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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 23]


Last minute entry

bxb design


Entries are now closed and have been for half an hour

Any entries sent in now will not be accepted


There were only 8 entries so no point in delaying the results… also sorry for the bad screenshots. That photoscene has some strange shadows.

CSC 10: Bodybuilders Results

June 27th 2018|Tokyo:

Nakamiura looks at the calendar on the wall. June 27th. Tomorrow he’ll be 74 years old. He pondered how fast time flew by. To him, it was only yesterday that he was 20. But he knew he wouldn’t be long for this world. Years of smoking had taken its toll and deep down, he knew he had to find a protégé.

Suddenly, his assistant walked in.

“Ahem, Mr. Nakamuira, we’ve received the entries from our challengers.”
“Oho, interesting. How many answered our challenge?”
“Eight in total”
“Only eight? Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s see them then.”

KBW: @Aaron.W

The first car on the block was the Kento Body Works Assent Revo.
Upon first inspection, the design looked solid and consistent. Nakamiura noted how the body kit made the car seem more aggressive without changing the look of the car too much. However, on closer inspection, it was noted that the polish wasn’t quite there.
“Hmm looking from afar, this car looks quite nice. But even from here I can see that the front bumper hasn’t received the same amount of polish as the rest of the design. It’s a shame really, a bit more polish and it would be perfect.”

KGB: @Kyuu77

The next car to be seen was the KGB Works Assent Revo Daikoku.
The first thing that Nakamiura noted was that it was certainly unique. The body kit pretty much changed the entire front end, with the exception for the headlights which just seem to be slightly modified. That being said, Nakamiura wasn’t too interested in the redesign. He noted that the design overall wasn’t very consistent, with the front and rear bumpers looking like they came off different bodykits and that the polish just wasn’t there. He did appreciate the colour though.
“Why is there a crease on the driver side door but not on the passenger door? This car just lacks a lot of polish and a lot of consistency. The only thing consistent in this design is that there are LEDs everywhere.”

Kazawa: @Boiled_Steak
The next car on the block was going to be the Kazawa…unfortunately the car hadn’t arrived… (OOC: I did say make sure to clone the base car otherwise your entry will get overwritten. In this case it was.)
“That’s a shame. From the pictures I saw, the car looked very nice.”

Treadkillers: @Mikonp7

Up next was the Treadkillers Assent Revo.
Nakamiura loved it. It was pretty much everything the Kento Body Works was much more refined and with the polish that the Kento Body Works Assent Revo needed. And it was in a stunning Midnight Purple. The Treadkillers were even kind enough to tune the engine a bit. Regardless, it wasn’t without some flaws.
“I love it, but those DRL/Foglights on the front bumper are a bit thick. Also, the rear bumper doesn’t give off the same vibe as the front which is a shame. I wish they had been more aggressive on the rear.”

GSR: @kobacrashi
Unfortunately, the GSR was another no show…(OOC: Again as I said, make sure to clone your entries.)
“Another no show? What a shame, I would have liked to see more of it in person as opposed to the photos.”

Cerberus: @Kogure

The Cerberus Assent Revo Code X Black was next and oh my. When Nakamiura saw it, his jaw dropped. Never had he seen work as good as this. He was amazed by the design and mesmerised by its details. It looked consistent and cohesive at pretty much all angles. The pinstriping and decal work was some of the best he had seen in his many years of work. “My god…this is a work of art. It looks amazing…that being said, if I had to critique it, those DRLs/foglights are too small and look out of place on that giant vent. Other than that, I have no complaints.”

YellowStun: @MasterDoggo

After such a stunning car, Nakamiura thought there was nothing that could top it…that was until he was shown the next car, the Assent Revo YellowStun. Sometimes simplicity can match complexity, and in this case, it certainly did. While not as jaw-droppingly detailed as the Cerberus, the YellowStun was a beauty in its simple nature. The lines were clean and crisp. Sure, the Cerberus was a more visually stunning car, but the understated nature of the YellowStun makes it the dark horse in this competition.
“I have no words for this…its like antithesis of the Cerberus…”

BXB: @Xepy

Last but not least, the Assent Revo BXB. It was a very unique design, keeping most of the front fascia while updating the lower fascia. This, however, did mean that there was a bit of a jarring transition between the two in the front. Round back, the rear bumper fit much better compared to the front end. Detail work wasn’t too bad and the design had decent polish to it. Unfortunately coming after the Cerberus and YellowStun, it was kind of overshadowed.
“It’s a nice take on the car. I think had the front been adjusted more to fit the redesigned lower fascia it could have done a lot better. The rear end is also quite nice.”

Final Results

It took Nakamiura about three days to ponder over who he would chose to be his protégé. Over that time he had looked at every detail on each car. Looking for imperfections and whittling the results down to just two. But he knew he had to make a choice and that would be…


In First place: @MasterDoggo
In Second place: @Kogure
In Third place: @Mikonp7

And if it comes down to this, 4th goes to @Aaron.W, 5th to @Xepy and 6th to @Kyuu77

Congratulations to MasterDoggo for winning CSC 10. I would like to say that it was very close between the YellowStun and Cerberus and it all came down to personal preference. Unfortunately, I preferred the more simple design the YellowStun had over the Cerberus. But maybe on a different day I might have chosen the Cerberus.

Also thanks to all who entered, all the designs I saw were pretty unique and fortunately I never saw any of the OTT ricer crap I was expecting.

For those who want a breakdown on how I scored them. Here are the fancy spider charts.








ofc there is no chart for the Kazawa or the GSR because unfortunately, they were binned because they forgot to clone the base car and as such were overwritten.


Haha yes I forgot to clone the car because I’m a dumbass

We, at Kazawa Tuning, are sad to announce that the van has been stolen and is now nowhere to be found so it was unable to reach the destination. It’s not a huge surprise for us since our cars get stolen often but hey they’re not getting far in something like our van. Apologies to Mr. Nakamiura.


Awesome! I’m glad to have gotten second place, reading the review got my heart pumping haha. Congrats to the winner! :sparkles:


Oh dayum it was not expected!
I have to think about something, but I’m able to host the next round!

Thanks for this round and I’m glad that you chosed my car <3


CSC 11 - Grab The Vehicle 6: Sins City

In the studios of Borkstar Games, in July 2019

Lesly Banzai (the game producer): Divad, we need to find a new 3D Artist for the cars of GTV 6 SC! And hurry, the game is already in development since a long time!

Divad Bones (the game designer): What? why? where is the actual 3D Artist?

Lesly Banzai: This fool is fired, he criticized my pet duck Mr.Kwacc at the coffee break!

Divad Bones: What, really?

Lesly Banzai: Yeah he did it, how did he dare to criticize Mr.Kwacc?!

Divad Bones: I meant, What?! You really fired him for this?

Lesly Banzai: Be careful what you say about Mr.Kwacc, It would be sad if I had to find a new game designer!

Divad Bones: Wow Lesly! Chill, Chill!
…I’ll found someone, no worries.

Lesly Banzai: I hope for you!


Divad Bones: Ah shit, here we go again!
I have to find a 3D designer to design the cars of the next game, and Lesly is very angry. If I disappoint him, the project will be compromised. He’s so crazy whith his stupid pet duck, we’re developping a game and he’s capable to fuck up the whole project for a godamn duck!

I’ll post a recruitment challenge, let’s see how peoples will design the Annis ZR-350 retro

Tips And Rules


This round is only based on the look. You have to redesign the ZR-350 from the true game GTA: San Andreas.
The parody of the game takes place in 2020, in Sins City, a parody of Miami, but the car is a retro model from late 90s.

No restriction on the body you use, no need to use the RX7 body, but keep in mind that we have to reckognize the ZR-350.
The car has to be different enough from a mazda RX-7, Borkstar doesn’t want to have any problem with Mazda.

For example to redesign, look at the Elegy from GTA SA, and the Elegy classic from GTA V. Same for the Comet Classic and all other vehicle like this.


  • Even if the narration isn’t very serious, it doesn’t mean you have to make a meme. And well, you shouldn’t do it, or your car will get binned (even if the CSC is really safe about that, I prefer not to see what happened with some CSRs, it’s not even fun since a long time).

  • I won’t look at the technical design, but the car has to look realistic, it’s a late 90s japanese sports car, so no 20" wheels, no stance, even if the suspension tuning won’t be judged, I’ll consider the ride height, and it’s the same for the tyre width and everything like this.

  • You have to use Annis as the car brand, and use this badge from the GTA V badge mod:image

  • Details. It’s not because it’s a GTA-like game that you can do a lazy 3 fixtures car. The game will be a next gen action game, so the details should be more important than actual GTA V.

  • You have to post photos of your car down here, imagine you send a mail to Divad Bones to answer to his challenge, to be recruited into Borkstar Games studios.

  • No restriction on the car year, from 1995 to 1999, it doesn’t change anything.

  • Naming convention, as always: Model:CSC 11 - Your Forum Name/Trim: Annis ZR-350|Engine: CSC 11 - Your Forum Name/ Trim: whatever you want

  • Don’t say anything about Mr.Kwacc or you will regret it.

The deadline is monday 8 july 20h00 UTC+2

And remember, I’ll be judging your work, not you.


1999 Annis ZR-350

Inspired by Corvette C5, Ford Probe, RX-7 FD and 3000GT.


Is this the trim year or the model year?


1995 Annis ZR-350

To: Divad Bones (divad.bones@borkstargames.com)

From: Big Smoke (bigsmoke.homie69@gmail.com)


Dear Mr. Divad Bones and Mr.Kwacc,

Oooooooooooohhhh, Mr. Divad, I have spent some time working on my version of the Annis ZR-350 and I thought I’d give it to you. I would like to work at Borkstar Games Studios. I hope you like my car. The file below are the pictures of the car. Please reply back to me if you would like to recruit me to your studios. Thanks again. Now if you excuse me, I’m about to order 2 number 9, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, 2 number 45s, 1 with cheese and a laaaaaaaaaaaaaarge soda. Bye.

Big Smoke


Secret info (do not open this!)

Divad Bones

Why not change the S to R?

(Divad Bone®)


What ever you want, if you want the model from 1995 and the trim from 1999 you can do it.


But can you follow the damn train in this car?


1999 Annis ZR350

Possible Tunings Realm:


1997 Annis ZR350
Probably by some outsourced Japanese 3D modelling company in an ideal world, idk.
Also trying to figure out how to make an RX-7 that doesn’t look like everyone else’s RX-7 but still does at the same time? I’m confused at myself.


1995 Annis ZR-350


1995 Annis ZR-350 by MGR '99

260HP 200Nm 1.3TT Boxer 6



1999 Annis ZR350



1996 Annis ZR-350

Since some people only care about detail and not the base design itself...

I added those windshield washer nozzles.

Badging! Yay.


Annis ZR-350

My take on a late 90s japanese sports car.


Hi there.
I’m sorry in advance because it’s my personnal problems and not yours but I’m actually breaking up with my girl and it’s not very fun in my life, so I have a demand for you: Can I have spare time for the judgment ? It would be preferable, I think, if you could give me an extra week to write the deliberation.
Thank you in advance!