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The Companies of Arzami


First Note: This thread will be for multiple companies from a fictional country, as to not clutter the forums.

#Locational and Cultural Information

Arzami is located around 100km of the western coast of France. It is 45km east to west, and 26km north to south. It’s Capital is the city of Merichi. The National Languages are French and English, with Spanish and German recognized as widely spoken languages.

#The Brief History of Arzami

1902: First French Colony set up in the north

1908: First British Colony set up in the south

1911: French Arzami and South Arzami formed.

1914: Both Nations called into WWI

1919: War of Independence and Unification

1920: Arzami Formed as an Independent nation after almost one year of Civil War

1922: First Election

1926: Begins to suffer Economic Fall. Mass Lay-offs from Major Workforces.

1930: Conversion to Fascism via international influences.

1937: Sends troops to help within the Spanish Civil war.

1938: Signs alliance with the Third Reich/Nazi Germany

1942: Occupied by United Kingdom.

1944: Released back as independent nation

1949: First National Motor Company Founded (Arzami Des Voitures [ADV])

1953: Collapse of National Bank.

1956: Military Coup.

1958: Two New National Motor Companies Founded (Émeraude Artisanat, Les Bord De La Mer [LBDLM])

1961: Release of Military hold on Nation.

1962: 60th Anniversary of the First Colony

1966: Riva Blanc Voted Prime Minister, The First Female, Youngest (25), and Longest serving PM in Arzami History. Would Not Loose power until 2003.

1969: Forming of Machines à Grande Main [MaGM], A Utility, and Truck Company.

1972: Attempted Communist Coup.

1978: First Internationally open Arzami Rally.

1984: Tightening of Relations between Arzami and the United States due to Fears of Russia.

1986: All Nationally own Car Companies are given independence.

1992: Opens Borders to allow any company to construct factories within Armazi.

1995: Corruption at low levels of government revealed. 80% of government removed from office, and Country goes into a minor Recession until 1999.

2002: 100th anniversary of the 1st Colony. Statue erected in Capital.

2008: Statue of Riva Blanc Erected in her Hometown, and Free Internet Bill put in place.

#The Compaines of Arzami

###Arzami Des Voitures
Founded 1949.

Headquarters: Merichi

Main Vehicle Type(s): Commuter, Family

###Émeraude Artisanat

Founded: 1958

Headquarters: Émeraude

Main Vehicle Type(s): Luxury, GT, Super

###Le Bord De La Mer
Founded: 1958

Headquarters: Merichi

Main Vehicle Type(s): City, Track

###Machines à Grande Main
Founded: 1969

Headquartes: Merichi

Main Vehicle Types: Utility, Delivery, Off-road.

Second Note: I can’t speak french, so expect names to be silly/stupid/make no sense.

Third Note: I’ll be “Selling” factory plots for post 1992, if people want them. Just to make Arzami seem more complete, and multinational.


#1949 Model Year.

Retired Models: None

Continuing Models: None

New Models: Arzami Des Voitures Modele 1

Small 4 Door City/Commuter car, with a 40hp i4.

Onii-Chan - ADV Modele 1.zip (21.8 KB)


Wow, four companies! Must be quite a lot of work to do that. I can’t wait for the rest of the cars :smiley:


#1950 Model Year

Retired Models: None

Continuing Models: ADV Modele 1

New Models: None

#1951 Model Year

Retired Models: None

Continuing Models: ADV Modele 1

New Models: ADV Modele 2

Large 4 Door Sedan, Budget Luxury Car. 174hp V12

Onii-Chan - ADV Modele 2.zip (21.6 KB)

Gonna be adding Uploads of cars, and added upload to first of these posts.


The Official Flag of Arzami, presented to you!


Ah memories… of living as a soldier in somalia… love the flag. Your history sounds like The French Foriegn Legion had quite the involvement in Arzami in the early years


Arzami should have made friends with communist Russia in 84, instead of capitalist pig America! Russia have tasty borsh and fun time with bear! Glory to communism, comrades.


Arzami should have sided with the communists. The Democratic Socialist Republic of Anikatia would have been glad to gain another car building ally. :wink:

On that note I realise I probably should have created a page like this instead of separate pages for each of my brands but alas. You’ve got an interesting nation here.


After the collapse of the national bank, Car Production in Arzami was halted until the economy returned to a normal level. This would not be until 1957.

#1958 Model Year

Retired Models: All Previous Cars (In 1953)

Continuing Models: None

New Models: Émeraude Artisanat Le’Jarn

The First Car released under the Émeraude brand, the Le’Jarn, named after the tallest mountain in Arzami, which in turn was named after one of the major french settlers. It is a full-size mid-range luxury car, fitted with a V12 engine.

Onii-Chan - Emeraude Le’Jarn.zip (22.7 KB)

Expect a few more cars more often, as I can make some time for this stuff now.


Jumping forward to 2016, Thought I’d share what Arzami’s Police Force is made up of.

#Arzami PD

  • 750 Komodo Phyton Fighters
  • 645 Cavallera Kunai RS Hatchbacks
  • 80 Dimension Symmetry Premium 3.1
  • 1 Dimension Paradox 6 XY
  • 3 Saminda C2k GT (On Order, expected delivery early-mid 2017)
  • 2 KHT Mistral S350
  • 1 KHT Augusta
  • 25 Erin Nardella X
    (To be updated with some modern cars from my own companies)

Spread of How Cars are used

  • Phytons and Kunai’s are used for general Patrol
  • Nardella’s are used for Interception
  • Symmetry’s are used for Specified Patrol, and Investigations
  • All other cars are show cars, or used sparingly.


So, bailing on the year-by-year shit, let’s look at the

#1965 Émeraude Artisanat Herald 1

The Herald was the first step toward what Émeraude was meant to be. Design began in 1963, with the intent to become a sign of things to come for Émeraude. The name of the concept idea, was MRI-1 (Material Race Idea One), and was eventually changed to Herald, named after the Designer, Marion Herald, as she passed just months after the initial concept was finished.

The Idea was something that an everyman could take to a race-track, and use without too much issue. That idea expanded, until an engineer took 5 of the MRI-1 concepts, took them to Émeraude Raceway, and had a field day. This engineer was promptly fired, and The Herald entered production a few weeks later.

The Arzami Government Then decided to instate a national racing league using the Heralds. 20 were supplied to the Series, and 10 races were run in 1966, with 8 street races, and 2 races at Émeraude Raceway. This series would funnel drivers from Arzami into international race events, and series, before it was shutdown in 1973.

The engine used in the Herald RG-T would be a 2.6L V8 making 172hp, and within a 1000kg frame, would allow the Herald to get to a top speed of 223km/h. The Herald would set a laptime around the original Émeraude Raceway (Info to come) of 2:17.79


Well, I can’t wait to see the Émeraude Raceway :stuck_out_tongue: (or an Arzami GT championship for that matters).

So, how much $$$?


35,000 (Using modern Money) but Restored versions go for above 100k each.


You shouldnt’ for continuity sake. Much easier to lose track of what’s what and make choices that do not fit into company lore.

In any case, the car looks pretty good, but we don’t get any performance stats. Also a run on a custom track is cool and all, but we need the track to benchmarked by a number of cars before we get to know what sort of track it is, and what time is good on it.


#Émeraude Raceway (1960-2010)

The Original Émeraude Raceway, a 3.6km track, 5km east of the 2nd largest Arzami City, Émeraude. The First plans were lay out in 1958, with the Formation of Émeraude Artisanat. It was slated as the testing ground for EA cars, and for a national racing circuit, as the most advanced in the Country.

This track is a good test of how a car handles, and can take various speed corners. One very interesting point about the track, is the cross-over from turn 9 through to turn 14. It is the only Arzamin track to do such, with the eastern section going above the northern.

Here is the Track, Enjoy.

Emeraude Raceway (1960s) (2).zip (44.9 KB)

A Leaderboard thread will be going up

(All credits for track layout and creation go to @ramthecowy )

Emeraude Raceway, Arzami Leaderboard Thread

#Emeraude 1981 Garnet Concept.

Designed and built within the span of 3 months, the Garnet was the show piece of the Emeraude stand at Geneva that year. With a 6L V12, and AWD, the Garnet was seen as a future basis for an Emeraude Rally, or Street, car.

The Unorthodox design was a central idea in creating the Garnet, who’s name was thought of only 12 hours before it’s presentation. Many slated the car for the garish looks, while other praised it. This didn’t have an effect on Emeraude, who pushed out a road model by mid '84. There was no change between this and the road model (Hence why I’m only posting about the Concept.)

Both models would have 485hp and only around 700 of the Garnets were made before production was cut in 1986.

Erin and ErinSport - Historical Thread [Erin Tauga Mk1]