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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 23]


Tragora Solaris Stock Car

Special Class Race Car

also longest name award


Finally managed to catch one of these.

Meijer Designs presents to you: the Hyperbeam 16NX. A V16 JDM wagon made for the special class.


Aaaaand with that Submissions are closed. Thank you everybody for entering. Expect the first round soon


Could you possibly average the power figures of all the entries? Who else enlisted Calvinator for engine design this time?


Performance doesnt matter


some of these better have 2500 hp tho


CSC 7 Round 1

(10:30am. SpeedCo. Meeting Room)

Its a nice Friday moring at the SpeedCo. Studio, but sadly that didnt really help the mood of the tired Producers, designers and programmers. The last nights have been rough and the coffeemaker is almost out of coffee. The six men containing of the lead designer, the lead programmer, the CEO, two 3D-artists and even the exciting intern enter the room. Everyone having a big cup of Wake up juice in their hand. At the table sit already Sarah from the Social Media Department. She ran the competion with her team and also selected the best cars from the thousands of emails. As soon as everybody gets seated and comfortable, Sarah look up up her Laptop.

“Ah. I see everybody got my mail. Thank you all for attending. Me and my team compiled a little Powerpoint to guide you through all the cars we found worthy. So without any further ado. Lets start.”

With a click on the remote, the lights dim and the projector turns on.

“The first car we have is the ‘Vanborghini SSX’ from @EddyBT

A silence goes thourgh the room. The only hearable thing being the projector fan.
“Is that a No?”, Sarah asks to break the ice.
All the men reacting to that question by shuffleing in their seats and blowing air through their noses.
“So thats how we start?” The CEO speaks. “I mean why not? It would be perfect for the special class, wouldnt it?” Again the men shuffle in their seats. “I mean we could do a special stage with it?” the Producer injects.
“I guess” the CEO stats as he shrugs. “So we think this is a vehicle for over cover?” Sarah asks into the round, which gets answered in a wave of negative "Mmmmmhhhh"s and "hhhhmmmmpf"s

Verdict: The car will be taken into the game as a special stage where the player need to deliver pizza in the fastest time possible. Mostly this design gets dropped for the rather simple front which works and also doesnt. The back is way better, but still not enough to really wow the people.

“The next car is the Pen-saeth Obsidian by @Kogure

The room fills with assuring "Hhhhmmmmm"s.
“We suggest this would be a great car for the 5 Star Class”, Sarah adds.
“I like it” the Lead Designer adds. “I like the really nice light designs, they will look great in the new engine” adds the Lead Programer. “It would be nice if those hexa element would have been used in other parts of the car though” one of the Artists interjects. Which i getting answered by more assuring "Hhhmmm"s. “We will also probally need to modify this model a quite bit, everything is just flush to the bodyshell” the other Artist adds. “Soooo. What do we think?” the presenter ask.

Verdict: The car will be taken ingame as a 5 Star class vehicle after some rework, but wont be featured on the cover. The problem with this is as said that a lot of the elements are not really corperated into the other parts of the car. A hexa exhaust would have been really good. Also everything is just on the same level. Nothing really sticks out or curves inwards.

“Alright. Our next entry is the Volant Phantom by @CorsicaUnknown

The room gets instandly filled with a lot of loud "oooohhhhh"s. “This is also for the 5 Star Class”.
“Yeah this could work as a great addtion to the game. You take one look at it you know that this will be fast.” the Producer adds. “Yeah we could make that faster offroad, if the player drifts of the asphalt for example” the Programer injects. “Aaaand we could make this a tuned version of the same car!”. The CEO takes the word “I think that will be a great car for the game. It really shows what this is about.”

Verdict: Will be considerd as Cover car. Everything just works. You can instantly see what this car is capable of. It manages to flow together both elements from a Hypercar and a buggy perfectly together.

“The next car will be the Voltan Hiwayman Camper from @TheTechnoVampire

The intern jumps up his seat and starts yelling “YOOOO THATS DANK”, but he looses his good mood quickly as he gets mean looks from everybody in the room.
“I guess thats a No?” “Use it as a background car or so. It may save us some time”

Verdict: The cars doesnt fit any class, and looks more like a RV which came out 2 years ago than 2030. While it is quite the nice design it just has no place in this game. It will be used as the first Player house and traffic cars though

“Maybe this will be better suited: The Mephisto Veloce Racer from @Boiled_Steak

The group of men, now lacking the intern all nod in unison. “I can see that ingame”. “Me too. Maybe have this as a 4 Star and a normal version as 3 Star”. Again everybody at the table nods. “Its not quite that exciting though is it?” the CEO interjects. “Mmmmhhhhh”

Verdict: Car will be taken ingame but not considered for the cover. It is a solid entry but is just not aggresive enough to be the cover car. With a new front this can be quite the looker.

“Okay. Next is the Wizer One by @aPub

“This is for the 5 Star Class”
Again the men rub their chins and nod in unison. “It does have quite the nice back”. “Yeah the front is also not bad”. “Those decals might need a retexturing but otherwise…”. “So what is the verdict?” Sarah asks. The CEO answers “I could see it on the cover. Put it on the list”

Verdict: Will be taken ingame and considerd as cover car. Its a car which scream “LETS GO FAAAAAST”. Front and back feel a bit disconnected though.

“Okay Nice. And before we head for lunch, here is the Crevette TURBO from @MasterDoggo

“This is a car…” Sarah gets interrupped by the CEO: “Didnt we say Class 4 and up?”. “Yes”. “So why is this here?” Sarah checks her notes “Um well, it was send to us and…” she gets again interrupted “Thats a Class 2 Version of a Class 1 Car. No”

Verdict: Wrong Class, therefore not being considered as a cover car. It will considerd for ingame use though.

With that the lights in the room get brighter again.
“Okay gentlemen. We are halfway through. I say we meet in an hour here again?”
On that everybody leaves for lunch.

(Part 1 of 2 done. Its 6 am already and i am sleepy. Grammar errors are a stylistic choise)


This is so sad, Alexa play https://youtu.be/czTksCF6X8Y


You said you wanted weird and wacky cars for the special class and I provided a weird and wacky car. This was incredibly harsh. I worked so hard on it, just to get shot down and insta-binned.


Oh dont get me wrong. I love the car, but it is just unfitting. The Special category is for really crazy fast stuff. The RV is just way to tame. If i were looking for the next Campervan, A+. Also you got to remember that there is a team of tired people who decide the covercar. A RV is really unfitting in every way.


Im gonna assume either you didnt get 70% of peoples cars, or you are doing the other classes later. :stuck_out_tongue: Good read tho, on the campervan haha


Part 2

1 pm, same day. Again everybody meets in the room and seats themself down. The overall mood is better after everyone was able to fill themself on pizza and other take outs. Again the lights dim and the projector turns on.

“Soooo.” Sarah starts “I see you all managed to find back here in time. So lets keep going then. The next car is from @CC9020, the Commandant 10.9”

Again the room fills with postive nods and "hmmmm"s. “It does look futuristic”. “Yeah i really fits the theme nicely” “It does really have a nice luxury theme going and…” the CEO interjects “Tell me Sarah, for what class is this?”. “ummmm” Sarah answers while typing wildly. “The mail doesnt seem to say it but we think it would be Class 4”. “Yeah no. I cant see this car next to muscle cars and high performance vehicles. The only thing emitting ‘Look i am fast’ is the side exhauts. But i would very gladly accept that as Class 3”.

Verdict: Great design but just to tame for the task. Will be used ingame but not considered as a cover car

“Okay. Next is the Mamba 800 from User @lukerules117

“This was send in as a Special car”. The room fill with silence. One of the Artist breaks the ice “I mean… I can see the idea… Make a classic Oldtimer with dual engines… but somewhere it also wants to be a Hypercar with that aero and Carbon Fiber shell? Its a case of identity crisis”. “I dont think i could say it better, sadly good ideas are not enough”

Verdict: The team can see the idea, but it didnt really work out. This wont be ingame or on the cover

“Next submission is from @titleguy1. The Tuonare:”

“This is for the 4 Star Class” The round of man gets visable excited at the looks. “Now thats what i invisioned for the car”, the Producer says. “It is really nice and we could to a version for a lower class too!”. “Oh yeah. I really like the flow of the lines and the light fixtures. Elegant, yet aggresive.” “Details like the small camaras are also nice, even though i cant really figure out how the door opens without any pivit point on the roof”
“Eh. I think we can overlook that. I think we all love it” the CEO ends the conversation with.

Verdict: Ticks everything the team wants. Will be ingame and will be considered as a cover car.

"Next slide, the Razor Raider… thats with captial R’s on the end. Made by @Xepy "

“We suggest this for the special class”.
“Haha looks like we need more Offroad section with something like that” the Producer says as he pokes the Lead Programer into his arm. “ugh I dont think we have time for that… Maybe as DLC” “I love it” one of the Artist throws into the round. “Yeah i can also see a normal version for this for a lower class”. “I would even go so far and put this into class 4.” the men nod in agreement. “I do have a problem though with it”, the CEO takes the word, “It doesnt really scream 2030 does it?” Again the men rub their chins to think about this car.

Verdict: The team loves the car, but are not quite sure if it really fits the theme for the cover. Will be ingame but not considerd for the cover

“Next we have the Marks SuperTruck 1000 from @MGR_99

“We think it would be best for class 4”
“Now THATS a truck. It looks like it will just plow thorugh anything in its way!”. “And i am pretty sure it will look great doing so!”. “I can also see making a 500 version or 250 version for the lower classes.”. “Everything just screams arcade and thats perfect. I dont know why this shouldnt be on the cover”. “It is quite the chonker” “Fair”

Verdict: Team is also in love with this. Ticks everthing they want and even more. Will be ingame and considered for the cover.

“Alrighty. Before a war starts lets continue. This is from @Sky-High , the Hyperspace III R”

“Jesus fucking christ” the whole round just looking in amazment on the screen. “That is quite something”
“I want its children”. “If that doesnt get ingame i quit”. “Oooookay everybody settle down, your pants are getting tighter”, the CEO speaks, “It is a nice… car? vehicle? But i tell you the problem with it. If we would put that on the cover everybody will think we only have hovercars. But maybe we can find something to put this in”

Verdict: The car will be classed in the Special Category as a late game car. Its labeled as a Concept car from 2030. People are already telling that this has to be ingame or they will quit. But sadly is not a candidate for the cover

“Okay. Next is the Hyperbeam 16NX from @TheAlmightyTwingo

“This was send in as special”

“No” the CEO takes the word before even anyone could say anything. “First of all i dont get why it is a wagon. Nobody wants someones riced dentists car, so if it will be ingame not as a wagon. Also i can see this as 2 or 3 Star…”

Verdict: Team likes the decals but quickly decides that this car is not suitable for the cover. If the Artists have time they will make adjustments to the body to port it ingame.

“Annnnddd lastly the Tragora Solaris Stock car by @Centurion_23

“It was send in as Special”
The round of men nod in agreement. “I mean. Yeah why not. Its a nice Nascar with nice logos. Not much to say about this.” “It is quite safe though isnt it? Like what would Nascar in 2030 look like? Maybe they get even more aero. Or jets, or they are packed with guns. This is a pretty safe attempt.” Again the men rub their chins to think about this.

Verdict: The team like the livery design even though this might be a bit safe. It will be ingame but not considered for the cover

"Alright gentlemen. Thank you all for coming. I will tell my team that the cars from @CorsicaUnknown , @aPub , @titleguy1 and @MGR_99 made it through. We will come up with some Prototype Covers and show them to you when they are done.

Continued in Round 2


Yeah, not even going to lie, calling my car an identity crisis is pretty accurate given I didn’t even know where I’d class it. I was half trying to make something halfway between class 4 and special, and ended up forced into making something retro after much failure of designing something futuristic and fast looking.


Round 2

Monday. 11am. Same meeting room at SpeedCo.

The group of men is already seated in the room as Sarah enters. “Oh? Everybody is here already?” she asks the group. “Buiness call from the Publisher…” the Producer answers while rubbing his forehead, “We are close to release and they want Loot boxes and Battle Royal, because that is apperently what, i quote, ‘The kids with their flossing and dabbing’ likes” “Ouch… You think some covers might cheer you all up?” the men shrug. “Well let me just…” quickly Sarah connect her laptop with the projector and the room dims again.

“Okay. My team did some nice covers if i am allowed to pat myself on the back. So heeere we got the vehicle from @CorsicaUnknown thew Volant Phantom”

The men nod pleased. “So what you all think”
“it does look good”. “Yeah it got something, but it does seem a bit bland with no badge at all right now”
“I also like it but i dont know if it is a good idea to advertise our game with a special car which will be using a niche feature”
The men look all into diffrent corners of the room and think.

“Maybe it helps when i show the next cover. The Wizer One from @aPub

“Now thats a nice rear if i have seen one”. “Yeah it is closer to what the player will be expected to be driven”
“Sadly that is the rear is better than the front.” “I mean the player will look at this most of the time”.
“But do we really wanna give the cover to a car where we only like the back?”
Before the men can sink into deep thinking Sarah interjects:

“Next one then! @titleguy1 with the Tuonare”

“Thats diffrent” “Interresting. It shows enough and not enough at the same time.” “I like it”
“Yeah but dont you think that orange hypercar will catch more eyes?”
The room fills with thoughfull "hhhhhhmmmm"s

“And this is the last one. Here is the one for the Marks SuperTruck 1000 from @MGR_99

“Real Big Hours, i take it” “Yeaaah but this isnt some HipHop tuning game” “It does look really nice though”
“But do we really wanna get known for a Truck?” “Is there anything else Sarah?” The CEO asks
“No thats everything” “Good then lets get this over with”


After many weeks of time crushing and hard work, the team somehow manages to please their publisher and release the game. Finally the team can relax and see how the people like their latest child:

Congrats to @titleguy1 for winning CSC7

A great car combining everything the developers wanted.

2nd goes to @CorsicaUnknown
3rd goes to @MGR_99
4th goes to @aPub

(And thank everybody for submitting to this CSC and my first challenge. I hope i did at least somewhat good :P)
((Also thanks to @Keikyun for the Logos))


CSC has come full circle at last. Well done titleguy1!


Thanks for hosting this round! I should be able to host the next round, but it’ll take me a little while to get an idea running.


CSC 8 - Breaking Bad


1984 - In 1979, Kimura released their first D-segment saloon: the Auriga. It was an immediate hit, praised for its sporty demeanor, solid build quality, and decent standard equipment. For 1986, though, it was due for a restyle. The head departments at Kimura magically came up with some genius idea to have the 2nd-generation Auriga headline their “Phase 2” construction plan. Even though it was a huge hit, Takeo Iwashima (Chairman of Kimura) demanded a clean-slate design. "The new Auriga shall lead the way for Kimura. It must shatter every design boundary that there is!"

The design department was rumored to have made a collective groan upon hearing the news. How in the world are we supposed to make a sensible a mid-sized sedan innovative? Questions were made. Their answers were vague at best.

"Is it supposed to be a sports car, but as a sedan? LIke... a four-door coupe! That's a pretty cool idea, eh?"

“No, Jerry, shut up with your dumb ideas. Did you have coke again this morning?”

The engineering bits? Those are all taken care of, as much of the mechanical bits will carry over from the previous model. What’s really worrying everyone is the design. What can we do to make this car stand out?

This round will be strictly based off of design. Do not worry about making a good car, just a nice looking one.

Here are some real-life vehicle references that you may want to look at from 1980 onwards.

Ford Taurus

Citroën BX

Citroën Zabrus

Volvo Tundra

Nissan 300ZX

Mazda Cosmo

Subaru XT

Porsche 959

Isuzu Impulse

Here are a few photos of the first-generation Kimura Auriga.

Original Auriga

Naming conventions are as expected.

Model: CSC8 - [username]
Trim: Free
Engine: CSC8 - [username]
Variant: Free

The deadline has been set for May 20th. Entries are being taken.

Good luck, and have fun!


Stable or open beta?


Either or, but I’ll be using open beta.


Forgot to mention this, but I am now accepting entries.