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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 23]


Samurai GT-V Concept

some more


V6 twin turbo? OOF the lags…


Samurai GT-V by Atera Automotives


I knew Yang was going to make an appearance. Damnit. Well i’m not going to win but hopefully i’ll be up there. If anything Yang, you’ve created the most realistic car i’ve seen for a while. Awesome job!


Its CSC so it doesnt make any difference, but its not actually that bad, starts to spool at 3k, so with automation tech thats pretty good. Since its a relatively large V6 too (3.5L) i’m pretty happy with it


K then…


Samurai GT-V by Reduit

More photographic media


If that doesn’t scream “supercar”, I don’t know what does - at the very least, it should give the guys at Lavelle more than a few sleepless nights.


Samurai Tormenta GT-V by Midnight Design


Concept 2020 Samurai GT-V

some Details



The New Heritage edition Samurai GT-V empowers you with the custom developed I6 Turbo producing 500+HP at the rear wheels with a semi-aluminium chassis allowing the car to 300 km/h with considerable downforce. The new GT-V has dual double wishbones suspension on both front and rear with aggressive suspension setting.

All with the price of $50 000. Along with a modern take on the 1972 Samurai Tormenta GT-V with an aggressive experimental look with modern Samurai headlights.

More Pictures


Centro Stile Scagliati Samurai Tormenta Concept GT-V


Those Supra-esque headlights. :heart_eyes:


Leviathan Design House Samurai GT-V Study


Vector Motors presents Samurai Tormenta GT-V Concept

Starting for $60 grand, to upwards of $135 grands for your ultimate supercar killer


In the midst of so many veterans, I have no clue why I bothered to post this half assed car

PS: Did I mention it has a 500 horsepower Flatplane NA V8?

Samurai GT-V by YDS


Simply awesome. I really hope that the better-looking designs submitted for this round (yours included) are integrated into the lore of their respective creators - except for the one that gets the nod, of course. And I expect this round to be very close indeed.


at the time of me posting this, there is only a few more hours before the end of the uh submissions and thingsimage


30 minutes now


csc submission time is now up