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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


2001 Gabatron Prarus 1.2 GL

Start well the 21Th Century with a cheap, easy to maintain, and reliable car.

The Gabatron :tm: Prarus :tm: 1.2 GL comes with a 1.2l i3 NA MPFI engine, with 55hp, and flat torque curve, suited to be used on the city.

Available from € 7920, with 4-year warranty.

(Note. We learn from the Petit Desire, about HOW NO to do a car, and now, the Prarus is a car)


Turner - Another LLA Subsidiary From England

’03 Turner T85

New for 2003 the all new Turner T85 boasts freedom at an affordable rate. With 4 seats, 5 gears, 42 BHP and 850cc, the Turner T85 will take you downhill at great speeds with your friends. Also with Turner’s Freindboost technology, getting friends to push you uphill is easier than ever! Unless one of those friends is a sumo wrestler! - (friends not included)

Starting at $7150 (@ 10% incl VAT + 5 years warrenty)




(That Awkward moment when LHE and Znopresk use the same body again…)

The LHE Li-C Mark II, introduced in 2000 for the entry level markets, the Li-C has seen many improvements for the 2004 refresh. Now featuring power steering, an all new 5-speed transmission with advanced torque converter lockup available on gears 3, 4 and 5, allowing the Li-C to sip fuel in most driving conditions. This model features the export only AM-III powerplant in its 3-cylinder configuration.

Featuring a generous ground clearance the Li-C is able to pass, with ease, over the poorest of road conditions. Or if on a budget, mechanically inclined customers will enjoy not requiring a jack for basic fluid changes.

The interior features four full seats, the rear seats able to completely fold away to extent cargo space if needed, and the 1.5L engine provides ample power to move about even when fully loaded.

Come by and test drive your Li-C today.


Just a question. Does everyone make sure all their alarms are off, before finishing the project? It seems sometimes that I’ll have something I like, and it’ll suffer from brake fade, or grip issues; and when I fix those, I’ve either got a mediocre product (driveability score, or marketability), it looks funky (cars that set unnecessarily high in photos), or the cost gets out of control (for csr 63, the 20 pu for the engine is tougher than the $8000 final cost). I finished a car for this project, but I’ll be honest, I’m kind of embarrassed for it; I could have fudged some things, but that yellow light in the corner mocks me.


2002 Townsend Tango SE

Are you ready to Tango?

Your dance partner is ready. Tango is yearning to sway, with 74 horsepower at your command. Slide into gear and get ready for the night.

Sensible engineering means you will be proud to show off your partner during the day. Standard dual air bags and anti-lock brakes give peace of mind while showcasing your savvy.

The duel of passion will continue, long after the music stops. Tango is designed to be with you for the long haul, even in a world that isn’t.

But the music doesn’t have to stop, thanks to a standard AM/FM stereo with cassette deck*. Tango will move your soul with song. Passion and intensity, melding into a single dance designed for you.

Tango wants you. Not your wallet. Starting at $7920. See your local Townsend dealer for a test drive**.

*Cassette to 3.5mm adapters available from your Townsend Parts and Service department.
** Tango not available in North America, Western Europe, Australia, or Japan.


The All New* 2004 Fahrzeug V1

have you ever wanted to start a delivery company for cheap? have you ever wanted an engine tested for the best in reliability? Have you ever wanted it for $7920? If you answered yes then the all new* Fahrzug V1 van is for you! Standard with power steering, a cassette player, 4 speed sequential, and 4 seats plus over 1700L of cargo space the V1 van is your #1 choice for starting a new business!

*Disclaimer: not actually that new, it’s from 1946 so don’t take it very fast or even around corners for the most part.


Those alarms are merely recommendations you could follow with the aim of improving your vehicle, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to…


Those alarms do need a bit of calibration still. Some of them are pretty sensitive and also not context sensitive. Which explains why I got about ten of them singing at me.

Actually no, that’s just because I built a literal go-kart on steroids. With a 125hp turbo engine. And consequently about 0.4 comfort. That’s right, full strop has entered the arena. (Yes, I know it’s possible to submit a more powerful engine. But you won’t get handling like what I’m bringing with just that…)


Well, at least it’s still more comfortable than a torture chamber.


Kelet have something special, a car that has been in production since 1962, updated every now and again, kept cheap but somewhat modern.

The 2002 Kelet Asia 660, specially made for the asian market

For less than $8K you can have this gem from days gone by, it has ABS and airbags, even has a casettee player for the fire mixtapes you probably make.

The economical 660cc MPFI Inline 3 pumps out 33.3bhp and gets nearly 38MPG UK. We took it around the Nurburgring for a laugh and got it round in 13 and a half minutes so don’t go breaking any records.


In homage to our first small city car we, at Franklin Marshall, are releasing the FM Street '55 to celebrate 50 years of the Street model next year.

Using the same chassis and bodywork, albeit with modern materials.

Prices start at $7,920


2001 Kasai Maru

We understand your lifestyle. You need to get up at 6, leave home at 7, arrive at your office at 9, and work until the sun doesn’t shine anymore. You spend most of your morning stuck in the rush hour, absent-mindedly thinking about life. For now, you will need to save up as much as you can, while slowly climbing up the career ladder. “Life goes around,” you reassure yourself, as you munch your drive-thru fast food. “Everything will get better eventually.”

Enter Maru, Kasai’s answer to keep your life going. For less than $8,000, you can get a car that seats up to four people*, air conditioning, stereo deck, great gas mileage, and an engine that whistles! How cool is that? And the best part? They’re all available in the base E model!

*We recommend you to supply extra seat bolsters for the rear passengers.


MOOT Tora ez-go Turbo SPORT '03

Sometimes life is full of surprises, and you may just happen to need a car that can get A to B in a jiffy while carrying many things you need for a day or two. So why not invest yourself with a Tora ez-go, a vehicle that has been going about for so long, one may wonder why it hasn’t been the standard choice yet. With a turbocharged bike engine and a simple, yet still engaging to drive sequential manual, have a go, with the ez-go.


Okay, questions that need to be asked.

Why is it on the table?


Is MOOT risking a copyright lawsuit by naming its budget van after a golf cart manufacturer? If not, why does it have a sequential manual when, in my view at least, a conventional torque-converter automatic would have done the job better? Especially considering the fact that sequential gearboxes of 15 years ago were nowhere near as smooth as they are now. But as far as I am aware, the ez-go actually does fit on the table… just.

Edit: I actually saw the Sport badge, but how on earth can anything as boxy as that ever be considered sporty even with a turbo under its hood?


Further to this:

How did it even fit on the table?


And how strong is that table to hold up that van?


I take it you didn’t see the Sport sticker on the back, did you?