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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven



When you plan on travelling a long distance in a car, what are 3 things you think of?

If sitting in the same seat for hours on end you may start to get uncomfortable, whether that be from hard springs and shoddy seats, from poor build quality or sluggish engine and transmission.

Reliability and Simplicity
When driving for long stretches of time you car will most likely break down (unless it’s a Hilux), this is why it is important the engine is easy to fix along with most other parts on the car.

On a road trip you often have lots of equipment so a little sports car with a small trunk may not suit fit. A big trunk and lots of space is a must and will help if you plan on hauling tools or clothes.

So what does this mean for the 1975 LLA 412 Elite?

Well, with a simple 4.0 i6 producing around 170 Bhp, a 4 speed slushmatic and luxury interior the 412 Elite certainly is comfortable, easy to drive and rather simple to work on.
Furthermore with all round disk brakes and double wishbone suspension the 412 also handles smoothly and can corner without rolling over.
Finally with the Elite you get a wagon body allowing plenty of cargo space with a simple hatchback rear that makes loading the car simple and easy.

Well the colour had better not be shitty either, right??

Well actually kinda, The 412 Elite comes in either black, white, baby blue and best of all 70’s Turd Brown!!

Priced at $20,000 you get a lot of bang for your buck


The 2017 STRAS Marina

(I’m quite bad at Photoshop…)

Featuring a fully clad floor and an inboard propulsion system, making the Marina capable of land and sea travel

The M-843 power unit produces 350kW and propels the Marina to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds, while managing a fuel economy of 7.9 l/100km.

External storage or fuel tanks can easily be installed on the rear boot-lid

From only $75500


From $8200*

*1968 price


So, what do you consider as a “modified car”? Does a car with an old '50 body but modern '10 internals count?
And Mr. Maddox is quite the well-aged person…


That is totally okay.


Mr. Maddox:

It was brought to my attention from a mutual aquaintance that you were looking for something rather unique, and last week an object was brought to our auction house that may fulfill your needs.
The company that built the object, ABR, described it in the following fashion at the release:

“This is 1988, a time mankind should be pushing the frontiers of what is humanly possible, go boldly where no man has gone before. At ABR, we believe the rally group B should never have been banned. As an hommage to the heroes and pioneers of group B, we present to you the ABR 88 Rallye Strada Speciale, a roadgoing version of the glory that could have been. A limited run of numbered cars, 88 in total, will only be available this year.”

The object up for auction is the last unit built in the limited run. Scrutineered by our team of mechanics, the object is described as “As new” with a double A grading in all categories. Further information and access to a test drive is available at your request, should it be of interest. It has an estimated value between $150.000 - $500.000.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Best regards
Thomas Walgrove
Hyde Automotive Auctions Ltd.



The Franklin Marshall Scorpion has a top speed of over 190mph. It gets to 62mph in 3.2 seconds.

Oh, and it has very comparable stats when you take it offroad too.

Enjoy life in the fast lane/dunes/fields.



The 1995 Storm Gunslinger brought with it a serious handling readjustment, and a massive kick in the ass with a pair of shiny new snails for the Longitudinally-Mounted V6. Displacing 3 liters and kicking 276 horsepower into a 6 speed manual, hooked to all four wheels with SymTrak, the Gunslinger is Storm’s low-cost offering for mid-engine fun. But don’t mistake low-cost for low performance: The Gunslinger packs a mean quick-draw, hurtling to 60 in 4.7 seconds, and a top speed of 142 miles per hour, and it’ll do a quarter mile in 13.27 seconds.


2005 Diavo Trident. Celebrate your Nostalgia.

Adjusted for modern era while retaining its classic styling, the Trident will take you on a trip to the past, uninterrupted. Equipped with an upgraded fuel-injected engine, it can withstand all the abuse you throw at it without ever having to worry about breaking down. Take it to places, throttle it to illegal speeds, the Trident willingly complies to all of your commands.

Prices starting from $23,700.


Garage Find 1969 Porter

Whoah Man. Just found this cherry '69 Porter van.
It’s got character, dig it; but if you find character that looks like a stamp, don’t lick it.
Summer of Love, 1969. Pristine condition, very fine.
Woodstock man, it was there. A mattress to crash on, in the rear.
Go back in time dude to when you were younger. Cash in hand $15,900.


It’s your chance to own a slice of history

BM Type 2 MM Spec.

The Type 2 was BM’s entry into Group B rally, this car competed in '84 and came close to a few wins. It was a joint venture, with Matteo Miglia being brought in to tune the suspension and make this a formidable car.

A turbocharged 2L inline 4 was the heart of this machine, 501hp being sent to all four wheels through a 5 speed manual and an advanced diff setup to ensure traction at all times. A skid tray, advanced chassis, fibreglass body shell and independent suspension on all four corners kept the car planted and controlled across any terrain and even made it capable on road. This rare spec has all modifications required to be road legal at it’s time of manufacture, though it’s at home off the road.

All yours, for just $23,800


The First Pfeil is on the market ! Try this new light sport car today ! Everything is focused around you ! You control everything! 3L I6 in a 800kg shell ! A real Drivers Car ! And all this for 12650$* !

*(in 1952)


A bit under 3 hours left for submission!



I’ll call the entries closed now. All the submission works correctly and the result should arrive within 3 days.


Quite a low turnout this time round - the lowest since CSR59, in fact, and that one used the earlier Kee engine. Why so few users have submitted entries despite the highly liberal ruleset is beyond me at the moment.


For me, that’s exactly why. I have a hard enough time not getting insta-binned on a round that has well defined rules. I personally had exactly zero ideas on how to approach this one, so I didn’t bother.


I figured I’d just make something from Kee in UE4 with all the improvements UE4 offered for that car. Whether it does good or gets insta-binned is irrelevant at this point. I had fun rebuilding the Gunslinger.


Maybe because most people at the moment are more focused on other community challenges? I mean, TCC itself currently has 36 cars submitted, which is a lot.