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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven



After the end of this round we’ll be moving to a new format. Rob doesn’t see any point in creating a new section on its own for this. That’s fine, with ongoing activity the threads are quite likely to stay on top and be easy to find. So what I’ll do is create a meta thread which is stickied so we can have the rules as the OP and then the stats of each round in subsequent posts. That’ll also save me having to update the first post over and over and over again. Then the actual contest thread will be separate and at the end of each round we lock it and move onto the next thread.

Later this week I’ll make up a protocol on how we run it and then we can see how it all goes from there.


My name is Elton Brock. I’ve been working with Maddox Corporation as a personal assistant of Martin Maddox for 12 years.

I am not a scientific person. I studied Liberal Arts in college and applied for the job at Maddox Corp. In the position of line operator. How did I become the assistant of such great engineer and inventor is beyond me.

Working with the old man is both a blessing and a living hell. You can never expect what is going to happen tomorrow, or what Maddox would demand from you that you must fulfil within a set time limit, usually way too short. But having worked with him for 12 years, you sort of know what to expect and when it’s coming. But if you manage to do what he told you to do so while tolerating enough of his bully. It’s the best feeling in the world. It helps that this job pays really well.

Last week there’s yet another request from the old man Maddox. He walked into my office right in the Maddox Corp. HQ and said to me.

“Brock! Good that you’re here. I need something from you.”

That happens quite a lot, so I wasn’t alarmed. And the request was not unusual either.

“I need to find a car. But not just any car, mind you. It must be a real good car. Something fast, tough and stylish.”
“Don’t you already have 223 cars?”
“Bravo, Brock! I never knew you could count!”
“Okay boss. What do you need from this car?”
“I told you enough. I need the shortlist by next week. I won’t be back until then anyway. Bye.”

That was when the old man Maddox storm out of my office, never to be seen again until today.

“What the fuck.”

With absolutely no idea what’s going on. Or what sort of car Maddox is looking for. I assembled a list of 13 different cars that I think might be of interest to him. They’re all incredibly diverse and different. But that’s because I have absolutely no idea what to expect.

Today, the old man storm back in my office again. With the same excited puppy look in his eyes.

“I assume you already have something for me?”
“Yes, sir. Although I’m not quite sure what to do. I don’t even know what you want this car for, so I assembled a list that should have something you like.”
“Good thinking, Brock. I think I told you I need the car to be easy to fix, handles well, looks good, and must be able to carry a lot of stuffs, right?”
“You have told me absolutely none of that. Apart from it needing to look good.”
“Oh whatever. Let’s see what you got.”

At that point, the old man took my list of cars away and ran off again. I was not sure what to make of it, so I just continue my other work without giving it a second thought.

It was after a bit over half an hour that an e-mail marked “Urgent” landed.

“Here are my comments about the cars. Those I’ve put OK marked on means you have to sort an example to me in 3 weeks.”

At this point I knew I had long days coming up…

Cossack Marron 2200 @Kubboz

Interesting choice, to say the least. I forget a lot of things, but I did say fast, I’m sure. This roly poly little box of car fits a nostalgic off-roading purpose. I can sort of forgive its performance on road. But it’s not nearly well built enough for the purpose I have in mind. I understand your thinking. But “nothing to go wrong” is merely a hyperbole.

Itsa Baja @zschmeez

That terrible car is way too fragile. Despite touting it as a Baja car it doesn’t have Baja toughness. What were they thinking? A simple landing would break both the chassis and the stupidly complicated suspension system that offers none benefit that I would wish for. And the fuel injection system from what I understand is not protected enough against the purpose I have in mind.

LLA 412 Elite @LinkLuke

Did you send me a mum’s car on purpose? Well I don’t care about that. However, do you know what carburatore doppio corpo orizzontale means? I’ll give you 3 seconds to guess. Nope, you ain’t getting it. Fixing one would be akin to understand it’s meaning without knowledge in cars or Italian language you muppet.

STRAS Marina @BrafMeToo

The amount of electronics in here would interfere with the purpose I have in mind. I also do not trust the electronics, especially from a luxury car company that probably will program it to stop working unless you take it to dealership. Where we are going, we do not have dealerships.

JHW Sparrow 1500RS @JohnWaldock

It has no electronical system in it at all. All the drawbacks of the Marrow, the Itsa Baja and the LLA is combined into a package that I cannot fit into.

ABR 88 Rallye Strada @Puffster

Finally, some option that make sense! This weird sports car is built like a tank. It’s fast, it looks good. It’s supposed to be a rally car, isn’t it? A couple of things to note. One is that it guzzles fuel like there’s no tomorrow. And two, it uses mechanical fuel injection. Now I’ve owned enough car to know that if the fuel distributor pump breaks then you’re absolutely fucked. Maybe we can do something with this though so it’s OK.

Franklin Marshall Scorpion @Jaimz

Read the comment of the STRAS Marina. A cool looking car though. Shame that it won’t work without rebuilding the whole thing. I don’t have that much time on my hand.

Storm Gunslinger @Madrias

It’s fast with some of the right bits I need on it. But a fragile super car is not going to work. It needs to be much, much better built. Think Bank Vault.

Diavo Trident @goblin95

Absolutely gorgeous. I like it. But I’m not sure the fuel injection system is sorted enough from the factory. I can see it working quite well though. Maybe we can do something with it… It’s OK.

Porter Van


BM Type 2 MM Spec @TheElt

I am not sure about this at first. An old Group B rally car? It’s awesome and all but I think it’d be far too fragile for my purpose. The engine especially. I like the idea of chassis that’s mendable with a simple welder and some tubes though. This one is a-OK. I hope you can sort this one for me as even if I’m not going to use it, it’ll be nice to have in my collection.

Pfeil Vogtland @MikonP7

It’s a nice looking classic car and all. But that’s the point. A classic car. I do not want to deal with points ignition and carburation. Especially this old and with this low tolerance. Far too finicky, far too fragile. Probably will be cool to have in your sitting room (Not that I’ll buy you one, mind you).

Mosport Hydra @thecarlover

gtg. gr8 car. OK.


That’s the part I, no?


The Result

(skip over if you don’t want the unnecessary story. I’ve put a bold mark under there somewhere for the review.)

With that. I started the process of finding all the cars that Maddox told me to. None of them are particularly easy to find. But everything is possible when your boss gives you pretty much his entire wallet to play with. I was able to sort the Mosport Hydra from the local classified advert pretty easily as a mint condition used example appeared. Diavo Trident is another that came from a classified, surprisingly, but some weird cars do appear on the classified from time to time.

The ABR 88 is a bit harder with only 88 examples ever made. But I manage to find one out of an auction. It’s safe to say Maddox had to paid through his nose for it. But by far the most difficult car to source is the BM Type 2 MM Spec. A genuine Group B spec rally car. But I’ve manage to find one too. Sometimes I like to think of myself as one of those hypercompetent sidekick in a movie…

3 weeks later. All 4 cars are delivered to Mr. Maddox personal workshop outside of the city. And I thought that was the end of my duty. But no.

“You should also come down here and inspect the car with me.” This was the message that Martin sent to me. I knew I had to stop everything I was doing and go there immediately. I hopped into my personal ‘97 Tishillyman Sagata Turbo. And blasted down the road as quickly as possible.

I’ve been to this workshop before delivering some personal items for Maddox. From the outside it looks like a small shop. And it is. But you’d never believe what’s packed in there. I don’t know what most of the tools are, but I’m pretty sure Martin Maddox can find a use for every single one of them.

I parked my Sagata Turbo and find the 4 cars parking in the workshop. Gleaming. I’m sure Mr. Maddox will eventually restored all of them to the exact factory specification someday. But right now, some of the cars are not in great condition. The Mosport Hydra, specifically. That car merely is a typical, 1980’s used model that’ve seen some really hard uses. It looks terrific for the age, but not to the same extent as the collector’s model such as the ABR 88, Diavo or Group B BM Type 2.

“Good job, Brock. These are really nice cars.” Old man Maddox suddenly appeared out of nowhere giving me a startle.
“I presume all of these cars will forever be in your collection after you’re done with them, like the last time?”
“Well I was going to change that… But yeah, you’re absolutely correct. Why not? They’re alright. I like them.”
“I’m not sure why you asked me to be here, boss. I don’t even know what exactly you’re doing. I don’t know what these cars are for. I don’t even know some of these cars! But I’ve manage to find all of them for you.”
“Oh you’ll see why I asked you to find them soon. But right now. What do you think about them?”
“What do I think about them?”
“Yes, Brock. Your opinion on the cars.”
“Uhmmm… ABR 88 first I guess?”
“You may.”
“It’s old, and it’s quite fast. And frankly you’d look ridiculous in one.”
“Still a smart arse, Brock! That’s why I love you like a son. Hahaha!”

It was this moment that Mr. Maddox started sobbing his eyes out. Every time this happen I feel for this old man. I don’t exactly know why this extremely doe-eyed chipper old man always swing into crying seemingly randomly when he’s not seen by people. Except me.

“Sorry. I’m having that sort of moment again. Let’s carry on. I have not told you what I need these cars for. And I’m sorry but I had to. I got to ask you one question though before I tell you what’s happening.”
“Will you keep whatever I told you a secret?”
“Yes, boss.”
“You’re a good man, Brock. I knew from the moment I first saw you sitting in that interviewing room. Have you ever seen that 1992 sci-fi movie named The Is, The Was and The Will?”
“Oh! That movie where they turned a Mitsushita Mita into a time machine? And Chris Mulholland went ‘What the hell? You turn that brown turd into a time machine?!’ It’s a classic that one. One of my favourite all time movies.”
“Yeah, it’s a pretty ridiculous plotting but overall a fun movie. Watching it as a scientist give me aneurysm. But you know what…”

Mr. Maddox stopped, and he has this look in his eyes that always happen when he discovered something, and it works. But I wasn’t sure what he’s trying to tell me right now.

“Boss, are you trying to branch out Maddox Corporation into cheesy, classic sci-fi movie remake? Are you making me finding these cars so you can create another star? Because that’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me.”
“No you muppet! I’ve created a time machine!”

It was this moment that I stopped and stare at him for a solid minute at least.

“Don’t look at me like that! I’ve discovered a way to make flux capacitor in real! You do not have to understand how it works. Only to know that it works!”
“Have you gone completely mad?” I was thinking at the time that maybe Mr. Maddox finally’ve had it and is going insane. This old man clearly is not of a good mental health, especially today. I was walking backwards towards the door. But Martin Maddox run and grabbed my arm.
“No! I’ve actually done it! Look! I’ve all the diagrams and the components that I needed for this to work! I’ve made calculations and decided that the best way to attach these components to would be a car! But it can’t be any car…”
“I’m calling the hospital.”
“Look look look. You got to trust me on this one. I am not going mad. I know it’s going to work.”
“So you’re saying you’ve made a time machine?”
“Prove it to me.”

Mr. Maddox walk me to an innocuous looking 2014 Mitsushita Boarilla 1.6 parking out the back lot. It’s just a Boarilla except with some weird looking electronic device attached to the roof. It’s a wedge shape box that he described as “Thrust”.

“Remember that scene in the movie where the protagonist put a perfectly calibrated watch into the Mita? Here are two watches. Quartz, perfectly calibrated as you can see here.”

The cheap Japanese watch that Mr. Maddox is holding turns from 8.06 to 8.07 at exactly the same time.

“You put one of the watch in that car. And drive it down the straight. I’ve set everything up so that it should work.”
“What the fuck is going on?”
“Trust me on this one. The straight out front should be long enough even though this is a 1.6. You have to reach exactly 140km/h indicated on the GPS speedometer.”

Inside the Mitsushita. I saw that apart from an LCD screen and a keypad, it’s nothing different from the normal Boarilla that your mum would drive. I got in it with the watch on my wrist at 8.09. The outside watch is also at 8.09.

“You aren’t pranking me, right? There’s no camera around?”
“I am not pranking you, and I especially do NOT want a camera around. In fact, give me your phone and all other electronics device. It’s not going to survive it.”
“But this car and this watch will huh?”
“Yes, they will. I’ve made sure. Avanti!”

Mr. Maddox wave the car away. So I started driving it towards the front street. I had to reach exactly 140km/h so I took the car to the furthest part of the road. And gunned it immediately.

The Misushita Boarilla with CVT transmission groaned and reaching the speed very slowly. I did not anticipate what happens next.

A loud, booming noise started to happen. I cannot put my finger on where it is exactly. But after I reach 140km/h, the morning sun was already gone. The watch is still 8.10. But the outside certainly isn’t. I slammed on the brake immediately as a wall is coming up. I was even more confused as what’s happening.

I u-turned the car around and drive back to the workshop. It’s dark now. Mr. Maddox is standing out front like he anticipated me.

“Seriously, boss. What the hell is going on?!” I said.
“You’ve just travelled 12 hours to the future. Here’s the watch.”

Mr. Maddox give me the other watch, which says 20.12 on it, while the one on my wrist still say 8.12.

“You’ve jinx me right? What drug have you given me this time?”
“It’s not drug, Brock! You’re actually in the future! Don’t believe me? I’ll show you again.”

Mr. Maddox grabbed my arm and walks me towards the Boarilla again. Mr. Maddox and I get inside the rigged Boarilla. This time he’s in the driver’s seat.

“This keypad and LCD screen is use to set when you wish to go.” Mr. Maddox told me while pointing.
“Exactly, when. It’s like a GPS navigation system, but it’s not use for where. But when.”
“Here. I’ll show you. I’ll take you to 8.06 this morning. But this time I’ll take you from a side street.”

Mr. Maddox then punch in the date and time of today. 8.06. Then drove down the front street again except this time he choose to turn onto a different street. Facing the workshop. The Boarilla groaned it’s CVT gearbox again and get up to 140km/h not very quickly. And without a blink of an eye. The sunlight appears again. Mr. Maddox stopped the car, hiding it in an alley.

And pretty much immediately. I saw the same Boarilla going like a bat out of hell down the street. Which is normal, as it’s a common car. Although this one has the same weird wedge equipment on the roof. What made me goosebumped all to hell though, was the driver. That other Boarilla was driven by me.

What. The. Fuck.

“See? Let what you’ve just seen sink in. I’ll take you back to this night.”
“To what?”
“To 8pm.”

I don’t know how long I sat on Mr. Maddox workshop seat after the return journey. But it was a really long time. With Mr. Maddox sitting near watching me contemplating what actually has been done.

“So let me get this straight.” I told Mr. Maddox “You’ve made a time machine?”
“I’ll probably be shot for saying this. But I got the idea from the movie. I first saw it in 1992 and everybody knew it was a mere fiction work. I thought that too. But that night in my sleep. I had this idea of using this device here. I’ll call it ‘Flux Capacitor’ as they called it in the movie because that I assume is what it is. I know it doesn’t look like one in the movie and all. And it’s a really complicated schematic that you probably won’t understand.”
“So you’re saying you can travel through time?”
“Jesus fucking Christ, Mr. Maddox. You’re a goddamn genius. Do you know what this is going to mean for the humanity?”
“Of course I know… Imagine if this technology is in the wrong hand. All sort of serious shits could happen. That’s why I told you not to tell anyone. NOT A SINGLE SOUL.”

Mr. Maddox saying that make me realized something. The reason he showed it to me is that he trusts me. That is something I did not expect at all.

Review Time!

“So you are looking for a perfect time machine?”
“That’s the gist of it, yes.”
“And it’s going to be one of these 4 cars?”
“Correct, Brock. But they all have a few issues that needs to be remedied… Do you want to hear it?”
“Not really…”

The ABR 88 has a mechanical fuel injection system. Which is okay in most cases, but it’s a very finicky system to work with. The expensive distribution diaphragm does not answer well to varied quality in fuel use. If we’re going through time, we better have something that’s fixable with the technology that might be lacking. Or better yet, something that will not go wrong at all. Now if this fuel injection system is the common KI-DS system used in many German cars of the 70’s and the 80’s. There are kits that will help make it properly good. But this is a unique, custom made system.

“Can’t you convert it to a better system?”
“I can… I guess. But I don’t need to with the other car.”

The Dievo too has a problem with it’s fuel injection system. It’s the early version of Direct Injection. Which can bring out some issue with leaning while lugging in top gear. A new fuel pump might solve it. But this system will not be an easy fix with simple soldering kit and new capacitor or module if it does go wrong. Also I will not be able to rig a simple carburation to it due to the head design that cater to Direct Injection and drive by wire system leaving no holes for throttle.

“Again, can you fix this?”
“Not really without some huge alteration. I don’t think it’s a good option overall. It’s a nice car that deserve a place in my collection.”

The Mosport on the other hand is quite simple. It’s the perfect solution that should both be either simple to fix with simple electronic parts and if that doesn’t work plonking a carburation on it should be a breeze as the engine itself was designed as a carbed unit and converted to Fuel Injection. The other way around is possible. But the problem is that the computer system is not nearly well protected enough so I must add some weight to the car.

“I assume you like this one?”
“Yes. I do. It shouldn’t be hard to fix at all.”

While the BM Type 2 Group B car is also quite good. It uses a simple Electronic Fuel Injection System. But in order to competes successfully in Group B. The engine is overbuilt to the point of being ridiculous and the ECU being protected against dust is also quite well insulated. But it’s also quite highly strung. What with being 500hp from a 2-litre engine. I will need to detune this engine, and maybe reduce the size of the Turbo or remove it altogether. We definitely don’t need 500hp. But a compelling choice none the less.

“You’re turning a Group B rally car into a road car?”
“Pretty much, yes.”

“So the Dievo is not going to be use?”
“That’s right, Brock. I think it’s a bit too complicated and hard to mend.”
“What about the ABR 88?”
“I don’t like that one either. It’s way too complicated as a whole package. A highly strung, high powered V8 motor with All Wheel Drive. Does beg the question whether or not it’s going to survive being thrown about. It’s clearly inspired by Group B rallying. But unlike the BM Type 2. It doesn’t actually have that pedigree to go with it. And what’s with the weird 8 motif? It feels very creepy, I don’t like it…”

Mr. Maddox walked to the BM Type 2 MM Spec and the Mosport Hydra SP.

“So with all of that said. Which car are we going to use? The BM or the Mosport? What do you think, Brock?”
“I’m sorry boss. I don’t have a clue.”
“It’s quite hard to choose between them, isn’t it? They’re of a completely different mindset in building. It’s either me building the Mosport up to be able to withstand the electrical force that will be going through it. And have a simple, reliable package that should be more than tough enough… Oh what the hell I’m talking about, Brock. I must be going mad! The Mosport isn’t nearly as good as the BM Type 2. Clearly.”
“The BM Type 2 is pretty much perfect. The rally pedigree meant that the car is built to withstand everything it gets thrown at it. It’s also relatively tough with simple chassis design that can be fix with simple tool. It also is fast and agile, while being stable and reliable. It also has a hatchback that I can use to store all the necessary stuff. And if you’re going to build a time machine, why not do it with some style?”
“You chose it easy like that?”
“Why not? I know a good car when I see one.”
“Have you thought this through though? Or is it just because you want a Group B rally car? Didn’t you said it’s too fragile in your e-mail? And now you’re saying it’s tough?”
“Relatively tough.”
“It’s made of filmsy fiberglass and chassis is merely a tube welded together! I can move it’s panel around with my hand, look! Do you think you can trust your life with this car? You aren’t those great rally drivers! You aren’t looking for something to reminiscence of the past! The point is not to relive the olden days in 2020. You’ve made a goddamn time machine! You can relive any experience you could ever want in a type in keypad!”

Mr. Maddox stopped saying anything after I’d said that. He looks befuddled for some reason. Maybe he never thought I’d make that observation.

“You’re right, Brock. I don’t need to wish for the past. I could relive it. And the car that I should trust upon that task should be something absolutely trustworthy. And is the Mosport Hydra good enough of a car?”
“I don’t know, you tell me.”
“The question really is, is it trustworthy enough? Trustworthy like you are?”
“It sure as hell won’t put you in a hedge, that’s for one.”
“Thinking about it… I really love the electronic single point injection on it. A simple and elegance solution. And if needs be I can adapt most 4 barrel carburetor on it as that’s what it is. There’s also very little to go wrong. As it’s basically the 1970’s 1980’s technology. While the BM Type 2 is simply just a rally car. And if something goes wrong on it then we have no hope in hell of getting the tolerance close enough to get it running again. The ABR 88 has similar problem to the BM…” Mr. Maddox stop to take a sigh “… The Mosport Hydra is also quite fast. A hot car back in the day that is still brisk enough for the task in hand. It also has a large glass hatchback that is enough for all the shit I needed. And can we overlook the fact that for a 1980’s North American model it’s built like a brick house?”
“So why don’t you choose it then?”
“I like the BM…”
“It’s good if you want to do historic rallying. The question remains that is it a good time machine?”
“Well… Probably not.”
“I’ll leave you to decide then boss. You can use that BM Type 2, it’s your choice. But what you’re doing isn’t a child’s game. You don’t choose it based on how awesome it is or how much you want it to be…”

I returned home that night thinking of what has just happened. And what is happening. The boss said that I must come back to the workshop again tomorrow as he’ll now attach the device to his chosen car. I don’t care much about that, it’s just a car. I don’t know enough about them or like them enough, unlike boss.

But I couldn’t sleep that night… It’s the thought of what boss has just invented. A time machine? Is that even possible? How?! And why am I only have to think about what cars it’s going to be attached to? Think of the possibilities! You can go back and leave a winning lottery ticket. (Although boss probably won’t need much more money if he can sell the tech!) Or you can fix all of your regrets in the past! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

But then again there’s reason why boss told me not to tell anyone about it… If bad thing can be change into a good thing. Then good thing can be change into a bad thing as well. And what if changing things have dire consequences that we did not expect? Like in the movie? I remember in that movie the protagonists went and successfully killed Adolf Hitler. And the space-time continuum basically broke forcing them to go back and stop themselves from making the time machine itself.

It’s a scary thought because it’s not something we’ve experienced. It’s not something that we know. The uncertainty is not what we want.

Hell, should boss have the hold of this technology at all? I’ve been with him long enough to think that he’s not right in the head sometimes… Should that neurotic, bi-polar old man who is brilliant with inventing but terrible at life choices have a say in changing history? Should he? Or should I go back and stop him? What if he decided to do something drastic and it cannot be changed back like in the movie?

And before I knew it, it was the morning. I didn’t sleep at all that night because of all the thoughts I was having. I went to my Tishillyman and drive to the workshop.

As soon as I walk into the door. I was greeted by a sight of a car.

“It’s good innit?” Mr. Maddox told me as he’s standing close to the car.
“Looks like it came from 1985.”
“Haha! That’s what I’m trying to do. I think it looks pretty good, and won’t raise suspicion to anyone who’re passerby. I’ve wrapped it in matte black colour and made it look like a prototype testing car.”

I could see Mr. Maddox thinking.

“Shall we go?” Mr. Maddox asked.
“That’s the thing, Mr. Maddox. I don’t know if I should be going, or should you be going at all. Are you sure that this won’t create problem like it does in many time travelling movies? Changing stuff in the past or seeing the future might not be the greatest idea…”

Mr. Maddox paused for a bit and look at me. Before he laughs out hysterically.

“You have the opportunity to visit any time you wish to. And you’re saying no? What a wimp! Come on here boy. You’re absolutely right about 1985. That’s where we’re going first.”
“Get in!”

Inside the Mosport Hydra that’ve been modified is the same screen that was in the Boarilla, and the same keypad. Other than those two things, this car is exacly like any other Mosport Hydra you could see on the road. Well except that behind the driver and passenger seats where there used to be 2 little seat is now a bulk of metallic box that host some thing I do not know what it is.

“I’ve manage to fit the flux thrust in the car. It’s more discreet this way. I’ve also put a large, lead box around the car ECU and other electronics gubbins. It should not get interfered at all. I’ve also fitted the car with optional analog LPG system. If where we’re going doesn’t have petrol, we can run the car on methane.”
“You’ve done all this in a single day?”
“I have a time machine!”
“Oh right. What’s the importance of 1985 anyway?”
“I’m going to see something that I’ve never seen in a long time… I never thought I’d have a chance to.”

Mr. Maddox is looking quite a chipper today. More so than ever. Maybe he’s finally found something that will fulfil his life… Saying that what he’d done is a huge achievement is an understatement.

“I’ve never tried going further than 24 hours before now. But I’m sure it’ll work.” Mr. Maddox told me while he’s preparing to accelerate the Hydra up to 140km/h.
“That’s reassuring!”

Mr. Maddox dumped the clutch and the Hydra storm ahead at a good rate. It’s a fast car, that’s for sure. And it wasn’t long until 140km/h was reach.

The workshop street is as barren as it was before. This is outskirt of the city after all. But we both know it’s not 2020 because the road was in dirt and the workshop isn’t there at all. Only a field of barley.

“Whoa! The car suspension isn’t very supple!” I remarked to Mr. Maddox.
“We’ll be fine! Let’s go see what I’ve been wanting to do so since 1985…”

Mr. Maddox drove the Mosport Hydra up to very high speed. Swerving all over the road like a maniac. Maybe the joy of actually being in the past is getting to him. Mr. Maddox drive the car back into the city. And my god! 1985! It’s actually 1985! All the cars I’m seeing are very classic now. And the Hydra fits in very well. The ropey buildings and people walking by wearing ridiculously loose, tacky clothing and all the women wearing massive curl. It surely is 1985.

“Where are we going?” I asked Mr. Maddox.
“Viceroy Park.”
“Why are we going to Viceroy Park?”
“I want to see something…”

The Hydra speed quickly into the city. Many people are looking at it but aren’t suspicious of anything. It really is just like a test mule. It wasn’t long until we reached Viceroy Park.

The Mosport Hydra parked up against the curb. And we both get out of the car. Mr. Maddox was wearing an old fart’s clothing, which is timeless. And I’m wearing simple business outfit. So I’m timeless as well. We don’t look anything out of place at all, but I then realized that my smart phone is in my pocket. Oh well, make sure it’s not coming out of there at any time soon.

Mr. Maddox ran quickly into the park with huge anticipation of something. I could barely keep up with him. And then suddenly he stopped. In front of him is a dog, a massive Bernese Mountain dog.

“Well hello there Minnie!” Mr. Maddox speak to the dog, holding his arms out.

Did he just invented a time machine to come to 1985 and see his old dog again? It seems that this is the case. I didn’t know what to say at the sight I’m seeing now. I’m just as flabbergasted as you are. If there’s any of you reading this…

But what happens next is even more surprising. That Bernese Mountain dog barked at Mr. Maddox and run away quite sharp-ish…

I had to run and hold Mr. Maddox, who is now crying a river on the floor in the middle of Viceroy Park. With people going around wondering why. I tried to ignore them as best I could, and Mr. Maddox doesn’t seem to care.

“Hey now, Mr. Maddox. This isn’t good.” I didn’t know what to say, I’m just trying to get Martin Maddox to stand up again.
“You’re right, it’s no good. Let’s go back to the car.” Mr. Maddox then suddenly stand up and pull me back towards the car.

When we got there, Mr. Maddox jumped quickly into the car, I barely able to follow. He then started it and drove off pretty much immediately.

“You don’t think I invented a time machine to just see an old dog… Who doesn’t even know who I am, do you?” Mr. Maddox said to me while he’s still sobbing. And he’s driving even more erratic than before.
“To be frank, Mr. Maddox, that was my exact thought.”
“You may be frank… But you’re wrong. That’s not why I invented this thing at all…”

“… You see. I had a son.”
“You had a son?! Now that’s something you’ve never told me…”
“Why should I tell you? He shot himself in my house back in 2002! He was only 25 then!”

Suddenly. I feel this lump in my throat. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Everything has now become clear as to why he chose me as his personal assistant and why he tolerated me so much despite being very demanding. I was like a son to him.

“I made sure the news doesn’t get out much… He wasn’t my legitimate son. I didn’t treated him well enough…”
“And you want to change that?” I asked Mr. Maddox with stutter.
“Screw that dog! I knew it never was loyal to me… But my son can be save! I’ll go to 2002 and change that!”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure!”
“But can you really do something about it? What if there’s more consequences? Changing the past isn’t something that you know what’s going to happen. Those movies you’ve seen shown how it could effect the world. What if that’s true?”
“Do you think I care?!”

Mr. Maddox punched in the date and time of 2002 into the keypad. While the car is going at nearly 100km/h. But I grabbed his typing hand.

“What are you doing?!” He shouted at me.
“Think this through, Mr. Maddox! Are you sure it’s the right thing?”

Mr. Maddox stopped the car fast. And then shouted, “Get out!” at me.

I was having none of it. I wasn’t going to let that happen. I punched Mr. Maddox right in the face quite hard. Making him lose consciousness immediately. He fainted at the wheel and beeping the horn like in those movies. I pushed Mr. Maddox over to the passenger side. Typed in 2020 in the keypad. And drove the Hydra back to where it’s supposed to be…

I parked the Hydra back at some warehouse. It was dark at this moment. I called for an Uber to get both me and Mr. Maddox home. I also grabbed some gasoline canister from the petrol station with the intention of destroying the Mosport Hydra… This car is way to dangerous for the human kind. Especially with this maniac of a man who cannot think straight as it’s operator…

But should I do it? Should I burn this car down?

Should I?

And that’s it folks! This round is finished!

As somebody have pointed out (correctly, I’ll concede) That I’ve lost interest in this round and that I half assed the first bit of review especially for thecarlover’s car because I was lazy. I’m sorry about that. It was a short review because it’s a WINNING car. Which then gets what you see above here. But a sorry is just sorry. It doesn’t mean anything. So I hope the result makes up for that. If it doesn’t then I don’t know how else to make up for it.

I know this round hasn’t been all that good. It was flawed from the start. I should’ve known that. I should’ve known when to stop. But at least it’s over now. And I hope all the future round will be back to the CSR former glory.

1st thecarlover
2nd TheElt
3rd Puffster
4th goblin95

Onwards to the next phase of CSR. New thread time.


For all that was wrong with it, this round gave whatever few entrants were present a chance to create some truly eccentric machinery. However…

That’s exactly how to describe the winning car. Yet despite fitting Mr Maddox’s requirements, it actually looked more like KITT in my opinion, but was none the worse for it.


Wow, glad you liked my car! I expected the Group B car to win this one.
Just for the record, I didn’t have a problem with the very brief initial review as I knew a more in depth one was coming later.

I’ll come up with a new CSR round soon in a new thread once I get input from @strop on the housecleaning needed to migrate to the new format.


Yep, I’m just getting to the airport. I’ll do the house keeping when I touch down.


This is a bad way to close this thread, as an all time low for the csr. Low entry turnout, convoluted rules and lacklustre reviews. We already implemented the device of alloying to skip hosting for such poor rounds to not happen. For the next few rounds, I feel people should be willing to take part in hosting, instead of just doing it to get it over with.


I didn’t participate, but the way I see it people had already started working on entries before it became clear that this wasn’t going to be a round with lots of enthusiasm. If conan planned from the start not to put effort in that’s one thing, but it’s different if his theme just didn’t inspire and therefore there was less motivation.


I was mostly away due to a major exam (which was a complete farce, had to be abandoned and rescheduled so I am still yet to actually complete it). But I’m aware there were… Issues with this round, some potentially serious.

I’m giving the host the right to reply before making any formal decisions.


Not in terms of the number of entrants - that dubious honor goes to CSR59, where there were only 8 entries submitted (and that was a Kee engine round!). This time around, there were just over a dozen, but both rounds were plagued by a vague rule set. For CSR65, the half-baked reviews made it even worse.

@dylansan You hit the nail on the head right there - the theme for CSR65 left me uninterested and unmotivated.


Then should we implement some rules that allow for either skipping the host entirely (already sort of here) or allowing the host to change the theme should the round become obvious it’s not going to work out?

And did people really think I put lacklustre review on purpose? Oh well. I guess that’s the way it has to go. I didn’t know I’d be busy from 8-22 the week I have to run this when I started it, this contributed a lot to the problem (thus I just put a shorter review on). The poor theme didn’t help.

I’d have skipped the round entirely if I could’ve. But since it was already up and running for few days by then. I didn’t know what to do. Just make an announcement that this round this terrible and just going to stop it? I think that’s going to be even more of a cop out. To be honest. Had people just go “REEEEE this is terrible you should stop immediately” in the thread like it happened once in CSR… that Wangan round by HOL. Then I’d have gladly stop. But it was just general disinterest, which I didn’t know what I have to do with…

So, yeah. It was entirely my fault for running it badly. Won’t be able to change that now. But if you wish to prevent this in the future then it’s okay to use this as an example.

And I’ll just stop hosting for a while. Not going to do it again anytime soon even if I won again. (Not likely).


This is fortunately not a frequent occurrence. If I had to make rules for every single contingency ever the new rules post I’m going to write will be unbearably long :joy: and even my long windedness wouldn’t be my fault.

I think I’ve seen enough admission of liability here to say there’s no need to, you know, blow it up any further and impose any specific sanctions. Taking a break is good. Running CSR is demanding and sometimes the pressure to come up with something special can coincide with unforseen things. Sometimes all of it ends up sucking. Punishment only needs to happen for punishable offences and in that case a guilty plea and self-imposed sanction is often sufficient.


About the only thing I’d disagree with, personally, is that the Storm Gunslinger isn’t really a super-car. I always viewed it as a sports car. There’s far better super-cars out there, and I don’t know of too many super-cars with V6 engines.


There’s always the Jaguar XJ220 lol but that’s probably beside the point.

Ok, now we’re about settled, I’m not ready to craft the rules post that needs stickying, but @thecarlover is nearly ready to go. It should be fine to go ahead and start making new threads, just do so with the heading:
[CSR65] round title

And then the rules in the OP. I’ll work the background stuff out from there.


New thread is up! Find it here:


So well, this wasn’t exactly the most awesome CSR ever, and obviously, this is not great.

But even so, I’m slightly shocked at the treatment @conan ist getting here, tbh, especially considering that he’s proven his worth as a great host over and over again. Now he’s botched one round and gets this kind of backlash - I think this is rather harsh.

I do agree that host candidates should only accept that position if they are really willing to commit to it to make sure that care and effort is put into every round. But if a round winds up being lame due to an unfortunate combination of, at least partly, unforseen reasons, then well, shite happens, I guess.

I think this situation isn’t exactly encouraging to future hosts, especially when it hits a bedrock host like conan. It kinda makes me wonder if the CSR doesn’t tend to take itself a little bit too seriously to be fun sometimes.


I think people tend to take all the challenges a little too seriously, in my personal opinion. Any unpopular decision tends to attract a mob mentality of ‘attack the host’ with no thoughts on what happens after the fact.