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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 25]




Wow, for sure it would be prestigious for Daito to get their car designed by an Italian design Studio!
The overall car is well made, it looks very Italian. There is an attention to detail, but it would probably need a bit more, especially on the side plastics.
The rear is ok for the company, but the front isn’t really what I’m looking for. It’s not really bad (and tbh it looks cool), but it’s not the style researched for the Alissa, it’s too much of an european look.
The Berelli won’t go for the round 2, but I would be glad if they design or revisit another Daito!


That’s with this kind of car I can say details are the key to look realistic! there is so much small details, look at the wheel arches!
And over looking realisitc, it looks really good, you have your round 2 pass!


I’m ambarassed to say that again but when I see it and can’t unsee right angle everywhere…
Other than that, the overall car needs more details, most on the front. The headlights looks very long and thin, without 300zx-ish pop up style, that sounds a bit meh to me.
There is also some weird things all over the car, like the 2 grills on the botom of the front bumper, and the 2 grills uder the rear blinkers. They look out of place to me.


The first thing I can say on this one is you missed the badge rule (rear and side). But it doesn’t really matter.
To be honest, this car is good. At least on the right way. It’s good, but I feel like it’s unfinished. As always, for me, the right details in the right places is the key.
And this one has a very good base to make a nice design. There is so much details to do on an automation car, the best advice I can give it to look at a real car of the era, and try to remake the small details you can observe.


And here’s the last one!
First, I have to admit that the fixtures are well placed/sized, even if the front is a bit simple, it’s well made, the car feels realistic at all. The only details who hurts me are the high door handle and the exhaust placement.
The problem isn’t the quality of your work, but the design itself.
The design is good…But not for the Alissa unfortunately. It doesn’t inspire me an iconic japanese sportscar, but more of an high production econobox or some low-powered coupé.
Anyway, I salute your attention to details with the plastics bars all around the car!

I just realised that I don’t have @titleguy1 and @Oldenways entries in my mailbox!
Sorry to notify you so late, but if you forgot you can send it now, I’ll take a look on your cars and add them to the first round.

Well, until I recieve a response from Titleguy and Oldenways, the finalist for now are:

Edit: If I forgot someone, let me know!


Hi, I have a problem with my game.
Since I imported Titleguy’s cars, I have an annoying bug.
I can’t open his car, but more over I can’t delet it or reimport it.
And now the bug is extended to other cars, I can’t delet them, it creates a dead car!

I don’t know what to do, I can’t judge his car, and I’m not able to reinstall the game this evening (my internet is too slow). And I’m not at home during the whole saturday :grimacing:

I will let you know of how I finish this round!


Ok I have some news.
@titleguy1 entry corrupted my datafile and I had to clean my game from everything so I comeback with a tottally new game (RIP my cars).
Unfortunately I can’t Judge your car Titleguy, I’m sorry for that.

I forgot @Mad_Cat entry, I’ll add it to the 2nd part of the round 1, then I’ll post the round 2.



Here comes the final round or the CSC3.
As it’s a purely a design round, keep in mind that my judgement will be very subjective on some points.
And I prefer warn you now, my critisim isn’t needlessly salty, when I make a critisism on your car, it doesn’t mean it’s bad at all. Especially for the 4 finalists that are all well designed in my opinion.

For every of the 4 cars, I’ll admit that I could possibly rework some things in some limits, if the creator accept it of course.

4. @Xepy

In the 4th position, wer have Xepy’s car!
This one is probably the one who fits the most with the idea of the Alissa. The headlights is a quite logic suite to the last model, and the rear is too.
But as you probably know, I love nice and useful details. And even if this car is well designed, had some cool attention on the plastic bars, this is also the one of the 4 finalist who has the less details. There would be too much to change on this car to let it be the next Alissa.
But keep in my you targeted the most the Idea of this CSC.

3. @Mikonp7

And the 3rd is Mikonp7’s entry.
Again a well designed car, and 1st I want to salute the work you did on the extended fenders. It has a lot of work and it gives the car a badass look.
But the car isn’t really what I would imagine for the next Alissa. Even if old Japanese sportscars looked like small US pony/muscle car, this one is too much US looking. Very badass, and imposing, the look should be thinner, more agile, and that big hood vent doesn’t help, even if it’s very cool. The car overall is really badass, that’s not a bad thing, if it wouldn’t be the Daito Alissa.
Anyway there is a lot of cool details when you look closely and I like it, the little turbo on the rear side windows, the 3rd stoplight, the fuel cap.

2. @LS-Vehicles

LS-Vehicles at the 2nd place!
I’ll begin with that front, it amazed me. It’s full of lot of little things that makes it very cool. For some of you it’s maybe nothing but, the bumper is made with a lot of attention and that makes the difference, it’s not just simple, it’s also looking more realistic than just puting 2 blinkers.
The fixture I loved the most is the headlight. When you look closely, you see that’s it’s not only a single fixture, it’s a custom headlight made of many other fixtures. And I love this kind of details that make the car looking unique. The only thing I would blame is probably the grill, who probably needs bumper bars or something to garnish it.
The point I disagree is the rear. The tailight is odd to me, it looks very weird with the side square lights and the 4 round lights next to them. They are well made, nothing to say about them, I just don’t really like them.

But as I love the overall car, especially the front will probably inspire me for other projects, your headlights are looking really great!

1. @MrChips

And congrats to Mr.Chip for the 1st position!
To be honnest, I fall in love at the second I saw this car. Everything is at his place, the overall design is very realistic, and looking good!
The extended fender are really great and detailedn I love it. I don’t really know what to say about this one exept that I loved it, everything is well sized and placed.
The only thing I could talk about is the rear. The 4 tailights are here, but not as I am looking for. And I have to admit I haven’t been clear enough on this rule. And as I said I could accept to rework the entries a bit when I see a good potential, I propose this to @MrChips:

I would be very proud to use your car as the next Alissa, you did a really great job.

Thanks to everyonne for your participation, I’ve see some very good designs here, and some are very inspiring!
Congrats to MrChips for the 1st place, and ofc the other finalists!

1st. @MrChips
2nd. @LS-Vehicles
3rd. @Mikonp7
4th. @Xepy


Thanks for hosting @MasterDoggo, that was a fun round!

I would be happy to host CSC4.


CSC 4 - A Special Request.


Scagliati Motori had, in the fifteen years from its founding, became one of the most prestigious car makers in all of Europe. The company was becoming a dominant force in motorsports the world over, and Scagliatis were becoming the darling of the emerging crop of movie superstars and singers, with the company’s 300 Turismo cabriolet and 300 Cannaregio grand-tourer becoming icons amongst the jet set, and for the truly lucky among them, the stunning 300 Montecarlo cabriolet was the ultimate expression of one’s style and wealth.

Even though these cars were very exclusive indeed, some buyers want even more - a very special car completely tailored to their tastes; something that only they would ever own. Scagliati, just like their rivals from down the road in Emilia-Romagna, were more than happy to cater to such demands, by supplying a drivetrain to one of the various coachbuilders, who would design and build a car to the exact specifications of the owner…for a price.

In this challenge, you will be taking the role of an Italian coachbuilder, who have been asked to submit a proposal for a very special, one-off design for one of Scagliati’s best customers. This car needs to have a look that will push it way, way beyond any existing Scagliatis, but also stay true to the company’s heritage. The early 1960s was the beginning of a very major change in Scagliati design language, where the company began to shy away from more traditional conctruction and styling towards much more forward-looking, even avant-garde, design and construction - their cars were ahead of the curve in the company’s heyday of 1965-1975, and this car should reflect that, but in the context of 1961.


  • This Scagliati must be a front-longitudinal-engine, rear-wheel drive GT coupe or cabriolet, with two doors and two seats only. The contemporary Scagliati Turismo/Cannaregio/Montecarlo uses the 1955 2.6-metre wheelbase coupe/convertible body, so this car should be as close to that as possible. You are welcome to use that body style, or any other that is close in terms of size and type.
  • The engine will be provided to you; please do not rename it.
  • Model and variant year must be 1961.

Help, Suggestions and Inspiration

Scagliati is an Italian GT/supercar manufacturer, pattered sort of as a hybrid of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and Bentley. The cars range from the reserved and handsome to the ostentatious and dramatic; beyond anything else they need to have a presence befitting the name and the price tag.

  • The Scagliati thread can be found here. Don’t feel beholden to keep any of the design language articulated in the classic cars, since the car you’re building might very well represent a new and exciting direction for the company.

A car that has been mentioned in this challenge, but not posted before (my bad), is the 300 Montecarlo. Here are some shots of it:

1959 Scagliati 300 Montecarlo

  • Real-world inspiration for this car would come from companies such as Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera and Zagato. Good examples of real-world cars to draw inspiration from would be the Ferrari 250 Zagato, Ferrari 400 Superamerica and the Lamborghini 350 GTV and GT. Other contemprary luxury GT and coupes from other companies and countries even would be good inspiration as well.
  • The Scagliati badge is quite simple in Automation (for now); it consists of the shield:

    and a horizontal rectangular member to flatten the top:

    Badging on a Scagliati is always very conspicuous on both the front and rear of the car!

  • The Italians were still very enamored with wire wheels at this time, it would be very well-advised for your car to show up in my inbox with them!

  • The name for this car is yours to choose as well; make sure you choose something very evocative, exotic and above all, believeable for a 1960s Italian GT car!


Please send your car to my via PM by 23:59 EDT on Tuesday, April 2nd. in the following format:

Model Name: CSC4 - Your Username
Trim Name: Scagliati 325 Insert your chosen name here

Engine Family/Variant Name: Unchanged

No resubmissions will be allowed, unless I specifically request them from you. I am running open beta at the moment, not that there seems to be anything in it right now.

Engine for the Challenge

Engine Carrier for CSC4 - DON’T RESUBMIT THIS.car (14.8 KB)

Please do not base your submission off this placeholder engine carrier; any entries that do will unfortunately be disqualified.


Are we allowed to use mods for this? Or is this a normal, use OB or standard things.


For this round, you can use whatever mods you like.


Okay, so after a quick read of things here is my entry.


PMI Corporation, who with the Zelo sprl sub-brand had their own luxury car company in Italy, generally took the conservative approach. Exemplary of that was the extremely smooth-running 3.2 litre V12 engined PMI Zelo 2 32 Umbria, which had come on the market early 1961.

A notch - or a few - above Zelo in terms of opulence and power figures, stood Scagliati. And when they made their engine own 3.2 litre engine - with much larger power output - available for coach building, coupled with the request of a very influencial customer - of both brands, for the flavour of day may change - the Zelo team jumped on the occasion.

Lead designer Fininparina decided to be bold; to be outrageous. It was a futuristic look in a sleek body that this magnificent engine deserved; a look that shocks at first sight, but grows on you like a temperamental liquor. The Scalgiati 325 Zelo, a one-off - and pleonasms are a figure of the local historic art of rhetorics - like no other.


Revolutionary styling? Aerodynamique? Tired of my abysmal French already? Oui? Then maybe this is for you… The 3.2 litre V12 Rotolo di salsiccia…

Finished in your choice of whatever colour it comes in, this car will deliver you and your dog Jeff to your nearest tax haven at over 175 miles per hour… All in the finest luxury on this earth…
BUT WAIT, there’s more… for a limited time only you, yes YOU, can have this car AND a FREE bottle of melk, that’s right MELK, for the same price as the standard car. Oui

*Yes, this car is indeed called sausage roll in Italian.


German Design Studio Propeller presents:


Scagliati MC200 Saetta by Stonewall

The product of American designer James Longstreet of the Stonewall Corporation, the Scagliati MC200 concept brings the classic Scagliati formula into the modern era whilst retaining the best assets of previous models. Longstreet's experience is almost entirely cars meant for America, but claims to often take European inspiration.


Scagliati 325 Sprezzatura by Leviathan Design


Just a friendly reminder to anyone thinking of entering, or working on your entries, that the deadline is in a little more than 30 hours from now!


Scagliati 325 Osso di Seppia


Oof I’m not sure my entry will be finished in time :frowning:


Since it seems like there are a bunch of people who are struggling for time, I’ve decided to extend the deadline for CSC 4 by one full week. The deadline now is April 9th at 10:59 PM on April 9th.


1961 Scagliatti 325 Barchetta Fioriano by Studio di design Fiorentino


Scagliati 325 Reggia by Atelier Iurlaro