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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 19]


DejaDesign, 8319 Chinquapin Avenue, Rainforest District, Zootopia
Dear Xerma R&D,
We have received your letter for the Design of the new Jaxer; we have told our most talented artists and 3D modelers to help with your Jaxer Project. We are Honoured to announce after at least Two months of Blood, Sweat, and sadly Tears, we have finished the Final Design. Sorry for all of you if we took too long. We cannot wait to finally see Our Fantastic design on the streets of our dear Zootopia.
Giancarlo Lupo Volpeartica, and the crew at DejaDesign

but irl it actually took around 45 minutes.


Designed by a couple of guys from Schafren.



Manor Design Studio Proposal

:uk: & :de:


What about ride height? It seems a bit stilted the way it is now.


In hindsight it does look a little tall - but for the sake of fairness to those who have already submitted their entry, just leave it how it is.


Huh… okay then. Just to make sure, that means wheel setup and ride height won’t be taken into account, right? Like, we don’t have to design it in such a way that it looks good as the wheels are?


Not sure if I made this clear before. You will not be judged on anything else other than styling. If you need to due to a fender morph, you can adjust the wheel offset for better figment - but that’s it.

So please do not change the tire width or the ride height


well, uh, I did change the ride height on my entry, which was entered before all this came up…


This was mentioned as a rule in the op:

I won’t detract any points from the judging for doing so, however for the sake of preserving the setup I already had (it’s optimized for the relevant market) please refrain from editing anything else other than the wheel offset




Xerma Jaxer design study by Courageux designers


The Xemas Jaxer, Designed by Lorier :uk:

Very fast photos


Less than 48 hours left on the clock!

I currently have entries from:


If you’ve entered and your name isn’t there, let me know!


(Yes I lowered the exposure on the second photo)

Watermelon Studios Automotive Design presents the Xerma Jaxer

Yes, we are in fact a tuning house and design studio named after a fruit!


The Xemas Jaxer, Designed by Suisei AMC

More Pictures


Just over 12 hours left to get your entry in!



Metric Studios presents the Xemas Jaxer: Reimagined


2001 Xerma Jaxer by Zacspeed Design


2001 Xerma Jaxer by the Coba Creative Division
Cutting it real close oof

Extra Extra