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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 23]


The Australian American Automotive Alliance is pleased to announce an opportunity for a commercial partnership with the right company for its brand new 1975 AAAA Knightsgrove 660S GT.

“402 cubic inches of fun on the way to work”


Srs Pics:


Reduit GSR 21
G’day Bruce

Other pictures


The Australian Deer & Hunt: The Burner


That last post was asking to be taken down lol. Well heres the censored version:

that whas like maaad skitz you [redacted] drongo :smoking:


ANNNND Thats a warp

I have received entries from
( And also 1# Fan @GetWrekt01 :eyes: )

I will post the results in the next 24 hours. Thanks for taking part


Aaah mate? You received an entry from me and you even put a like on it.

Edit: lol wtf


Ah, the bludger snubbed ya. He’s probably flat out like a lizard drinking, but she’ll be right mate! :stuck_out_tongue:



1975 - Still Sdyney - Deer And Hunt Australian division HQ
2 pm - Warehouse

The whole department is standing in the warehouse next to the main building. Normally its home of showcars, spare parts and the christmas party. But today it houses 6 cloth-covered vehicles.
Thompson take the word: “Thank you all that you could make it. Today we all will decide the future of Deer And Hunt in our great homeland. So please take a clipboard and vote for your favorite”

@kobacrashi “Reduit GSR21”

The cover gets dragged of the car and everybody eagerly awaits the car underneath.
“First we have a car from Reduit.”, Thompsons starts, “I guess they have seen this as a proposal for a collaboration between Deer And Hunt and Reduit. I think that would need to go to the US guys first, but we are only here to judge design today.” The group of people walk around the car, scribbling and writing to their clipboards.

A lot of people like the design. Its a nice compact look and the two tone does tribute the US Supercoupe.
A good benchmark to test the other cars against

The crowd moves to the next car and the next cover falls.

@MasterDoggo “Deer And Hunt Burner”

“Next we have an entry from a personal designer. Codename ‘Burner’. Please come closer and take in this”

Again everybody scribbles, erases and pretend to be art critics by scratching their chins and going “HHHHMMMMMM”

The people cant really decide if they like this or the GSR more.
Some think it looks a bit cheap, because of the lack of chrome trim on the side, others like that.
A worthy enemy against the GSR

Again the flock of people move to slighty larger tarped car.

@GetWrekt01 “Vector Contra Super LT8”

“Next we got another proposal from Vector. Quite diffrent but i would say thats a positve thing. Ladies and Gentlemen ready your pens”

Especially popular with the men of the group.
Many also like the detailing like the popups and asymmetrical logos
Some people do have concerns though if this would fit the lineup and if it isnt to close to the First SuperCoupe

“Okay everybody. We are halfway through these. I would suggest a quick coffee break to get some new power and clear your minds”

After an hour or so the big group meets up again in the warehouse, Eagerly awaiting the next reveal.

@mart1n2005 “Valiant Boxer 304”

“Coming from Valiant Boxer. I guess we already know one thing the US-branch will change”

People are not really convinced.
A lot of people criticize the glued on rivets on the rear quarterpanels. They also dont understand why they are only on the rear.
Many are also concerned that it would be hard to rebadge the car with the grill design and big decals on the side.
Some also think that the bumper design might not be legal and need a redesign

With people arguing the group slowly moves to the next car.

@machalel “AAAA - Knightsgrove 660S”

“And now for something completly diffrent from AAAA…A? Only 4 A’s sorry.”

Called ‘The Cheesewedge’, many people seem to like this.
They like the distinct form of the car itself and the front. And it is still able to show its US roots.
But many also dont really fancy the rear too much. They think its too small in the proportions

With great excitment the group moves to the last lot.

@BF94387 “Deer And Hunt Dingo”

“And now our last contender. Again from a private designer. Please give this one as much time as the others. When you are done please leave your clipboard at the door. We should have the results shortly after.”

Definitively a favorite of people
They like the two tone and the slotted headlights
Many also wrote that this is almost like the Boxer 304 but better.


After all the documents were collected and the winner is clear. The Dingo won the Australian hearths and will be send away as a proposal to the US-HQ. Well done @BF94387

Complete Ranking
  1. @BF94387
  2. @machalel
  3. @kobacrashi
  4. @MasterDoggo
  5. @GetWrekt01
  6. @mart1n2005

Thanks everybody again for taking part.


Ah bugger! Yeah… I couldn’t get the rear looking right, so definitely fair cop.

Good job BF94387!

Actually, all the cars I can 100% imagine realistically seeing on the roads is Oz :slight_smile:


I think I should be able to take this next round. I’ll get thinking on a theme!


You defo deserve that win tbh


I’ll be honest, I had completely missed the fact that it had to be a somewhat matching design with D&H. I had completely missed that. That said, as my first CSC, I’ll take that review! Pretty happy with this. Congrats to BF94387, Machalel and Kobacrashi for the podium


CSC 13 – Jaxer Unleashed

November, 1997 – Duisburg, Germany

Xerma HQ

Excitement had broken out in the Xerma R&D boardroom.

20 odd engineers were bubbling in their seats, surrounding a minimalist polished glass table. Seated at the head was a Xerma executive, who had just announced some top secret news:

The officials had given the green light to the new “Jaxer” project.

The balding German engineers were ecstatic

Xerma is in need of a new icon for a new era, and the light, mid-engined sportscar was set to revolutionise the second millennia.

Why do they need you?

Following the recent retirement of Xerma’s lead designer, the design team is relying on the pool of elite designers (you) to come up with a great design – a design which will define a new era of the sportscar.
The engineers are excited to get to work on the on the chassis and powertrain, so you won’t have to think about any of that – they’ll provide a blank prototype for you to unleash your design upon.


  • Just like Killrob’s comp, you MUST make a new trim (just the trim, not engine variant) AND rename the trim to your username. If you don’t do this, your designs will be overwritten. Be warned.
  • You don’t need to worry about anything other than the design – In fact, DO NOT touch anything else.
  • The design must be stylistically accurate for the early 2000s. This doesn’t mean you have to be conservative with your design, but remember that LED headlights and panoramic roofs weren’t commonplace back then – and vice versa, it shouldn’t look dated at the time time of it’s release.
  • Begone four fixture wonders


  • The Jexar is set to be released in 2001, so design it with that in mind
  • The Jexar isn’t Xerma’s highest end model; it’s a tad more “budget oriented”. So, it’s not a supercar, more-so a premium sportscar.
  • Xerma is a lightly conservative German manufacturer, so an overly flamboyant design might put the executives off.
  • The design team LOVE detail. Little details in the right places can really turn the design up to a whole new level. There is a fine balance to this though – pointless clutter is frowned upon

The car:

Xerma Jaxer - USERNAME.car (13.5 KB)

Here’s some stylistic inspiration:


And inspired by CSR107, I’ve created a little mood playlist:

Naming convetion:

As explained above, please first:

  • CLONE the trim
  • Then, rename the cloned trim to your username [in the part that says USERNAME]
  • Please DO NOT change the name of the chassis, or any of the engine related stuff.

Please play on the open-beta version of the game
Workshop mods are allowed

Deadline is here


Are we allowed to change the morphs?


Yes, you can morph all you like


Are we allowed to change the drive type etc?


This round is solely focused on aesthetic design - So no, please don’t change anything.


The one technical thing you can change is tire offset for better fitment if you morph the fenders.


Ah ok thanks


Xerma Jaxer by Propeller


DejaDesign, 8319 Chinquapin Avenue, Rainforest District, Zootopia
Dear Xerma R&D,
We have received your letter for the Design of the new Jaxer; we have told our most talented artists and 3D modelers to help with your Jaxer Project. We are Honoured to announce after at least Two months of Blood, Sweat, and sadly Tears, we have finished the Final Design. Sorry for all of you if we took too long. We cannot wait to finally see Our Fantastic design on the streets of our dear Zootopia.
Giancarlo Lupo Volpeartica, and the crew at DejaDesign

but irl it actually took around 45 minutes.