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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 23]


The 2020 Samourai GT-V from the Spander design department, still work in progress. I’ve taken inspiration from the original version of the samourai to make a modern one.


I may have overdid it.
Update :
Changed the front face. I wonder if it’s better that way.

Final design, I guess.




This is a cyberpunk reimagining of the original car, totally at odds with the design brief for the new car - I would not be surprised if it were rejected straight away.


Eh, Guess you’re right. Well, I’ll submit it and we’ll see. At least it was fun to make, but I think regular cars aren’t for me…


Looks sick I really like this car!


The 2020 Samurai GT-V

shots that actually show the car


Samurai Tormenta GT-V by Propeller


The 2020 Samurai GT-V from Monarch DesignWorks Studio

More Studio shots:



Lmao i didnt really take inspiration from the current cars at all. Which could be a mistake (and probably is knowing CSC) but its quite often that for smaller companies this “different” design happens quite a bit. also no offence meant but i think it doesnt look that great or realistic
Anyway. side note i did fix the spelling, thats a bit rip on my part

500hp V6TT, RWD, alu construction, 7 gear DCT.

It’s the perfect re introduction of the Samurai GT-V. Standing out, being bold and really spicing up the company from its bland crossovers (just assuming here :wink: )

More... MOAR


Yep time to pack up for the rest of us


The car is ready.

I’ll make .car, I’ll send it, and the rest shall not be my jurisdiction.


Unfortunate typo on the rear end aside, you seem to have blown every other entry out of the water - I would be surprised if it does not win this round.


I must agree. When I say his car I thought that he just won. :slight_smile:


Some Extra Pics


It is fixed, its just in every single picture haha.


Samurai Tormenta Concept by LaVelle Studios

Upon closer inspection


Wow, with the last design poping up, my victory seems unlikely. Boiled Steak’s, Title Guy’s and Sky-High’s are really good designs.:ok_hand:


TG is the best of us all imo, but hey at least we tried!


Honghu-Samurai GT-V


NVM we just lost