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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


BAM Moenis 636

Now that’s an actual movie star in the auction! The BAM Moenis was featured in the blockbuster movie Run The Dawn in 2018 and actually made it into production afterwards. Okay, it’s not exactly the concept car from the movie, but the reasonable, tame convertible version with the affordable entry level engine, a 3.6 liter naturally aspirated inline six.


Iurlaro Isabella 6 Turbo Convertible

This is the entry level of the convertible Isabella model. High-efficiency turbo 4.2 liter inline 6 with the exceptional luxurious interior as only Iurlaro Atelier can craft.


Niiiiice. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a UE4 Iurlaro if I’m not mistaken.


Or you could revert back to the old engine instead of waiting for a fix on an issue that you’re not sure how long it will take to be fixed? Just a suggestion though in case we reach the deadline and still no fix.


There are other ways to get stats in without importing cars. No reason to revert back to kee, especially with all the submissions already.


Unfortunately I have to miss out on this round… went to computer for first time in a week (have flu) and find my master HDD has died…so I’m buggered until I’m well enough to replace it. :cry:


And the devs have answered that the fix will arrive by the end of the day! How good is that? :laughing:


2020 Revera RC 460 S

In 2018 Revera presented a new GT Convertible line-up called the RC. At the time the goal was to create an elegant two-door convertible that offers – on long and short tours – the highest level of comfort, dynamics and efficiency.

The RC was offered in different trims:

  • RC 300: A turbo-charged 3 Liter Inline 6 with around 330 HP tuned mainly for fuel efficiency
  • RC 460: Powered by a naturally aspirated 4.6 Liter V8 producing around 430hp while still achieving great fuel economy at the time
  • RC 460 S: The 460 S featured the same engine as the normal 460 but most notably has the backseats removed for weight reduction and a slightly more aggressive suspension setup.
  • RC supersport: A limited run of a naturally aspirated V12 Monster which now sells for ridiculous amounts of coin.

The one currently for sale at the auction is the 460 S (in pearl white). As stated above under the bonnet you’ll find a 4.6 Liter V8 sending 438hp@8200rpm and 475NM@5000rpm to the rear wheels only. A true enthusiasts car that rewards revving it hard. The V8 is mated to a super-quick short geared 7-Speed double clutch trasmission and even though the last gear is geared long for fuel efficiency, the first four gears are extremely short so you can hear that 8300rpm redline scream more often while still being a law abiding citizen.

Thanks to the aluminum body and the weight reduction program, the 460 S weights only 1615kg, making it accelerate quicker - 4.2 s from 0-100kph to be exact -, brake harder and very agile through the bends considering the size of this luxury GT convertible.




The revera is well designed!


Simply, the most beautiful car of Automation, probably.


Just so everybody know. As it’s the importer that’s broken, not the exporter, it shouldn’t pose any issue. But I’ll allow submission til the end of Sunday, Alaska time. (8th Jan 00.00 +11)


Wow, what a way to return to CSR!


MY2018 Bogliq Fox 1300R

For the new 2018 model year of the Bogliq Fox, the designers at Bogliq took inspiration from a Japanese Superbike and married it with the classic roadster. The Bogliq engineers also decided to showcase their new, low cost, carbon-fibre chassis and body technology in the same model…

The result?

A sub one tonne super-sportster capable of hitting 100Km/h in 4.9 sec while simultaneously using only 4.3L per 100km. The no-frills interior harks back to a bygone, simpler era while the high RPM, turbocharged, 1.3L inline four provides all the thrills anyone could ask for…

Bogliq intends to sell the Fox 1300R for ~$70k and there are lesser models planned, but for the forseeable future Bogliq is looking to the 1300R as it’s flagship to win over performance car buyers.

As always, should you be interested in this lightweight Fox 1300R, don’t hesitate to contact your friendly local Bogliq dealer!

Buy better, buy Bogliq



I have not seen a Revera in UE4… Until now. The likes of BAM and Iurlaro should be afraid… Very afraid.


Want to see a surprise? Just lurk around the corner and you will see it!

The Zasteros Riten SC

A Blast from the past in Today's Future

312 km/h goodness without the harshness of a racecar!
Premium Interior and a comfy ride but without slowness,
44 MPG savings without boredom.

All these joys and grace, all yours for $ 47000


2nd image is broken.

Valve, please fix


2nd image fixed :slight_smile:


So now it’s Saturday, the importer doesn’t work yet and we have roughly a day and a bit. What’s the plan? I know it’s not in our control…