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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


The all new 2009 Kishiwo Katoya SPT (Sport Performance Tourer)

Get yourself this beast of a hot-hatch at your closest dealer for 20320$!


Introducing the 2009 Letto Codardo (Italian for Gutless (or Coward)), Powered by our LE21SETT 2.1L Cast Iron V6 SOHC Direct Injection Twin Turbo it makes 123 hp@7000RPM & 162 Ft-Lb@2500RPM it gets 7.5L/100KM Combined. Unique Seating Arrangement with a Single Front Seat & a Bench for 3 in the Rear for Total Seating of 4 to Save Weight. This Budget Pony can be yours for the Low Price of $14000, so buy it & have Fun on the Airfield where it’s about as fast as a Renault Avantime or BMW 318i (E46), Even the Same time as a £1500 Porsche 944.


HPD Tritus S

The More Stable, more Friendly younger sister of the Rampant, Frothing-at-the-grill Tritus R, the S offers a civility to the SpoCom market that the R doesn’t manage. With over 240hp, this is an adept entry to the SpoCom market. The Tritus might not be as well known, but it offers some unique experiences.

This S model has the Black-Line trim package, meaning that all front trim will be painted black. It also features the optional 17inch Chrome Wheel Package.

Yours today for $14,000 @ 0% (markup will vary by dealer.)


2009 Townsend Titus 1.5T

$14,000. What will it get you these days?

You’ll get a lot from Townsend. Meet Titus.

Designed for fun, ready for life. Titus comes loaded with standard features such as a 6-speaker AM/FM/CD stereo with MP3 playback capabilities, air conditioning, keyless entry, and a power feature suite. Comfortable seating for 5 is provided, and the generous cargo area expands easily thanks to 60/40 fold-flat rear seats.

Smooth, capable handling is assured with 16" all-season tires, 4-wheel disc antilock brakes, and traction control. Titus’s standard 1.5 liter turbocharged engine puts power down through either the standard 6-speed manual or an available 5-speed sport automatic.

And, with a combined fuel economy rating of over 36 MPG, Titus won’t leave you stranded at the pumps.

Take a test drive at your local Townsend dealership today.

Townsend Titus 1.5T with Sport Automatic shown in Spark Green Metallic. MSRP $14,000 as shown.

Vri404 - totally was not copying your name. Lol


Lol. What luck, eh!


Hehe… well, all Townsend models are alliterations (even if their trims aren’t). That was random blind luck. (aaaand done threadjacking)

EcaMobile SmallBlind Sport!
Who says good things only comes in big packs ?

Comes with:
Sport Pack
111hp 1L 3cyl
Premium 4 seats
CD Radio
15'' Alloy rims

All this for only 13.600$
EcaMobile - The Ace on the River


The 2009 LAP LB20 Sport is designed to be fast, fun and affordable. With 200-odd horsepower on tap from its 2.0l turbocharged I4 and a sub 1.3-ton kerb weight, this hot hatch will always put a smile on your face as you tackle a challenging B-road.

Prices start from $14,000 (excluding markups) on the road. Standard equipment includes AM/FM radio with CD player and MP3 compatibility, stability, traction and launch control, and 18" alloy wheels.


Zenshi Kuma ZMD Plus (XP2) '09

Be careful. It bites.

With a ZMD-tuned 130 HP Turbocharged 3-Cylinder, it’s got a bit of punch for its miniature size.

Dynamic flair inside and out, many standard features such as RECARO bucket seats and a short-throw shifter are on board. So what are you waiting for? Get those claws out.


The 2009 Brivio Roma 2.0QP-N.

The Roma has been a consistent nameplate throught Brivio history, this is the all new Roma, all new body and all new engines. The range topper is this 2.0 Naturally Aspirated 2.0QP-N, this is the only trim that is coded rather than named. The 2.0 Inline 4 produces a healthy 170bhp and 147ft-lb and still averages 8.46L/100km, mated to a 6-speed manual transmission this Italian fun box will bring you up to 144mph with ease but because it is a manual you will still enjoy the back roads.

The 2.0QP-N seats 4 with relative comfort, the interior has been left fairly basic due to weight reduction (although we have not skimped on eliminating that sodding motorway drone as best we can), the CD player is fairly basic with only 2 speakers at the front and back with an AUX port for that dank mixtape.

The 2.0QP-N can rev its way to 100km/h in just 6.9 seconds, this is no Nurburgring record setter but more a twisty road fun car, the Pirelli P0 tyres will assist on the grip up in those twisty Apline switchbacks.

Yours for only $23,800! "Brivio, Il meglio dell’Italia"


Rethink the hot hatch.

The 2009 Shromet Radiant Limited. Changing perceptions.


Do we get a benefit for using 91 over 95 or does it not make a difference?


The 2009 Fahrzeug C1 MST

The 2009 Fahrzeug C1 is the ideal car for simple people, getting from A to B on drips of fuel… but you aren’t simple and Fahrzeug knows this so we present to you the all new MST trim! it takes the classic 1.1L engine and adds a turbocharger and VVT giving you 140hp to play with. That means 0-60 in 7.7 seconds and a ATT time of 2.30. The RST doesn’t end there with 50/50 weight distribution, improved brakes, sport tuned suspension, alloy wheels, improved brakes, and quality Reifenzug high speed tires as standard. This doesn’t mean you lose comforts with 4 synthetic leather seats and a 6CD player still standard. Best of all, you don’t break the bank with 3.8L/100Km (62 USMPG) and a price of only $11900!

What are you waiting for? Try the MST today!


seeing as it’s set in Europe, 95ron will likely be the standard. 91 probably won’t offer you any benefit, just use it to improve power and efficiency


NCA CrossSport

In 2009, the Nanjing Corporation Automobiles decided to release their latest car. A fusion of 60s American Muscle with the new and hip thing…crossovers.

What was left was a small 2.5m crossover with a transversely mounted 6L pushrod V8 pushing 225hp powering the front two wheels. It may not have been the fastest car made by NCA, but it was certainly one of the most unique. And only for $14,000 (@ 0% markup)


Presenting the entrant from Erin into this round…

2009 Erin Merna XTune

A classic Erin hot-hatch recipe. 2.2l i4 packing 195 horespower, meaning it’s good for 0-60 in 6.8 seconds. Sporty suspension that makes the most of the advanced partial aluminium construction found on the base car. Oh, and the usual sporty trim pieces to complete the package.

The Mark 7 Merna was hardly the prettiest iteration of the compact hatchback, but its angular styling suited the need for an aggressive look on this the sportiest version of the car available at the time.

Affordable to buy, affordable to run and as fast as you’d expect any hot hatch to be.




(This marks my return to the Discourse after a long break so I hope I haven’t become out of touch, but anyway. Torro is a start-up, with this their first model, being released in 2009. The H-C is the entry level, sporty variant available at launch.)

- Elegant Styling
- 2.3 liter CSH-C inline 4
- 6 Speed Manual Transmission
- Comfort & Agility

Order Yours now from only $14000…


The all-new 2009 Kimura Avina KR-R.
Great things may come in small packages, but none set the soul free like this.
woot period correct music

The Kimura Avina was unveiled to the world at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show in 2007 to go on sale as a 2008 model year car. The KR-R sports variant was unveiled in late 2008 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. With a long line of KR-R cars preceeding it, the Avina faced no small task. However, Kimura tackled the challenge head-on; first, we re-thought the powerplant of our subcompact machine, ditching the previous generation’s 1.5L naturally aspirated inline-3 with a powerful 1.2L turbocharged inline-3, still redlining at a stratospheric 8000 RPM. In the Avina KR-R, the powerplant punts out 127 HP, sending it’s power to the front wheels through a 5-speed manual and a limited slip differential. 0-62 MPH is dealt with in just over 9 seconds, impressive for the car’s diminutive exterior dimensions. Don’t let that confuse you; the Avina is still a practical subcompact hatchback, capable of all of the duties a standard Avina requires. Looking good is easy, too; with a special aero kit, 16" wheels, lip spoiler, and lowered sports suspension, the Avina is chic yet aggressive. A modern hatchback with a fiery edge, the Kimura Avina KR-R is sure to satisfy all of your motoring desires.

Starting at just $22,995 ($14,000 with 0% markup)


DUE TO UE4 R5 update increasing fuel usage slightly the requirements are updated

To not fudge over existing entries, it has been altered to 8.0L / 100km for turbo and 9.0 L / 100 km for NA


oh good that makes more sense. I booted it up today and was like nooooo my ridiculous eco :cry: