehawk model.


Like all good innovations comes a teething problem at it’s inception.

The game decided not to work correctly with cars import. Therefore I cannot start the review until the issue is solve. You may still send in entries, but other issue might still arise from doing so.

I’d wait for the developers to give a verdict first. Maybe it’s something simple enough.

It’s normal that the open beta phase would have bugs such as this.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


If you can send me a test car I can help you see if this problem is limited to your system.


It’s been established that this issue was not limited to my system.


no the latest update broke car importing. Might have something to do with why our old cars were wiped. I assume the way cars are exported still uses the old system which is no longer compatible.


ahh, Ok. lets hope the devs can solve this issue, I’m not bothered if this means we have to postpone the deadline by a few days.


I don’t want to postpone the deadline. Supposedly the devs are coming back very soon and I don’t have trouble with having to thrash to get the reviews out a day or two after the deadline. You guys can still try to refine the car, especially those who’ve submitted because you may have to re-export the car anyway.

Maybe I’ll postpone it if the issue isn’t resolved by the time the deadline comes. But if it gets resolve quickly (before the deadline) then I don’t see the need to.

Let’s wait and see.


I’ve already submitted an entry, but feel like doing so again, albeit with a few tweaks.


Bramble Motors Ýtemest

(Pronounced oo-temest)

In 2019, and with new internal combustion powered cars in Britain set to be outlawed by 2040, Bramble Motors decided to wind up production of all IC vehicles it produced by 2025. But as a last hurrah, it produced the Ýtemest, fron the old English for ‘final’ - Bramble’s swansong of the ICE era.

A naturally aspirated 3.5 litre V6 put out nearly 450 hp, all going to the back wheels, enabled the Ýtemest to just crest the 300 kph gap, it’s high redline of 9,300 rpm making a glorious noise through the three exhaust pipes. As a result, many of the models sold, including this example, in Sunblaze Orange, were convertibles, to better hear such a beautiful sound.

As a complete novice to competitive Automation building, i’m very interested to see how this goes, as both my first design in the revamped UE4 builder, and my first CSR car. Hopefully I’ve done a half decent attempt for this. :sweat_smile:


The next car offered at the auction was a coupé from the Spanish brand Contendiente, the 2019 Contendiente Enemigo Cabrio. The turbocharged 2.0L 4 cylinder engine develops a healthy 300hp, transfered to the rear wheels through a 6 speed manual transmission. The auctioned vehicle includes the original poster advertisement for itself.



I’m also having troubles exporting my car. Am I doing something wrong? I can export Kee cars, but when I try to export the UE car, it prompts me to find an app with which to open it.


Who says the Europeans should have all the fun?

Originally designed to counter several specific European offerings, the Olympus Sagittarius got more aggressive in the late teens, with the 2018 Sagittarius X50. An all wheel drive double clutch transmission, mated to a 5.0 liter flat plane Tech 10 Naturally aspirated motor (a more aggressive turbo model would be mated to its chassis mate) producing 550 HP. The Sagittarius could accelerate to 60 in 4 seconds flat, and had a top speed of 200 MPH, mostly limed by its staggering 2 ton weight (seriously, I tried everything, but it still weighs 2 tons); but more memorable than that was all the lovely accoutrement that made this car distinctly Olympus.

By this time Olympus was widely known for its luxury as well as its quality. This vehicle would likely still be around, even if driving wasn’t outlawed.


Comfortable, Sporty, Economical, and easy to drive.

The DMA ES-119 sports an advanced naturally aspirated 4.8 liter V-8 that produces 413 hp, 0-60 in 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 202mph

All of that while still getting nearly 40mpg on the highway and 31mpg combined


Are those Miles Per Gallon?


Yeah, fixed thanks